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A Message from Cathy The chaos of the Turnbull Government has continued over the past couple of months and Australians are tired of this totally incompetent government. In recent weeks Prime Minister Turnbull shutdown Parliament because he did not have the numbers on the floor. He did a spectacular back flip on a Royal Commission into the Banking and Finance Industry.

The Member for Dawson,

George Christianson back flipped on supporting the Cuts to Penalty Rates, which will hurt 13,900 people in his electorate. The Government lost control of the floor on vote. The Senate passed the Marriage Equality Bill and rejected the Cuts to Penalty Rates. Marriage Equality will be legislated before Christmas. The people of Herbert and I did not want an expensive $122 million postal survey that caused hurt and distress for many LGBTIQ people. I spoke in Parliament in support of Marriage Equality with my daughter present. I am enormously proud of the Herbert community’s YES vote and I thank everyone who supported our LGBTIQ brothers and sisters. I wish everyone a peaceful, safe and joyous Christmas and happy New Year. Take the time to reflect on the passed year and be grateful for what you have in order to prepare for the coming year.

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HERBERT’S YEAR IN REVIEW As 2017 comes to a close it is time to reflect on the past year and to take stock of what has been achieved in order to prepare for the coming year. Since my election in July 2016, I have been determined to work collaboratively with all of the people in the Herbert Electorate, including community and business leaders to lift confidence in our great city. I have worked with the Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten to secure funding for a number of crucial areas as well as continually challenging the Turnbull Government to match Labor's commitments. I am committed to being a strong voice for Herbert in Canberra by delivering results that will benefit our region. To date a Shorten Federal Labor Government will deliver: • $100 million for a long term solution for Townsville’s water infrastructure as recommended by the Townsville Water Task Force. • $200 million to develop Hydro on the Burdekin Falls Dam to put downward pressure on power costs and assist in the just transition to alternative energy. • $1 billion for a Northern Australian Tourism Infrastructure Facility to develop the tourism industry in the north and create new jobs. • $1 billion for a new Australian Manufacturing Future Fund to drive innovation and help Australian manufacturers grow their businesses and create new jobs. • A Family Engagement and Support Strategy for Serving Defence Personnel, Veterans and Ex-Serving personnel and their families that will provide greater support for defence communities. I have established a number of Community Reference Groups in order to ensure that our voice is heard in the development of Labor policy in Canberra. The Townsville Defence Community Reference Group has played a critical role in the establishment of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Trial, now known as Project Compass. The Townsville Veterans Suicide Prevention Trial is the most advanced in the country as a result of the grassroots collaboration and hard work of the members of the Townsville Defence Community Reference Group and the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network. The Aged Care, Health, Mental Health, NDIS and Education Community Reference Groups have also been working collaboratively to provide essential advice that will inform policy development from a local perspective.

HERBERT’S YEAR IN REVIEW The newly formed Energy Community Reference Group has bought energy representatives from the energy and agriculture industries, peak bodies, the union movement, LEAN, local electricians and financial institutions together to work with the community to identify energy solutions for our region. Townsville and North Queensland are ideally placed to be an Energy Hub for Northern Australia and Asia into the future. I have visited a local small business every week since being elected to discuss the challenges and opportunities that small businesses owners are facing in our community. Without fail every business owner has raised the impact of high energy costs on their operating costs. In order to support the Buy Local Campaign I also promote the small business on my MP Facebook Page. Townsville is my home, I was born, raised, married and raised my children in this wonderful community and we are a resilient and innovative community. As the Federal Member I am committed to working collaboratively with community members, business and community leaders, my colleagues at the state and local levels of government to create a positive and thriving future for this great city. I am proud to be a member of the Labor Party where we work every day to ensure a "fair go" for every citizen. Strong economies are built on a thriving society with leadership that listens and acts in a decisive and courageous manner. I wish everyone a peaceful, joyful and safe Christmas and if you are travelling stay safe. Enjoy previous time with your family, friends and loved ones.

On the final day of my Annual Deployed Soldier Christmas Appeal, the Thuringowa Alice River Lion’s Club donated 405 mini Lion’s Christmas Cakes. This donation is a wonderful example of the generosity in our great community. I am sure that the men and women currently deployed overseas will truly enjoy their taste of home, because everyone loves a Lion’s Christmas Cake. I would like to say a huge thank you to the President of the Thuringowa Alice River Lions Club, Ken Archer, the Club members and the Townsville community for your contributions to this year’s Annual Deployed Soldier Christmas Appeal. I’d also like to say a special thank you to the businesses that provided a location for the donations zones; Townsville RSL, Annandale Central, Woolworths Rasmussen, Stockland Customer Care, Woolworths North Shore, City Lane Woolworths and Parkside Plaza. The amazing generosity of the people of Townsville has enabled my office staff and I to box up 120 Care Packages for the deployed members serving overseas during the Christmas holiday period. The Townsville community has been extremely generous in supporting this Appeal and I know that our deployed defence members will appreciate their Care Package from home, especially at Christmas time. I am very aware that it is very difficult to be away from family at Christmas time and this little gift is our communities way of saying thank you. I also say thank you to your families as they too will be missing you at this time.

On Wednesday 15th of November 2017, Australia responded with a resounding YES to the Marriage Equality Postal Survey. Over 79% of the country participated in the survey with the results showing 61.6% voted YES. In total, 12, 727, 920 Australians participated in the survey, which is a higher participation rate than the participation rate in political elections.

On Thursday 30th November 2017, the same week that the Parliament Sitting was cancelled, Malcolm Turnbull back flipped and announced a Royal Commission into the Banking and Finance Industry.

I sat with tears streaming down my face as the results were announced. I want to say a huge thank you to each and every person who showed their support during this campaign. It was a hard fought victory especially for our LGBTIQ community.

It has taken 601 days for Malcolm Turnbull to finally agree to Labor’s Royal Commission into the Banking and Finance Industry. Let’s be clear, the reason for the Prime Minister’s decision was simply because the Banks told him it was ok! The Prime Minister and his Government have previously ignored the calls from Federal Labor, Australian families, small business owners and whistle blower’s. The banks wrote the Prime Minister a letter and on that same day he back flipped on a Royal Commission.

The results show that human rights matter to us locally and nationally. The Senate voted 43 to 12 in favour of the Dean Smith Bill on Same Sex Marriage, the Bill that has bipartisan agreement without discriminating amendments. On Thursday 7th December 2017, the Marriage Equality Bill finally passed through the House of Representatives. Australians can be proud we have finally delivered equality and human rights for LGBTIQ communities in our nation. Love Wins.

A strong leader does not constantly back flip on important issues. Malcolm Turnbull is desperate to save his own job. We must not forget that the Turnbull Government voted in favour of the banks 20 times in Parliament. I voted with Federal Labor for a Royal Commission and I will continue to call on the Government to consult with the Opposition to ensure that a comprehensive Royal Commission occurs.

In Herbert, 76,551 residents returned their survey with 48,110 people returning a YES vote. That is 62.8% of our community supporting the legislation to allow our LGBTIQ brothers and sisters to marry.

The week commencing the 27th of November 2017 was a planned Parliamentary Sitting Week. However, the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull cancelled the sitting due to his lack of numbers on the floor. There were 53 pieces of business to be dealt with in the House for the last two sitting weeks, it was unacceptable for the Turnbull Government to prevent elected representative to from doing their job. Just because the Government was expecting to have a tough couple of weeks at work does not mean that they should not show up. The Bills on the table in the House were Penalty Rates, A Royal Commission i n to t h e B a nk in g a n d Finance Industry and Marriage Equality. It is a slap in the face to all hardworking Australians who show up to work each and everyday prepared for whatever the day, week or month may bring. The Turnbull Government needs to lead by example and show committed leadership.

What first-time IT managers really need to know.

Meet Vicki Trevanion Vicki first moved to Townsville in 1987 as a musician and performer at the Seaview Hotel. Her passion for music and wild sense of humour has enabled her career to blossom in the Townsville community. As a supply teacher Vicki has taught music at many local Primary Schools over the years. Today her musical knowledge is shared with the primary students at Mundingburra State School. Vicki has also utilised her passion for music to help raise awareness of Older Person’s Abuse issues. As the Musical Director for Seniors Creating Change, a group that raises awareness regarding elder abuse, Vicki feels she can assist to give a voice to older persons who are often silenced. Vicki is also the President of the Townsville Region Committee on the Ageing as well as the Secretary of the Saunders Beach Community Centre. Vicki has had a successful career spanning over 35 years. Vicki’s music has been recorded and she has been invited to perform at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Vicki is motivated by the joy entertainment brings to people’s lives. Her belief in a strong work life balance has played a major role in Vicki’s involvement in the Townsville community. Vicki is thankful that she was welcomed with open arms to Townsville, she loves our city and the great lifestyle so much that she could never bring herself to leave.

I want to hear from you! Far too often good news stories are never heard in our community. I want to share the wonderful achievements that are happening in Herbert in order to showcase our great city in a positive light!

What first-time IT managers really need to know.

St Clare's Catholic School Townsville Newsletter, November Edition 2017

I am pleased to invite Expressions of Interest from the Herbert community to apply for funding under the Armistice Centenary Grants Program. The Armistice Centenary Grants Program is a one-off grants program that supports local community-based commemorative projects and activities that commemorate the end of the First World War in order to remember Australian service men and women from all conflicts and to celebrate a just and secure peace. I would like to hear from any group that has any ideas regarding the commemoration or celebration of the end of the First World War in our community. Grant funding from $3,000 to $50,000 may be available to organisations that are eligible for projects. Full details on eligibility can be found on the Grant Opportunity Guidelines at To have your proposal considered, please contact my office to receive a full project plan that must be completed and returned to my office by Thursday 25th of January, 2018 via email to The Community Consultation Committee will review all proposals against the funding specifications stated in the program. The Committee will develop a short list of applicants, who will be invited to submit a formal application to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, via a link provided at that time. If you have any questions












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Last year I launched the ‘Cathy Talks Business with Townsville” segment on social media. Every week I visit a locally owned and operated small business to discuss both successes and challenges. Most importantly my aim is to reinforce the “by local” theme and to promote the business. Supporting our local small business community helps create employment in our city. Experience has taught me that there is no better way to source the facts than to talk with the people who are on the frontline of business! If you own a business in Townsville and would like to be involved, please contact my office on 4725 2066.

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Cathy's Chronicle November December 2017  

November December Edition 2017

Cathy's Chronicle November December 2017  

November December Edition 2017