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nce upon a time about last week, there were these 3 very little pigs. Their names were Mario, ben, and luigi. So, these pigs lived with thier mom and when they were old enough they moved out to build there house’s. Now, these 3 very little Piggys were all pretty tight so they were planning on live close to each other Mario went to the market and bought an overpriced jumbo straw and cried all the way home. Next, Ben went to San Francisco and spent £500 on a jumbo tape dispenser.   And last but not least, Luigi went all the way to Bowser’s castle and bought some jumbo Legos for $7. wow that’s pretty cheap. guess what else costs $7. brownie mix. Now, Luigi had a mushroom obsession. that has nothing to do with the FOLLOWING story. anyway, Mario had heard warnings about a thing called a Voldemort. it had been hunting down Piggies that lived in the area. Mario chose this area because of his obsession of Nancy Drew. she had inspired him to become a detective and he liked things like that. he planned to catch Voldemort. So

when the 3 little piggies got all there house materials home they started building. The first little piggy went to Dave’s bargain center and bought all his furniture. the second little piggy went to the Apple store and got himself an ipad to help him pick out furniture. he got an app that builds chairs and he filled his house with chairs. the third little piggy went all the way to the market and cried all the way home. Then he realized he needed stuff to put in his house so he went to ikea. after the piggies were done moving in they decided to go out for dinner. the first little piggy wanted to go to...ok ill stop saying that - - - pig one wanted subway - - - pig 2 wanted McDonalds and pig 3 wanted bacon. nothing strange about that. After dinner the piggies were feeling like bacon. they ate like PIGS!!! the piggies went to bed but the first piggy had to get out a sword so he could fight off  the giant that tried to steal his straw house. after that commotion with the giant and what not piggy two had to scare away rats living in his house.the third little piggy went to moonstruck chocolates to buy a milkshake. when it was time to go to bed the pigs did so. the next morning a Voldemort in a near by forest came to eat up the pigs. the Voldemort went to the first house and

started cracking up MAJORLY. so this Voldemort was all dramatic he didn't even bother asking to come in he’d heard that story. he decided to blow down the jumbo straw. So the Voldemort was very confident in himself that he could blow it down so he went “HUFF PUFF WHHHOOoOoOoOo” amazingly enough - - he succeeded in blowing down the house. after that he ran up to the pig and said i’m gonna eat you up you little miniscule pig. Then the pig simply replyed “i know you are but what am I?” now that made the voldemort really mad and he ran as fast as he could (1/8 of one mile per hour) he eventually got too tired and the wolf easilly walked to the second pig’s house. ben wasn’t too thrilled to see mario but he was ok with it. this time, the voldemort decided to take this next house a bit more calmly. he walked up to the giant tape despensor and nock and the door and heard the second little piggy say- “who is it?” the voldemort says “ miniscoule pig miniscoule pig, let me in to this portion of the premises” the wolf hears no reply for a minute and then he dicides to go with plan B. “HUFF PUFF WHHHOOOOO” the tape dispensor did not move. untill the wolf called his friend the angry bird and the angry bird took care of that in a matter of second. Now, the voldemort was IMENSLY mad and decided to hire an army to blow up the house of bricks. they suceeded and he was in

luck - - - or not the house was all gone. THE PIGS HAD GONE BACK TO THE TAPE DISPENSOR AND TURNED IT UPRIGHT AGAIN! but the pigs had An emergency exit! the voldemort was fed up and decided to come in through the chimney. the pigs spotted him in the security cameras so they decided to set up a trampoline that would sky rocket the voldemort as he fell down the chimney into a big pot of boiling sausages. after being in there for too long he turned into a SAUSAGE and cried all the way home. The pigs and the voldemort learned an important message: Be careful when buying chicken nuggets. after all they just heard about how unhealthy they were.


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