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emerson alums making waves in the real world shirts, Kirk concentrates on creating T-shirts that are fun and youthful. “I don’t want to make... a mass-market product. If you know there’s a specific shirt that you only can get in certain places and it’s a limited edition, you’d want that more than a shirt from Pac Sun that everybody has,” says Kirk. Customer-relationship management is an essential aspect of Cavata Clothing. “I want to keep customers and have them grow with the Cavata family and build the brand up together,” says Kirk. “It’s not my brand... it’s everybody’s brand. Everyone is influenced by music and art. I’m just sort of the middle person to bring it all together.”

shane hurlbut


class of 1986

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or cocky, depending on how you receive his strong opinions. “I listen to the director, but I tell him how is movie is going to work,” says Hurlbut. “That works ninety-five percent of the time.” Hurlbut is intent on leaving a different kind of legacy in the film industry. He is currently working on a film about Navy SEALS with his production company Elite Team; his company is set on reducing their eco-footprint and eliminating much of the waste produced in the filming process. Hurlbut went from a crew of 272 people on Terminator Salvation to a crew of fifteen people for Navy SEALS. He was still able to travel the world, but he made better use of his resources. “[There are] less people to feed, less transportation, and we’re using a camera that takes no chemicals to develop…. there’s no waste in that. Everything is a digital entity,” says Hurlbut. “At some point we have to be financially responsible and resourceful.” Hurlbut is also greatly regarded for his knowledge and promotion of the revolutionary Cannon 5D Mark II Camera. The camera is small, relatively affordable, and shoots very high quality videos. “This device is the future,” says Hurlbut. Hurlbut is very confident in his skills and in his ability to use more eco-friendly methods of filming to take over the industry, and he is certainly leading by example. “I’m creating this wave. You either jump on the set or be wiped out by it,” says Hurlbut. “It’s as simple as that.”

winter 2009–2010

hane Hurlbut, famed cinematographer and Emerson graduate from the class of 1986 walks into a quiet conference room in the Walker Building and shakes everyone’s hand with a firm grip and a bellowing “Hello.” “Shane is a really nice guy, and what he is doing is really credible and great,” says Barbara Rutberg, Director of Alumni Relations and Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement. This statement has been genuinely administered by all who have met him, who practically gush over his friendly nature, and his actual presence does not disappoint. As he sits down to have lunch with a few film students, he tells stories about his humble beginnings and big name Hollywood industry professionals with great fervor. He mimics voices and gestures wildly as any great storyteller would. Hurlbut’s objective from behind the lens is to tell these stories with the same kind of excitement and passion that exudes with his demeanor. Hurlbut gave a lecture at Emerson on November 12, about the Cannon 5D Mark II camera, which is a game-changer for the film industry. Hurlbut is a member of the American Society of Photographers and has worked on studio films such as Terminator Salvation (2009) (Director of Photography), Into the Blue (2005), We Are Marshall (2006), and Drumline (2002). Aside from films, Hurlbut has also worked on many commercials for name-brand companies (Visa and Coca-Cola ) and was the Director of Photography for music videos for Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Tori Amos. It was on the set of Terminator Salvation in 2009 that actor Christian Bale made national headlines with his infamous “freak out” to a crew member. That crew member just happened to be Hurlbut. Hurlbut grew up in what he calls a “farm town of 500 people” in Aurora, New York, and attended Emerson College, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Film in 1986. “Boston gave me my urban landscape to dream,” says Hurlbut. Hurlbut has a vision that he shares with his directors in interviews and brainstorming sessions that can come off as confident


em magazine- Winter 2010  

I was the Assistant Entertainment Editor and worked on the editorial team to copyedit, conceptualize articles and write articles.

em magazine- Winter 2010  

I was the Assistant Entertainment Editor and worked on the editorial team to copyedit, conceptualize articles and write articles.