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Once upon two weeks ago from next Friday, there were two very friendly cousins. One was a bagel named Bagel, the other was a slice of pizza named Pizza. They live in a shop called "New York's Best Bagels and Pizza." Every day they go through the same cycle, wake up, meet the new pizzas and bagels, and then watch them get eaten.

   One day, while they were talking to their bagel friend Poppy, they heard some shouting in the back of the store. Bagel and Pizza were two pretty curious objects, so they walked back into the kitchen and saw the two owners arguing. Their names are John and Kate. John was yelling at the top of his lungs, "I hate bagels! All the work to make them and if you don't eat them they just get stale!" He was pretty mad at this moment, so Kate tried to cool him off.

   "But they taste good." That made John go over board!

   "So they taste good, but all the work for such a plain tasting piece of dough. Also you got pizza, all that tomato sauce gets all over your shirt." Kate knows when John is mad, you don't want to mess with him so she took a deep breath and suggested, in a very calm voice. "We could switch to selling doughnuts."

   "Doughnuts. hmm... That sounds good, let's switch to doughnuts." Well maybe John liked the idea but Pizza and Bagel weren't liking this one bit.

   "Doughnuts? Who would want to sell doughnuts?" ,Bagel asked Pizza.


"Well this won't do, what should we do?"

    John and Kate disappeared into the back room, and that night John and Kate threw away all the pizzas and bagels and started over.

   Pizza and Bagel jumped out of the trash can and saw what they had been missing. See, neither Bagel or Pizza had ever been outside so it was pretty special for them. They got up and started to walk down the street. Maybe they didn't notice but everyone else was staring at them. Once the peculiar pair started crossing the street everything went quiet. The cars, the honks, the people, the shouting, it was as quiet as a cat sneaking up on a mouse. Also, while they were walking they even saw a news van and one of the reporters looking at them.


Suddenly all these bright lights started flashing and they got all dizzy with confusion and fell backwards into a bus. The driver did not notice them at all, so they just hopped on a seat and tried to figure out what to do next

   "Where are we going?" ,questioned Pizza.         "I don't know. But as long as it doesn't have lights I'll go anywhere."

   "Let's get out of here." Pizza nodded to the door. So they jumped off at the next stop and started walking again.

   "Wait... Something smells so good, it smells like... bagels!" Bagel rushed after the smell with Pizza in hot pursuit. Bagel was running so fast that it looked like he was just rolling with no legs at all! "Bagel! Slow down!" Pizza shouted after Bagel. Finally, Bagel came to a complete stop at the corner of 79th and Broadway. There were a bunch of people outside the store on the corner. The sign said "H And H Bagels." Bagel could smell the sweet smell of fresh baked bagels


popping out of the oven. "New friends!" Bagel screamed and ran in the door, while a man was holding it and Pizza slipped in right behind him.

   This shop was like any other shop. There's a menu, a counter to buy bagels and some tables, but there was one thing that made this shop like no other. It was packed from the time it opened to the time it closed. The bagels were magical and cooked to perfection every time.    But when Pizza and Bagel walked in, it was a bad time because the store had just ran out of bagels. Then everyone in the store heard a big shout "food!" Suddenly everybody put their gaze on Pizza and Bagel. Everything went as quiet as a mouse. Then there was a big scramble over Pizza and Bagel. They tried to escape, but everywhere they looked was a hungry animal trying to eat them. When they finally got to the door they didn't have the strength to push the door open so they ran into a hole in the wall.

   In this hole lived a mouse with an army helmet. His name was Army Mouse. Bagel and Pizza quickly became friends with him and the three of them started plotting ideas on how to get out of


H And H. So they thought and thought until they got an idea. The idea was that they would run out screaming, and everyone would fight over them, and while everyone was fighting they would sneak into the trash can, and go out with the trash.

   So they waited for the perfect time and put the plan into action. They ran out screaming and as they planned. Everyone  made a dog pile on them and Pizza, Bagel and Army mouse slipped into the trash. Well about an hour later the trash was put in the dumpster. Pizza and Bagel thanked Army mouse, and hopped on the bus.

   Once they got back to their shop, they noticed that there were no doughnuts. Just bagels and pizzas. Apparently John had a change of heart and they all lived happily ever after.




1 bagel named Bagel, the other was a slice of pizza named Pizza. They live in a shop called "New new pizzas and bagels, and then watch them...