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About Me

Creating Colourful imagery and playful patterns is what I am passionate about. I draw inspiration from many places such as my immediate surroundings and my childhood home and memories. Having grown up on a traditional farm in the countryside it is only natural that my work focuses on English heritage and nature as well as the quirks of the being human. I am to re invent the traditional and turn it into contemporary work. I had originally never pictured myself studying illustration. However, due to my art foundation, I realised the diversity that the course offers. The huge range of work within the class and the possibility for regular feedback inspired me to continue pushing my practice as well as my illustrative ability. When I started to test my pattern ability within the level 5 project, ‘Life Of Pi’, my confidence grew regarding the combination of my illustrative style with pattern and textiles. Textiles and interior design has always surrounded my childhood because of my dads’ work as a designer. I used to flip through different sample books, touching all the different fabrics and textures and being constantly inspired by the patterns. Within this final major project I have really been able to push my practice to its fullest potential combining my love of illustration and pattern design.

My Work I have always found repetitive art visually appealing, which undoubtedly led me on to work with repeated patterns. I hope that within my patterns the imagery tells a story to the viewer. My ideas are first realised with the use of a fine liner, as it gives me the chance to draw detailed patterns and intricate details within its basic outline. Secondly, I layer a piece of tracing paper or the light box to experiment with colour and pattern on a bolder level. This process really allows me to push my imagery, before integrating it with the pattern designs in the final stage of the process. The final stage consists of layering both my pen work and my colour patterns digitally. At this point you can start to see my work coming together as pattern design due to how the objects are interacting together. I only recently began to explore the possibilities with my pattern designs in Photoshop. Photoshop is an irreplaceable tool that has opened remarkable new options for my practice, as well as being a surprisingly enjoyable learning experience.

Final Major Project My final project focuses on everyday people’s personal collections, specifically looking into English ornaments. Collectors seem to have a repetitive tendency within the theme of their collection, something I saw as a golden opportunity to bring into my project and use to enhance my repeat pattern designs and skills. The theme of my project has also allowed me to create quirky strange objects, which stand out from traditional pattern designs that tend to focus on beauty rather than obscurity. Creating illustrative products, particularly pieces for households and homes, has always been an interest of mine. In previous projects I have collaborated and made quilts as well as lamps. Therefore for my final exhibition I wanted to push my patterns in a similar direction, taking my new achievements in Photoshop to see how they would be seen on interior furnishings.

I have decided to create a small room set up with curtains, pillows and bunting to show my work at its fullest potential. In collaboration with a seamstress in Winton I have produced curtains, as I wanted to get a feel of how it would be working with a third party and what challenges might occur in a potential mass production of my work. I have also made pillows and accessories by hand to bring together two different methods that I could apply in the future.



I decided to enter the Cath Kidston competition as a part of YCN Student Awards. This competition fit my designs perfectly, as it demanded more of skills within Photoshop, Illustrator and pattern design. The brief was very clear and concise about what the client wanted us to produce and what the company was about. I was to create a conversational print in repeat pattern and stepped out in three different colour ways. At this point in my major project I was producing imagery around strange ceramic collected teapots. I thought it would be a great idea to bring together the English love of tea with my quirky contemporary pattern designs. My style may not be particularly similar to Cath Kidston’s, however; a new and unique take on their brief might just be what the company needs. Learning the process of how to make a repeat and stepped out pattern design using 3 different colour ways on Photoshop was very challenging, but, once I got acquainted to all the different techniques the program has to offer, it became an extremely efficient tool for my practice. In fact, I saved so much time using Photoshop that I managed to produce yet another piece for the competition. Overall, this competition has took my practice to another level.Which has urged me on to participate in more.

Following Cath Kidston, I decided to also enter the ‘Oh Deer’ T- Shirt competition. This was a much smaller competition; where your image is put on a t-shirt and whoever sells the most t-shirts, win. I decided to submit my coloured diamond shaped Gnomes, as I feel they have the right look to fit a T-Shirt. Even though this competition isn’t very big, it still is a way of getting my name and work out in the creative world


April 2014 – I made it with my hands Feb 204 – Valentines silent auction Dec 2013 –Christmas silent auction April 2013- Open Space June 2010 – Foundation Exhibition To come- Graduations show – July 2014 During level 5 I was involved in an exhibition at Open space where we showcased our illustrative work. This was the first time I experienced the buzz that comes with being involved in an exhibition and I quickly realised that I wanted to run one as well. I was aware that several of my peers were interested in the ‘handmade’, which I wanted to take advantage of and use as a theme in our new exhibition. Laura and Nicole worked alongside me to co-curate the exhibition.

We researched different local art spaces and eventually decided that The Factory in Boscome was the perfect place to hold the exhibition as it was close to student areas and has great space to showcase our range of work.This was a great opportunity to hone my organisational skills as well as creative ability as the exhibition would demand produced work as well as structure and planning. Aside from the displayed work, we had live art by the entrance and two very talented acoustic sets. Overall it was a great success and the opening night was very busy.

Fundraising Our Illustration class have organized several fundraisers throughout level 6, raising money for our graduate show in London at the Embassy Tea Gallery. I have been involved in the group who organises the events from the very beginning. We have hosted a total of three nights at The Winchester under the name ‘Hullabaloo’. ‘Hullabaloo’ is a night with a fun, tropical, carnival vibe, which we he hoped would help people release some of their stress between heavy work times. When it came to putting on the fundraiser I played a key role in organising and co-hosting the event. Beside from the entrance fee we also had several different activities such as a drawing wall, face paint and polaroid’s. ‘Hullabaloo’ grew for each event and got us a significant step closer to reaching our goal.

Another method for raising money that we put into practice was to start up a fundraising webpage, where other people could donate in order to help us achieve our target. I got responsibility to start the page up for the course and I decided to do it through Indiegogo does the hard work for you and all I had to do was write a description of our course and explain where the funds would be going. I also assigned different perks, which the donators could claim in order to get more for their money. For example if one were to donate £50 then they would gain a selection of limited edition postcards from our year group. I have also been involved in running small stalls; selling clothes and illustrated gifts. We put a stall on at our exhibition ‘I Made It With My Hands’ which brought in around £150 in three days.

Portfolio For my portfolio I decided that the best way to present my fabric pieces was in the form of a fabric sample book as that is most presentable format for showcasing fabrics. I was able to get four digitally printed fabric designs produced before my portfolio review, which I put together with my own label that held the work together. Alongside my physical work I put together an Issuu book that showed my work applied to objects. This format really brings my work to life as you can see how my designs will work printed on a finished product and alternatively see what doesn’t work and figure out how I can improve my designs. My portfolio reveiew with Gina Cross was very helpfull as she was able to give me pointers with agencys and companies to contact. It also gave me the chance to practice my interview techniques and to present my work to its fullest potential .


It was a daunting step to set up my website, as doing so meant fully putting myself out in the public as a creative individual. I decided to use moonfruit, a web based program that helps you to easily design and set up your very own site. I wanted my web page to be bold and colourful as a reflection of my work. I also tried to make my online content current and relevant, hence the focus on my pattern designs. Which is where I hope my practice will be going in the future. I connected my various other online accounts such as my online shop, twitter and blog, so that people can easily browse through my pages and share with their friends and contacts.

As my designs are well suited for objects and products I decided to link my work up to an online shop called The site lets me upload images in different sizes before automatically applying the image design to its products. If the product then sells, I receive a percentage of the profit in addition to getting my work out to the public. I have also signed up to, also an online shop, so hopefully this will be a great way to continually put my work out to sell online.

With every project thus far, I have utilized a blog to showcase my final work. I also keep a separate blog where I document my progress along the way, as well as post anything that inspires me.

Setting up a Twitter account seemed like a big commitment, as I didn’t quite believe in my own ability to ‘tweet’ on a regular basis. However, once I linked up my illustration Facebook page and my Instagram to my Twitter I was able to upload images of my work in progress and final images straight to it, which made it much easier. Eventually I got the hang of it and realised what an amazing networking tool it can be. For example, you can hash tag an image with something relevant to its content and other people online have an opportunity to discover it. I have personally received likes and comments from people in the industry as a result of this, which is very encouraging!

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world, so it is undeniably essential for any form of artist to get more exposure. So, I decided to start up an illustration page through Facebook so that my friends could see the progression within my work and share it with others. I also choose to set up an Instagram account which is a camera application that lets you quickly capture and upload images. It can also be hugely beneficial for artists as it lets one link up to all other social media accounts. Similarly to twitter, it can be seen from around the world with the use of ‘hash tags’ enabling me to get my name out there and hopefully seen by a variety of people. Pinterest is another great way of collecting inspiration and uploading work. I use it mainly to build up inspiration as one can easily “pin” anything that grabs ones attention and it will elegantly sort it out on your personal page.

Business Brain I decided to use to create business cards with. They have a huge variety of basic templates that help you start off or you can create your very own completely from scratch. I decided to use a template as I didn’t want anything to fussy, I wanted to keep it simple showing a variety of my pattern designs. I was so happy with the overall look as they looked very professional.

I want to build up a collection of promotional freebies that I can give out to people alongside my business cards to bring awareness to my work. I started this by making some badges using my pattern designs. I loved the overall look, however, so many in our class are using this method so I wanted to try to make something a little bit different. This led me on to create fabric-buttons using the fabric I had left from samples. This was a unique way of making sure my leftover fabric samples didn’t go to waste. I continued by sowing some of the buttons onto an old cardigan to see how they looked on a garment. In order to sell the buttons, I wanted to make something fun and therefore created display cards that the buttons are sown onto. On the display cards I’ve written simple instructions on how to make an old item of clothing feel new by simply sowing on my funky buttons.

I have created an up to date artist CV containing all the relevant information for my practice, such as work experience, jobs, exhibitions and interests. Making this has made me feel more prepared to approach companies and to put my work out there.

The final piece to be added to my promotional pack was some postcard sized images which people can pick up for free at exhibitions and events. That way they get a small pattern design of mine with my name and contact details on the back... in case they want to order more.

The Future

The step into the REAL WORLD is a very daunting one! But, I feel much more prepared for it than I thought I would at this point due to all of the different things I have had to prepare, such as my website and my other online sites. The creation of my business cards and promotional packs have also strengthened my confidence as an independent illustrator and pattern designer. Hopefully, our graduate exhibition in London will be a beneficial platform to show our work to the public as well as industry professionals. Applying for internships Putting my work out there through competitions and online sites is only the first step towards preparing for my artistic future. I have also started sending out emails, contacting various companies which I have found through internet research and tips from my friends and family. Thus far I have contacted Peagrean studios, Paperchase, Cath Kidston, Urban Outfitters, Oh Dear , Textile Agency’s and Print and, and I want to continue to send out additional emails throughout the summer. My aim is to do a selection of internships or work experience so I can get a feel of the different companies and find out where my work and I fit in best. I have also signed up to a range of artist job sites such as Ideas Tap, LinkedIn, Arts Council England, Dezeen and This will hopefully be a quick and efficient way for searching online for the best possible opportunities. Creating more exhibitions Over the summer while I am still in Bournemouth I would also love to create some more exhibitions for myself and other artists to make sure the creative ball keeps rolling, as I loved bringing together everyones work in the “I made it with my hands�-exhibition. I have always enjoyed collaborating as it brings different styles and methods together and pushes your own boundaries as an artist. The final activity I want to embark on over the summer is set up stalls at events (for example festivals) so I can sell my work. Hopefully, in doing so I will keep making work throughout the summer and preferably earning some money. Moving out Once my lease runs out in Bournemouth I will be heading home for a short stay and then hopefully be moving to London, Bristol or somewhere completely different! My main goal is to find a creative environment where I can continue to push my work while also being around creative individuals in all different areas of the arts.

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Professional Practice