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A Vision of Walkability in Alberta Arts District

A Walk Down! Main Street!

The Project! •  PLACE –  Planning and Leadership Across City Environments

•  Urban Studies class spring ’11 •  Alberta Main Street Program

Project Summary! •  National Main Street (NMS) program –  Four-pronged philosophy 1.  Promotion 2. Design 3. Organization 4. Economic Restructuring

•  Alberta Main Street (AMS) program –  1st urban Main Street project west of the Mississippi –  District improvement grant of $20,000 –  $5,000 “green façade" grant from PDC

Purpose! •  Goal: To expand on the Alberta Streetscape Plan and improve walkability on Alberta Street –  Art –  Sustainability (3 E’s)

•  Community members voted to focus on: –  Lighting/nightscaping –  Wayfinding –  Pedestrian safety

! Supporting local businesses ! Create a sense of place

Project Focus:Walkability! Pedestrian Safety!

Nightscaping !

a measurement of the transportation and recreation opportunities for pedestrians; considers pedestrian safety, convenience, and route aesthetics

combination of products, techniques and effects to make creative nighttime ambiances, while still illuminating the street effectively


enables a person to find his or her direction to a given destination, service or area with effective and unique signs that identify the area

Project context! •  From a German/Russian neighborhood, to an AfricanAmerican neighborhood to the Alberta Arts District

Methodology! •  Community meetings –  Community members brainstormed and voted on issues to address

•  Interviews –  Local business-owners

•  Surveys –  Over 150 people

•  Case studies –  Implementation of programs in other locations –  Previous Main Street projects

Lighting! •  Needs improvement around crosswalks, sidewalks and intersections •  Satisfactory lighting around storefronts, but could be better •  Case study about the Dark-Skies movement “ Definitely there should be better lighting here at night…If I don’t leave my store front lights on its definitely a crack destination” – Tumbleweed owner!

Wayfinding! •  Majority of people said “yes” to more signs –  71.6% more distinct signage to brand Alberta –  67.6 % more directional signs to bicycle-friendly streets –  48.9 % more public maps

•  The PedX interviewee said that casual bikers don’t know about the bike street “Identify Neighborhood with Signage”!

“Please get bikers onto the bike avenues”! “Businesses want people to use them”!

“Community signage for upcoming events”!

Pedestrian Safety! •  Majority of Alberta visitors are pedestrians •  Less than half thought marked crosswalks were safe •  Over 95 percent of Alberta visitors feel safe walking in the day time •  Only just over 70% feel safe walking at night –  Only 60% of women feel safe walking at night.

"Many crosswalks are not well lighted, making it hard for drivers to see pedestrians waiting to cross Alberta St or even in the middle of the crosswalk” – Survey Respondent “Walking is the best way to see shops, and services, and to browse. A car is just a hassle” – Survey Respondent

Pedestrian Safety! •  83% of respondents think the speed limit needs to be lowered •  Case study on community building and “placemaking” through neighborhood art –  St. Paul, Minnesota, Paint the Pavement “Drivers tend not to stop for pedestrians at either marked or unmarked crosswalks. As a business district, 25 MPH seems reasonable. 20 seems too slow” – Survey Respondent


High Cost - LED Street Lamps!

•  Street light above crosswalks would increase perception of safety •  Can run off solar power •  LED’s use much less energy –  Emit more light –  About $1300 per light


Medium Cost -Ground Level !

•  Installed in planters or under trees •  Addresses the problem at crosswalks •  Range of light is only 5-6 feet


Low Cost - String/Rope Lighting!

•  Can hang in various locations: –  Strung in trees, from tree to tree, or tree to building

•  Does not pollute light •  Easily damageable •  As cheap as $100 for a whole block


High Cost - Gateway! •  Variety of potential forms •  Variety of potential materials •  Potential design contest •  With street name and/or motto •  Could incorporate maps and/or bulletin board

Wayfinding: •  •  •  • 

Medium Cost – Artistic Displays!

Display mainly the stretch of Alberta from 10th to 30th Location of businesses Details on bus stops and MAX Bike map including side streets/bike routes

Wayfinding: •  •  •  •  • 

Low Cost - Bulletin Space/Map!

What’s going on in the community Boxes A place to staple or tack notices Newspapers Bike map including bike routes

Ped Safety: •  •  •  •  • 

High Cost -Curb Extensions!

Bumping out the curb at intersections Pedestrians more visible Slow down cars by narrowing the road Aesthetic with plants, lights, trees, etc. $2,000 to $20,000

Ped Safety:

Medium Cost - Pedestrian Flags!

•  Available for people at intersections to carry with them as they cross the street •  Can add an artistic element to the –  Could be funky and homespun for Alberta St.

•  Minimal cost but ongoing –  Flag-holders and 6 flags cost $100 –  Flags will need replacement

Ped Safety:

Low Cost - Painted Intersections!

•  Community-painted street mural •  Reduces driving speed •  Involve the whole community •  Potential design contest •  $25 per gallon of paint “Painted intersections…let passers-by know that it is a lived-in neighborhood where folks know each other and might be outside chatting, playing, or gardening at any time -- so they should drive carefully.” – Paint the Pavement

Next Steps!

Next Steps! • !"#$#%&'()*"%))&$"+&,-.,%-/0&.1"%-)&*"&$& +*)2())*."&$'.(/&()%&.3&)/-*"#&4*#5/)&/.& *44(6*"$/%&,('4*2&$-%$)& • 7.4+&$&+%)*#"&2.6,%88."&3.-&/5%&'%)/& #$/%1$0&+%)*#"&/5$/&*"24(+%)&"%*#5'.-5..+& 6$,)&$"+&&)*#"$#%&3.-&'*9%)&$"+&,%+%)/-*$")& • :$49&/.&/5%&;/$/%&.3&<-%#."&$'.(/&-%+(2*"#& /5%&),%%+&4*6*/&$"+&/5%&=*/0&.3&>.-/4$"+& $'.(/&2-%$8"#&2(-'&%?/%")*.")&

Questions and Suggestions! We are open to any questions or suggestions for our final plan at this time.

Acknowledgments! •  A special thank you to: –  Sara Wittenberg •  For all your help from the very beginning

–  Elise Scolnick •  For your surveys, guidance, and edits

–  George Zaninovich •  For leading this project and teaching this class

–  Kashi Tamang •  For the amazing sketches

–  All the interviewees and survey-takers •  For your input and time

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Alberta Main Street presentation  

Alberta Main Street presentation

Alberta Main Street presentation  

Alberta Main Street presentation