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inman square just hop on the red line to central and either take a bus (the 83 or the 91, either will work) or walk straight down prospect street until you’re literally standing in front of the all star sandwich bar. if you live closer to the green line, you can take the 69 bus between harvard and lechemere to make the commute less painful. before you go, take note: many of these places accept only cash, so be sure to fill your wallet before heading over (or take advantage of the ATM in the middle of the square).

the druid

1357 Cambridge St.

The Druid is a classic Irish bar and restaurant. Many of the staff have thick Irish accents, and most of the diners are regulars who know each other. This lends to a comfortable, familiar atmosphere, and the waiters never rush you. Oh, and the food is delicious as well. Check out their Sunday brunch—it’s served until 3:30 pm and you can get an entire meal for $10 or less. If you’re there later in the day, check out the flipping (pun-intended) delicious burgers. Don’t forget about Wednesday trivia nights either, because you can win both money and alcohol.


212 Hampshire St.

If you need an alternative to the usual club and party scene, check out the night life at Ryles. This place has everything: live music every day, Sunday jazz brunch, a bar, barbeque, and salsa and swing dancing lessons for $15 upstairs. The food is reasonably priced, and the venue is family appropriate.

lorem ipsum books 157 Hampshire St.

Take a peek into Lorem Ipsum and you’ll find plenty of quirky reads. The walls are lined with hundreds and hundreds of used books. They’ve got everything from Harry Potter to The Pink Panther Work Out Book (yes, you read that right). One of the best parts is the bargain bin, where you can find great books for as low as $2.50. There’s also a small collection of used vinyl records. Lorem Ipsum is a refreshing change from the usual Borders or Barnes and Noble.

boutique fabulous 1309 Cambridge St.

1369 coffee house 1369 Cambridge St.

This café is adorable. They have a delicious selection: both hot and cold drinks along with a full coffee bar and some tasty pastries and mini-meals. But the treats aren’t the only attraction. The staff is incredibly welcoming and friendly and will often strike up a conversation with customers while they prepare orders. Plus the interior with small wooden tables is very homey. Bring a book, a laptop, or a friend and hang out (but be warned, Wi-fi will cost you a few dollars).

winter 2009–2010

Fabulous, indeed. After just one visit, it’s easy to see why Boutique Fabulous was voted Cambridge’s number one gift store. They sell everything: furniture, dishes, secondhand clothing, jewelry, accessories, and art. Some things are vintage, some are new. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, you’re sure to find plenty of funky treasures. Sure, some of the items are a little pricey, but everything in the shop is so cool, you’ll have a hard time resisting. Besides, you saved all that money on lunch, so now you have an excuse to splurge a little.


em magazine- Winter 2010  

I was the Assistant Entertainment Editor and worked on the editorial team to copyedit, conceptualize articles and write articles.

em magazine- Winter 2010  

I was the Assistant Entertainment Editor and worked on the editorial team to copyedit, conceptualize articles and write articles.