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give me a break continued So, following his freshman year, the Arlington, Mass. native took to the road. After starting a band with some high school friends, he and the Taste of Silver toured the country for four consecutive summers, playing as far away as Arizona, where they ultimately disbanded. “I would not have figured that I would actually be doing this when I was 19,” says Curran. “We were still some obscure hardcore band, but we would go to places on the other side of the country, and people would know us and know our songs.” The experience left an impression on Curran. When he chose to re-apply to Emerson (he was accepted the first time around, but chose to go to Hampshire instead), he wrote his application essay about being a part of the band and touring across the country. Curran’s “super-goal” is to graduate before his 27th birthday, and with all of the extra classes he has taken in between semesters, it is certainly feasible. Though student life at Emerson has taken some warming up to, Curran participated in Emerson’s Next Top Male Model and says he hopes to become more involved in extracurricular activities in the future. Meanwhile, he says he couldn’t be happier with the path that led him to Emerson, and he advocates taking time off. “I think every kid in America should have a gap year,” he says. “Most people have no idea what they want to do when they’re 18, and if they do know what they want to do, then it’s probably not what they’re going to want to do when they’re 22.” Scott Galens here are several things Scott Galens has that many Emerson students do not: a 16-year career under his belt, an associate degree in Horticulture & Landscape Design, and 15 years of homeownership. But right now, Galens says he just wants to be a student. The 40-year-old sophomore Theatre Performance major (with an emphasis in

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acting) has returned to college more than a decade after leaving it, and he has had to adjust to living on-campus. After owning his own home, the regulations of dorm life and the company of suitemates is certainly a change, but Galens says he welcomes these new experiences. He even made a point of attending one of this September’s orientation events, the ever-popular “Hooray.” “There were a couple of awkward moments,” he acknowledges. Greeting a room full of freshmen and young transfer students would certainly amount to that, but Galens adds, “Everybody seemed very encouraging. People who I’ve talked to randomly have been really supportive.” Galens says he had a less-than-positive experience the first time he gave college a try directly out of high school. He says he attended Finger Lakes Community College in upstate New York for about a semester before realizing he was not ready to be a student again. Despite his love of theatre in high school, Galens’s time as a student of music and voice was brief. “I just hated it,” Galens says. He took a year off, and when he returned to Finger Lakes a second time, he completed his studies in Horticulture & Landscape

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Design instead. Galens worked at a family-owned garden center in his hometown for 16 years and kept his love of the stage alive through the occasional performance in local theatre. He says his family and friends encouraged him to pursue his passions and were a driving influence in his decision to return to school. “They were hugely supportive,” Galens says. Though he says his family is now excited, it took some time before they came around. “Their reaction was more subdued,” he says, adding that after living close to home for most of his life, the decision to relocate to Boston was difficult for both him and his mother. When he and his partner sold the property they owned, one of the interested buyers was a professor in Maryland whose daughter had attended Emerson. The professor raved about the college, and Galens looked into the possibility of applying. He visited and knew he wanted to perform in the Cutler Majestic Theatre the moment he first saw it. “This was the only place I applied,” he says. He smiles and shrugs, “And here I am.”

em magazine- Winter 2010  
em magazine- Winter 2010  

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