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Hansel and Metal By Annie

Okay, I am going to tell you a story. Oh, I should probably make this proper, because last time I told a story an old, lady whined at me, "Make it proper." So just in case she reads this, I will make it proper. Once upon a time there was a little girl and boy who lived in Chicago. The girl's name was Gretel and the boy's was Hansel.  Hansel and Gretel lived in the middle of the city. There parents names were Cendle and Halis.

 Halis was a banker, well not really a banker,  he just sat at the desk and asked, "how may I help you, or how are you today?" Cendle worked for a government  I can not tell you what government, because she will be very mad at me, and don't even ask for a hint because I will not tell you. Hansel being the oldest child in the house was quite bossy and right then he was feeling like he had no power, which of course was not true, he had lots of power. But he did not think that, so he went up to his sister, who was playing nicely with her dolls and... "Hansel, Gretel time for lunch", their mother called. 'Shoot' Hansel thought. He would have to get more power after lunch. At the table Hansel ate gloomily. His mother was very worried that he might be sick because sushi was his favorite food and she thought he could never live without it, which of course is a very silly thought. "What is wrong, Hansel

darling?" Cendle asked in a calm and gentle voice. "Nothing," Hansel lied. Of course he was upset, and we know why. He felt like he has no power.   "Well eat your sushi, then" she replied in a not so kind and gentle voice. Suddenly, a door slammed and  a bunch of dogs started barking. It was Halis home from work. Hansel groaned, he new what was next. He was going to the dentist!  The dentist, you may not know is a horrible place where you get your teeth cleaned or get braces.      Hansel was getting both. He was so upset, partly because he didn't have time to get his power  and he heard horrible things about the dentist, such as they stick a mini chain saw in your mouth and turn it on! Now of course that is not true, but Hansel sure believed it.   "Hello Hansel ready to go?" His father asked him when he got in side the house.   "Not until he eats his sushi," said his mother in a very cross voice.  Hansel was overjoyed, his mother was on his side!   "No time", said Hansel's father dragging Hansel out the door.  Gretel began to cry because Hansel had told her about the chain saw thing and she believed it too.   When Hansel and Halis arrived at the dentist he was pulled inside even harder than Halis had pulled him out of their house.  He got the braces and they were yellow

and green, Hansel's favorite colors. His teeth ached and he talked silly.  Gretal was crying so much that Cendal took her to the dentist to show her nothing bad would happen. When they got there Gretel ran inside and looked for Hansel. She found him on the last floor in the last room on your last left smiling a smile so wide you could see his new green and yellow braces. This surprised Gretal completely because she thought of the dentist of a horrible place that had chain saws but when she came to look for Hansel she didn't see any chain saws and here was Hansel smiling! But-none-the-less she grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the dentist. When they got out by the parking lot they turned around to see the dentist, Cendal and Halis chasing them. Quickly, Gretal ran, Hansel right behind her. Soon they came to a forest. Hansel was very scared....Oh I mean Gretal not Hansel.  Gretel was very scared but do you think Hansel cared noooo!? He just grabbed her hand and pulled her into the forest. The forest was dark and gloomy. Gretal was terrified! She grabbed Hansel but he was not there! She looked around but she could not see him! Now she was even more scared. Suddenly, a voice came out of nowhere and a big black cloth was swept over her head and she could not see. Then as if by magic she saw ....... Do you want to know?

Well, am so sorry but you can't because we need to go back a bit before Hansel disappeared. So, they came into the forest and looked around and then Hansel saw a silver stone on the side of a big tree, that looked very black and not that much like a tree. He ran to get the stone but then the tree moved... it made Hansel jump to see the tree move, now Hansel was very scared because now he know that it was most definitely not a tree! Suddenly the 'tree' swept a black cloak over him and he disappeared to. "Hansel? Where are you?"   Gretal looked around and saw from under neath the clothe there was a speck just a speck of light. Gretal came closer and saw that there was a hole in this pitch black cloak. She looked through the hole and blinked several times before getting used to light she looked for a long time then suddenly saw a movement it stepped so to Gretal that she almost squealed but she held it in then she saw a pointy shoe

walking closer and closer to her she held her breathe. Suddenly a croaky voice spoke so soft Gretal could hardly here. The voice was so sweet that it made Gretal want to here more, but alas it only spoke, "lift the cloche dear". Gretal did, hoping that she will be able to see who owned the voice. But when she lifted she  saw a plump, pale, old woman  smiling  a  crooked  smile.  Gretal  stared blankly. The old  woman swept Gretal over her pointy shoulder, and carried her over to a crooked old house that stood on stilts. Gretal could not see any of this because she was facing the wrong way. But if she was facing the right way she would have seen the house and noticed that the roof was made of candy. The old lady took Gretal inside and plopped her down on the floor next to Hansel! When they were in the middle of there stories on how they got there the witch gave them a bowl of soup and put them to bed. The next morning the witch grabbed Gretal and told her, "since you are well, rounder than the other one I will eat you."  And with that she dragged her out of bed and took her to the chicken coop and locked her in there. Then she went to Hansel, and told him to heat the oven because she was going to eat Gretal. Since Hansel was selfish he said okay because he did not want to get switch with Gretal. He went over to the oven and turned it on. The witch told Hansel to get in the oven to see if it was hot

enough but Hansel was a very smart, little boy. He instead said he did not know how to see if the oven was hot. So the witch knelt down to show him but when she opened the door to the oven Hansel pushed her in and watched her disappear into flames. Then he quickly ran out of the little house to the chicken coop to rescue Gretal. When he did they ran to a big field through a forest then stopped because they did not know where they were. They looked around to see a familiar silver stone on the ground. They turned away from the stone and saw an exit from the forest. Then, they ran to the dentist and found there parents looking as worried as Gretal looked when they were in the forest. The children ran to there parents and gave them hugs. But the dentist grabbed Hansel and pulled him into the office where she asked him three times if the braces hurt and each time Hansel replied no then No then NOO. When the appointment was over the family went home for sushi and candy( since the witch didn't let them have any of her candy house).

The end


will make it proper. Once upon a time there was a little girl and boy who lived in Chicago. The girl's name was Gretel and the boy's was Han...