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Jack And The Three Beanstalks


nce upon a time

there was a

boy named Jack who lived with his grandmother in New York City. He and his grandmother were very poor and they didn't have enough money to live on. On one desperate day when Jack woke up and looked in the fridge for some breakfast, he found nothing.                His grandmother came down and said that there was only one thing that  Jack could do, he would have to sell his autographed Babe Ruth baseball which he had inherited from his dad before his parents had died in a car crash. As you could imagine he was not pleased when he heard the news but he walked to the street, To try to find somebody who would buy the baseball.                 If you go on the internet this baseball could be worth 15,000 dollars, but Jack sadly did not know this important fact and was simply planning on selling it to the first person he came across that wanted it. He walked out into the street and started walking whenever he saw somebody he would ask them if they were interested in baseball and if they were would they like to buy the baseball.                He was walking and tossing the baseball about two feet in the air and catching it again. He was not paying much attention when a man asked, "is that baseball autographed?"     "Yeah," Jack answered, "want to buy it?"     "Who's it autographed by?"     "Babe Ruth."  Jack could tell the man was stunned when he heard that.      "How much do you want for it?" the man asked Jack.     "I don't know how much would you pay?."      The man beckoned Jack foreword, and reached into the pocket of his coat.     "Would you sell me the ball for these three magic beans?” He asked showing jack three beans twitching in the palm of his hand.     "What do you mean magic?" Jack asked skeptically.     "If you plant these beans tonight by the morning

they will have grown up to the sky" Jack was sorely tempted and not thinking of what his grandmother would say when he returned, he excitedly exclaimed, "It's a deal!" He gave the man his ball and put the three twitching beans in his pocket and headed home.         When he reached his building he pressed the button on the elevator and slowly climbed the floors. He had a long wait in the slow elevator because his apartment was on the top floor. He burst through the door and told his grandmother about his deal.     "Hi grandma, I sold the baseball to a funny looking guy on the street for three magic beans."     "That's funny I thought I just heard you say you sold the baseball for three beans."     "That's because I did."     "Go to your room this instant!" his grandmother shrieked. He ran to his room taking the beans out of his pocket on the way. Once he was there he climbed out of his window into the hallway and climbed onto the roof. When he got there he paused for a moment to look at the fantastic New York skyline. He could see the United nations, Chrysler and the Empire State Buildings.  Then he walked into the precise center of the square roof and walked two steps out from the center and dropped one bean there, than he walked back into the center of the roof and walked two steps out in a line with the first bean than he repeated the process so that the three beans were in a triangle with each other. He walked down the hall and climbed back into his room.         The next morning Jack woke up very hungry, but he very much wanted to see if the beanstalks had grown to the sky. He climbed out of the window and up to the roof and nearly fell off the roof in surprise; there in front of him were three giant beanstalks! He was very curious so he walked over to the first one and pulled on it as hard as he could to see if it could take his weight. The first beanstalk hardly even budged so he started to climb. He climbed for over an hour he thought but he was not sure since he had no way of telling the time.     Suddenly, he hit his head on something hard he looked up and saw bricks floating in the air above him. The beanstalk kept going but he climbed around to the other side of the beanstalk, and tested the strength of the street. He walked towards the only house that was there, it was a giant castle. It had seven huge turrets and at least four entrances that he could see.  He was planning on walking right up to it and asking if he could have some food, but he hesitated when he saw the intercom buttons and the cameras which had automatically focused on him. But his hunger drove him on he knocked once on the door and heard someone walking towards him. He took to quick steps back as the door swung open. Jack instantly jumped aside seeing and armed security guard aiming a rifle at him he landed in a rosebush and saw the man looking around for him! He ducked low

and tried to be silent. The guard reached up and took the film out of the camera and went back inside Jack sprinted to the beanstalk and slid down it like a fireman's pole he hit the roof of his building and hurried back to his apartment.        A couple hours later Jack went back up to roof again and climbed up the second beanstalk When he reached a cobblestone street it was completely deserted but Jack did not like it one bit so he slid down the second beanstalk. What didn't he like about it?   He then started to climb up the third beanstalk he hit his head for the third time but this time it was a magnificent marble street. He walked towards the gigantic palace it was at least two times as big as the one on the first beanstalk. And it had a giant wrought iron gate around the perimeter.           60 feet from the gate he stopped suddenly because of what he saw. Every twenty or so feet there was a man in a suit wearing dark sunglasses even though the day was cloudy.  He stepped into the shade of a big tree and slowly making his way towards the gate not knowing if the guards had seen him yet or not if they had they weren't doing anything to stop him coming closer. He stopped within arms length of the gate, he took a deep breath reached out and took hold of it, "OWWWWWW!!          He yelled! He had been given a huge shock and lept back in horror and surprise! He heard dogs barking and watched terrified as the gate right in front of him swung open on its hinges and three men ran out he bolted to his feet and sprinted in the way he hoped the beanstalk was.         But then more men were running at him and he had no idea what to do! He was  about five steps away from leaping on to the beanstalk when he felt a large powerful hand grab him by his coat collar and pull him back. Three more men caught up to him and pulled him up and steered him towards the palace. The one who had caught him pressed a button on his belt and the gate opened they walked trough and he pressed the button for a second time and the door swung shut. One of the men knocked three times on the door and another man opened the door and said in a gruff voice, "Take him to the ogre."          Jack instantly became more scared than he already was! These men were nothing compared to a giant. The men lead him up a set of marble stairs to a polished wooden door. The front man pressed a button and spoke into a speaker, "We caught a boy sneaking around the gates."          "BRING HIM IN!" The ogre said in a deep rumbling voice. Jack was trembling like an earthquake with fear. He walked in and nearly fell over in surprise. Sitting on a desk talking into a speaker was a man one inch tall "sit him down in the chair he muttered as he swung his chair around in a puffy regular sized armed chair Jack noted that he did this with a remote because he was not nearly heavy enough to move it. He was thrust down into a wooden hard backed seat as the ogre stared at him. "What are you doing here asked the ogre?"     "I planted a beanstalk with magic beans that a man sold me for a base ball and I was exploring." Jack replied     "Well you will know now that you should not go exploring on other peoples properties that you no little or nothing about. Oh but I forgot you will not need that lesson will you because you will be my slave from now on." the ogre said not sounding like he forgot anything at all."

Jack was brought down to the kitchens and was set about cooking and washing the hole palace single handedly.   20 Years later... His grandmother lived a happy life and died of old age. To this day Jack cleans the hole palace and wears the same clothes he did on the day he was captured he gets two hours of sleep a day at most and cooks for the ogre in the time when he is done cooking. And that's how this story ends not so happily ever after.  Moral: Don't meddle in other peoples business


Jack And The Three Beanstalks Jack could tell the man was stunned when he heard that. "How much do you want for it?" the man asked Jack. "I...

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