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Engage Winter 2012/2013

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CHRISTMAS PLAY On 12 December we had our annual Christmas play which was performed in the theatre at Catmose College. The play was called ‘The Littlest Christmas Tree’ which is based on three trees that live in a wood who make friends with the birds, apart from one little tree that is all alone. The rabbits and birds soon notice the lonely tree and decide to decorate it and make it look pretty.

We also had a cake stall at the event to raise funds for the Nursery. The total amount raised was £86, which will be spent on new toys and equipment. We would like to thank those who helped to make this event a success.

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The children looked great in their outfits, which were provided by parents and our pre-schoolers created the fantastic scenery.

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D CHRISTMAS PARTY On 7 December we had a Christmas party for the children. It was a brilliant afternoon full of fun and giggles. The event took place in the gallery based at Catmose College. There was plenty of party food, games and dancing. There was also an appearance from Santa who treated each child with a small gift.

BABIES This term the babies have been busy creating a beautiful and colourful winter owl display by using paint and their hands to produce handprint feathers. We will soon be having a child focus week, which will involve looking at the ‘In The Night Garden’ and talking about the familiar characters such as Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle. The babies will also be learning some winter words, sounds and noises for example; crunch, bbrrrrr, cold and ice. The project will involve exploring some ice play that will include ice cubes in different coloured water. With the forthcoming Chinese New Year celebrations the babies will be learning about the colours gold and red which are symbolic of this festival. This year is the year of the snake, which will be incorporated into a project where the babies will learn how to make snake sounds and create pictures. The final topic will be based on ‘Valentines Day’. We don’t want to give too much away but we will be exploring red messy play, such as jelly.

TODDLERS The toddlers have created marvellous snowflakes by threading beads onto pipe cleaners, which have been used as part of the winter display alongside snowflakes that have been created in the traditional method by using scissors, paper and cutting skills. This term the toddlers will be exploring textures by making an ice rink for the ‘Barbie’s’ and also by using ice play. Another project will involve making bird feeders using seed and peanut butter that will be hung from the Nursery tree to see which birds we attract. The toddlers will also be involved in making a vegetable soup which will involve practising chopping skills. The soup will be shared with the other children for tea. Finally the toddlers will be expanding on their gross motor skills by wearing wellies and standing in paint to produce giant footprints.

PARENTS’ EVENING We will be having a parents’ evening on 31 January from 6.00pm - 7.30pm. The invite is to all parents and guardians and will be an opportunity to look at the new EYFS books. The key worker for each child will be present and available to talk through the childs development.

LEARNING TREE From 21 January there will be a tree displayed in the Nursery. The purpose of the tree is for you as parents and guardians to write on the post-its provided any achievements that your child has made that week either at the Nursery or at home. These will then be stuck onto the tree. This will be a great scheme for connecting with your child and for recognising their progression.

PRE-SCHOOL When you visit the Nursery you will see a fantastic winter wonderland display that has been created by our pre-schoolers. There are cute penguins that were created out of coloured paper and cotton wool and large icebergs alongside a couple of snowmen, one of which is fishing with his rod made from string. For the forthcoming child interest focus week we will be talking about various topics. Firstly, we will be talking with the children about being caring and how to look after our pet snails. Secondly, we will be asking them about their likes and dislikes. During this term the children will also be exploring the Chinese New Year. A restaurant will be erected within the Nursery as part of role-play. This will involve tasting some Chinese food. They will also be looking at Chinese writing which they will practise each day in their daily books. In February the Nursery will be celebrating ‘Pancake Day’ by organising pancake races in the garden with frying pans. The children will need to have appropriate clothing for the weather.

STAY & PLAY SESSION On 5 February from 1.30pm - 3.00pm we will be having a stay and play session for the babies. Please feel free to join your child in the fun activities that we have planned.

Catmose Nursery Winter Newsletter  

Catmose Nursery Winter Newsletter