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Painful Foot Conditions

Heel Pain



Heel pain is a common foot problem and has a number of possible causes. The most common cause is plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone. Other frequent causes of heel pain include soft tissue inflammation, such as bursitis or a pinched nerve.

Ingrown Toenails

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An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of a toenail grows or is pressed into the skin edge. It usually occurs at the edge of the big toenail as a result of shoe pressure.

Achilles Tendinosis

Achilles tendinosis is a condition of chronic irritation and damage to the Achilles tendon. This is a different condition from tendonitis, a problem that is characterized by inflammation of the tendon.

Flat Feet

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Flat feet or flat foot is often a disorder with a diverse range of symptoms and varying degrees of deformity and disability. All cases of flat feet or flat foot are a result of a collapse of the arch of the foot causing your entire foot to lay flat when standing.


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A bunion is a large bump on the side of foot, just below the big toe joint. It's the result of the big toe shifting out of position over time and pressing against the second toe, which results in abnormal stress on the big toe joint and surrounding ligaments.

Corns and Calluses

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Calluses are thickened areas of skin over parts of the feet where excessive amounts of pressure or friction occur. Calluses at the heel can become painful if they fissure, or split open. Corns occur on the toes where they rub against the shoe.


Osteoarthritis is the breakdown of cartilage within a joint from physical wear-and-tear. The joint damage manifests as decreased joint space, worn cartilage, and bone spurs surrounding the joint.



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Painful foot conditions  

Painful feet can affect our ability to enjoy the most basic activities in our daily lives. A variety of things can cause foot and ankle pain...

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