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Scheme of Work 21st Century Learner Sessio n

What we are Doing.

What you need to do.


Introduction to elearning and electronic portfolios

Mini Task 1 Outline the pros and cons of e-portfolio v paper based? Be creative and share your ideas online with other students using an academic poster – share your poster using ISSUU software

Update Reflective Log


Netiquette and online rules for social networking

Mini Task 2 Research various online Netiquette guides and produce your own version for use in a relevant sector / industry (Further guidance will be provided in class)

Share using SlideShare software

Update Reflective Log with underpinning knowledge 3

On line Learning Theory

Mini Task 3

Think about the new theory of connectivism and the benefits and issues with using massive open online courses (mooc’s) to support your learning.

In your reflective log – write about the main characteristics of a MOOC,

research and name Mooc’s that are available. Discuss the benefits and issues of this type of learning. Would you like to use Mooc’s within your own learning – Discuss your answers?

Update Reflective Log Half Term


The Great Digital Divide

Watch and discuss the Essa School video – which highlights the digital divide in local education.

Mini Task 4

In your reflective log summarise how the digital divide is present within the Essa School, what practices are evident. Comment on the benefits and Issues that may arise from this innovative practice.

Mini Task 5 You are the new head teacher at Essa school – Write a policy for use of personal I-pads. Be Creative you are communicating with children – share your policy online with others using an online sharing platform – the decision is yours how to present this information and share it online?

7 Online Technology

Mini Task 7

Illustrate a range of online technologies (at least 3) with a summary of their strengths and weaknesses in delivering online opportunities?

In pairs select an industry other than education – identify a range of online technologies (at least 3) and how they could be used in support of your chosen industry – You must discuss the benefits and the limitations for each!! – think innovative practices – use Prezi to present your ideas to others.

Research must include Cost, Availability, skill level required also summarise how these tools could be used in different contexts.

Full Submission of eportfolio including reflective log

Your e-portfolio counts towards 100% of your final mark for this module. The reflective log will be used to demonstrate your written ability and underpinning knowledge in this area. You must use correct Harvard format for

your referencing. Your reflective log will be submitted through the student turn it in system – Deadline of Friday 13th December 2013

Student mini tasks 21st century learner scheme of work(1)  
Student mini tasks 21st century learner scheme of work(1)  

Online mini tasks to complete throughout the module - Entries within your reflective log will form the underpinning knowledge to each mini...