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The Popcorn Man By Audria Schnitzer


nce upon a

time on a busy Friday night in Pioneer Place Movie Theater, the Cashier was making popcorn and was talking to the Manager. When the Cashier went to open the door, out popped a Popcorn Man. The Cashier and the Manager started running to eat him, but they couldn't reach him. He was as fast as a Cheetah."Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Popcorn Man!"

While he was running in the east corridor, a twin boy and girl smelled him and started running too. Now the little boy, the little girl, the Cashier and the Manger were all running and the Popcorn Man said  

"I've run away from Manager and a Cashier too and I can run away from you I can, I can." And just like that the Popcorn Man was too far to get to and said,  

"Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Popcorn Man!" Soon, the mob of people got stuck behind a crowd of people waiting for Avatar. They said,



Man said,

top, stop little Popcorn

Man, we want to eat you." When the Popcorn Man went to the south corridor a service dog smelled him and started chasing him too. The mob joined in and once again the Popcorn


"I've run away from a Manager, a Cashier, a little girl and a little boy and I can ran away from you, I can, I can." The Popcorn Man was gone before they new it and the Popcorn Man said,  

"Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Popcorn Man!" The mob and the service dog chased the Popcorn Man into the movie, The Nightmare on Elm Street.  

"Stop, stop little Popcorn Man, we want to eat you," but they lost him. He was as smart as a fox and ran out of the movie.  

The mob found him again and caught him, but had to let go because he got overheated and was popping like bubble wrap. Finally, the popcorn man found a place to catch his breath, but he got stuck. You see the floor was as sticky as honey, so he didn't like this place to catch his breath and it wasn't secret enough so he left the restroom. The dog caught his scent again and ran after him. He wondered what was so special about him? Why was that mob chasing him? What did he do? What should he do about that service dog? He saw the crowd coming so he decided to leave. He couldn't see the service dog or the mob, so he thought he was safe. Then an old fat lady, named Mrs. Crust told him he smelled good and wanted to eat him. She was so fat that she couldn't see her toes.  


" 've run away from a Manager, a Cashier, a little girl, a little boy, and a service dog too and I can run away from you I can, I can." Then he ran. He said,  

"Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Popcorn Man!" Said the Popcorn Man. He ran as fast as a lightning bolt. Mrs. Crust tried to run but instead she took a few steps and made a face plant in front of a crowd who laughed and laughed at her. The Popcorn Man stopped to get a drink of water. He looked around but couldn't see Mrs. Crust. This toothpick looking old man asked if he was lost. Popcorn Man knew that if he told the truth, the stranger would try to eat him. So he lied and said his owner was coming right back from the restroom. The old man still suspicious and asked what Popcorn Man really was doing. Popcorn Man turned crimson from embarrassment. Popcorn Man ran as fast as light.  

He ran to his friends and they came up with an idea to hide him. They all created a fake form made out of popcorn that he would wear. It made Popcorn Man look as big as a real human, six feet tall. Popcorn Man started walking and showing off his new big look. When he saw that toothpick thin man looked at him and no longer recognized him, he thought he was safe.  

Reader let me tell you who that toothpick thin old man was. He was Mr. Crust. Popcorn Man just got away with a few seconds to spare before Mr. Crust saw him again and Mr. Crust was really fast for his age. Then Mrs. Crust got up after the face plant and started running. Actually she took three steps then made another face plant. Mrs. Crust got up again and started walking fast.  


opcorn Man was amazement to everyone in the movie theater.

He wished he could be interviewed and become famous because he was made out of popcorn and a living thing. But he was being chased by a crazy mob that wanted to eat him.  

The mob caught up with Popcorn Man again and Mr. and Mrs. Crust joined them. They all came after him, so he ran straight back to the candy counter. He said,  

“Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Popcorn Man!” He went behind the candy counter and found a coat, a hat, shoes and gloves. Mr. and Mrs. Crust saw Popcorn Man and caught him. But it wasn't him because he made a plan to trick the mob and finally got away. So he ran and went out of the movie theater and into the

playground. The mob was chasing him and three ants saw the Popcorn Man in trouble so they told him, “Popcorn Man we know where you’ll be safe, come with us.” And since he didn’t want to be eaten he came, but as he got there, the hole was too small for him.  “Let us eat you a little so you’ll fit.” Said the ants. The Popcorn Man had no choice, but to allow them. The ants took a very small piece of Popcorn Man and ate it. The piece was hard to chew because it was as salty as the Dead Sea. Rover, Jeff and Pan (aka the ants) ate him once, twice and poof the popcorn man was gone. When the mob got there, the ants had already went inside their hole.  


The End