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The three little Wolves and the big fat pig by Kaelin Immel

Once upon a time, there was a young mother wolf with three baby wolves. The mother wolf was very rich and she did not want to waste her money on the baby wolves. So she sent them off with

enough money to survive and said, “Ye should build yer house wit some o’ that money. I gave ye a lot. That should protect ye from the Big n’ Fat ol’ Piggy”

And off they went, with a bag full of money. Each wolf got a third of the bag. They had so much money, they dropped some on the way. Little did they know that that there was a hole in the bag. The money attracted the Big Fat Pig. The pig collected all the money they had dropped.

The first wolf said, “I’ll build my house here.” They were at the beginning of a forest and the wolf wanted to be close to the town. This wolf had bought concrete from a construction site. He started pouring concrete, and taking furniture out of the truck. The other wolves went on ahead.

The next day the pig showed up. He was looking straight down and collecting money. Then his nose twitched. He looked up. He saw a house built of concrete.


The Big Fat

Pig’s nose


himself over

to the

concrete. His


opened so

wide it could

fit a whole

bus inside!

So he


the doorway

in one bite.

“I thought I

smelled a

little wolf in

here… Come

out little one

or I’ll eat

ALL of your hard work!”

“No, that would be a waste! Why don’t you eat me? Aren’t I tastier than this house?”

“Yeah you are, but I love a good snack!”

So the wolf ran ahead to catch up with the other wolves. He looked back. He saw the Big Fat Pig on a

motorcycle. He was gaining!

“I’ve got you!”

And the Big Fat Pig grabbed him with his mighty arms and chomped on him with his mighty jaws.

“I’m still hungry…”

So he followed the trail of the money. The second wolf said, “I’ll build my house here.”

They had


reached the

end of the

forest that

night, so this

wolf thought

that this

would be a

good place.

He had


wood from the forest to build his house. He wanted a regular house. So by the end of the day he had


The next morning the pig arrived. He had spotted a house made of wood.


He went over and started chomping on the roof.

“Burp! Ahhh… Is there a wolf in there? I thought I saw one in the window. Come out little one or I’ll eat ALL of your hard work!”


would necessary! Aren’t I tastier? Don’t eat my hard work!”


not be

Thinking he could survive, the little wolf ran off to catch up with his brother. He looked back. He saw the pig on a motorcycle. The pig was gaining on him!

“I’ll just put my mouth over you!”







wolf no more.

“I’m still hungry…”

So he followed the trail of money. The last wolf said, “I guess I’ll build mine here.” He had gone past the forest and by a river.


This wolf was prepared. He had already got materials before his journey. He had gotten steel rods and bars. So by the end of the day he had built his house.

The next morning, The Big Fat Pig came. He bumped into something hard. He looked up. He saw a big steel house. He was drooling.


So he stumbled over to the house and put his mouth around the whole house and bit.

“Yoww! Your dumb house broke my teeth!”

“Serves you right for eating my brothers!”

Then the wolf’s ceiling opened up and a turret popped out!

“I have the right to hurt you. So I’m using that chance with my rocket launcher!”


“Bye bye!” CRASH! “And I was starting to get hungry, so this is perfect!”

And the wolf lived happily ever after‌ With a nice feast.