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Hello, my name’s Borko. I live in a building near our school Goce Delcev. I am twelve years old, and I’m in the seventh grade. I’m from Prilep, Macedonia.

I have thirteen school subjects. My favorite subject is English. On that lesson , we learn new words, we have fun and such other good things.

This is my family in 2004. I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I’m kind, hardworking and friendly person.

• My favorite sport is basketball. • I love eating pizza. It’s one of my favorite food. • I like fantastic movies. “Doctor Who” is my favorite movie, I watch it every day. • I often read books. I learn more new things by reading books. • I listen to pop music . They make me happier. • I play a lot of games on my computer, my favorite one is League of Legends.

My personal profile borko petrevski