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nce upon a few hours ago, there were three little smart carrots. They lived in a house with a BIG BAD vegetarian (Joseph). But the vegetarian didn t know that the carrots were in his house. Joseph s mom was so strict, she didn t let him eat carrots and that was Joseph s favorite food (because he tried them once but that s a whole dierent story) he begged ALL the time for carrots, when his mom was at the store he BEGGED for carrots, when his family was having them for dinner he BEGGED for them.

One day, when his family was having carrots he thought he could steal a carrot and he reached his hand out and he grabbed the carrot and his mom slapped him and grounded him for 3 weeks and he stormed up the stairs crying. Attic


3 weeks later, when Joseph was cleaning out his attic he found three old carrots so he picked them up and was about to put them in his mouth but they popped right out of his hand and started running. Joseph screamed to his mom MOM, THERE ARE RUNNING CARROTS and his mom replied back NO THERE ISIN-AHHHHH THERE IS! Joseph ran down the stairs and he ate spinach so he would get stronger. He tried to get the ďŹ rst carrot but it hid on the counter so he took a meat smasher and squished the carrot and threw it in the garbage.

Then he tried to get the second one but it hid in the microwave so he turned it on for one minute and the carrot melted and evaporated into the air.

Then, he tried to get the third one but the carrot found some super glue and glued a piece of tupper ware and glued it to the counter there was NO WAY that Joseph could get open the tupper ware.

3 weeks later the carrot started to rot so he pushed the tupper ware open with all his might and it ďŹ nally opened so he went upstairs picked Joseph up and threw him out the window because he didn t like him and no one ever saw him again.


Moral: ALWAYS be nice to your parents or


things will happen...

THE END, by Josh Rossi



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