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Principal: Stuart Williams Vice Principal: Kelly Jackson


23 JANUARY 2014

Catmose Christmas Fair ‘Parents and friends enjoyed a variety of stalls and games’

WELCOME It has been a very busy two terms and the pupils have done many things to be proud of. Highlights have been Children in Need, for which the pupils at Catmose Primary raised an amazing £317.20, the KS1 Nativity show and the Harvest Tea event.

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I am always proud of the pupils at Catmose Primary and I am sure you will be when you receive your child’s report. Discuss the report with your child and celebrate their successes. If there are targets to work towards, your child’s class teacher will be happy to speak with you to provide ideas of how you can support this at home. We will soon break for the Christmas holiday and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2014. I look forward to welcoming our pupils back for Term 3 on Monday 6 January. Kelly Jackson Vice Principal

Children in Need ‘wearing their pyjamas to school to help raise money’ Page 5

REDWOOD FOCUS It’s been a very busy and exciting term here in Redwood. During our 3i sessions we have been learning about the history of art in a range of countries, the people who have created it, and about the countries themselves. In turn, we have studied and created pieces of art originating from Oriental countries, Europe and America. Come and see our Japanese fans on display in our classroom - they look beautiful! In one exciting maths lesson, we used our compass skills to direct a partner around a map of Alton Towers theme park, and in literacy we have really enjoyed reading a novel from ‘Spiderwick Chronicles’. It gave us some great ideas and all the tools we needed to create our own imaginative fantasy stories. Electricity has been our topic for science, where we have had great fun creating our own circuits and electrical safety posters. Overall, Redwood class have had an excellent term with more to come in the new year!

CHRISTMAS CAROLLING CHOIR It has been the most amazing penultimate week of this busy end of the Christmas Term for our wonderful Catmose Choir. Monday heralded singing on Rutland Radio with a crowd of Late Night Shoppers admiring our efforts. Thursday morning began the busiest of days. We were invited to the two venues of St. John and St. Ann’s Sheltered Housing in Oakham. Here we performed in front of some very enthusiastic audiences where we encouraged participation with singing and sleigh bell ringing! The residents were so impressed with the beautiful singing. On the same evening, eleven of the Choir were asked to sing at the Carols in the Castle Event organised by Mrs. Joyce Lucas, who is a real ambassador of our School Choir and Orchestra. The Castle was transformed into a lovely Christmassy venue. Tables were laid with cupcakes, chocolate biscuits and holly decorations which was very inviting for the Choir and the rest of the guests. The congregational Carols were accompanied by the Rutland Wind Ensemble, a lovely experience for our singers. This is where we sang the very best. It was magical. We had the most wonderful comments, the parents were so proud and the children enjoyed themselves. Report by Mrs Smith

DIARY DATES: 16 January: Year 5 and 6 Road Safety Quiz 23 January: Redwood Parents Meal 31 January: Chinese New Year Meal 5 and 6 February: Beaumanor Residential Trip for Year 4 and 5 7 February: PTA Disco 14 February: Valentine’s Meal 14 February: School Closes

BASKETBALL WORKSHOP On Monday 2 December, Year 5 and 6 travelled to UCC to participate in a basketball workshop. Whilst we were there we enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities such as shooting, dribbling, passing and many more with the Catmose College sports leaders. Everyone really enjoyed the day and had great fun. Report by Alyssia Hearth and Eve Atkinson, Willow Class. The gym was massive and it had a big score board that had a timer on it. This helped us make sure we spent an equal amount of time on each event. When the timer got to 10 seconds we all started to count down and it made a big beep. We learned all the rules of basketball with a basketball coach such as: you can’t hold the ball and move. Report by Lauren Cropper, Silver Birch Class All pupils represented the school beautifully by showing impeccable behaviour and good sportsmanship at all times. Well done Silver Birch and Willow class.

FIRE SAFETY OFFICERS Years 1 and 5 took part in an interactive Fire Safety talk lead by the local fire service team. The pupils took part in experiments, tasks and role-play so that they fully understood what to do in an emergency. We certainly all feel much safer in school with our new pupil Fire Safety Officers! Key warnings. 1) Don’t set fire to bins! Things might explode in them. 2) Don’t start a fire in a building (It can spread quickly!). 3) Check your door handle to see if it is hot. If it is, find a different way out. 4) You must have a smoke alarm on each floor! 5) Test your smoke alarm regularly.

CATMOSE CHRISTMAS FAIR The PTA, Catmose Primary Friends, hosted the annual Christmas Fair on Friday 6 December. The hall was full with pupils, parents and friends who enjoyed a variety of stalls and games. The pinnacle of the event was of course a visit to see Santa Claus himself! The PTA, supported by Catmose Primary Staff, raised an impressive £675.80. A big thank you to all who attended and supported this enjoyable event.

By Emma Bremer, Silver Birch

PTA PANTOMIME Thank you to our PTA, Catmose Primary Friends, for a very enjoyable Pantomime - the pupils loved it! The show was a favourite title, Beauty and the Beast and the pupils were wowed with songs, acting and dancing.


I have enjoyed doing science, finding out about natural and manmade materials. I have also enjoyed swimming. Otis Butler I have enjoyed geography because we learnt about Poland. I have enjoyed numeracy because we have learnt o’clock and half past Charlotte Eldred.


I remember the time when we went to the museum and I learnt about the Romans, it was so fun I would like to go there again. Sinead Baldwin One of my best memories is playing on the recorders. It is really fun learning new notes every week. When we do P.E we go on different apparatus, also the long thin beam which we have a friend to help us with. On the 1st of December we opened our advent calendar and I like to see people open the door. Olivia Crowe It was extremely difficult to choose, but my favourite memories are when we did science about rocks and when we made up what the Sydney Opera House could be used for. I said it was an aquarium! I am looking forward to seeing my sister in the nativity - I hope she is good! Tomek Clark

HI, I’m Chloe and in the nativity I am a narrator and it’s really good fun. My favourite song is “We found Jesus”. In the nativity there are stars, shepherds, sheep, angels and lots of birds. We have been learning our lines and practicing the songs Chloe Parsons.


A Reflection on Silver Birch, Terms 1 and 2 Term 1: The visit to Oakham museum was brilliant. We found out about the Romans and what they did and built in and around Oakham, like the A1. Chole Walters Term 2: Andrew Fusek Peters visit was great. He is really funny and acts out loud what he’s saying. Olivia Noakes On Wednesday 13 November I took part in the tag rugby competition at Oakham rugby ground. We were made up of Year 5 and 6’s. It was great! Bertie Bradberry

MUSIC LESSONS We have enjoyed listening to our wide range of musicians as they have showcased their talents in our assemblies. We would now like to offer a further opportunity in singing lessons, which would run alongside the peripatetic instrument lessons. If your child is interested, please contact the school office for further details.

CHILDREN IN NEED Children in Need 2013 saw the pupils at Catmose Primary wearing their pyjamas to school to help raise money. The children donated their pocket money towards this worthwhile cause and raised an impressive £317.20. Well done Team Catmose Primary!

A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME…. The KS1 and EYFS pupils wowed their friends and families with their amazing Christmas Nativity Performance. This year’s show was titled A Little Bird Told Me and told the Christmas Story from a little robins point of view, or ‘Birds eye view’. Well done to all our pupils who did amazingly well.

MEET THE TEACHER Name: Gareth Thomas Class: Silver Birch Favourite Food: Fillet steak Favourite Place in the World: B  ora Bora - South Pacific Island. Absolute paradise. Best Teaching Memory: Making up a PE game based on Harry Potters Quidditch. It’s very interesting, fun and energetic, but I am afraid there are no broom sticks involved. Best Joke: Why did the orange stop half way up the hill? It ran out of juice!


Term 4

Mrs Derry

Tag Rugby

Easter Craft Cedar Class Thursday Lunchtime

Miss Lowndes

Board Games Beech Class Monday 3.30 – 4.15

Construction Beech Class Monday 3.30 – 4.15

Miss Aspinall

Reading Cedar Class Thursday Lunchtime

Easter Craft Cedar Class Thursday Lunchtime

Miss Redding

Spotlight Dance Tuesday 3.30 – 4.15

Spotlight Dance Tuesday 3.30 – 4.15

Miss Swan

Origami (KS2) Redwood Class Thursday Lunchtime

Origami (KS2) Redwood Class Thursday Lunchtime

Mr Thomas

Cross Country School Playground Monday Lunchtime

Reading Silver Birch Class Thursday 3.30 – 4.15

Miss Woodward

Homework Willow Class Tuesday 3.30 – 4.15

Homework Willow Class Tuesday 3.30 – 4.15

Mr Clark

Makewaves Library Wednesday Lunchtime

Makewaves Library Wednesday Lunchtime

Mrs Jackson

Peer Massage Ash Class Friday Lunchtime

Yoga Ash Class Friday Lunchtime

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Redwood Focus Christmas Carolling Choir Basketball Workshop Fire Safety Officers Catmose Christmas Fair

In Focus 23  

Redwood Focus Christmas Carolling Choir Basketball Workshop Fire Safety Officers Catmose Christmas Fair