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rnusn; Before he went on the Late Late Show Last Friday, Pete Doherty gave a packed room in Trinity CoLLege.Catriona Gray was taking notes

On first meeting Shane McGowan Honestly, it was on the floor at a party. He said: "Congratulations, you're now the most obnoxious man in pop." Those were his first words to me.We've done some music with him, we tend to do Dirty Old Town ... It's hard to understand what he says a lot of the time, but when you do work ill out, it's generally quite insightful and yeah, he's taught me a lot. On interviewing Paul McCartney My mum had given me this chip fork to give

him, 'coz she's from Liverpool and she was like: "What are you going to give to a Scouser who's got everything - a silver chip fork" and I was like, yeah that's a great idea, mum. So I gave it to him all expectant and he just put it in his pocket and looked at me a bit strange. They let me out of rehab to do that interview, so to be honest, I didn't even recognise him with the medication I was on. They cut out a lot of it, some of the questions were a bit personal and they left them out in the end. I was asking him about some of the things they used to get up to on tour with the Beatles. You hear about the Rolling Stones and the total decadent rock bands, but The Beatles were the baddest of all, but it was all kept quiet.

through things and he can see what you are. He was like a father figure as well, he would take us aside and go: "Why are you fighting boys, you're brothers, you're on the same side. Stop it, you know? Don't let something beautiful die." We split up the next month. It was the first album we ever made, the first time we'd been in a proper studio, and it was dead exciting for us just to be recording our songs and to have someone whose songs we'd grown up on. Yeah, it was all like a dream, really.

On Wormwood Scrubs You've got to make the best of a bad situation. To be honest, everything I did write in there, or most of what I wrote, makes for pretty depressing reading, just self pity and wallowing in it, just sat on that bed all day every day and if you're lucky you get strip-searched after dinner and that's the highlight of the day really. On fatherhood "It's quite difficult, a difficult subject really.I don't know if I am so much a father. I don't know if I spend enough time with him to warrant being called that, which is probably why I got his name put on my neck, because I see so little of him and I do so little for him that that's just my feeble way of saying to him "1 love you".

On things to do in London Make sure you take your passport if you want to visit south London, first of all. That's a dif- On people who have inspired him ferent country completely. You might find No one really, I've done it all on my own. I'm yourself around Brick Lane [in east London]. quite a lonely character. Most of my friends They're knocking everything down. It's not are dead and have been for hundreds of years. like it used to be, but there's still some of the I quite like cats. (Pauses.) Do you know what, essence of what was great about that area. I don't actually like cats so much. It started off ____ ~~~~h~e~t~h~in~~i~s~l~t~en~d~t20~r~0~m~a~n~t~ic~is~e~~fi~n~e~b~u~t~n~0~w~th~e~'v~e~·u~s~t!ta~k~e~n~0~v~e1r,Jth~et'v~e~~~~ •••••••••••••••••••••


Pete Doherty  
Pete Doherty  

Pete Doherty' interview in the Irish Times.