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feel the burn

the low-down on emerson’s fitness classes written by Michelle Gilbert

emerson hosts some wicked fitness classes. if you haven’t yet taken advantage of them yet, here’s a glimpse into four classes from the eyes of an average gym-goer. easy as pie fuggedaboutit difficulty:


circuit training

Spin classes can range from endurance workouts to speed intervals to muscle building with high resistance. Instructors like to change it up to keep your body guessing. A vigorous spin class can burn around 700 calories, but that comes with a lot of sweating! Be sure to bring your own water bottle and maybe even a towel.

I began at the bike, followed by eight pound shoulder lifts, ten pound bicep curls, dips, jump rope, squats, a modified pushup, and finally small rapid scissor kicks while on my back. Circuit training is only thirty minutes so it’s great when you’re short on time, and is not likely to get boring. If you don’t like a station, remember you’re only there for less than a minute. Also, each station can be made easier or more difficult to suit your fitness level.

Spinning is a great cardiovascular work out. It’s non-impact, which means that people with joint problems can still fully participate, and it gives runners’ knees a break. Another great part about spinning is that you can increase or decrease the resistance at your own preference, so if you need a breather just crank that baby down.

You get back what you put into it

kickboxing I’m not sure whether it’s the upbeat music, the high energy level or daydreaming you’re punching a bully/ assailant/ your ex in the face, but this class is fun. I’m not very choreographically inclined, however kickboxing most easily compares to a dance routine (that I can do). The instructor slowly demonstrates each punch, knee, side kick, and back kick before picking up the pace and putting it all together. Near the end of class, instructors usually pull out the yoga mats to focus on stretching, abs, and butts. My derriere has never been so sore. It’s not very difficult, but you will definitely feel the burn

Eight stations target each muscle in the body, 45 seconds per station, with 15-second breaks in-between. Now do it three times. This is circuit training; and while 45 seconds doesn’t seem like much, that’s all it takes for your muscles to scream, “What are you doing to me?!”

It’s difficult but doable

vinyasa yoga If you’ve ever thought yoga was too easy, slow paced, and far from exercise, then you have yet to discover Vinyasa Yoga. I too was a skeptic as I entered the class but I left sweating like a pig. Thats not supposed to happen in yoga, right? The class practiced Vinyasa or “breath-synchronized movements” while quickly shifting from lower push-up, to downward dog, to the bow pose, all while elongating our bodies and as the instructor put it “wringing out our inner organs from toxins and waste.” After forty-five minutes my untrained muscles were begging for the Savasana or “final relaxation period”. I’m surprised to say I left the class feeling more rejuvenated than after any nights-sleep this past semester.




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There’s a balance between difficulty and rejuvenation wipe up your sweat, man: Wipe down your equipment with a towel (and sanitizer). practice good hygiene: Wear deodorant and wash clothes between sessions.

respect time limits: Switch to another machine if you need more time. do not hit on every hottie: That’s not what they came to the gym for.

put your weights away! leave your cell at home. locker room respect: Confidence: walking around a locker room naked. Respect: throwing a towel around yourself. - Michelle Gilbert

em magazine- Winter 2010  

I was the Assistant Entertainment Editor and worked on the editorial team to copyedit, conceptualize articles and write articles.

em magazine- Winter 2010  

I was the Assistant Entertainment Editor and worked on the editorial team to copyedit, conceptualize articles and write articles.