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Element 1: Prepare an Electronic Marketing Strategy and Plan

Following are the sections that are required and a description of each in the order they should be placed within your plan.

1. Executive Summary

The Executive Summary of an E-Marketing Plan is an overview which summarises the key points of the document. It must be clear and concise. It may be the most important part of a report because often it is the only part that is read. It must invite and tempt the reader to read on. If this is not achieved, the rest of the plan may not be read.

2. Situational Analysis

You have conducted your situational analysis and can now put it to good use justifying or explaining your E-Marketing Plan decisions. This snapshot of the current climate and situations on many areas is extremely important. Ensure that you include the information you collected on:

Include descriptions of the target markets, demographics, needs, trends, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), offerings, keys to success, and critical issues.

3. Marketing Strategy

This should include discussion of the Mission and how this plan will help achieve it, marketing objectives, financial objectives, target markets, positioning of the product, strategy pyramid (this shows how the strategy has been built on solid tactics. Those tactics include specific, measurable business programs, and the programs are business activities with budgeted expenses, well-defined responsibilities, deadlines, and measurable results), marketing mix and research, and timing.

4. Financials

This section will offer a financial overview of the organisation as it relates to the marketing activities. It will address Break-even Analysis, sales forecasts, expense forecasts, and how they link to the marketing strategy. You will also need to prepare and include budget estimates for developing and implementing the E-Marketing Plan.

Over the next few pages is an example of the completed marketing plan. You will notice that budgets and an action plan are included. These are very important to allow the reader to understand when the money will be required and what they should see for the spend. With any approach, you should view your marketing plan as evolving over time. As the business environment and situations change, your focus should change as well.


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BSBMKG510A - Plan E-Marketing Communications  

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