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Home & Hobbies

July/August 2010

Volume 1, Issue 5

Blind Pig & The Acorn - p. 4, 5 by “Tipper” Pressley

Lasting Marriage - p. 8 by Carol Hatcher

Wildcrafting - p. 5, 11 by Eve Miranda

ARTs MUSIC crafts family cabins camping festivals GARDENING adventure mtn. BIKING motorcycling FISHING/hunting horseback riding extreme oUTDOORS & More random stuff.

tell ‘em you’re going to Helen! Use our Map for Fun & Safety, free Map inside In case of an accident & no cell service, find a Hospital nearby. Includes emergency care Have Fun. Be Safe.


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BattleAugust of 6the Bands & 7, 2010 Calling Out The Best Of The Best! Bluegrass and acoustic bands will have a chance to display their talents, musicianship and entertainment abilities to a wide audience.

Contest Prize $1000.00 for top Band

Friday August 6, 2010 1st playoff 6:30pm 5 contestant bands will be selected to return for final playoff on Saturday

Saturday August 7, 2010 Final playoff 6:30PM AT: Jimmy’s Pick n Grin EZ access Hwy 19/74, Andrews, NC Admission to attend event is $10 each nite Festival Seating... Bring A Chair... BBQ to eat! Bands interested in entering the contest... send email inquiry to or call 828-361-6878 or 770-315-6949


Mountain Home & Hobbies Magazine.


is a Monthly Publication produced by Rightsell Advertising, LLC Created and Distributed by Catherine “Cat” Rightsell & Ricky Carroll

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Next Issue Aug/sep 8/16/10

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Hey Friends, We hope you are staying cool this summer... We are having a blast doing what we love, putting out this little paper and knowing in our hearts that by giving more value than is expected to our customers is the best way to keep them. And as true entrepeneurs we have been brainstorming valuable ideas for you, our readers! keep a lookout for great ways to save, like Shane’s coupon below (hint!). Rick and I will be at the Battle of Bands at Jimmy’s Pick n Grin, Aug. 6-7th in Andrews, NC and at the Destination Helen rally Aug. 19-22nd in Helen, GA helping our friends and family with their great community events. Keep picking up the MHH and I will keep you posted on the money saving details! Until next time! Cat & Ricky

OPEN: Mon-Sat 11-9pm Sunday 11-8pm

Bring this AD and get a sandwich, side & DRINK for ONLY $5.00 289 Highland Crossing East Ellijay, GA 30540

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Economic Downturn Causes Resurgence In Old Timey Ways In most households, the downturn in the economy has caused a need for thriftiness, which has resulted in a resurgence of lifestyles that hearken from an earlier time. The “backyard chicken” phenomenon is on the rise across the nation. Amazing how many urban dwellers are now raising chickens in their backyards. Frequently they have to petition the local government before acquiring the chickens and frequently they win the battle due to the sheer number of folks who are exercising their right to have and raise chickens on their own property. Hanging clothes out to dry is on the rise among home owners. Two factors are contributing to the increase, the first wanting to be “green” for the environment, but by hanging out your clothes saves on energy, therefore reducing the utility bill. I grew up with a clothesline mentality. It was just something you did, to hang the clothes out to dry. I also grew up without air conditioning. With the clothes dryer located in the kitchen, drying loads of clothes equated to an unbearably hot house. So hanging clothes out for us was a no-

brainer, we save money and have a cooler house. Sadly the economic downturn has forced many people to cut back on health care. Many folks are trying to treat their aliments at home, to save money by skipping the doc visit and the prescriptions that often follow. On my website the Blind Pig & the Acorn I’ve seen an increase in folks visiting to read about Appalachian Medicinal Remedies. Although I don’t know for sure, I believe the increase in traffic is due to folk’s interest in treating their illnesses at home just like it was done back in the old days. The Horticultural Industry is one of the few sectors of our economy that is BOOMING. Seeds, plants, and other gardening related items have seen an increase in sales-in some cases up 40% in the last year... pretty impressive given the decrease in other retail sales. As folks worry about the economy and the rising price of food, more and more people are planting vegetables as a way to put food on the table for their families. Even folks like me, who were already gardening and preserving before the downturn, are planting a little extra and planning on preserving a little extra, too. The economic downturn has also increased the amount of meals folks cook and eat at


home. We hardly ever eat out anyway, so that hasn’t been an issue for us. But we have tried to cut back on expenses in other areas as follows: *We switched over to compact fluorescent light bulbs and have seen our electric bill go down. * We planted a larger garden than usual so we can preserve more food for the coming year. * We tried to eat out of our pantry instead of buying additional groceries. * We quit giving our daughters so much spending money. * We made a greater effort to make do with what we have and quit worrying about what we don’t have. So how about you-has the economic downturn caused you to go back to the old time ways? Tipper Post your comments, tips and trivia at:, Where Tipper writes about all things Appalachian. Check it out!

You can also SHARE with Mountain Home and Hobbies readers what time and money savers you have been using to make your life better! Email your tips to:


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I am looking for business partner/s interested in starting a Bartering/A. C. regional system. Call 770-559-3268 WANTED: Gas powered wood splitter Call 706-781-8906 For Sale: 2 Lend a hand handles - $25 14’ Awning Brown supreme $350 20’ 1/2 Awning and Arms - $700 obo 82” White Slide out fabric $190 Orbit Polisher $50 Call 706-692-7350 leave message SCARCITY IS AN ILLUSION WHERE GOOD WILL + INNOVATION= ABUNDANCE

The Green Column

by Richard C. MacCrea, Andrews Valley Initiative


monthly magazine



307 Cleveland St. (Hwy 129), Blairsville, GA 30512


Tues - Fri 10-5 Sat - 10 to 1 Closed Sundays, Mondays & Holidays

Seminar: How Living Green Can Save You Money When: July 28, 2010 (noon to 2:00pm) Where: One Dozen Who Care 65 Wilson Street, Andrews, NC, in the plaza next to Andrews pool and recreation center on business 19 Cost: $5 Call one Dozen Who Care to reserve your seat 828-321-2273 Bring your own lunch and drink. Richard C. MacCrea is the director of The Greening of Andrews Valley, a program of Andrews Valley Initiative. He works in the field of energy efficient, green building.

FISHING DECOR GREAT GIFT FOR THE PERSON WHO HAS EVERYTHING! HANDMADE: Decorative Wall Hanging Flyz, made with shark hooks, feathers from turkeys, ducks, geese, etc. and some costume.

CUSTOMIZE IT! Want something uniquely your own? We can customize your backboard, fly style and colors!

No animal is harmed in the process.

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Wildcrafting With Eve Miranda

This time of year, lots of folks come to see me to get relief from poison ivy/oak and summer itches of all kinds. For many, many years, my mom, who is now 102 years old, have gathered jewel weed, a member of the impatien family, and mixed it with alcohol, (white lightnin’ or store bought shine, or vodka) to make a potion for stopping the itch. The jewel weed has medicinal properties within its juicy stalks and leaves which stops itching and helps to cure the dermatitis inflammation. Wild crafting knowledge goes way back in our family and my mother helped me write the book, The Power of Natures’ Medicine to share that knowledge handed down from generation to generation. None of us are formally educated doctors in the usual sense but we are well respected in our field of natural granny women

called Yarb Women. We were featured on Bent Creek Institutes video on native herbals and natural remedies. This is also the time of year to start gathering mullein foliage for drying, butterfly weed root, and queen of the meadow root for preparations needed for the long winter months. One very good tea is made by a concoction of the mullein, butterfly weed, (also called pleurisy root}, licorice root , etc. to help with deep seated congestion and scratchy throats. Be sure to read the next issue of Mountain Home and Hobbies to get the recipe. Always check with your own medical doctor to be sure that he/she is aware if you are using any natural herb, vitamin, etc. to be sure that one does not interfere with the other. Eve can be reached at the Serenity Shoppe in Andrews, NC






To Tellico Plains








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566 Murphy Hwy, Ste. 102, Blairsville, GA 30512 Direct: (706) 781-9705 OfďŹ ce: (706) 745-6905 Toll Free (800) 346-0455 Fax: (706) 745-4925








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Hofbrauhaus International Restaurant & Riverfront Hotel

Lasting Marriage ~by Carol Hatcher

“You’ve lost that Loving Feeling”


9001 Main Street Helen, GA Restaurant: 706-878-2248 Hotel Fax: 706-878-1202

Toll FREE Reservations 1-800-830-3977 Bar & Lounge Open at 2:30pm

Come enjoy international cuisine prepared by Chef Aurel Prodan, with a Romanian flair and expertise in Bavarian Cuisine, for an authentic experience, Hofbrau is the place to be. Couples, families and private parties welcome. The bar opens at 2:30pm and dinner starts at 4pm. Call for more information or to make reservations. Open at 4pm for dinner

Piano Bar Karaoke with King James Fri & Sat Nights

Present this coupon for Stay 2 Nights and get a 3rd Night for FREE! Hofbau Riverfront Hotel Helen, Georgia (8008) 830-3977 Valid thru 9/30/201

Serenityin Shoppe Andrews NC

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One Sunday afternoon during college, a pile of us headed to Cracker Barrel after church. There were so many of us, we couldn’t all sit at one table. I sat with my boyfriend and a couple of others. The place was packed. We were waiting for our food to arrive when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see a group of guys who were friends of my boyfriend. I should have known by the devilish grins I was in trouble. One said, “Excuse me, Miss.” Then he turned to confer with the group behind him, “Has she lost it?” They nodded, “Yeah, she’s lost it.” I realize I am about relive a scene from the old movie Top Gun where the same scenario takes place. My friend crooned, “You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips. And there’s no tenderness like before in your fingertips.” The do-wap guys start dowapping. “You’re trying hard not to show it,” everyone joins in, “BABY. But Baaaabyyy, believe me I know it. You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’. Whoa, that lovin’ feelin’…” Finger snapping starts and all of Cracker Barrel’s customers erupt with applause. When the guys made their way back to their own table, a little man sitting across from us said, “You’re going to have to choose one of them, honey.” I laughed. I had already chosen. That boyfriend is now my husband. Marriage is hard work. It’s a choice to have a good marriage and a concerted effort to have a great one. Have you lost that lovin’ feelin’? How would you rate your marriage today? Try some of these tips to turn up the heat. 1. Sing your sweetie a love song. 2. Send a text that leaves them wanting. “I can’t wait 4 u 2 come home…” 4. Give them a 30 second kiss. (You’d be surprised what this can do.) 5. Arrange a sitter and plan an evening out. 6. Leave a love note where they will find it. 7. Give them a back rub. 8. Turn in early. 9. Wink at them when no one is looking. 10. Hold hands. A marriage is meant to last a lifetime. Work to make sure you don’t lose that loving feeling. You’ll be glad you did. CAROL HATCHER is a wife, mother, teacher, and writer. She and her husband, Alan, live in Buford, Georgia with their three children. Carol and Alan teach classes on marriage, as well as lead marriage conferences. To learn more visit:


monthly magazine




INSURANCE AGENCY, with their new office located in Cumming GA, will have the GAINSCO Racing Car, the 2007/2009 Champion of the GrandAm Rolex Sports Car Series, at their office located at: 353 CANTON RD, CUMMING GA 30040 ON AUGUST 6TH, 2010 BETWEEN 10:30 & 4PM.

Come Enjoy a Hotdog and Refreshments with some of the Prettiest, Smartest, and Most Dedicated Agents in the State GA! R.E.A.C.H. INSURANCE AGENCY was established by Marcus and Lisa Howell, with 6 years of Health and Life Insurance experience, approximately

Marcus and Lisa Howell (pictured above) are looking forward to earning your business!! Gainsco is one of the newest insurance companies that has signed up through R.E.A.C.H. Insurance Agency. When it comes to the young drivers, their rates tend to be the lowest. So if you are looking for an Insurance Agency that is dedicated to finding the best price on the coverage you need, then look no further then to the best in Georgia! R.E.A.C.H. 770-406-8898.

a little over a year ago, they started offering auto, home, and business insurance along with the health and life. They truely pride themselves on their abilities to shop client’s policies with over 50+ companies through their Agency as well as their associates. Their service is second to none, and You can also find us on you will find their prices to be Facebook, search: the most competative.




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E V I L SIC MU ikes All Bome! Welc


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Band l o h o c l A

VE Vil NU lag E es

le Mike G

Steve Murrin



R E s K BI me Ga

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