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Work from the 2020 graduating class of the Illustration Program at Parsons School of Design.

Lily Aksan

Lilyaksan.com Lilyaksan@gmail.com Instagram: @Created_Creature

Kelsey Bitong

Home Is Wherever I’m With You Kelseybitong.com thatskidding@gmail.com Instagram/Twitter: @thatskidding

Ariana Bläuer

Three Graces Arianablauer.myportfolio.com Arianaskyeblaeuer@yahoo.com Instagram: @arianablauer.art

Carly Blumenthal

Table for Two carlywynn.com carlywb02@gmail.com Instagram: @carlywblumenthal

Leyla Borovali

Elevator Comfort atolyeleyla.com leylaborovali@gmail.com Instagram: @leylaborovali

Emma Carrillo

carre142@newschool.edu Twitter: @emma_ariana Instagram: @art_by_carrillo

Michelle Chan

Subtle Reflection michellelaiyan.com michellelaiyan@gmail.com Instagram: @lovelymichelle47

Ameily Chang

Goodest Doggos ameily.1212@hotmail.com Instagram: @Ameily_With_An_A Pixiv: @AmeilyWithAnA

Urja Charulbhai Vakta

urjavakta@gmail.com Instagram: @urjavakta

Andrew Chen

andrewcee.squarespace.com andrewwjc18@gmail.com

Chia An Chen

chichiillustrations.com chichichen5766@gmail.com Instagram: @c.c_illustrations

Joyce Chen

joycechenart.com joycechen597@gmail.com Instagram: @fishies.207

Junyu Chen

1464125094@qq.com WeChat: Davy19971124 Instagram: @Davy-chenjy

Eewen Chew

Searching eewenchew.com eewenchewy@gmail.com Instagram: @chewwyz.art

Beatriz Cifuentes

intangible-intimacy.covid19 2020 beatrizcifuentes.com beacifuentesl@gmail.com Instagram: @beatrizcifuentes.art

Jharif Corchado

Intimacy at the Moshpit Jharifcorchado.com Instagram: @Jahareef

Michael Costello

An Absence of Expectations and an Iota of Insincerity spicymichael.com

Rebecca Daniella

rebeccadaniella.com rebeccadaniella06@gmail.com Instagram: @beccabythebay

Alexis De La Cruz

Mecha Siblings maskedcreations.com maskedcreations.art@gmail.com Instagram: @bones.draws Twitter: @Bones_draws

Laura Dee Ye

laura97ye.wixsite.com/lauraye laura97ye@gmail.com Instagram: @_laura.ye.art_

Sarah DiMichele

Sarahdimichele.com dimichelesarah@gmail.com Instagram: @sarahdimicheleart

Ariel Farrell

Tea Instagram: @jaysa_ree

Elise Geschardt

Twinel elisegeschardt.com gesce314@newschool.edu Instagram: @elise.geschardt.art

Jasmin Lee Hack

jasminlee.persona.co jas.minlee2822@gmail.com

Molly Harrington

mollyharringtondraws.com Instagram: @Mollyworldforever

Bernice Ho

Little Things itsbernice.com bernice1998@gmail.com Instagram: @notsober_nice

Dan Hodges

Lust: Cheeked Up danimation.site hodges.dan@gmail.com Instagram: @dan.hodges

Chris Hui

Bare Exposure artstation.com/brontidebones brontidebones@gmail.com Instagram: @brontidebones Tumblr: @brontidebones

Alice Jeong

alicejng.wixsite.com/aliceinmind alicejng@gmail.com Instagram: @aliceinmind

Anahat Kapur

Blank Bodies anahatkapur.com anahat_kapur@hotmail.com Instagram: @qriousqubes

Selin Karahan

Social Intercourse selin-art.me selinkarahan98@gmail.com Instagram:@uglyjojoba

Matthew Koutsaftes

Coalescence mkout17@gmail.com Instagram: @mkoots_art

Kara Lajara

Inside karalajara.co karalajarab@gmail.com Instagram: @kara.con.k

Woo Lim Lee

woolimlee.com Instagram:@iamstrawberrychocolatecake

Maggie Li

Metamorphose v2 limaggie-art.myportfolio.com limaggie.art@gmail.com Instagram: @ai_mage

Sul Lim

sullim.com Instagram: @sulsun

Menghan Lin

Cyberpunk Aunt 460954632linmenghan@gmail.com Instagram: @lmhqwertyuiop

Alice (Looie) Liu

Amlooie.com Instagram: @amlooie

Arturo Madrazo Miranda

Madrazoart.com Arturomadrazomir@gmail.com Instagram: @Arturo_Madrazo

Jordan J Mcpherson

Jordanjenay.com Mcpherson@jordanjenay.com Instagram: @Blithjoart

Clay Mednick

intimacy 2.0 claymm.com claymme@gmail.com Instagram: @latetomyfuneral

Lije Morgan

Cuddle Fuddle lije.com morgan.lije@gmail.com Instagram: @lije.mo

Jemila Mowarin

longing Milamowarin@gmail.com Instagram: @starry.snake

Tyler Naimoli

It’s so Fluffy! naimolichildrensbooksblog.wordpress.com Creativecartooning@hotmail.com

Manasvini Nayar

ME manasvini.nayar.com manasvini.nayar@gmail.com Instagram: @mixofblunders

Sarah Nichols

artstation.com/colourdroid Gumroad: @tinywitchdraws Instagram, Twitter, tumblr : @tinywitchdraws

Natalia Pires

Nataliapires.com Piren268@newschool.edu Instagram @Nataliapiresdesign

Moussa Reda Sleiman

msleimanart@gmail.com Instagram: @Iscymorril

Jo Roman

jo-roman.com Instagram: @smrtjog

Frances Ross

Adam and Eve, Once Over francesalbatross.com francesalbatross@gmail.com Instagram: @francesalbatross

Mariavittoria Salini

Mursi Woman and Child vittoriasalini.com Vittoria.salini@gmail.com Instagram: @Vittoria_art

Hannah Scott

hscott1259@gmail.com Instagram: @cactidaze

Ruby Sgueglia

rubysgueglia.com Instagram: @rubypsgueglia

Naomi Silverio

NaomiSilverio.com gnaomisilverio@gmail.com Instagram: @gnaomi.jpg

Harmita Singh

A Caged Intimacy harmitasingh.com Instagram: @harmitaart

Alvira Kelda Sunjaya

get ready with me heykelda.com Instagram: @alsokelda

Charles Ta

portfolio.newschool.edu/theartist/ behance.net/charlesta tac682@newschool.edu , charlesta58@gmail.com

Adriana Tonello

First Encounters adrianatonello.wixsite.com/portfolio adrianatonello21@gmail.com Instagram: @art_by_adriana

Andrew Tousignant

Everard Baths andrewtousignant.com andrew.tousignant11@gmail.com Instagram: @rawdog69420

Pedro Troncoso

Let’s dive right in Rogelio-troncoso@hotmail.com Instagram: @iwaspedro

Juana Urrea Arango

juanaua.com juanaua@me.com Instagram: @juanaua.art

Nina Vazquez

ninamarievazquez.com ninavazquez98@gmail.com Instagram: @rustyratzz

Michelle Wang

chingwangm608@gmail.com Instagram: @mischiiiwm

Katherine Yang

The Closer I Get to You katherineyang.com Instagram: @katherine_kreates

Cover: Carly Blumenthal Title and Credit pages: Beatriz Cifuentes Introduction Spread: Katherine Yang Design: Catrin Morgan Printed by Musumeci S.p.A (Italy) Thanks to Michele Abrigo and Valerio di Lucente. Special thanks to Hien Dinh and Jasmine Graham for your fantastic support this year. Senior Thesis Faculty: James Bascara, MaĂŤlle Doliveux, Steven Guarnaccia, Jon Han, Jordin Isip, Ben Katchor, Melissa Ling, Catrin Morgan, Chang Park, Padma Rajendran, Lauren Redniss, Jonathon Rosen, R. Sikoryak, Qiaoyi Shi, Lale Westvind.

Profile for Catrin Morgan

Parsons Illustration Senior Publication 2020 : Intimacy  

A publication showcasing the work of the senior students from the Parsons Illustration Program. Work is on the theme of Intimacy.

Parsons Illustration Senior Publication 2020 : Intimacy  

A publication showcasing the work of the senior students from the Parsons Illustration Program. Work is on the theme of Intimacy.


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