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Stripes are the all the rage this season, from pillows to walls. PAGE 11

Shortcuts for cleaning the smallest areas of your home. Just in time for spring. PAGE 32

The perfect DIY gift for a new homeowner- filled with all the essentials. PAGE 45

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11 TREND 10 Stripes are a hit this spring. Sound easy? Another trend is using kitchen utensils as home decor. D E S T I N AT I O N 2 2 A mind-blowing seaside perch that’s not too far from home, perfect for a weekend getaway. ACCENT 38 Stylish accents for your home that are sparking our interest this season, and brightening your interiors just in time for spring. RENEW 45 The perfect gift for the new homeowner that includes every essential item they’re bound to forget.






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A guide on how to choose the perfect paint palette to make over a room-or your entire home.

Easy steps to conquer the toughest areas when you get the itch to spring clean your home.

HA RB O R S I DE RE TRE AT Tucked away deep in Martha’s Vineyard, an old New England saltbox is transformed by a Boston couple into a dream home.


CHIC boston’s boston’s guide guide to to fine fine interiors interiors

The Spring Issue

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spring 2013

PHOTOGRAPH BY: RICHARD MANDELKORN Stripes are the all the rage this season, from pillows to walls. page 11

Shortcuts for cleaning the smallest areas of your home. Just in time for spring. page 32

The perfect DIY gift for a new homeowner- filled with all the essentials. page 45



JUST THE BEGINNING... ACCORDING TO MERRIAM WEBSTER, CHIC CAN BE DEFINED AS a smart elegance and sophistication especially of dress or manner. Chic in the home is imperative as we follow trends, renew the things that we already own, accent rooms that we spend our day to day lives in, and even when we travel to destinations in search of a different interior that we call home. More than ever, Boston is in need of a guide that can be followed to improve their own homes, and this serves as just that. These pages are filled with a current guide to improve and adorn the home you love. This is Domestic Chic.

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CHIC boston’s guide to fine interiors

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TREND Boston is always known for keeping up with fashion trends, but home interior trends are just as important. To put it simply: out with the old and in with the new.




OBSESSION Easy to incorporate into your decor, stripes will also give your room the perfect amount of energy and fun this spring. W R I T T E N B Y: A l l i s o n Va n d e B e r g h PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF: Danielle Oakey

IN 2013 SOCIAL SPACES WILL LIKELY TURN INTO design dynamics, in order to inspire vibrant living and energy. One of the most simple ways to achieve this effect is by employing stripes in an elegant manner. Carpets, wallpapers, upholstery, graphic art- each of these elements can wear the distinct feature of movement as long as they are defined by… stripes. Bold red and black&white patterns are the highlight of the design themes again, only this time associated with minimalist decor complements. The idea is to make things stand out, without compromising in elegance or visual harmony. Whether you’re wearing them, painting them or decorating with them, 2013 is the year for stripes. Not only are stripes energetic and fun, but they are also easy to incorporate in your decor. Throw stripes into your home today for an extra pop of color and texture. Striped walls are a great way to kick off a color scheme when decorating a room. Why paint with one color when you can paint with two or three? Use painter’s tape to create a stencil for your colors. We know stenciling four walls with stripes can take a lot of time, so if you’re looking for a faster way to implement this 2013 trend on your walls, try focusing on one focal point in the room and incorporating striped accessories. From paintings to pillows, stripes can be a small accent that make a big difference. Stripes make it easy to bring in other colors to your design scheme, and will add a fun focal point to the space. Make a painting a feature piece, or throw some smaller pillows on your couch to give an extra oomph to your color scheme. And, don’t be afraid to mix stripes with other patterns to create an unexpected vignette! The next time you are looking for a fresh color or pattern to add to your home, give stripes a try.


Stenciling four walls with stripes can take a lot of time, so if you’re looking for a faster way to implement this 2013 trend on your walls, try focusing on one focal point in the room and incorporating striped accessories.



UTENSILS FOR SHOW Brighten up your kitchen with items you already have, you guessed it, your kitchen utensils. T hey’ll liven up your kitchen, and save storage space in the meantime. W R I T T E N B Y: Je s s i c a Tu r n e r P H O T O G R A P H Y C O U R T E S Y O F : D a n i e l l e O a k e y

THE KITCHEN IS ONE OF THE MOST USED rooms in any house. This is also the one of the rooms that tends to be forgotten when it comes to decorating. Unless you have a big house with a well-appointed kitchen, it can be a room that is cramped and always lacking space. It is also quite difficult to find appropriate items to decorate a kitchen. With some ingenuity and clever planning you can decorate your kitchen using your kitchen utensils and appliances. Take an inventory of all the kitchen utensils and appliances that you have in your kitchen. If you have a lot of copper pans that you are just storing in your kitchen cabinets and are gathering dust, it is time to take them out, display them, and put them to good use. It is the same if you have more pieces that are made of stainless steel and glass. This will help you tie up the rest of the décor. Check the space where you place your small kitchen appliances. Sometimes a different location for a particular appliance can make a big difference in the place. It you have plenty of spice canisters and bottles that is taking a lot of counter space, consider buying a spice rack that you can attach to a wall in your kitchen where it can be readily accessible when you are preparing your food. Look for one that goes well with the overall color scheme of your kitchen, either in a contrasting or a complementary color. Hang your pots and pans from the ceiling by installing a metal pot holder. This will not only display your pots and pans, it can be the focal point in your kitchen, whether you have copper or shiny stainless steel pots and pans. A mug holder with colorful mugs can brighten up your breakfast counter. There are sets of mugs that you come in different colors and designs. Look for a unique and big ceramic mug that can be used as a flower vase to add more color to the counter. Use an old metal pitcher as a flower vase and arrange a colorful selection of silk flowers. You can place this on top of a kitchen shelf. Old coffee cans may 14

also be used to hold floral arrangements. Use an old coffeemaker together with some old coffee canisters or a collection of beautiful coffee mugs to provide an elegant shelf topper. If you are going for stainless steel and glass look, there are several functional appliances that you can buy. Look for a stainless steel holder for your paper towels that you can place on your breakfast bar or kitchen counter. You can also get a stainless steel fruit basket that comes in different sizes and shapes. Table napkin holders made from stainless steel in contemporary designs that can give your kitchen a bright and neat appearance. If you are just getting small kitchen appliances at this point, consider the overall look and color scheme of your kitchen and look for appliances in colors that will match your kitchen theme. In this manner, your appliances will double up as kitchen décor when placed in conspicuous locations on your kitchen counter. Do not limit your kitchen décor to just your kitchen appliances and utensils. There are other small functional items that you can use around the kitchen, your counters, kitchen walls and breakfast nooks that will provide a wonderful setting to your kitchen.

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SPRINGTIME IN BOSTON A destination for its refreshing collection of products and pleasing to both the eye and the environment, Twelve Chairs is guided by good style and strict eco-requirements that products must meet to be stocked in the store. While easy to leave with light hands (and a light conscience), we excercised serious self- control to share our favorite finds.

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Using utensils as decor is a win-win for you. Not only does it save you some storage space, your putting good use to those beautiful stainless steel utensils you’ve hidden away all these years.





Palette Afraid of color? Is it chromophobia or a fear of expensive mistakes? Here we’ll tell you just how to pick the best colors, and tur n your interiors into the perfect palette. W R I T T E N B Y: C r i s t i n a C o s t a P H O T O G R A P H Y C O U R T E S Y O F : S h e r r y Pe t e rs i k


THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WHITE walls. Let’s just get that out there. Though white isn’t a “color” on the color wheel, it certainly is a paint color, and one that many people love. But if the only reason you have white walls is because you’re afraid of color, you may have a touch of chromophobia or “fear of colors”. Or maybe you just have a fear of making expensive mistakes with paint color. That’s more often the case. Although paint is often touted as a cheap and easy interior design fix, in reality painting your home can be a big and messy project. With paint prices between $20 – $60 per gallon, plus the cost of application, color mistakes add up fast. And now is where I usually say, “Which is why you need a color consultant.” But not everybody can afford or find the right color consultant. So, what should you do if you are determined to create your own paint color plan? Here are some color choosing tips if you’re looking to freshen a room with color: Take time collecting samples of colors you love. Look outside of paint store swatches to the ordinary things in your life that you enjoy. The color of your morning latte may be your best soothing warm brown color. Assemble your samples of the colors you love with samples of the colors in your room that you have to live with, like that ugly tile or flooring you can’t afford to replace. Now, using a paint store fan deck, look for a way to bridge the colors you love with the colors you are stuck with. A “bridge” color is my way to describe a color that is a version of what you love, that will work with what you have. Give yourself time with your color choices before you ask for anyone elses opinion. Life is short, live with the colors you love. (And that includes white!)


Choosing a palette for your home isn’t easy, especially if your use to white walls. Adding an accent color like this blue wall adds a pop of color without being overly dramatic.



D E S T I N AT I O N Everyone knows that Bostonians are always looking for the next-best vacation spot (it’s our biggest vice, we like to blame it on the weather). It’s true, we can’t stay put for long. Look no further for your next vacation spotwe found the perfect destination that’s not too far from home.



SEASIDE ESCAPE Perched high on the bluffs of Watch Hill, Rhode Island, the Ocean House is an iconic New England seaside resort, and the first and only AAA Five Diamond Hotel in the state. W R I T T E N B Y: M i c h e l l e Wa d e P H O T O G R A P H Y C O U R T E S Y O F : T h e O c e a n H o u s e

T he Ocean House sits overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. T he perfect spot to idle away an after noon, cocktail in hand. What more could you want for a summer getaway?

THE OCEAN HOUSE RESORT was meticulously reconstructed to pay tribute to its storied past and offer exceptional personal experiences for guests, members and residents. Open yearround, the Ocean House’s celebrated hotel and residential accommodations, uncompromising service, beachfront location and world-class amenities pay homage to New England’s golden age of hospitality with timeless elegance and renewed civility. There are certain buildings that loom as large in memory as they do in real life, and the Ocean House is 24

one of them. Built in 1868 on a windswept hillside with views of the Atlantic, the Victorian hotel once catered to moneyed aristocrats but was torn down after years of neglect.

restaurant, with a veranda overlooking a private white-sand beach—the perfect spot to idle away an afternoon, cocktail in hand. What more could you want for a summer getaway?

Redone to the tune of $146 million, the property is as grand as ever: expansive decks and manicured croquet lawns are a nod to old-world glamour, while the lightfilled 49 guest rooms and 22 private villas have modern bathrooms (oversize soaking tubs; marble tiles) and custom-made dark wood furnishings. On the ground floor there’s the farm-to-table Seasons

Each of the Ocean House’s 49 splendid guestrooms and 13 Signature Suites is inspired by the hotel’s magnificent oceanfront setting, high atop a bluff overlooking the beach in coastal Rhode Island. Comfortable, soothing and spacious, the accommodations are beautifully appointed with turn-of-the-20th-century décor complete with custom wooden furnish-

T he OH! Spa is the only Forbes Five Star spa in Rhode Island, and among only 30 spas in the world to achieve the Five-Star rating.

ings, a muted color scheme and Early New England artwork. Guestrooms offer high-tech touches such as Internet access, floor valet panel, voicemail, flat screen televisions and iPod docking stations ensure that your guestroom is technically wired to meet all your needs. From sophisticated fine dining to simple beach fare, all featuring native Rhode Island seafood and classic cocktails, dining options abound at the Ocean House. Guests are also welcomed to a unique

selection of culinary events designed to important backdrop, begetting endless posinvite active participation in our farm-to- sibilities for recreation and outdoor fun durtable process. ing a family vacation. However, the Ocean Watch Hill residents and visitors to Rhode House and the surrounding area provide a Island know that there is no better loca- myriad of activities in each season. tion for enjoying all the beauty and excitement of the great outdoors, and no setting more beautiful to enjoy autumn’s changing leaves or to relax in front of a roaring fire during an enchanting New England winter night. Naturally, the spectacular beaches and omnipresent Atlantic Ocean provide an

The OH! Spa is the only Forbes Five Star spa in Rhode Island, and among only 30 spas in the world to achieve the Five-Star rating. Our 12,000-squarefoot destination spa offers the best of the Ocean and the Harvest in a collection of seasonal treatments and products.

Left: Oversize soaking tubs and marble tiles ador n this master bathroom decorated in moder n fashion. Right: T he Ocean House’s signature suites are inspired by the hotel’s magnificent ocean-front setting.




A treasured area for visiting guests during the summer, the Verandah sweeps across the south facade of the Ocean House. The outdoor terrace overlooks the pristine croquet court, with the vast Atlantic Ocean and Little Narragansett Bay in either direction. Fresh shellfish from nearby waters is shucked to order; succulent oysters, clams and crab claws are highlights of the traditional New England raw bar served on the Verandah.



The Seaside Terrace overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent to the pool, this is the perfect place to enjoy a casual lunch with a variety of light sandwiches, delicious snacks and refreshing beverages.

INDULGE, RELAX, AND REJUVENATE at the ultimate retreat, OH! Spa, at the Ocean House. Refresh your mind, body and spirit in state-of-the-art fitness facilities with commanding water views, yoga and movement studio, spacious relaxation room, 25-meter lap pool overlooking the beach and lounges that feature herbal steam rooms, deluge showers, and private relaxation areas. Seasonally inspired treatments are designed to echo the therapeutic and rejuvenating healing 28

properties of the ocean and the harvest. bition kitchen provide a dining experience Perfect for couples and customizable to unlike any other in the region. create a Girlfriends Getaway. Complimentary afternoon refreshments At Seasons, the Ocean House’s fine-dining are also served every day in Seasons’ restaurant, the perfect accompaniment to Lounge: rich hot chocolate and warm every meal is a stunning view of the Atlantic local apple cider during the cooler months, Ocean. The menu at Seasons changes daily refreshing glasses of icy lemonade and and exemplifies the “farm-to-table” concept, iced tea during the warmer-weather days which reflects the commitment to using the and trays of freshly baked treats. freshest local ingredients and inspires the cui- The Verandah sweeps across the south sine throughout the resort. The traditional facade of the Ocean House. The outdécor, historic stone fireplace and open exhi-

Left: T he peaceful, luxurious world of the Ocean House—with its ocean views, extraordinary food and exemplary service—is the perfect setting for special occasions. Right: T he culinary fare options at the Ocean House are endless. Guests are also welcomed to a unique selection of culinary events designed to invite active participation in the far m-to-table process.

door terrace overlooks the pristine croquet court, with the vast Atlantic Ocean and Little Narragansett Bay in either direction. Fresh shellfish from nearby waters is shucked to order; succulent oysters, clams and crab claws are highlights of the traditional New England raw bar served on the Verandah. The menu also includes savory light items including a daily ceviche and an assortment of delicious sandwiches. With oversized chairs and low tables, the Verandah beckons you to relax, enjoy a brisk cocktail paired with a heavenly bite, and stare out at the ocean as the waves crash along the shoreline.

cent to the pool, this is the perfect place to enjoy a casual lunch with a variety of light sandwiches, delicious snacks and refreshing beverages. In the evenings, meet for a drink on the terrace and watch the sunset before dinner. The Seaside Terrace is open to guests and visitors.

vacy and comforts of home combined with the pampering services and amenities found only at the finest of hotels.

The word awesome barely begins to describe this Rhode Island treasure. It sits on a pristine white beach and is very private and ultra-exclusive.. Expect beautiful The peaceful, luxurious world of the views of the water from rooms done in yelOcean House is the perfect setting for a low, blue, turquoise, and cream. variety of events, including meetings, weddings, and special occasions.

Watch Hill is one of Rhode Island’s most desirable real estate areas for vacation homes and luxury residences. The exclusive private residences for sale at the Ocean House offer an exceptional opportunity for Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and adja- those seeking an inspiring coastal retreat. Enjoy the best of both worlds - all the pri-

Ocean House 1 Bluff Avenue Watch Hill, Rhode Island 02891

(401) 584-7000 |



Wonderful contemporary home located in the private gate guarded enclave of Malibu Colony. This beautiful tri-level home provides the unique advantage of having two ocean front master suites. The decor is updated, featuring stone and wood floors, crown molding, and a dramatic central skylight. There are multiple decks from which to enjoy the endless ocean views, plus ocean side patio and deck along with the detached cabana enhancing the outdoor and beachfront living experience.

MARCUS BECK Prudential Malibu Realty 310-317-1709


CHIC boston’s guide to fine interiors




CLEANING shortcuts

Is there really a way around spending hours and hours on a massive seasonal spruce-up? Sure. Here are quick but thorough strategies for carpets, windows, matresses, and more that fit your schedule, meet your standards, and give you that let-the-sunshine-in sense of renewal. W R I T T E N B Y: N a t a l i e E r m a n n R u s s e l l


clean upholstery

Hit every inch of the frame and the cushions with a hand vac. Swipe clean to finish. Tools Old sheet Hydro dry-cleaning sponge ($5, Lint roller Hand vac TIME INVESTMENT 5 to 10 minutes for each piece of furniture 1. Lay down the sheet. Remove all the cushions and toss them onto the sheet. 2. Rub fabric upholstery with the dry-cleaning sponge, with picks up dirt, dead skin cells, and oils that can discolor and age the fabric. For stains on leather, use a waterbased cream and cleaner, such as Leather Master Maxi ($30, 3. Run the lint roller over the front, back, and sides of cushions, in overlapping rows, peeling away to a new sticky layer as needed. 4. Grab any spare change (score!) and detritus from the bare frame. 5. Vacuum up crumbs and dust from the base of the sofa or chair. 6. Replace the cushions. 7. Run the lint roller over the parts of the sofa or chair that haven’t already been rolled (don’t forget the back.) Fluff.


clean carpet

Target needy areas -- high traffic zones and stairs that have been bugging you forever. Give the rest a quick (but substantial) once- over. MATERIALS Vacuum Cotton cloths LA’s Totally Awesome concentrate cleaner and degreaser ($3, Hair dryer TIME INVESTMENT 10-15 minutes for 15x15 foot carpet. 6-10 additional minutes per stain. 1. Scope the space and determine which areas need the most care (near entryways, where people eat, play spaces). 2. Take a vacuum to the problem areas, going back and forth for about 30 seconds in bad spots. For area rugs, do the top of each rug, then lift and fold back the corners where you can to vacuum the underside. 3. Dampen a cloth with LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner and degreaser and apply it to stains; let sit for five minutes, then blot with a fresh, dry cloth, working from the edges of the stains toward the centers. Blot again with a fresh cloth, this time applying pressure with your foot to get really deep. 4. Use a hair dryer set on high to dry each spot. Open the windows to finish the job.


clean windows

Focus on the exterior, where most dirt builds up, and don’t sweat the detail work. For best results, choose a wind-free, overcast day. (Gusts will cause you to get sprayed; sunlight can leave streaks.) MATERIALS Plastic whisk broom (natural bristles tend to shed) W index Outdoor Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner ($10 at grocery stores). The bottle attaches to your hose. Hose Bucket filled with a few drops of dish soap for every gallon of warm water Old sheet Microfiber cloths TIME INVESTMENT About 15 minutes per window. 1. Close all the windows and screens. Working outside and using a whisk broom, brush debris from the screens you can reach (no need to take them out) and the tracks. 2. Attach the Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner to your hose and remove the yellow plug. Turn the dial to Rinse and spray your windows through the screens from at least five feet away. The power of the stream will let you reach windows on the second floor without a ladder. Move the stream back and forth to shake the debris loose, and to make sure you hitcobwebs in the corners and bird droppings on the glass. Also run the stream up and down the window frames. 3. Turn the dial to Clean. Shoot suds onto screens and frames. Let the soap sit for 30 seconds. 4. Turn the dial to Rinse again. Spray every screen and frame top to bottom to remove suds. Give each another 10-second spray. 5. Push the screens (that you can reach) up to expose the windows. Repeat steps 2 through 4. 6. Take the bucket inside and lay down the sheet to catch drips. Open the windows. Dip a cloth into the cleaning solution, wring it out, and wipe the screens; close the windows. With a fresh cloth dipped and wrung out, wash the windows from the outside corners in, using circular strokes. 35

clean mattresses

Refresh a mattress with baking soda while its cover gets a thorough washing, followed by a tennis-ball tumble or dose of fresh air. Tools OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover ($11 for 24 ounces, White vinegar Baking Soda Sieve 2 new tennis balls Dryer sheets with essential oils (such as Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day in geranium $8, mrsmeyers. com) TIME INVESTMENT A morning to take care of three or four mattresses. 1. Toss the mattress cover in the wash. If it’s stained, first soak in cold water with OxiClean. Then wash with detergent on the hottest setting recommended on the care label, adding 1 cup of white vinegar to deodorize. 2. Working directly over the mattress, pour baking soda into a sieve. Dust the mattress evenly with the soda, which will gradually draw dirt and moisture out of the mattress and eliminate odors. (You’ll leave this light dusting on the mattress when you remake the bed.) 3. When the wash cycle is complete, put the mattress cover in the dryer with a couple of clean tennis balls to fluff it back to form. You could also hang the cover outside on a line to dry. 4. Remake the bed (Vacuum up the baking soda the next time you change the sheets.) 5. Tuck a few dryer sheets (try ones with essential oils under the mattress cover to deliver a fresh scent while you sleep.


clean curtains

You can steam most fabrics, from velvet to silk, to revive them and knock out odors. Tools CleanFast Fabric Odor Eliminator and Wrinkle Releaser ($8, Handheld fabric steamer, like the Steamfast SF-435 ($25, Step stool TIME INVESTMENT Less than 10 minutes per panel. 1. Close the windows and curtains. 2. Spray a curtain panel with the CleanFast solution. 3. With the steamer, using the stool if necessary, work from bottom to top. (Steam rises, so this allows the water vapor to penetrate more deeply.) Hold lightweight fabrics taught with one hand; heavier fabrics will do the job for you. Glide the steamer over the curtains in one-foot sections, placing the nozzle about one inch away from the fabric. Unless your curtains are unusually thick and impermeable, you’ll need to steam only one side. 4. Open the windows to help the curtains dry.



ACCENT With the seasons coming and going (in what seems like the blink of an eye), we know it’s easy for Bostonians to get caught up in seasons past, which includes leaving up decor that is too bright for winter, or throw blankets that are too warm for summer. We’re here to show you exactly which accents you need this very season.




1 3 5





8 40

1 WATERCOLOR PEONY WALLPAPER Pastel colors pop, especially when used on an accent wall or as a backdrop for a dessert buffet for a spring dinner party. Anthropologie (33’L x 20.5”W x 18.5”D), 148.00,

2 FLEUR CHANDELIER Illuminate your livingroom, foyer, or great room with the opulent Fleur Chandelier. showcasing a scrolling design adorned with mouth-blown flower accents. Joss and Main (31”H), 349.00,

3 KIVA PLATTERS Combining luxurious natural stone with sterling silver and 24K gold, these platters are the height of elegant tabletop décor. RABLABS New York (10”L x 13”W), 349.00,

4 AVERILL TUFTED BENCH IN TALC Classic style with contemporary appeal, this bench is sure to fit in any home. Dear Lillie (18”H x 49.5”W x 20”D), $569.00,

5 KICHLER ORBIT WALL MIRROR Showcase an artful vignette in your foyer, living room, or den in Kichler design. Kichler (30 inches diameter), $255.00,

6 BUNNY LOVERS GARDEN STATUE A budding rabbit romance plays out under a parasol on a park bench. Just the right touch of whimsy for a patio near a garden. The besotted pair are aluminum. Iron Accents (18.5”H x 12.5”W x 7”D), 96.00,

7 SAFAVIEH FOX BROWN WHITE WASHED ACCENT CHAIR Poised, stately style meets classic in this woven design. Crafted from kubu and rattan, this throne-like silhouette is accented with a lush, cream-colored seat cushion. Safavieh (40.2”H x 23.2”W x 18.5”D), 246.79,

8 IRIS HIGHBALL GLASS IN CITRINE (SET OF 4) Create a lovely spring-themed ambiance at your next brunch. A spring entertaining essential. Artland (6”H x 3.25”W), 40.94,

9 AUGUSTE CABINET Display a lush bouquet or heirloom decor with this charming design offering style for your home decor. (33”H x 33”W x 16”D), 299.99,


Spring Awakening

starts here.

31 boylston street, brookline ma, 02445 (617) 731-6038



DREAMS Tucked away deep in Martha’s Vineyard, an old New England saltbox is transfor med by a Boston couple into a dream home. W R I T T E N B Y: L i n d s a y Tu c k e r P H O T O G R A P H Y C O U R T E S Y O F : C h u c k C h o i


ON THE BLUFFS OF CHAPPAQUIDDICK IN MARTHA’S Vineyard, Bonnie and Andrew sought respite from their busy urban lives. The property they found, boasting 360-degree water views of Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic, offered the peace and tranquility they desired, but the existing cottage, a 1950s saltbox, was another story. “It was in tremendous disrepair,” Bonnie says. “But we spent two summer seasons in that house, which helped us plan how we wanted the new one to look and feel.” Inspired by a recent trip to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West home, in Arizona, Bonnie, a retired occupational therapist with some remodeling experience under her belt, approached the Cambridge-based architect Maryann Thompson with plenty of ideas for transforming the property into an indoor-outdoor oasis. “I wanted the house to bring the outdoors in and still be organic,” she says.


privacy: Two wings—which contain the master suite, bedrooms, and living and TV rooms—are connected by the kitchen, while a third area, dubbed the “guest house,” has a separate entrance and a kitchenette tucked neatly above the garage. The couple eschewed rugs and wall coverings, instead working with project manager Tom Murdough to create custom pieces that would marry the home’s exterior architecture with its interior design. The dining room and kitchen tables, beds, and side tables were built by Kochman Reidt + Haigh.

“I would have just kept the old house and fixed it up,” says Andrew, a retired economics professor, “but seeing Maryann’s work was a huge motivation for the overhaul.” To avoid going through re-zoning, they kept the foundation and some of the original walls.

“Throughout the house there are clues—or memories—that you’re still outside, which makes for a much more interesting environment,” says Thompson, who used Italian bluestone for the floors, countertops, and outdoor patio. “When we used exterior material on the inside, it created the ambiguity that they were looking for.”

Following Bonnie’s lead, Thompson set out to create a sense of ambiguity between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Rather than build exterior walls, she decided to frame the landscape with floorto-ceiling windows. Where walls or paneling were structurally (or functionally) necessary, she clad them in fragrant cedar, which she left unpainted. “We didn’t have a lot of land,” says Andrew, “so we maximized our property by working with Maryann to hide our neighbors’ houses with little bits of solid wall. Now, you have to go out of your way to see another house from ours.”

Thompson also worked hard to ensure that the home would be comfortable without air conditioning. To maximize air movement, she built operable clerestory windows into the roofline, which encourages the hot air to flow up and out. “The moment that the windows open, you get a breeze through the entire building. Otherwise, the hot air just sits up there,” Thompson says. The clerestories also invite the sunlight in from above, creating a more-natural lighting condition. “It’s almost like being under the branches of a big tree, or like being in a grove,” Thompson says.

Although used primarily as a summer dwelling, the 4,500-squarefoot home is comfortable year round, thanks to radiant heat and the addition of 12 solar panels, which supply much of the electricity. Covelike outdoor spaces block strong winds so the family can enjoy the stone hot tub and Andrew can meditate and practice yoga outside. Indoors, the meandering floor plan provides

But Thompson won’t take all the credit for the home’s clean, peaceful vibe. “Bonnie was our active client,” she says. “She drove most of the project. Andrew was like the wise adviser, coming in at crucial moments, but Bonnie was there to help with the daily aspect of the job.”

RENEW It’s not all allergies and rainstorms. Celebrate spring with an easy project that will be sure to keep you busy during rainy days.



HOUSEWARMING BUCKET Finding a housewar ming gift can be tricky, make a bucket filled with all the small essentials that new homeowners are bound to forget. W R I T T E N B Y: Po p s u g a r. c o m

MOVING INTO A NEW HOUSE IS STRESSFUL You’re finally cured of the headache of packing, and then it occurs to you that you still have to unpack! Then, something inevitably goes wrong. The faucet only gives off hot water, the movers break something, etc. Then, you think you’re all set and ready to settle in and you realize you’re out of t.p. Ugh! So, as much as a warm apple pie or a batch of your specialty cookies will taste delightful to your new neighbors or a friend who’s just moved, a more useful (and migraine-relieving) housewarming gift is a bucket of the essentials she’ll need to get settled. Think about the things that were most helpful to you when you moved. Then, pick up a handsome galvanized bucket, or even a colorful scrub bucket, and then comb the aisles of at the hardware store for those items, as well as any tools and practical items they might need. If you happen to throw a cold Corona or a blackand-white cookie in there while you’re at it, I don’t think you’ll face any opposition. Now, not all of you may be moving, but you might know someone who is, and there may soon arise the need for the inevitable “housewarming gift.” The housewarming gift can be such a tricky thing. I’ve always felt uncomfortable giving an actual decor item because a) I haven’t seen the new space, and b) I know I’d hate to be given something that wouldn’t match my tastes or something I know I would never actually use... So, we suggest non-permanent items, such as food or some fresh cut flowers. But since that’s kind of boring, I’m always looking for new and different ideas. Martha Stewart Living had another idea that I really liked, which was a bucket of practical items. What I liked about Martha’s suggestion was that they included things I always end up needing when I move, but forget to buy - things like extension cords, GooGone, or self-adhesive pads that go under items so they won’t scratch your surfaces.




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