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Interfaith Worker Justice 2008 Annual Report

2008 National Board of Directors Co-Presidents: Rev. Nelson Johnson, Pulpit forum of Greensboro and Faith Community Church Bishop Gabino Zavala, Archdiocese of Los Angeles Vice-President: Dr. Edith Rasell, Minister for Labor Relations, United Church of Christ Finance Chair: Rev. Bennie Whiten, United Church of Christ Fundraising Chair: Rev. Daryl Ingram, African Methodist Episcopal Church Public Policy Chair: Ms. Ros Pelles, Department of Civil, Human and Women’s Rights, AFL-CIO Organizing & Campaigns Chair: Rev. Phil Tom, Small Church and Community Ministry Office, Presbyterian Church USA Communications Chair: Mr. Charles Whitaker, Northwestern University Board Development Chair: Rev. Darren Cushman-Wood, Speedway United Methodist Church Mr. Hussam Ayloush, Council on American-Islamic Relations – So. California Imam Mahdi Bray, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation Mr. Tom Chabolla, SEIU Mr. Robert DeRose, Barkan + Neff Law Offices Dr. Joe Fahey, Manhattan College Ms. Karen McLean Hessel, Justice for Women, National Council of Churches Mr. John Hill, General Board of Church and Society, United Methodist Church Ms. Arlene Holt-Baker, AFL-CIO Rev. Jarvis Johnson, New Prospect Family Praise and Worship Center Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Jewish FundS for Justice Sheikh Abdool Khan, Islamic Society of North America Dr. Ken Brooker Langston, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Ms. Susan Leslie, Unitarian Universalist Association Ms. Linda Lotz, American Friends Service Committee Rev. Aaron McEmrys, Unitarian Universalist Association Rev. Sinclair Oubre, Catholic Labor Network Mr. Todd O’Malley, O’Malley & Langan Law Offices Sr. Mary Priniski, Catholic Committee of the South Rev. Frank Raines III, Dexter Baptist Church Ms. Joanne Reich, General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church Mr. Chris Sanders, UFCW Rev. Jim Sessions, United Methodist Church Dr. Michael Smith, Salvation Army Mr. Moe Sullivan, Retired Businessman (Deceased) Rev. Dr. Paul Sherry, National Council of Churches

Special Advisors: Bishop Jesse DeWitt**, Retired, United Methodist Church Rev. Jim Lawson, Holman Untied Methodist Church Rev. Joseph Echols Lowery, Southern Christian Leadership Conference Rabbi Robert Marx**, Congregation Hakafa Rev. Addie Wyatt, Vernon Park Church of God ** Former Board President (As of June 2008)


“The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.” –Cesar Chavez

Letter from the Executive Director


From the Board President


Standing Alongside Workers


Advocating Just Public Policies


Organizing Religious Support for Worker Rights Campaigns


Preparing Future Leaders


Creating Resources


Supporting Those on the Front Line


Support the Work of IWJ


2008 Donors


2008 Income and Expenses


with more than 1.3 million people losing their jobs in September and November, the organization put together an unemployment and economic crisis toolkit – a resource that helped congregations address the needs of the growing number of unemployed. Moving forward, Interfaith Worker Justice is poised to continue standing alongside workers in this current economy. The organization thanks its staff and affiliates for

From the Board President


all their work, volunteers for their time and effort, and supporters for their continued

n my six years of being on Interfaith

commitment to the movement for worker

Worker Justice’s Board, I’ve seen how the

justice. I hope you continue to support the

organization and its affiliates have success-

organization and all its good work in 2009

fully mobilized the religious community

and the years to come.

around worker justice issues. As the country faced tough, new challenges

In peace and justice,

in 2008 – with a looming recession and

Bishop Gabino Zavala

rising unemployment – Interfaith Worker


Justice once again found itself on the front lines of the struggle for worker justice. In 2008, Interfaith Worker Justice and its affiliates stood with construction workers, factory workers, sanitation workers and poultry workers who were seeking a voice in the workplace. Together they celebrated victories at the New Era Cap factory in Mobile, AL, Smithfield Plant in Tar Heel, NC, Republic Glass and Windows factory in Chicago, IL. This, while laying the ground work for even more important work in 2009. It was definitely a year of both opportunities and challenges for workers and the nation in general. Toward the end of 2008, 

Interfaith Worker Justice

Dear Supporter:

We continue to do terrific work around the

The famous Dickens quote, “it was the best

country, but to expand, grow and navigate

of times, it was the worst of times,” certainly

in these perilous times we must call on all

seems fitting for 2008. For Interfaith Worker

friends and supporters to contribute. Now,

Justice (IWJ), it was an exciting time, as we

more than ever, we must build our base of

expanded the organization’s reach and

individual supporters. The movement for

policy influence on worker justice issues.

worker justice needs you!

With our country’s current economic woes,

Thank you and I look forward to working

our work is even more crucial in ensuring

alongside you all in 2009!

that all working families get decent benefits and living wages. I personally was grateful for the board and staff giving me a threemonth sabbatical to write Wage Theft in

Praying for wisdom and peace for us all,

Kim Bobo Executive Director

America. It was also a challenging financial time for IWJ. For the first time ever, we ended the year in a deficit as foundations and unions cut back on giving. Money was as

Now, more than ever, we must build our base of individual supporters.

tight as the opportunities to expand the work were abundant. Although the organization regularly operates very thriftily, since the Fall, the organization has taken measures to tighten its belt, including renegotiating reducing pension contributions, changing health care coverage, reducing staff (through layoffs, spinoffs and not replacing staff ) and deciding to hold a leadership summit instead of a full national conference in 2009. We are doing our best to reduce expenses and to not cut into core programming. At the end of the day, it was the commitment and dedication of national staff, board members, local leaders, volunteers and supporters like you that kept us going. 2008 Annual Report

Standing alongside workers…


or more than a decade, Interfaith Worker Justice has stood

alongside workers in their struggle for better wages, benefits and working conditions. Through its network of 55 interfaith groups and 20 workers centers around the country, IWJ is able to organize the religious community’s support on worker justice issues, and effect change that helps improve the lives of millions of workers and their families. In 2008, as the nation faced an economic crisis that translated to 2.6 million lay-offs and even more rampant abuse and underpayment of workers, Interfaith Worker Justice’s mission became more important than ever. At a time when the rights of workers were most vulnerable, IWJ made great strides in helping build a united voice from faith leaders and workers in affirming the human dignity of all workers.

IWJ affiliated workers’ center leaders 

Interfaith Worker Justice

advocating just public policies


uring tough economic times, the need for policies and laws that safeguard

workers’ rights becomes even more imperative. In 2008, Interfaith Worker Justice expanded its efforts to advocate for just policies that affect workers, especially those in low-wage jobs. The organization played a key role in organizing religious support for some of the most important issues workers face. IWJ’s work included: Employee Free Choice Act – IWJ took the lead in gathering religious support for the Employee Free Choice Act – legislation that will strengthen penalties against anti-union activities and make it easier for workers to form a union without interference or intimidation by corporate bosses. The organization published a widely distributed voter guide that highlighted the need to help pass this very important bill. IWJ organized religious delegation meetings with three Senators, created a toolkit for organizing

briefings on the issue of wage theft, and generated two investigations by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) of the Wage & Hour Division of the US Department of Labor (DOL). In July 2008, Ms. Bobo testified at a House Education and Labor Committee hearing on the lack of adequate enforcement of wage and hour laws by the DOL. The organization is working with key members of Congress to draft wage-theft prevention legislation, and has become the leading expert and advocacy organization on this issue.

Senate delegations and published educa-

Immigration – After Congress failed to pass

tional materials.

comprehensive immigration reform in 2007,

Wage Theft Campaign – IWJ’s leadership on this issue put the epidemic of wage theft on the national agenda, through work done by its affiliated workers centers, policy work and the release of Executive Director Kim Bobo’s book, “Wage Theft in America – Why Millions of Working Americans Are Not Getting Paid – and What We Can Do About It.” The organization’s outreach to members of Congress helped secure congressional staff 2008 Annual Report

IWJ organized religious opposition to negative immigration programs and legislation. IWJ has joined other organizations issuing a call to halt military-style workplace raids by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). These raids discriminate against people who appear “foreign,” tear families and communities apart, and are counterproductive at a time of economic crisis. IWJ has also opposed using so called 

“No Match” letters to fire workers. These letters identify discrepancies between the names of employees and their social security numbers, but they are based on a faulty Social Security database – more than 60 percent of these letters went to U.S. citizens or authorized workers. IWJ staff presented at a congressional briefing on Social Security Administration No Match and submitted public comments to the proposed rule change. In 2008, the organization also updated the immigration delegations toolkit available on its website, and organized delegations to members of Congress to oppose a particularly bad immigration bill. IWJ believes that enforcing labor laws and passing comprehensive immigration reform legislation will protect immigrant workers from exploitation and help native born workers maintain good standards for pay, benefits, safety and dignity at the workplace. Paid Sick Days – IWJ engaged the religious community in support of the Healthy Families Act, which would mandate a minimum number of paid sick days that employers would be required to provide for workers to care for themselves or family members. (The United States is the only advanced economy in the world that does not require paid sick days.) Interfaith Worker Justice is the main group organizing the religious community on this issue. In 2008, it reached out to more than 20 national faith bodies, doubling the number of religious groups who have signed on to the national statement supporting the Healthy Families Act. IWJ staff developed a policy statement and bulletin inserts available on its website.

IWJ affiliated workers’ center leaders 

Interfaith Worker Justice

organizing religious support for worker rights campaigns


or many years, Interfaith Worker Justice and its network of affiliated religion-la-

bor group and workers centers have been engaging and mobilizing faith leaders across the country in numerous campaigns to improve wages, benefits and working conditions for thousands of workers. At the national level, IWJ’s work included:

Victory for Republic Window workers

Construction Workers – IWJ, along with its

In December 2008, Republic Windows & Glass workers came out of a six-day factory occupation victorious, with a $1.75 million settlement that will cover eight weeks of pay owed them. The workers, members of United Electrical Workers Local 1110, began the factory sit-in after the company abruptly closed shop and let go of all workers, without pay. IWJ’s local affiliate, ARISE Chicago was on-site providing support throughout the sit-in and invited IWJ Board Members to join the support efforts. Here, Rev. Nelson Johnson, the 2008 IWJ board co-president, energizes the workers.

affiliate Interfaith Worker Justice of Arizona, organized faith leaders in the Building Justice campaign. The campaign is a partnership with the International Union of Painters and the Sheet Metal Workers International Association, with support from the AFL-CIO. IWJ compiled a 17-page report describing the poor working conditions of the construction workers contracted by Pulte

the country to form the National Commit-

Homes, and in May 2008, IWJ organized reli-

tee for Sanitation Worker Justice. With the

gious leaders to deliver the report to Pulte’s

committee, IWJ was able to help collect over

headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Detroit.

800 faith leaders’ signatures, asking waste

Sanitation Workers – Waste workers are

management companies to put an end to

constantly exposed to health and safety

the dangerous conditions workers face.

risks on the job, and according to a report is-

Meat-Packing Workers – IWJ played a

sued by the National Commission of Inquiry

significant role in the campaign for Justice

into the Worker Health and Safety Crisis in

at Smithfield. The campaign, developed in

the Solid Waste Industry, there is an aver-

partnership with United Food and Commer-

age of more than 80 deaths a year in the

cial Workers (UFCW), supported Smithfield

industry. IWJ coordinated support for the

workers’ right to organize. In October 2008,

Sanitation Worker Justice campaign with the

Smithfield workers won the struggle to

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and

unionize, due in part to the support of IWJ’s

brought together faith leaders from around

faith leaders.

2008 Annual Report

With SILC, students are able to network with each other and share best practices on how to incorporate worker justice on their campuses. In 2008, the organization expanded its student programs to include more undergraduate students. Interfaith Worker Justice piloted its first Alternative Spring Break program in March 2008. The “Worker Justice Immersion” program gives undergraduate students the opportunity to hear from low-wage and immigrant workers and participate in direct action in support of workers. The program was done in partnership with Georgetown University Center for

preparing future leaders

Social Justice, Villanova University Campus Ministry and the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. Many of the students


in the pilot programs offered to help lead

of the cornerstones of Interfaith Worker

To reach an even broader range of students,

Justice’s work. For several years, Interfaith

Interfaith Worker Justice staff and student

Worker Justice’s internship programs

leaders participated in the School of the

– Seminary Summer, Interfaith Worker Justice

Americas vigil in Columbus, Georgia. IWJ

Summer and Catholic Social Teaching – have

staff and former interns also led a number

empowered students and motivated them

of workshops empowering students to be-

to pursue a vocational calling towards

come long-term members of the movement

social justice. Through internship programs,

for worker justice.

ducating future religious leaders on worker justice issues has been one

similar programs in the coming year.

the organization has engaged hundred of students, particularly seminary and rabbinic students, on campaigns that impact the lives of millions of workers. There were 30 participants in the 2008 internship program, a number of whom got together at the end of the summer to create the Student Interfaith Labor Committee (SILC).

Interfaith Worker Justice

creating resources


ducating the religious community on worker justice issues has always been a focus for Interfaith Worker Justice. In 2008, as millions of our nation’s workers faced not only

abuses at the workplace, but also the growing possibility of being laid off, the organization saw the need to produce materials, resources and tools geared not only for students and the religious community, but also for workers and the broader public. Unemployment and the Economic Crisis Toolkit – With more than 2.6 million jobs lost in 2008 and year-end unemployment rate of 7.2 percent, Interfaith Worker Justice prepared a Congregational Toolkit that outlines what resources are available to unemployed workers, suggests how to establish support groups for unemployed workers, and offers worship aids for lifting up unemployed workers and employers in this time of economic crisis. Can My Boss Do That – Interfaith Worker Justice created a website that provides vital information to help workers understand their rights and enable them to advocate for themselves. The site offers legal information on federal and state mandates. It is the only one of it kind that is written in clear and accessible language, appealing to not only a wide range of workers, but also community advocates and employment attorneys. Wage Theft in America – A book by Executive Director Kim Bobo, “Wage Theft in America: Why Millions of Working Americans Are Not Getting Paid – And What We Can Do About It” highlighted the many ways employers steal wages from their workers. Beginning November 2008, Ms. Bobo embarked on a book tour that generated a significant amount of media coverage and as a result, increased the public’s awareness of this multi-billion dollar crime committed against millions of workers.

2008 Annual Report

creating resources


ducating the religious community on worker justice issues has always been a

focus for Interfaith Worker Justice. In 2008, as millions of our nation’s workers faced not only abuses at the workplace, but also the growing possibility of being laid off, the organization saw the need to produce materials, resources and tools geared not only for students and the religious community, but also for workers and the broader public. Wage Theft in America – A book by Executive Director Kim Bobo, “Wage Theft in America: Why Millions of Working Americans Are Not Getting Paid – And What We Can Do About It” highlighted the many ways employers steal wages from their workers. Beginning November 2008, Ms. Bobo embarked on a book tour that generated a significant amount of media coverage and as a result, increased the public’s awareness of this multi-billion dollar crime committed against millions of workers. Can My Boss Do That – Interfaith Worker Justice created a website that provides vital information to help workers understand their rights and enable them to advocate for themselves. The site offers legal information on federal and state mandates. It is the only one of it kind that is written in clear and

IWJ affiliated workers’ center leaders 10

Interfaith Worker Justice

accessible language, appealing to not only a wide range of workers, but also community advocates and employment attorneys. Unemployment and the Economic Crisis Toolkit – With more than 2.6 million jobs lost in 2008 and year-end unemployment rate of 7.2 percent, Interfaith Worker Justice prepared a Congregational Toolkit that outlines what resources are available to unemployed workers, suggests how to establish support groups for unemployed workers, and offers worship aids for lifting up unemployed workers and employers in this time of economic crisis.

supporting those on the front line


nterfaith Worker Justice is committed to building and strengthening affiliates in strategic locations. In 2008, the organization expanded its capacity to provide technical assistance

to groups and organize trainings for affiliates’ staff and leaders. Regional trainings were held in the Midwest and South in April, benefiting staff and leaders from 10 workers’ centers. Also in 2008, IWJ helped 20 affiliates develop and implement fundraising plans. By the end of the year, IWJ spun off two of its field offices and celebrated the opening of the Interfaith Worker Justice of Arizona’s new workers center, which on its first day alone received more than 200 calls from workers who needed help. In October, IWJ gathered activists for “Immigration through the Lens of Faith” which examined the intersection of worker justice and immigrant rights. More than 20 attendees representing 14 groups/organizations participated in the event. The capacity of the groups and workers’ centers is a major strength of Interfaith Worker Justice. Moving forward, the organization will continue to explore ways to further develop and strengthen the network.

Support the work of Interfaith Worker Justice


our generous contribution makes our work possible. We invite you to continue supporting Interfaith Worker Justice in 2009 and the years ahead. Together, we can im-

prove the lives of working people and their families. Below are ways to support our work:

Make a Personal Contribution • Cash or Check – Checks should be made payable to Interfaith Worker Justice. Gifts can be made in one payment or in convenient installments.

• Credit Card – Interfaith Worker Justice accepts gifts made with Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards. To make a credit card donation by phone, please contact our Individual Outreach Coordinator at (773) 728-8400 x 42. To make a donation online, please visit

2008 Annual Report


2008 Donors FOUNDATIONS $100,000 to $200,000 Ford Foundation Religion, Society and Culture (multi-year) Ford Foundation - Civil Society (multi-year) Marguerite Casey Foundation (multiyear) Nathan Cummings Foundation (multiyear) $50,000 to $99,999 Charles Stewart Mott Foundation E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation French American Charitable Trust Public Welfare Foundation (multiyear) $25,000 to $49,999 Oxfam America Rose Foundation (multiyear) St. Luke’s Health Initiatives $10,000 to $24,999 Joyce Foundation $2,500 to $9,999 United Way of Greater Houston

RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS $50,000 to $99,999 Catholic Campaign for Human Development Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock $10,000 to $24,999 Adrian Dominican Generalate Church World Service United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries, Ministries with Women, Children and Families Presbyterian Church USA, Urban Ministries Office Presbyterian Hunger Program Presbytery of the Grand Canyon


$2,500 to $9,999 Basilian Fathers of Michigan Diocese of GalvestonHouston Evangelical Lutheran Church in America United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries World Day of Prayer $500 to $2,499 Archdiocese of Kansas City - Office of Hispanic Ministries Church of the Savior - UCC Episcopal Community Services in Arizona602-350-4688 General Board of Church and Society Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Marianists Province of the United States Medical Mission Sisters Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit Shadow Rock UCC Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-Of-TheWoods Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations $250 to $499 Catholic Charities Archdiocese of NY Catholic Diocese of Savannah Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul Sacred Heart School of Theology Saint John’s Abbey Sisters of Saint Francis of the Holy Cross Sisters of the Presentation

Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother (Third Order of St. Francis) St. Patrick Nottingham Society University Presbyterian Church Up to $249 Benedictine Sisters of Chicago Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville-Parish Social Ministry Church of St. Pascal Baylon Community Christian Church Consolata Missionary Sisters Convent of Mary Reparatrix, Inc. Diocese of Salt Lake City Diocese of Venice in Florida Dominican Sisters Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters Congregation of the Sacred Heart First Christian Church First Congregational Church of Chicago Franciscan Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Office Georgetown Visitation Convent Miami Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Monastery of St. Gertrude Presbyterian Church of Stanley Saint Augustine University Parish School Sisters of St. Francis Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sisters of Saint Dominic - Congregation of the Most Holy Name Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet Sisters of St. Francis of Penanee and Christian Charity Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross Sisters of St. Joseph

Sisters of the Divine Savior Sisters of the Lamb of God Social Awareness Committee - St. Scholastica Monastery SSM International Finance Inc. St. Bede Monastery St. Patrick’s Parish St. Paul Catholic Center St. Scholastica Monastery Temple Beth Israel Temple Emanuel of Tempe Temple Emunah Inc. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Unity of Phoenix Wellington United Church of Christ World Mission Ministries - Archdiocese of Milwaukee

UNIONS/LABOR $100,000 to $200,000 Service Employees International Union (SEIU) $25,000 to $49,999 United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) UNITE HERE!** $10,000 to $24,999 American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Workers (AFL-CIO) United Council of Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) $2,500 to $9,999 National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) $500 to $2,499 Kansas City Federation of Teachers and School Related Personnel Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) LIUNA Local 265 UFCW Local 99 – Arizona

$250 to $499 Architectural Iron Workers Union Local 63 Arizona AFL-CIO Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Illinois AFL-CIO Iron Workers Local 1 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 991 UFCW Local 1116 UFCW Local 2008 United Steelworkers (USW) Local 13-423 Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Up to $249 Amalgamated Transit Union - Local 308 CWA Local 14430 Harris County AFL-CIO Council Knoxville-Oak Ridge Area Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO Labor Council of West Central Illinois Milwaukee County Labor Council AFL-CIO Milwaukee District Council No. 48 AFSCME Minneapolis Area Local (MAL-APWU) North Dakota AFL-CIO St. Paul Trades and Labor Assembly International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 705 USWA Sub-district Council No. 1

INDIVIDUALS $10,000 to $25,000 Landau Family Foundation Linda Lipsett and Jules Bernstein Anonymous Contribution $2,500 to $9,999 The Elias Foundation Sunflower Foundation Sue and Art Lloyd Jeanne Sullivan Fran Sullivan

Interfaith Worker Justice

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2008 Annual Report

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Martha Schmidt Martha Schultz A.J. Schumacher Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Scism Gerald Serotta Jim Sessions Rev. Connie Shatz and Dr. Eugene Shatz Chris Sherman Ruthann and Dale Shetler Karen Shirilla Lynn Shoemaker Judith Siegal Frances Siegel Rita Sloan Patricia Smith Richard Smith Helen LaPat Smith Harriet and Rav Soloff Elisabeth Solomon Scott Sommer Joanne Kalnitz and Marshall Sorkin Toba Spitzer Diana Stephen Sarah and Tom Stephens Stan and Louise Stevens Josephine Stewart Diana Stickney Thomas Stiers Jerald Stinson Pablo Stone Olga Strickland Nancy J. and Charles D. Striffler Jeff Strottmann John Stumme Marie Jean and Douglas Sturm Jack Sullivan Edward Sunshine Mayumi Swanson* Stanley Swart Mary Sweetland Laver Mike and Erica SweitzerBeckman Hazel Symonette* Phillip Tabbita Will Tanzman Marie Tarpey Eugene TeSelle Dick Thomas Maria Timoney Paul Tobias Phil Tom Stephen Toth J. William Troy Merry Tucker Don and Bernadette Turner Margaret Tweet* Denise Valdez Ana Valerio Tony Van Houten Janet Van Liere

Yvonne Vanden Avenne Barbara and Richard Vanecko Barbara and Wayne Vanek Jean Vigne Pauline Villapando* Mary Vincent Kay Vlahos Judy Voss Roger Waha Lillian Walker Shelton Ann Vivia Walton Carol Waser Phyllis Berman and Arthur Waskow Burton Wax James Weaver Kelly Webb Sue Weiler Carol and Merrill Weiss Jon Weissman Joan Wendl Fritz West Howard Wial Jan Willer Bob and Joan Williamson Tim Wilson Camilla Wilson Douglas Wingeier John Witeck Pauline Wohlford Arnold Wolf Brad Wood Sue Wood John Wright Janet Yocum Kenneth Young Quentin Young Eugenia Zavaleta Louis Zelle Barbara Zeluck Mary Zopf Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange

IN MEMORY The Rev. Edward Boyle, S.J. Norman Faramelli Sr. Dolores Brooks David Schilling Rosetta D. Childs Sarodel Childs Virginia Childs Walker Sarodel Childs Shelly Davis Ellen Widess Msgr. John Egan Eugene Boyle James A. Gross, Sr. James Gross Ivan Kobasic Daniel O’Donnell Michael McGowan Kevin Currid

Interfaith Worker Justice

James Orange and Moe Sullivan Roger Waha Moe Sullivan Laura and William Atkin Norma and Howard Berlin Gail Bien Adrienne and Stephen Bing Virginia Bing Gerri and Bill Brauneis Christine Frisoni and Kenneth Brucks Ruth and Norm Carroll Virginia and William Cassin Donna Cervini Michael Colky Patricia and Patrick Collins Camille Cook Margaret and William Dart Stanley Davis Mary Dixon Rivia Domash Diane Dombeck Mary Therese and William Donnelly Jerry Duffy James Dupree Richard Durbin Marsha and Jon Van Dusseldorp Victoria Engonopoulos Mary Evert Edward Fiedler Joan Flanagan Foote, Cone and Belding Advertising Inc. Christine Graves and Paul Franciszkowicz Scott Franzblau Barbara Furlong Helen Gagel Barbara and Richard Gannon Joan Gibbons Loretta and James Hannan Mary Gannon and William E. Hay David Herpe Judith and William Hogan Jennifer Hoke Glen Hughes Donna and Bud Ipema Peggy and Kevin Kell Pat and Paul Koko Donna and Ronald Kotulak Roslyn Lieb

2008 Annual Report

Martha and Thomas Lindeman Marcia and Joseph Liss Jean and Michael Lotus Sheila and Richard Loughren Libby MacLaren Margaret Maloney Elizabeth Brackett and Peter Martinez Robert Marx Charlaine and Patrick McAnany Melissa McGuire Mary Jo and David McKinney Rose Mary Meyer Jay Miller Linda Tinoly and James Minnice Rhoda and Michael Moeller Louisa and Eugene Newberry Jeanne and Barry Nohalty Marietta Norvid Mary Jo and Allan Olson Barbara and Paul Oppenheim Carol L. and Dayle R. Orr MaryJo Parker Ruth Peck Bertha Peterson Joan and Bob Pope Edith Rasell James Rater Chuck Ripp Frances Roach Joan and John Ryan Linda Ryan Dorrice M. and Victor S. Sacco Mary Schneider Nell and Paul Schneider Donna and Ralph Schuler Gloria and Jeffrey Schwartz Mary and Vaile Scott Sandra Shimon Susan Shimon Linda Shoup Joann and Ed Smally Mildred and William Smolenski Josephine and John Smolenski Jo Ellen and Steven Sommers Mary and Timothy Stare

Timothy Stefl Thomas Sullivan Chris Bing and KT Sullivan Joan Thrall Patricia and Theodore Ulman Wayne Vanek Dawn Villarreal Judy Shepelak and George Vinyard Mary Walton Marcia Winn Donna and Benjamin Wolf Don Woznica Mary and Errol Zavett Millard J. F. Sundin Louise Sundin Claude O. Travis Fran and Claudia Travis *Faithful Giver

IN HONOR Karen Allen Karen Allen Carlos Ventura and Alma PinedaRomero Minna Morse and Rabbi Fred Dobb Virgina Shoeman, Sister Mary Louise Van Straten and Ms. Betty Groenewold. Barbara Pfarr Liz Appel Harriet Hausman Lara Arp Isabel Docampo Aina Gutierrez and Asher Douglas Sondgeroth Sylvia Lynch Angela Balboa Nicole Roman Gerald Bennett Martha Scott Kim Bobo Stanley Corfman Karen McLean Hessel Ann Marie Bunner Joan Muth Jessica Butler Melissa Carino Cathy Cassagne Bryan Cassagne Marcello Chagola Anita Weinstein Sandy Clark Andrew Zampini Eileen Cody-Mitchell Catherine Cody Mary Conarchy Dick Thomas

Patricia Constantino Rosemarie Pace David Desotell Maryann McMahon Dorothy Dickerson Sean McGarrey Mary Domer Domer Law, S.C. Tony Doyle Cathy Junia Douglas Drake Douglas Drake Tom Drexler Craig Mousin Rabbi Steven Exler Lisa Grushcow Jim Sessions and Fran Ansley Michael Feely Sheila Gainer William Gainer Biz and George Gieselman Beth O’Connor Michelle Gilbert Fran Ansley Kenneth Green Gloria Hannas S. Louette Guenther, OSF Sharon Simon Susan Hadaway Edwin McCullough David Haley Helen Rosales George Heaverin Russell Banner Antoinette Hicks Trudy Stringer James Isom Charlotte Nold Debbie, Diane, Jim and John Jeanne and Jim Cusack Nancy Jones Jenny Dale Catherine Boehme, Steve Burns Judy Miner Barbara Boehme Marianna Delinck and Kirk Manley Rebecca Israilevich Jim Lewis Deborah and Bob Rodecker Tom, Boyan, and Greg Cheesebro, lynsey Madison, Julie McIntosh-Mrosz, Teresa Grimm, John Strommen Leigh BarkerCheesebro

Robert Marx Suzanne C. and Robert L. Wieseneck Mary Gene Matheny Mary Dawson Joellen McCarthy, BVM Mary Crimmin Michael Milz Frances and Pat McCormick John Nolan Pauline Wohlford Joe O’Donnell Albert Gross Bernard Offerman Gerald Siefken Philippa O’Neal Lawrence Becker and MaryAnn Downing Barbara Ostert Dwight Okita Blanca R. Peralta Joe Dyer Sandra Phillips Thomas Karson Herta Pitman Peter Rachleff Michael Quieto Daniel Dixon,Jr. Chris Radzek Donald Clifford Marie Ramos Tina and David Herpe Paula Randazzo Bob Morse Anya Rous Jennie Rosenn Wilma Sandridge Rita Picken David M. Schlitt Jacob Schlitt Jeanne Schwendinger Dorothy Schwendinger Kate Setzer Kamphausen Jill Graham Ben Greenberg and Sharon Weiss Guy Austrian and Rabbi Jill Jacobs Paul and Mary Sherry Judy and Dean Sieck Louie Stephen Mushim Ikeda-Nash Karen Stremikis Anne Gravel Sullivan Billy Reynolds and Sue Sorenson Kathy Maldegen Mayumi Swanson Eric Boria Will Tanzman Linda and Norman Groetzinger


Edith Wade Jim Holiman Hattie Watts Mary Anne Poeschel Working People Joe Faulkner JoAnn Zambrotta Lawrence Becker and MaryAnn Downing Rosa Martha Zarate Patrick Guillen Trina Zelle Jules Tryk Amy Maryann and Richard Brandon

BUSINESS/ ORGANIZATION $25,000 to $49,999 Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (pass through grant for New Sanctuary Movement) $10,000 to $24,999 Barkan Neff Handelman Meizlish, LLP** $2,000 to $9,999 American Income Life Insurance Company $500 to $1,999 Arnold & Itkin LLP Bolognese & Associates, LLC MJKL Enterprises, LLC Outten & Golden, LLP $250 to $499 Boyd and Kenter, P.C. Sanford A. Newman and Associates Causey Law Firm O’Malley & Langan Law Office, P.C. Up to $249 Jernigan Law Firm Korean-American Clergywomen Law Offices of Jonathan Schlack Law Offices of Kurt M. Young, LLC Verderaime & DuBois, P.A. Law Office of Stephen J. Dennis ** Cy Pres Award

SIGNIFICANT INKIND SUPPORT Edgewater Presbyterian Church (office space)


St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church (parking) Ruzicka and Associates, Ltd. (accounting services) DMInet Consulting, Inc. (IT support) Board In-kind Support AFL-CIO (Ms. Arlene Holt-Baker and Ms. Ros Pelles) African Methodist Episcopal Church (Rev. Daryl Ingram) Catholic Committee of the South (Sr. Mary Priniski) Rev. Darren CushmanWood Dr. Joe Fahey Dr. Ken Langston Ms. Karen McLean Hessel Rev. Nelson Johnson Jewish Funds for Justice (Rabbi Jill Jacobs) Rev. Aaron McEmrys Mr. Todd O’Malley Fr. Sinclair Oubre Presbyterian Church, USA (Rev. Phil Tom) Rev. Frank Raines III Rev. Jim Sessions Salvation Army (Dr. Michael Smith) SEIU (Mr. Tom Chabolla) Rev. Dr. Paul Sherry Unitarian Universalist Association (Ms. Susan Leslie) United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society (Mr. John Hill) United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries (Ms. Joanne Reich) Rev. Bennie Whiten Bishop Gabino Zavala

INTERNSHIP SUPPORT American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Council 31 AFT-UTNO Organizing Project International Brotherhood of Teamsters International Longshoremen’s Association Local 24

Ironworkers International Service Employees International International Union Local 32 BJ Southeast Laborers’ District Council UNITE HERE! IWJ Summer and Catholic Social Teaching Susan Adams Sara and Alan Alvarez Kim Alvine Dennis Anderson Linda Antonelli Kelly Bail Elizabeth Barnes Barbara Baxter Kathleen Bermel Ellis Boldon Nell Bowar Patrick Boylan Jill Brayfield Kate Cannon Alan Carroll Catholic Relief Services – Midwest Region Pamela Chadwick Bing Chen Joan Clymens Ann Cool Vanessa Cool Nora Cox Jacquelyn and Jeffrey Cox Creighton University David Crotzer Daniel Daly Karen Daneu Denise Davis Gerard Davis Frances Dawson Kathryn Diesing Kathleen Drelicharz Gary Dutton Mary Elbert B. A. Engel Margaret and Michael Fecci Judith and Lewis Fisher Judy Fitzgerald Jennifer Furze Richard Gabuzda Laurine Garrity Rick Geiersbach Amy Gillaspie Elizabeth Golmanavich Yliana Yado-Gonzalez and Armando Gonzalez Ralph Grahek Margaret Grennan Cheryl Griffin Jeffrey Grimm

Erin Groth Laura Guzman Brenda Habbe Vicki Hageman JoAnn Haner Marilyn Hansen The Hartford Roman Catholic Diocesan Corp. Jeanne Hauser M. Cara Hechinger LauraLee Holsing John Irwin Ann and Paul Jacob Sharena James Lisa Johnson Margaret Johnson Eileen Karmazin Frederic Kauffman Marianne Keating Bridget Keegan Mary Kelly Thomas Kenny Barbara Kenton Mohiuddin Khan Cecilia and Patrick Kiefer Ronald Klimara Maria Knudtson Connie Kollash Elke Kopriva Jillyn Kratochvil Susan Kreski Harold Kreski John Langwith Theresa Laughlin James Lavery Patricia Leidy Gregory Lickteig Nancy Lund Carolyn Manhart Richard Maresh Marian High School Paul Marshall Margaret McCabe Dan McFarland Gregory Mikuls UMC General Board of Global Ministries, Ministries with Women, Children and Families Robert Mullin Kaia Murphy Elizabeth Nieto Tina Niggemann Carol Novak Elizabeth O’Brien Oberlin College Rita Parisi Lynda Park Mary Pazderka David Pedersen Cynthia and David Pelton James Pestka David Peters Noreen Phipps Barbara Pierson

Elizabeth Plumb Munir Quddus Robert Ramsey Marsha Rappley Stephen Raynor Norman Pucilo and Gwynne Richards Mary Root Mary Rossini Elizabeth Rudersdorf Suzann Seline Dixie Serr Noreen and Terry Shaughnessy Thomas Shomaker Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Sisters of St. Francis Sisters of the Precious Blood Martin Smith Patricia Smith Jean Spence St Margaret Mary Church Sara Strattan Richard Strife Linda Stryker Seid Suleman Rajneesh Tiwary Elizabeth Twomey University of Dayton – Office of Campus Ministry University of Notre Dame University of St. Thomas Richard Veed Maureen Vinton Anne Wagner James Waldron Wayne Ward Helen and Rachel Wardian Carol Weber Robert White Suzanne White Arlene Wilkerson Kriste Woods James Wosepka Stephanie Gewirtz and Gary Ashby

VOLUNTEERS Shannon Douglas Jason Ewing Louise Friedland Juli York Jeanette Kamen Sylvia Lynch Ramil Mendoza Barbara Ostert Sunita Singh Beverly Thompson Sheilah Vulcain Debbie Warner Emily Wilk

Interfaith Worker Justice

2008 Income and expenses

Other 5% Internship and Registration 7%

2008 INCOME TOTAL: $1,620,480.00

Foundations 57%

Corporations 2% Individuals 9% Religious Organizations 13% Unions 7%

Fundraising 12%


Management and General 14%

TOTAL: $2,042,205.00 Program 74%

Like many nonprofits, Interfaith Worker Justice was battered by the economy in the Fall of 2008 – just the time when much of its money is given. This year, the organization is monitoring its monies closely to ensure that it ends 2009 in better shape. 2008 Annual Report


Interfaith Worker Justice 1020 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. Chicago, IL 60660 (773) 728-8400

2008 Annual Report  
2008 Annual Report  

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