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Nov. 2011

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Good relationship: Do your cat and you are the best friends? Some tips to have a good relationship

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The best match!

Fashion and Cats:

with your cat.


Nov 2011



4. Welcome, my readers!

Pets. Owners.

Cat vs. Dog

5. Guys love cats, too

Who’s the best?

Not only girls have an obsession with cats, boys too!

Interesting. 20. Tigers and Lions


Those wild cats!

12. Cat Games How to play with your cat


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FC. Welcome.

Welcome, my readers! Hello! Fat Cat is going well! Thank you to all of you‌ I am so happy because Fat Cat has four numbers! And then five, six, seven, eight‌ I invite you to write a little comment down the magazine, because I want to know WHAT YOU THINK. And if you liked the magazine, give a Thumbs Up!

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Kat D.A.C Creator of Fat Cat Magazine 4

FC. Owners.

Guys love cats, too

Cat guys. Some people think Cat Guys are weird but...Why? I mean, this kind of boys are not common like Cat Ladies, but, what’s the problem? If you have a friend guy, and he has cats, it doesn’t mean he’s gay. The word gay is not used to describe a cat guy. This type of boys are peaceful, relaxed and kind. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a cat guy...You are special and unique!


FC. Fame.

Famous Cat Guys. One of all the famous Cat Guys is

Brand Russell. In this photo, Russell holds Morrissey, his cat.

Cat Guy + Cat Lady. This couple loves cats and they are famous! Do you know who am I talking about? Of course, they are Brand Russell and Katy Perry!


FC. Pets.

Cat vs. Dog Who’s the best? BOTH! Cats are fancy pets, that shows you their feelings by purring you, sleeping on your laps! But the dogs are hyperactive and playful! They are loyal and cute.

Can they be BFFs? Sure they can! Your little fellows can be friends, and they can have a better and strong relationship since babies!


FC. Pets.

Buddies Bunnies, hamsters, dogs and cats are the favorite pets. Have you ever dreamed having this four little buddies? Imagine them playing outside, having fun with each other...Cute, right? They all are furry and cute! What is your favorite thing of each one? For me: the bunny and its silly ears and nose, the hamster is their tiny size, the dog what I love of them is their tail, and the cat...Well, I’m a cat lover, I love all of them!


FC. Share your cat.

Share your cat Do you want your cat appear in the next Fat Cat magazine? Well, you can! Just send an e-mail to where you put a photo of your cat! Or in the Facebook page of Fat Cat. We really want to show your cat to all the readers! And they will rate your cat. This is an example to putting your cat: In this photo, here is my little kitten: Frankie, and he has 2 months! He is so hyperactive and crazy. He is the baby of the house! He loves tuna and milk.


FC. Author’s Opinion.

The Author Talks about: “Fat Cats” Obese outnumber cats of normal weigh have being seen more and more by veterinarians. In fact, obesity in cats can predispose the cat to diabetes, hepatic lipidosis and arthritis. Weight loss plans in cats needs to be approached very carefully. I suggest, -if you have a overweight cat– to go to a veterinarian to check your buddy, and recommend you what food to give to your cat.



FC. Fun.

Cat Games How to play with your cat. If you look carefully to your cat, you will notice that your cat plays with anything! According to, you play because:  

 

Interactive playing. Exercise from playing helps your cat maintain a healthy weight. Playing is a positive way for your cat to release negative energy or aggression. Interactive playing strengthens the bond between your cat and you. Playing helps a shy cat gain confidence. A hearty play session is a good way to ease your cat's transition to a new home. It's fun! 12

FC. Babies.

Baby Kittens Do you have in home a little baby cat? This will help you! Taking care of a baby cat is not too easy, you need to do all with caution. Those tiny and cute babies are helpless, and even more if they are homeless! You can find answers for your questions in this site web: raising.html


FC. Cat Test.

Test: Do you and your cat are best friends? Answer with the truth. 1.-Have you ever played with your cat? A) Every time!

B) Sometimes

C) No

2.-When your cat bites or scratches you, what you do? A) I say: NO!

B) I spray with water

C) Slap him

3.-Your cat scratches your favorite dress, you: A) Be disappointed

B) Be mad at him and scold him

C) Be furious and scold him rudely 4.-Have your cat purred you? A) Yeah! Lots of time

B) Not too much

C) Never


FC. Cat Test.

If you answered all the questions with A) … CONGRATS! Your cat and you are Soul Mates!

If you answered half questions with A) or all with B) … MORE LESS… You need to practice! Try petting your cat, he will feel so glad with that!

If you answered half questions with B) or all with C) … HEY! You are not doing it well. Your cat is afraid of you! Let’s be more careful with that and try to be more with your cat. 15

FC. Fashion.

Fashion and Cats Every girl loves to be a

Fashionista, but some of them loves cat, too! A Catshionista is a Fashionista who loves cats. The 5 things you need to be a Catshionista: 

Pretty shoes

Pretty with Glamour dress

Bling-Bling accessories

Amazing hair

Cute kitten

Bling-Bling accessories


FC. Fashion.

Pretty shoes and Cute kitten

Pretty with Glamour dress and Amazing hair


FC. Big Wild Cats.

Tigers and Lions When you hear the word lion, you imagine a dangerous, wild animal. But it’s not just an animal from the jungle, it’s a gigantic cat! Tigers, too. Tigers, lions and cats are like a family, and they are cousins. Lions and tigers, when they are babies, they look like a cat! But when they grow up, they turn in a giant, cute tiger or lion!


FC. Next magazine.

In the next magazine‌ Garfield A silly Fat Cat, who loves lasagna!

Anime Cats So cute.

HO-HO-HO, It’s Santa Claus Santa Claus and Cats! Presents for cats.

Winter & Cats Cold! But if you are with your cat, you will be warm.



Fat Cat November #5  

Hey! Sorry for not doing October #4... I will hurry up to do all numbers better!

Fat Cat November #5  

Hey! Sorry for not doing October #4... I will hurry up to do all numbers better!