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CINNAMINAMINARELLA BY MARK N. Once upon a time there lived a beautiful Cinnamon stick named Cinnaminarella who lived with her mom and dad in a little basket in a Uwajimaya in new york. They lived in a small basket that had apples for making apple bunnys ( a tipical japanese snack for kids).A few days after Cinnaminarella's 20 birthday her mom 'passed' away ,and a stepmother moved in with 3 stepsisters as friends for Cinnaminarella. She had the funeral  for her mom  but her step family didn't care and didn't come and instead they went shopping and bought 20 beautiful dresses. Her moms grave was put by a miso soup can and every day Cinnaminarella went to it. She wept and wept every day. Soon enough Cinnaminarella's stepsister and step mom made her the maid of the house. The stepsisters took away all her clothes and gave her nothing but torn rags  but Cinnaminarella was kind hearted and thought that her dad had married this person for some reason so she left it behind and kept on working .King cinnamon was getting worried that his boy was getting to old to marry so he set up a ball so his son could decide who he would marry, and so he set up a: week-of-a-ball-every-night.  Soon it was the night off the first dance and the stepsisters demanded Cinnaminarella to get them ready for the ball.

Cinnaminarella did as she was told and helped he stepsisters get ready for the ball witch would have been a real tassel if the had not gone to the clothes shop during her mothers funeral. Witch was a pain for Cinnaminarella but it helped the stepsisters get ready for the ball so she felt grateful but also a pain.  That night as soon as the stepsisters were practicing for the encounter with prince, cinnaminarella went to ask the stepmother if she could go to the ball too but of course the stepmother scolded her and screamed "noooo!!!!".........  She rethought it, and said if you can separate these cloves from the hearth you can come to the ball, and threw a bucket of cloves into the hearth. Since there were these two birds that were always there when she went to the grave she called them and they called their friends who called their friends who called their friends etc. In

minutes the hearth was free of cloves she called her step mom, Â and asked if she could go to the ball now ,the stepmother went down to look to see if it was true to the amazement in her eyes there were no cloves in the hearth and they were all back in the bowl they were before she threw them in!!!

Well she rethought her thought and said "you can't go to the ball" but the dad let her, so the mom screamed and scolded her once again so,before the ball they went downtown to do some shopping and they got her a beautiful gown for each night, and each night she won the favor of the prince. If someone else asked her to dance the prince would reply  "no she is mine for the night, maybe tomorrow night" but eventually her stepsisters got jealous ,and got even. They locked her in the apple, safe in their house and Cinnaminarella sadly suffocated and someone came  along and bought the apple cinnaminarella was in, but during the last night the  first stepsister won the favor of the prince. The

step sister got married to the prince and the birds that helped cinnaminarella get the cloves out of the hearth well let me explain this is not something for those of faint hearts to hear so if you are faint hearted don't listen. Well the two birds got even with the three stepsisters ,and on the way out of the wedding the birds pecked out the eyes of the step sisters . The prince immediately rethought his marriage married a cinnamon stick woman and left the stepsisters to die.

THE END Well I'm sorry I didn't tell you this earlier but you know how the person bought the apple cinnaminarella was in he used it in a apple pie and he put in the oven to bake and when the crust started becoming brown he smelled the scent of cinnamon and thought it must be the neighbors.He took it out of the oven and had a taste and thought I didn't put any Cinnamon in this (a.k.a. cinnaminarella)and well he thought that it tasted better with this hint of cinnamon. He told his friend who told there friends who told their friends who told their friends and it eventually landed at a man who worked for the news and he thought this would make the air so he wrote it and reported it in newspapers and on the news.

 That's why  to this day we all add a little bit of cinnamon to our apple pie no matter what. Adding cinnamon to our everyday apple pie became the modern pie, and I forgot to tell you one thing the dad realized what happened to cinnaminarella and got even with the stepmother, and I don't want to tell you what happened after all the getting even in this story it's better left un-said.



Soon enough Cinnaminarella's stepsister and step mom made her the maid of the house. The stepsisters took away all her clothes and gave her...

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