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Shopping has never been so easy! Now your house and home can be in tune with your ecological conscience as we will carry all those heavy bottles of environmentally friendly cleaning materials home for you! Here you will find the Ecover and Earth Friendly ranges of cleaning and washing products, as well as water filters, recycled paper and toilet tissue, biodegradable products and plenty more to aid your personal quest for eco-friendly and green living. We help you shop with a conscience, but really - these are just great products, the eco-ethics are just a bonus. Everything you see is available for delivery right to your door and delivery is FREE on orders over £45 (or £35 if you place the order online at Choose how you’d like to order from the three easy options below.


3 easy ways to order... 1 go to 2 phone 0871 871 6611 3 fill in the order form on the back page

P.S. In case of cross contamination we only mark “FREE FROM” if the manufacturer declares it.

Biodegradable Bags




Delicates and Stain Remover


Dish Washing Eco-Disposable Tableware

9 10

Eco-friendly Paper and Cotton Products




Fabric Conditioner


For Pet








Laundry Liquid




Washing Powder


Water Filters


d2w Degradable Wheelie Bin Liners 5 Sacks

Biodegrada b l e B ag s

Size 56.0x119.0x140cm

990252 £1.42

d2w Black Refuse Sacks 20

Approximate size 37x71x83.5cm. This plastic really is 100% degradable. Fantastic!

d2w Organic Clear Waste Sack 10

Approximate size 36.5x73.5x99cm. This plastic really is 100% degradable.

990348 £1.72


d2w Black Refuse Sacks 200

990304 £1.93

Approximate size 45.5x73.5x86cm

d2w Pedal Bin Liners, 30 bags.

990326 £26.58

Size 43.5x46.5cm.d2w environmetallyresponsible oxo-bio plastic can be re-used and recycled.

d2w Degradable Dog Waste, Nappy, Hygiene Bags 50 sacks

990280 £1.52

Size 17.8x29.5x36.5cm. Totally degradable hygiene bags.

d2w White Pedal Bin Liners With Drawtape Opening 30Liners

990271 £2.29

Approximate Size 44.5x45.7+6(flap)cm, digradable plastic.

d2w Degradable Food Freezer Bags, Large 100

990315 £1.73

Symphony d2w freezer bags are Totally degradable in a normal environment. They degrade to water, CO2 and a small amount of bio-mass. Approximate size 22.5cm x 35.5cm.

d2w White Swing Bin Liners With Drawtape Opening 15

990239 £1.27

Approximate size 61x73+6(flap)cm, degradable plastic, leaving no fragments no methane and no harmful residues.

d2w Degradable Food Freezer Bags, Medium 200

990359 £1.73

Approximate size 17.5cm x 22.5cm.

Ecover Biodegradable Compost Bags 10 bags

990246 £1.27

The bags keep pedal bins and garbage containers perfectly clean and minimise bad odours.

d2w Degradable Refuse Sacks 10

Approximate size 74cm x 86cm Totally degradable bin bags. Degrade in normal environmental situations into water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of bio-mass.

967773 £2.33

If You Care Paper Sandwich and Snack Bags 48b

990214 £1.27

d2w Degradable Refuse Sacks, Drawtape Opening 10 sacks

Approximate size 73.5cm x 85cm. Totally degradable plastic. Interleaved for easy dispensing.

990295 £1.73

d2w Degradable Swing Bin Liners 15

972724 £2.55

Cleaning B2B H10 Oxy Deo (Alkaline Decontaminant/Deodoriser PH10) 2kg

Totally degradable bin bags. Degrade in normal environmental situations into water, CO2 and a small amount of bio-mass. Approximate size 59cm x 76cm

990227 £1.52

967908 £13.65

Bentley Organic Bathroom Cleaner Lime Fresh 500ml D, G, O, V, W,

905605 £4.08

Bentley Organic Kitchen and Surface Cleaner Orange Fresh 500ml D, G, O, V, W,

Bio-D Multi-Surface Cleaner 1ltr 950303 £2.61

905616 £4.08

Bio-D Multi-Surface Cleaner 5ltr Bentley Organic Shower Cleaner Grapefruit Fresh 500ml D, G, O, V, W,

905627 £4.08

Bentley Organic Toy Sanitizer 500ml O, V ,

905638 £4.08

950505 £10.39

Bio-D Tiolet Cleaner 5ltr V,

Bio-D Toilet Cleaner 1ltr 950347 £2.57

Bio-D Bath and Shower Spray Cleaner 500ml V,

950704 £8.97

Bio-D Toilet Cleaner 5ltr 950584 £3.02


950658 £8.97

Bio-D Disinfectant 5ltr V,

Bio-D Toilet Cleaner 750ml 950692 £8.15

Bio-D Glass and Mirror Cleaning Refil 750ml V,

950614 £2.33

Bio-D Glass and Mirror Cleaning Spray 750ml V,

950603 £3.06


Earth Friendly Carpet Shampoo 946ml V,

830701 £6.96

Earth Friendly Concentrated Orange Mate 500ml

All purpose cleaner and degreaser. biodegradable surfactants*


Bio-D Household Polish 750ml

950336 £2.06

830590 £3.91

Bio-D general purpose household polish


950551 £3.94

Bio-D Multi-Purpose Cleaning Refil 500ml V,

950636 £1.73

Earth Friendly Earth Enzymes Drain Opener 908g

Earth Enzymes Drain cleaner ia a natural drain maintainer and unblocker that breaks down organic build up using bacteria and enzymes. It is effective agaist grease, soap, food and hair Drain opener can be used in bathrooms, kitchen and outside including septic tanks.

830453 £8.52

Bio-D Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray 500ml V,

950625 £2.51

Earth Friendly Furniture Polish with Natural Olive Oil 500ml

Earth Friendly Window Cleener 500ml



Natural and luxurious furniture polish made from natural olive oil and orange oils. It protects and cleans wood, bringing out its natural beauty and is also suitable for formica and vinyl surfaces.

830567 £3.91

Earth Friendly Orange Mate Multi Surface Cleaner 500ml

Natural all-purpose everyday cleaner Orange Oil cleaner comes in 2 strengths, this ready to use spray for light every day tasks like wiping kitchen surfaces, and a concentrate (830355)ideal for heavier grease removal like cleaning ovens.


830602 £3.49

Earth Friendly Parsley Plus All Purpose Cleener 500ml

A really popular natural product and something for those who want an alternative to citrus based all-purpose cleaners. Parsley is wellknown for it’s ability to clean. Parsley Plus brings the cleaning power and fresh herb smell of parsley to your home. Great for kitchen counter tops and other hard surface areas.


Trigger spray window cleaner with a coconut based soap that will clean mirrors, windows and other hard or shiny surfaces without leaving streaks.

830635 £3.49

Ecoleaf Multi-Surface Cleaner 500ml V,

961008 £1.65

Ecoleaf Toilet Cleaner 5ltr V,

961031 £11.30

Ecoleaf Toilet Cleaner 750ml 961020 £1.75

Ecover Alkaline Decontaminant/ Deodoriser 2kg

830589 £3.49 968391 £12.57

Earth Friendly Products Creamy Cleanser, Natural Lemon, 500ml V,

For bath and shower areas, tiles, taps and basins.

830712 £3.47

Earth Friendly products Toilet Cleaner, Natural Cedar 500ml V,

Ecover Bathroom cleaner 500ml

830723 £3.49

967401 £3.09

Ecover Car Glass and Interior Cleaner 500ml

Ecological Interior Car Cleaner based on plant and mineral ingredients.

967520 £4.14

Earth Friendly Shower Kleener with Tea Tree Oil 500ml

Helps eliminate and prevent hard water stains and soap scum


830613 £3.91

Earth Friendly Stain and Odour Remover trigger spray 500ml

This naturally based formula of enzymes and plant ingredients removes organic stains from laundry, fabrics, carpets and odours caused by food, dirt, urine etc. It has a light, natural aroma rather like lemonade. It will surprise you how many uses you will find for it. Every home with children or animals needs this product.


830624 £3.91

Ecover Car Wash and Wax 500ml

Ecological Car Wash and Wax cleaner based on plant and mineral ingredients.

967519 £4.14

Ecover Concentrated Floor Cleaner 5ltr 967479 £15.22

Ecover Concentrated Floor Soap 1ltr

Specially designed to clean and protect various untreated natural floors such as real linoleum, quarry tiles, marble, dolomite and travertine.

967292 £3.60

Ecover Cream Cleaner 500ml

Ecological non-scratch cream cleaner

967953 £1.57

Ecover Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 150ml

Ecover shifts the toughest grime without drying your hands out.

967272 £2.27

Ecover Household Range, All Purpose Cleaner 5ltr 967717 £13.97

Ecover Household Range, All Purpose Cleaner, Lemon 1ltr D, G, W,

967706 £2.86

Ecover Multi Surface Spray Cleaner 500ml

Naturally powerful - cuts through grease and grime

967351 £3.24

Ecover Pine Toilet Cleaner 5ltr

This product contains highly effective minerals and plant based ingredients, which biodegrade quickly with a minimum impact on the environment.

967931 £12.65

Ecover Professional Techno Spray 500ml

INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Ready-to-use glass and interior cleaner Not suitable for domestic use.

968346 £3.69

Ecover Techno Swan Limescale remover for Toilets 750ml

INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY acid/limescale remover for toilets. Not suitable for domestic use.

Ecover Household Range, All Purpose Cleaner, Lemon 500ml D, G, W,

967691 £1.68

968379 £3.40

Ecover Toilet Cleaner Ocean Waves 750ml.

Ecover ecological toilet cleaner ocean waves.

Ecover Household Range, Multi Surface Cleaner Refill, 500ml 967785 £2.76

967417 £2.10

Ecover Toilet Cleaner Pine Fresh 750ml

Hygienically cleans using the power of nature.

Ecover Household Range, Multi Surface Spray 500ml 967764 £3.01

Ecover Household Range, Power Cleaner, Degreaser 500ml 967752 £4.23

Ecover Household Range, Window and Glass Cleaner 500ml 967739 £2.89

Ecover Limescale Remover 500ml

Perfectly suited for bath and shower areas, tiles, taps and basins

967378 £2.10

Method All Purpose Spray Cleaner. Pink Grapefruit 828ml 970593 £2.98

Method All Purpose Surface cleaner, French Lavender 828ml

Method all purpose surface cleaner with french lavender scent

970582 £2.98

Method Bowl Patrol Toilet Cleaner 709ml 970737 £2.98

967910 £3.78

Method Daily Granite and Marble Spray 354ml 970606 £4.00

Method Touch Wood Polish Spray Almond Scented 354ml

To clean, polish and protect wood in a no-wax formula, you can clean and buff your wood back to its natural beauty, without leaving residue or buildup.

970662 £4.00

Method Flushable Wipes 30 in Pk. 970782 £3.50

Method Flushable Wipes in eucalyptus mint. 28 wipes

Bathroom surface cleaner with eucalyptus mint scent. Safe for septic tanks. Flushable + biodegradable.

970684 £2.50

Method Granite and Marble Wipes. 30 Wipes. 970802 £3.53

Method Tub + Tile Spray 828ml

Method is a powerful, biodegradeable cleaner that removes scum and hard water stains without leaving nasty toxins in its wake.

970640 £2.98

Method tub scrub bathroom cleaner - eucalyptus mint 680g 970748 £2.98

Method Window + Glass Cleaner - Mint Window Wash 828ml

Non-toxic cleaner for glass surfaces with a minty fragrance

Method Leather Wipes 30 Wipes. 970813 £3.53

970628 £4.00

Method Window + Glass Microfibre Cloth

Method MicroFibre Towel for Wood 5 Pack. 970793 £3.97

970760 £4.00

Method Wood for Good Almond Wood Wipes. 30 wipes.

Method Natural Stainless Steel Wipes. 30 wipes 970824 £3.53

970835 £3.53

Method Ylang-Ylang Daily Shower Spray 828ml

Method Stainless Steel Microfibre cloth

Clean, polish and protect your stainless steel while giving it a sparkling shine with thousands of split-end fibers to do the work for you

970559 £3.98

970617 £2.98

Twist Bamboo Cloth (pack of 3) 969201 £3.06

Method Touch Wood Floor Cleaner 739ml

Non-toxic wooden floor cleaner almond scented.

Twist Dish Dumpling 969290 £3.36

970651 £4.00

Twist Euro Sponge 969212 £1.52

Twist Euro Sponge Cloth (pack of 3) 969223 £3.06

Ecover Delicate 1ltr

Ecological washing liquid ideal for fine fabrics, silks and woollens. Preserves the softness of delicate fibres and protects their colour.

967986 £4.19

Twist Large Naked Sponge 969267 £3.36

Ecover Delicate 500ml

Ecological washing liquid ideal for fine fabrics, silks and woollens. Preserves the softness of delicate fibres and protects their colour.

Twist Loofah Scrubby

967495 £2.33 969317 £3.06

Ecover Delicate 5ltr

Ecological washing liquid ideal for fine fabrics, silks and woollens. Preserves the softness of delicate fibres and protects their colour.

Twist Loofah Sponge

967464 £18.84

969234 £4.08

Twist Medium Naked Sponge

Ecover Stain Remover 200ml Tough on stains, gentle on fabrics

967208 £3.07

969256 £3.36

Twist Small Naked Sponge

Ecozone eco:stain, The Eco Stain Remover 135ml Remove stains without toxic chemicals.

969245 £2.24

Twist Sponge Blossoms

968619 £2.93

D i s h Wa s h i n g

969289 £4.08

Bio-D Dishwasher Powder 1.2kg Veggi Wash Fruit Too 600ml

Fruit and vegetable wash - ready to use spray. Removes farm chemicals, waxes, surface grime and insects.

969087 £2.49


Bio-D Dishwasher Powder Refills 1kg V,

Veggi Wash Fruit Too Fruit and Vegetable Wash Concentrate 500ml

A tasteless wash which removes farm chemicals, waxes, surface grime and insects. Makes 100 litres of active solution.

969076 £2.98

Deli c ates an d S ta i n R e m ov e r Ecoleaf Stain Remover 500g V,

961019 £2.24

950669 £9.08

950670 £6.20

Bio-D Dishwasher Rinse Aid 500ml V,

950681 £2.75

Bio-D Washing-Up Liquid 1ltr 950369 £2.03

Bio-D Washing-Up Liquid 5ltr 950516 £8.00

Earth Friendly Dishmate Concentrated Washing Up Liquid, Fragrance Free, 500ml V,

Ecover Washing-Up Liquid 1ltr

Soft on hands but very effective in degreasing and cleaning dishes and cutlery.

967964 £2.47

830680 £3.20

Ecover Washing-Up Liquid 500ml Earth Friendly Dishmate, Natural Almond 500ml

Soft on hands but very effective in degreasing and cleaning dishes and cutlery.

967801 £1.46

Non-polluting washing up liquid.


830545 £3.18

Earth Friendly Dishmate, Natural Pear 500ml

Ecover Washing-Up Liquid 5ltrs

Soft on hands but very effective in degreasing and cleaning dishes and cutlery.

967942 £11.27

Non-polluting liquid dishwashing cleaner


830556 £3.18

Ecover Washing-Up Liquid Grapefruit and Green Tea 1ltr

Earth Friendly Wave Auto Dishwasher Gel, Organic Lavender, 946ml V,

830691 £4.96

Ecoleaf Washing-Up Liquid 1ltr V,

961042 £1.95

Ecoleaf Washing-Up Liquid 5ltr

967565 £2.40

Ecover Washing-Up Liquid with Aloe Vera and Lemon 1ltr

Effective for cleaning and degreasing dishes and cutlery.

967975 £2.47

Ecover Washing-Up Liquid with Aloe Vera and Lemon 500ml

Effective for cleaning and degreasing dishes and cutlery.

969306 £1.67

961053 £10.25

Ecoleaf Washing-Up Liquid Concentrate 500ml V,

Ecover Washing-Up Liquid, Grapefruit and Green Tea 500ml 967554 £1.52

961075 £2.49

Ecover Dishwasher Tablets 500g

Eco -D i s p o s ab l e Ta b l e wa re

For dishwasher machines.

967542 £5.85

Ecover Rinse Aid 500ml

Automatic dishwasher rinse aid specially designed to give glasses, dishes and cutlery a sparkling shine, without drying streaks or spots.

967741 £3.64

Ecover Washing Up Liquid (Lemon and Aloe Vera) 5ltrs

Lemon and aloe vera washing up liquid for effective cleaning without excessive bubbles.


967432 £11.27

Biopac Bio Cornstarch Compostable Cups (cold drinks) 1120 pk Each cup hold 284 ml. drinks

Designed for cold

951369 £80.93

Biopac Bio Hot Cup Starch Coated Compostable Paper Cups 300ml 951381 £99.32

Compostable Bio cup, made of paper (1000 pack) Holds 1 pint

Pure and Soft Fairtrade and Organic Cotton Buds 200

951392 £105.75

Ec o -friendly Pa p e r a n d C o tton Produc t s

955107 £1.99

Pure and Soft Fairtrade and Organic Cotton Pads 80 t, O,

Cotton Soft Bathroom Tissue 4 rolls

Made from pure organic cotton. Average 200 3 ply sheets per roll


955188 £2.95

Cotton Soft Facial Tissues 90 sheets

955118 £1.99

Pure and Soft Fairtrade and Organic Cotton Pleats 100g t, O,

955131 £2.29

220mm x 210mm 3 ply 100% organic cotton tissues


955193 £1.97

Suma Ecoleaf Toilet Paper 12 pack 961345 £6.00

Cotton Soft Kitchen Towels 2ply 100% Organic cotton.


955468 £2.90

Suma Ecoleaf Toilet Tissues - Roll Bags 9 bag

Luxury white toilet tissue. Recycled and not rebleached.

Cotton Soft Pocket Tissues 6 Packs of 9 Tissues 4ply

961322 £4.72

100% organic cotton.

955479 £1.89

Ecoleaf Facial Tissues 150s

Suma Ecoleaf Ultra Kitchen Towels twin pack

A luxuriously soft tissue made with 100% selected recycled paper

921311 £1.59 961333 £1.29

Ecoleaf Premium Kitchen Towels 2rolls

Suma Ecosoft Jumbo Kitchen Roll 1 roll 961300 £2.68

961311 £1.59

Suma Soft Toilet Tissue 4 toilet rolls Essential Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue - 100% Recycled. 4 Rolls

Ecosoft is a luxuriously soft tissue made with 100% selected recycled paper.

961389 £2.19

Around 300 sheets of recycled loo roll, unbleached and undyed

972268 £2.40

If You Care Coffee Filters size 4 (100 filters)

Premium, quality, unbleached, beige coffee filters

972677 £2.35

Traidcraft Fairtrade 2-ply Facial Tissue, 150 pack t,

751453 £1.45

Traidcraft Fairtrade Kitchen Towel 2ply 751419 £1.77


Traidcraft Fairtrade Toilet Tissue 4 rolls

Ecover Ecological Fabric Softener 5ltrs The power of nature.

751420 £2.43

967035 £13.95

Ec o -Gadget s

Ecover Fabric Conditioner Refill 15ltr D, G, W,

Ecozone Can Crusher

With the Ecozone can crusher you can crush your bulky cans to 1/3 of their usual size to make it easy to recycle them in volume. It is a simple yet effective device that is mounted on your wall (comes with screws included). Place your empty cans in the device and pull down on the handle. Hey presto! Flat cans! Soft grip handle makes for easy use. Crusher size is 32 x 10cm Suitable for cans that are up to 7.5cm wide and 16.5 cm tall.

967577 £38.46

Ecover Fabric Conditioner, Under the Sun 1ltr D, G, W,

967665 £3.21

Ecover Fabric Conditioner, Under the Sun 500ml

968598 £14.99

Ecozone Toilet Smellkiller.

D, G, W,

967657 £1.75

968620 £14.99

Footprint Aloe Vera Ecological Fabric Conditioner 500ml

Freeplay Xray LED Torch

Concentrated and super green fabric conditioner to soften and freshen 25 washes.

972527 £29.99

Fabri c Cond i t i o n e r

For Pet

Bio-D Fabric Conditioner 1ltr V,

972482 £2.13

950392 £2.19

Crazy Dog CD578 Self Cleaning Grooming Brush

Self Cleaning groom brush, 2 year guarantee

A99968 £0.00

Bio-D Fabric Conditioner 5ltr V,

950527 £8.19

JML Pet Mitt

This pet grooming mitt allows you to stroke and groom your pet at the same time.

A99967 £0.00

Ecover Ecological Fabric Softener 1ltr


967260 £3.18

A Gift Hamper Basket Ecover Ecological Fabric Softener 500ml Naturally cares for your skin.

967148 £2.15

If you order a gift hamper basket we assume that you would like your order gift wrapped hamper style. We select the best basket for your order, wrap with cellophane and bow, and even add a gift card if you add gift text as you check out. The price includes all these added extras.

G00089 £9.49


A Gift wrapping service

You select your gift products and we wrap them for you.

Ecover Room Fragrance Lemontree 250ml

G00094 £5.01

Aries Non-Toxic Moth Box Protection from clothes moths.

950000 £6.69

967254 £15.93

Ecover Room Fragrance Rosegarden 250ml 967305 £15.93

Body and Hair Care Pamper Hamper D, G, V,

G00145 £43.78

Fair Deal Trading Biodegradeable Balloons 25 pack t, V,

Cherry Active Dispenser 805013 £2.95

Earth Friendly Uni-Fresh Citrus Air Freshener 120ml

Gift wrapped box

When you add this bio-degradeable hamper gift box to your order we will use it to pack your compelte order in and gift wrap it with ribbons

985011 £6.00

A natural, non-aerosol formula made from real citrus oils.


830523 £4.91

Granovita Pate Key, Each (5 pack) 436680 £0.00

Earth Friendly Uni-Fresh Lavender Air Freshener 120ml

A natural, non-aerosol formula made from real Lavender oils.


830534 £4.91

Green and Black’s Chocoholics Hamper Pamper Chocolate Box O,

Earth Friendly Uni-Fresh Lavender Air Freshener 132ml

A natural, non-aerosol formula made from real Lavender oils.


830471 £4.75

Earth Friendly Vanilla Uni-Fresh Air Freshener 130ml V,

830679 £4.91

Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Liquid in a Bag 5ltr 967845 £18.55

Ecover Room Fragrance Lavender 250ml

972319 £1.99

G00134 £36.45

Green Tips Fairtrade Small Household Gloves 1 pair t,

945059 £1.32

Green Tips Large Fairtrade Household Gloves 1 pair t,

945071 £1.32

Green Tips Medium Fairtrade Household Gloves 1 pair t,

945060 £1.32

If You Care Aluminium Foil

If you care 100% recycled aluminium foil.

967236 £15.93

972633 £2.89


If You Care Firelighters 72 Pieces

Handmade Reclaimed Glass Coaster, set of 4

972611 £3.97 836877 £8.39

Jute Bags for Life G00123 £9.19

Natural Cool Freezer Bag

If You Care Baking Cups (Large) 60 Cups

If you care baking cups are made from 100% unbleached, heavy heavy duty greaseproof paper and can be used without a muffin pan. No greasing is needed!

972622 £1.50

423677 £0.78

If You Care Baking Paper

Raw Foods Hamper

If you care silicone coated, parchment baking paper 65ft x 13in.

972655 £3.60

G00156 £39.75

Traidcraft Fairtrade Rubber Gloves 1pk

If You Care Coffee Filters no. 2 100 Filters

premium quality, unbleached, beige coffee filters.

751442 £1.12

Window Gift Box G00167 £6.00

972666 £2.35

If You Care Extra Strong Aluminium Foil 3.6 sq.m

If you care 100% recycled aluminium foil. Stronger and thicker

972644 £3.72

Kit chen war e ClearSpring Bamboo Sushi Mat

If You Care Jumbo Baking Cups 24

Essential for rolling your sushi rolls

972688 £1.22

414346 £2.14

Clearspring Porcelain Ginger Grater

If You Care Mini Baking Cups 90

13cm x 8.5cm glazed porcelain grater, ideal for fresh ginger root, garlic, shallots and other fine grating needs

954127 £4.30

Clearspring Surikogi (Pestle) Japanese style pestle

972699 £1.01

Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker

Jamie Oliver’s Flavour Shaker will crush, grind, mix, puree, blend and release flavour from whole spices, herbs, garlic, nuts, citrus rind or even lime or bay leaves!

A99978 £0.00

954116 £3.36

Ken Hom Sensai Wok

Dualit Kitchen Scales

A99803 £0.00

A99809 £0.00

Handmade Coaster from Reclaimed Glass, Daisy

Krups Coffee Mill A99811 £0.00


836888 £4.19

Tefal VC400415 Vitamin Plus 3-Tier Steamer Graphite

Magimix 14112 ‘Le Duo’ Juice Extractor Chrome

Tefal Vitamin Plus Steamers retain up to 20% more vitamins than conventional steamers

Combined juice extractor and citrus press

A99961 £0.00

Magimix GEL22001 Gelato Chef Ice Cream Maker A99821 £0.00

Moulinex BKA14K Juice Master Juice Extractor A99962 £0.00

Moulinex Juice Master Duo (Citrus Press and Juicer) Contains free Jason Vale juicing book!

A99963 £0.00

Moulinex Juice Master Plus (Graphite)

Perfect for strawberrys, apples, oranges, carrots and many other fruits and vegetables

A99972 £0.00

L au n d ry Earth Friendly ECOS Free and Clear Conc.Laundry Liquid 1.478ltr

50 washes in an ultra concentrated detergent that is free of essential oils and fabric softener with a neutral pH. It is idea for people who are allergic or sensitive to natural essential oils and soy products. 1 bottle contains 50 washes


830657 £7.51

Earth Friendly ECOS Magnolia and Lily laundry liquid 1.478ltr 50 Loads

50 washes in an ultra concentrated laundry liquid which has a delightful subtle smell derived from it’s essential oil and herb ingredients. It also has a built in soy based fabric conditioner. ECOS offers you fantastic value! ECOS laundry liquid is so concentrated that only 30ml is needed per wash - that’s 50 washes from a 1.5ltr bottle! - far more than other brands.

830646 £7.51

A99973 £0.00

Panasonic SD253 Breadmaker with Nut Dispenser Can be used to bake Gluten-free bread

A99969 £0.00

Philips HR1861 Pro Aluminium Juicer

Features include: 700W motor with 2 speeds, 2 litre pulp container, 1.5 litre juice jug, Foam separator for clear or cloudy juice and is dishwasher safe.

A99958 £0.00

Philips HR2737 Citrus Press

This Citrus Press is easy pouring and has a capacity for 400ml of juice.

A99957 £0.00

Russell Hobbs 10934 Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinding was never easy as it has been with the Russell Hobbs 10394 coffee grinder. Grind it yourself and feel the difference

A99812 £0.00

Earth Friendly OXO Brite Oxygen, non-chlorine bleach 0.915kg

Colour safe whitener and brightener for laundry and stain remover. OXO Brite is safe for colours, a non-chlorine bleach. OXO Brite harnesses the incredible power of oxygen to whiten, brighten, and deodorize your laundry and fabrics. OXO Brite effectively removes most organic stains. These features make OXO Brite a natural laundry additive to be used with every wash load or a soak cleaner. OXO Brite is a very concentrated and powerful.


830490 £6.96

Ecoleaf Fabric Conditioner 1ltr V,

961086 £2.78

Ecoleaf Fabric Conditioner 5ltr 961097 £9.25

Ecover Dispenser Taps for 15ltr Refills 967834 £3.08


Ecozone Dryerballs, 2 ball pack

Place these in your tumble dryer and save 25% on dryer running costs. They soften fabric without toxic chemicals.

The Salt Seller Conical Orange Rough Lamp (1.7-2.5kg) 650341 £18.38

968510 £9.99

The Salt Seller Conical Orange Rough Lamp (2.5-3.5kg)

Laundry Liq u i d Bio-D Laundry Liquid 1ltr V,

950426 £3.91

650352 £20.42

The Salt Seller Pale Orange Planet Venus Lamp (3-5kg)

Bio-D Laundry Liquid 5ltr V,

950538 £18.28

Earth Friendly Products ECOS magnolia and lily, 591ml / 20 Loads 830734 £4.62

650363 £32.69

Wa s h i n g P ow d e r Aqua Ball Twin Pack

Re-useable laundry ball, cleans clothes without soaps or detergents. Pack contains 2 aqua balls, 2 refill packs of pellets and stain remover.

950100 £15.17

Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid 5ltr Aquaball Refill Pellets 5 x Bags


961128 £17.90 950123 £15.17

Ecover Ecological Non-Bio Laundry Liquid 1.5ltr Naturally cares for your skin.

Bio-D Washing Powder 12.5kg

967079 £6.99

950482 £40.43

Ecover Laundry Liquid in Tubs 5ltr

Bio-D Washing Powder 1kg

D, G, W ,


967679 £20.86


Bio-D Washing Powder 2kg Ecozone BioBulb (100 watt, screw fitting)

A daylight 100 watt replacement bulb that uses only 25 watts and lasts 8 times longer. It is guaranteed flicker free and lasts up to 7 years, using 75% less energy than a standard bulb.

950471 £7.00

Ecoleaf Washing Powder, Concentrated 10kg 961173 £33.65

968532 £14.99

Ecozone Moonlight Night Light Bulb

The 21st Century Glow Light, energy saving night light

968543 £9.99


950460 £3.60

Ecoleaf Washing Powder, Concentrated 3.4kg V,

961151 £14.85

Ecoleaf Washing Powder, Concentrated 900g

Ecozone Eco-Balls Refills

For use only with the Eco Balls. Eco ball refills will last up to 750 washes.

968608 £19.99

961140 £4.29

Ecover Biological Washing Powder 1.2kg

Ecover Biological Concentrated Ecological Washing Powder

Ecozoneandreg; Eco-Balls, 3 ball pack

EcoBalls replace traditional laundry powder and soaps. They aren’t additives, and last up to 1000 washes and are ideal for sensitive skin

967023 £7.95

Ecover Laundry Bleach 400g 967281 £1.97

Ecover Laundry Wash Tablets 32 tablets Ecological washing tablets.

967488 £6.69

968509 £34.99

Footprint Colour Care Biological washing powder 420g

Brilliant cleaning, super-concentrated, super green 16 washes

972471 £2.98

Footprint Washing Powder For Whites With Stain Remover 420g

Brilliant cleaning, super-concentrated, super green. 16 washes

Ecover Non-Bio Integrated Washing Powder 1.2kg

Washing powder with natural fragrance. Based on plant and mineral ingredients.

972460 £2.98

Wat e r F i lt e r s

967084 £6.98

Ecover Non-Bio Integrated Washing Powder 10kg

Brita Classic Water Filter Cartridge (1)

Filter cartridge to fit all Brita jugs and kettles

964605 £4.95 967680 £46.67

Ecover Non-Bio Integtrated Washing Powder 2.66kg

Brita Classic Water Filter Cartridges (3)

Filter cartridges to fit all Brita jugs and kettles

964616 £13.22 967159 £15.35

Ecover Non-Biological Washing Powder 1.2kg

Ecover Non Biological Washing Powder Improved Formulation. Respects and naturally cares for your skin.

967012 £6.62

Ecover Original Non-Bio Washing Powder 10kg

Based on minerals and highly biodegradable plant ingredients.Non Biological.

967067 £43.65

Brita Fjord Cool Plus Midnight Blue Water Filter Jug 2.6 ltr 964651 £21.75

Brita Fjord Cool Plus White Water Filter Jug 2.6l 964662 £21.75

Brita Marella Cool Midnight Blue Water Filter Jug 2.4ltr 964673 £17.46


Brita Marella Cool White Water Filter Jug 2.4ltr 964684 £17.46

Brita Marella XL White Water Filter Jug 3.5ltr 964690 £17.46

Brita Maxtra Water Filters, 3 Pack 964638 £14.61

Brita Maxtra Water Filters, Single 964649 £5.24

Brita Multi-fit Adaptable Water Filter Cartridge (1) Filter cartridge specially designed to fit Kenwood, Rowenta, Saey, Waymaster and Boots filter jugs.

964627 £4.34

Brita Multi-fit Adaptable Water Filter Cartridges (3)

Filter cartridges specially designed to fit Kenwood, Rowenta, Saey, Waymaster* and Boots filter jugs.

967638 £12.11

Key Added Sugar = Su Dairy Free = D Egg Free = E Fairtrade = t Gluten Free = G Gluten Free/Casein Free = C Kosher = K Lactose Free = L Less than 5% Fat = l Low Cholesterol = ch

Waymaster Adapter Ring

Adapter ring to fit Crystal 9020 filter. For use with Crystal Universal Cartridge Part No. 592400XL. Hard water type.

Organic = O Soya Free = S

969573 £0.65 Vegan = V Wheat Free = W Yeast Free = Y


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Household Catalogue  

GoodnessDirect full range of household items, whether its biodegradable loo roll or environmentally friendly cleaning products, we have it!

Household Catalogue  

GoodnessDirect full range of household items, whether its biodegradable loo roll or environmentally friendly cleaning products, we have it!