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Foot Corns, Calluses & Blister Treatment

At RNV Podiatry We Specialize in Providing the Most Advanced Treatment for Foot and Ankle Disorders

From routine foot treatment to advanced foot and ankle surgery, RNV Podiatry offers a comprehensive list of podiatric services.Â

A callus is a build up, thickening and hardening, of the skin, usually under the ball of the foot, due to consistent pressure and friction to that area.

Blisters are smaller than a callus and typically have a soft center surrounded by inflamed skin. 

Foot calluses and blisters are often confused for being the same thing, however there are differences.

Corns are smaller than a callus and typically have a hard center surrounded by inflamed skin. 

Your feet are important. We provide the accessibility and personal commitment you expect from an expert podiatrist.Â

Contact us: • ADDRESS: RNV Podiatry 6300 West Parker Road, MOB 2, Suite 425 Plano, TX 75093 • Phone: (214) 385-8822 •


Foot corns, calluses & blister treatment  

At RNV Podiatry, Dr. Rachel N. Verville provides you with the best medical advice regarding your feet, the most advanced treatments for your...

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