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CATHY LOVE Occupational Therapist Coach Speaker Author

For first time readers a quick intro, I am Cathy Love an Occupational Therapist, Coach, Author and Speaker. I am the founding director of Nacre Consulting and I work with parents and disability service providers to achieve brilliant outcomes for children with special needs. I provide a range of services: • Private practice coaching to business owners • Family Service Coaching to help parents manage their child’s team and services • Clinical supervision to individuals and teams • Service delivery consultation to disability service providers More to be read about all that over on my website www.nacre.com.au Each month I write up news, useful information and pearls of wisdom for those working with children and families in the disability sector. Given that it is a rapidly changing landscape and one that is increasingly privatised there is lots of news to be shared.

Welcome. Happy New Year, 2017 is going to be amazing. Many of you are on leave, taking a well-deserved chance to recharge for the year ahead and to connect with family and friends. Enjoy. A surprising number of my clients are returning to work early in January; I am impressed. Their days are booked with new clients, assessments, groups, sessions, home visits, community visits and more. Others are writing eBooks, online courses, tip sheets, workshops and developing downloadable resources. Rest assured, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. As for me, I am working right through the break – writing, refining product development, reading, coaching, nutting out business and marketing plans with my clients. The great thing about working during school holidays is having uninterrupted time; being able to both start and finish activities. January is also the perfect time to look far, far ahead and plan the entire year. I am in the “planning and doing” phase with my clients. My new journal should arrive shortly; my vision board is ready-to-go, my whiteboard is overflowing and I have my big plan just about done. By the end of January I intend to have completed my quarterly social media content and e-mag schedule, finalise downloadable documents and client online membership content, and have campaigns for all of the above good to go. Bring It On. However, it’s not “all work and no play”. Admittedly, I have more time for walks, catch-ups, lunches and dreaming. I am currently writing in a lovely garden, and have the beach just minutes away. Whatever it is that you have planned for your January, enjoy it, as term will be starting before we know it. In this edition we have articles about 2017 planning and resolutions, onboarding staff, file audits, why you need a VA, the legalities of e-commerce and much more. So grab the sunnies, a hat and cold drink, then settle somewhere with fresh air for ten minutes to read our January 2017 edition. Let’s. Do This.

Cathy Cathy Love Director of Nacre Consulting


CONTENTS 02 Introduction Meet Cathy Love 04 Invest in Yourself 06 COVER FEATURE: Onboarding Your New Recruits Successfully 07 Private Practice Coaching Becoming Chief Book 08 3 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Increase Your Efficiency Guest Writer - Anita Kilkenny 09 Barbara Anderson Coaching workshop 10 Paeds Biz Podcast Promote Your Services 12 COVER FEATURE: 2017 Business Planning 13 5 Reasons Why You Should Conduct a File Audit 14 Team talk 15 5 Things You Need to Know About Selling Products Online (E-Commerce) Guest Writer – Anthony Lieu 16 Downloadable Documents


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My current reading and listening lists are a mix of business and personal development content, with one or two rogue elements for fun. I currently aim to cover these off for about one hour each day; I book this into my calendar to ensure this happens even when I am super busy. The best thing about summer break is the extra reading and listening time. This year I am rereading a few favourites and tackling some new ones too.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey. Covey provides a step-bystep pathway for living with fairness, integrity, service, and human dignity – principles which he says are essential to giving us the security we need to adapt to change, and the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities that those changes create.


How to Thrive Under the NDIS – A Pathway to Sustainability for Service Providers, Fran Connelley. The NDIS is the most significant market disrupter this sector has ever experienced. “How to Thrive Under the NDIS” is written for CEOs of disability organisations to help them handle the transformation from running a charity that is heavily-dependent on government funding, to overseeing a financially sustainable, non-profit in the new world order of the NDIS.

Unscramble Your Numbers – Unlock the Secrets to Your Gary Keller has identified Business Cashflow, Amanda that behind every Fisher. successful person is their “ONE Thing”. No matter If you want to stop stressing your cashflow, how success is measured, about “Unscramble Your Numbers” whether it’s by personal or professional means, Keller is the definitive step-byposits that only the ability step guide to understanding cashflow and to dismiss distractions and business reporting for concentrate on your “ONE financial Thing” stands between better decisions. you and your goals. “The ONE Thing” is about getting extraordinary results in every situation. The One Thing, Gary Keller.


The podcast list continues to grow. Here are the ones I added this month. The Moth According to its website (https://themoth.org/about): “Moth shows are renowned for the great range of human experience they showcase. Each show starts with a theme, and the storytellers explore it, often in unexpected ways. Since each story is true and every voice authentic, the shows dance between documentary and theatre, creating a unique, intimate, and often enlightening experience for the audience.” Conversations with Richard Fidler This one is new to me and I am only a couple of episodes in but I am loving it. From http://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/ conversations/: “Conversations with Richard Fidler draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may, or may not, have heard about - someone who has seen and done amazing things.”

10 questions with Adam Zwar A podcast where Adam Zwar asks different individuals the same 10 questions, then marvels at the different ways they choose to answer them. (https://www.facebook.com/10QuestionsWithAdamZwar/)

Dent with Glen Carlson This one is an ongoing favourite; despite the episodes being long there is amazing detail and stories to learn from. According to his website, Glen is a business geek and loves getting behind the scenes of other people’s businesses to find out how they did it. This podcast spotlights the stories of influencers in various industries from countries around the world so if you want to create a personal brand get better conversions learn key business skills and find practical and innovative ways to grow a business and make a dent in the universe, this show is for you. “How I built this,” hosted by Guy Raz “These fascinating conversations are for innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. Each episode is a narrative journey marked by triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight — told by the founders of some of the world’s best known companies and brands.” (http://www.npr.org/programs/)

Chat 10 Looks 3. I am a huge fan of Annabelle Crabb and Leigh Sales and their podcast is hilarious. Enjoy. “Annabelle and Leigh talk about books, television, radio, movies, food, politics and whatever else they feel like. Even show tunes.” (http://www.chat10looks3.com/)



SUCCESSFULLY “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.” - Sir Richard Branson. The first few weeks or days of a new recruit entering your business is critical to the success of your ability to effectively lead and manage the whole team, as well as the long-term happiness and productivity of the new recruit him- or herself. As the business owner you must understand your legal obligations. You also need to prepare effective policies and procedures and engage the whole team in inducting the new recruit. Here are some tips to help you prepared.

basis as your business requirements change. Review all onboarding procedures, checklists, task lists and delegations to ensure this change is captured and easy for the new recruit to digest. Update, update, update. You want your new team-mate(s) to step forward with your current best practice. Set tasks and times and who is responsible for those tasks. You don’t have to do it all on your own. If you have senior therapists and administrative staff, list the activities they can do, discuss the assigned with them, and upskill them as required. Carefully allocate specific tasks to certain days and people; both the trainer and new recruit need to sign off once the agreed tasks are specified.

A new recruit is most likely to leave in their first three months, which is not good for anybody. What can you do more effectively to help ensure that new recruits settle optimally? Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

It’s more than clinical skills. Small business in the disability sector is all about customer service, articulating your values and providing excellent administrative services. Make sure these vital topics are introduced to your staff during their early weeks and then reinforced ongoing. I can’t emphasise this enough.

Check over your Employee Handbook (or equivalent). It is mandatory to have policies and procedures addressing Workplace Health and Safety. Other obligations are outlined in the agreements you have with third parties such as Medicare, NDIA, DSS, including Privacy, Information Handling, Complaint Management and more. It would be ideal to review these agreements and to refamiliarise yourself with the obligations imposed by the laws overseen by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

HR resources may be one area that you do need to obtain specialist advice. Several agencies provided dedicated small business support and are well-worth speaking to. Ultimately, you need to read, review and understand your legal obligations, those of your employees, and how those obligations will be understood and complied with by everyone in your team, including any new recruits.

Review your procedures and checklists. Your business operations change (or should change) on an ongoing

How will you check up on your legal obligations? What needs to be done? What are your timeframes?


PRIVATE PRACTICE COACHING How could a private practice coach help you? Need a hand with policies and procedures? Where is your business plan up to? Not sure where to start with marketing? Keen for some people management ideas? Cathy Love is a specialist business coach who helps paediatric private practitioners run powerful and profitable businesses. As a private practice pioneer in the 1990’s, Cathy started, sustained and sold a successful seven figure business. She understands the lurking fear of failure, the stress of being an under-skilled manager and never having enough time to do anything well. She gets the loneliness, the worry and the frustration of being chronically over worked and under recognised. Through her coaching programs, her clients gain skills and confidence to develop business plans, policies and procedure manuals, manage and lead people, develop innovate products, understand profit, market their services and install strong processes. They get their management mojo kicked into gear. Do you want to be left feeling energised and significantly more confident in your ability to assertively manage your business?


As a parent of a child with special needs there is always a lot going on. Parents may feel overwhelmed by child development experts, therapy, appointments and complex systems. This leaves parents tired, overwhelmed and feeling guilty that they should be able to do it all for their child. Becoming Chief is a book written for parents and service providers. It is written to help parents find their way, gather their support tribe, set goals and manage their child’s team and program. All the tough topics are covered, wonderful real life stories told and mountains of parent wisdom shared. It is easy to read, practical and energising. Becoming Chief is written by Cathy Love, Occupational Therapist, Coach, Speaker and Author. She writes to her passion of helping parents feel strong, informed and organised so that they can powerfully advocate for their child. Cathy is available to speak or Skype at your next event. Her book has been reviewed by Source Kids Magazine, Amaze, USA’s Autism Parenting Magazine and other publications.

Buy your copy today Want the kindle edition? FREE POSTAGE AUSTRALIA WIDE


3 WAYS A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT CAN INCREASE YOUR EFFICIENCY Would you like to get 5 hours (or more) back each week? Research shows that on average, businesses spend at least 10 to 15 hours a week on non-core, unbillable tasks. So, if you’re earning say, $150 an hour, taking all day to do a particular admin or social media task (and tearing your hair out while doing so), it makes sense to pay someone $50 an hour to complete the task in half the time and possibly with twice as much skill. Virtual Assistants not only save you time and money, but they increase your productivity by improving your efficiency. Here are the Top 3 ways a VA can increase your efficiency …

#3 … CRM Maintenance Transform that pile of business cards into a centralised, electronic Customer Relationship Manager (“CRM”) where you can track communications and potential earnings from clients. Awesome CRMs include Capsule, Insightly, 17Hats or the big gun, Infusionsoft. Most, if not all, integrate with email marketing programs and accounting packages, again streamlining and automating processes. Release the admin, regain your time, and focus on your core business activity. What will you outsource to a Virtual Assistant to make your business more efficient?

#1 … Setting Up Processes How much time are you spending on everyday tasks? Do you ever wonder if there is an easier way of doing things? There are tons of programs available now that can help streamline and automate these everyday functions and a VA can help pinpoint these for you, set them up and get them working for you. #2 … Social Media Management We all know that social media can be and is very time-consuming. Sure, you can do it yourself, it’s not rocket science but is it a good use of your time? A VA can create and curate your content, and schedule your posts using programs such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Recurpost, just to name a few. They can also gather data and report on your social media effectiveness.


Anita Kilkenny Head Goddess at The Holistic Virtual Assistant hello@theholisticva.com.au www.theholsticva.com.au Author Bio Anita started her virtual career started back in 1994 helping solopreneurs with their administration and secretarial needs and, more recently, with social media, email marketing and online events. She is Australiabased and focuses on the health and wellness sector.


My coach training was the most powerful personal and professional development I ever invested in. WOW. It reframed so much of what I was doing, added definition to my OT skills and extended my thinking for what I could do in the future. The fully accredited Coach Training Program for allied health professionals was a 60-hour program. It started with an intense and remarkable 40-hour week with a small groups of clinicians. This was followed with 20 hours of teleconferencing and private study and reflection. From the first few hours I was coaching, receiving supervision and reflecting on my practice. I quickly learnt how it fitted in with my OT and management practice and personal style. It was an instant match and coaching has since become my most powerful tool. By the end of the week I understood and could demonstrate the 11 Core Competencies of Coaching, I understood coaching theories with an emphasis on the GROW model. I had witnesses master level coaching and been coached personally. I knew how to weave it into my business on all levels, with stakeholders, team members and clients. I am delighted to announce that Barbara Anderson who I trained with will be presenting a powerful one day Introduction to Coaching. So excited to share this incredible program with you. Learning Outcomes include: • An understanding of Coaching Theory • An understanding of the 11 Core Competencies of Coaching • Knowledge and application of the GROW model of coaching • Appreciation of how you can use a Coach Approach with your team and clients • Experience of being coached and coaching others Barbara is an ICF master coach and internationally sought after ICF accredited trainer. This one day Introduction to Coaching will contribute to any further Coach training you may do with Barbara and ICF. Saturday 11th February 2017 9.00am - 4.00pm Oaks on Market - 60 Market St Melbourne Your investment: $350.00 including GST BOOK YOUR SPOT TODAY Barbara Anderson is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, with an extensive background in Corporate, Business, Information Technology, Management, and Training and Development. Qualifications include the Certificate in NeuroLeadership; Graduate Certificate HRM & Coaching, from University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Business in Human Resources and Psychology, and the Certificate 1V Training and Assessment.




Cathy has started recording the first series of her podcast. The intention is to capture stories and pearls of wisdom from private practitioners who serve children and families. Each episode will be light, chatty, short, practical and not at all scary. We are super keen to hear your story. Whether you are a small start-up, struggling to grow, or maybe thriving and oversubscribed, all stories are unique, powerful and help others. Additional guests will include the advisors that we all need, digital marketers, customer service coaches, HR consultants, lawyers, web designers, social media guru’s and more. Most of all we want to chat with private practice owners. P.S. the tech side of thigs is really easy. Who’s up for sharing their experiences, promoting their services and helping mates? Email me cathy@nacre.com.au - we can chat and book in a time.


TARGET MARKET? We have had quite a few enquiries about advertising in our emag. Such a good idea, why didn’t we think of that?

From February we are selling advertising space. Your one-eighthof-a-page advert will be seen by up to 3200 paediatric allied health professionals. Paeds Biz is a perfect way to promote your clinical supervision services, online store for therapists, online courses, software … We may even get our favourite graphic designers, accountants, practice management software providers profiling their wares. Our mission to help private practitioners, the rates are uber reasonable. We can do the art work for a small additional fee. Find out more today. Please email info@nacre.com.au and let’s make this happen.



This e-mag is hosted by a platform called Issuu. I only discovered that this was a thing last year and have since enjoyed a variety of reads. I would love you to follow Paeds Biz on Issuu. Here’s how you do it. Clicking ‘Follow Publisher’ below the publication you are reading OR By clicking the green “Follow” button on our profile page. Once that is done, you’ll see all new uploads and stack additions from Cathy Love in your Feed.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION Cathy follows and shares posts from national and international small business, disability, news and general interest agencies. Our posts are targeted to paediatric private practitioners who want to who want to be super informed and confident to run their businesses even better. Typical content includes NDIA, education, HR, financial management, marketing, people management and well being. Come on over and join us. Click on the links to follow us today.ney NSW




‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’. January provides time to revisit your business plan, set goals and determine how to successfully implement it all. We want ideas off the wish-list, goals kicked into reality and marketing actioned. Let’s go. Mid-Year or New Year planning. Book time to check your business plan in June and July (if you run to the financial year), or write your 2017 plan now. Yes, it takes time. Yes, you need to know all your numbers inside out. Yes, you need a business plan. I urge you to plan for your lifestyle and your business. To support you with this, we have designed an easy-to-use template specifically for paediatric allied health business owners. Sound useful? It is our gift to the first 7 readers who email me at this address cathy@nacre.com.au We know how to set goals. We were trained to do this, we set goals with clients every day. Now… let’s set them for ourselves and our businesses. Remember to check them weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to measure progress and tweak activities. Here are some ideas to get you started: • How many hours do you want to be working? • How many new referrals do you need per month? • What’s your 2017 revenue and your personal income goal? • When will you take holidays and where will you go? • How many workshops, downloadable documents, and/or online courses will you sell?


How’s your marketing plan looking? Have you deep-dived to profile your clients; do you truly understand their worries, hopes and future needs? Understanding your market and your target market is “Marketing 101”. Relationship building and content marketing are contemporary ways of reaching your market and target market. Now’s the time to define the content you’ll create and curate and the channels you will use to deliver your content to them: face-toface, social media, web events, newsletters, videos, fact sheets … ideally all of the above. Once term starts it will be operational chaos, so get strategic while you can. Transforming your wishes into reality with a business plan, setting your goals, strategically planning your marketing via great content, and working out how to build and reinforce customer relationships are the big ticket items to work on during the summer break. I am working all through summer on all these and more for my own business. Don’t be shy, you can give me a call any day. How will you implement your marketing plan? What are your next steps with your business plan? How well do you know your business numbers?



Most practices have a combination of paper files and digital files, with information in at least two places (or more, if you or your team use multiple gadgets such as tablets, laptops and phones to communicate about and do your work). Quieter holiday weeks are perfect for tackling a file audit. Whilst it’s not hard, it is timeconsuming. Select three clients from each of your clinicians, then browse their files. Here are five reasons why this is good for your business. 1. Ensuing consistency If your training and support is adequate, all your clinicians should be completing assessments, letters, reports, session notes and reviews in a consistent manner. This ensures your customers are experiencing consistent services from everyone in your team. 2. Performance management An absence of documents (email and conversation logs being the usual culprits) is problematic. Excessive deviation from recommended formats and style can be equally concerning. How will you get the clinicians’ documentation and compliance with record-keeping obligations back-on-track? 3. Alignment to policy and procedures If you find concise, correct and complete files, congratulations, your policies and procedures are well-defined, understood and meticulously


implemented. The reality may be that your team needs a refresher on what’s required and why. How will you do this? 4. Review of standard templates As you audit the files you may notice that they don’t reflect the way you currently speak and deliver services. Templates may be dated and the language a bit tired. NDIS providers would pick up on this instantly. How will you re-work your templates and communicate the updates to your team? 5. Current client content Pause and consider your clients’ perspectives. What would it be like to receive these emails, phones calls, letters, and reports from your business? What could be done to make them even more positive, respectful and family-centred? You may be able to delegate or share the file audit to senior clinical staff, keeping in mind your obligations to staff under privacy laws. A hefty to-do list could be generated from the audit. Plan the actions that are required and tackle each systematically. The ultimate result will help your business become more efficient, quality-driven and client-obsessed.

TEAM TALK 2017 Team Talk is a unique series of 10 live and interactive Paediatric PD teleconference calls Cathy Love (OT), Megan Ingram (SLP) and special expert guests will present and discuss topics central to contemporary multi-disciplinary service delivery to children with special needs. The series is perfect for occupational therapists, speech pathologists, special educators and psychologists. Join us for a lunch and learn event on the first Tuesday of the month at 12.30pm Melbourne time. There is room at the virtual lunch table for all. Think convenient, niche, bite sized, Q&A professional development without the internet, accommodation and travel hassles. Positive outcomes include: • Deeper understanding of core concepts relevant to working with children with special needs • Spring boarding into new ideas, resources and practical strategies • Expanded knowledge and application of team work, family centered practice and coaching • Building professional networks nationwide • Re-energise your professional practice Reference and pre-reading materials will be sent to you via email prior to the teleconference. Calls are recorded and a link provided for future listening. In addition to the 10 hours of awesome content and support materials you will receive one free 30 minute one-on-one power coaching call with Cathy Love or Megan Ingram. Your Investment is AUD $495 incl. GST (for all 10 teleseminars) Early Bird Rate is AUD $445 incl. GST (book by 30th January 2017)


Here’s the 2017 Programme March 7 Supporting students with ASD at school April 4 iPad apps for intervention May 2 Delivering services in a NDIA world June 6 Helping families have fun out in the community July 4 What’s Praxis, what is the best practice? Aug 1 Toxic start to life – drugs, cortisol, alcohol Sep 5 Understanding the attachment theory in children Oct 3 Team approach to C.P Nov 14 Update: Funding and supports for students with specific learning difficulties Dec 5 Magic Mealtimes: Teaming around tricky eaters

Contact cathy@nacre.com.au if you wish to discuss group rates or an invoice method of payment.



1. Selling products online and running an ecommerce store is a very popular business strategy. You need three main legal documents in order to run your ecommerce store; sale terms and conditions, website terms of use and a privacy policy. 2. Your sale terms and conditions set out the terms under which you sell your products to your customers. These should address what you provide and how you provide it. Delivery, payment, refunds and returns (set out in a refund policy, which should be part of your sale terms), all need to be dealt with in your sale terms. 3. Your sale terms also need to set out the Australian consumer law mandatory consumer guarantees. They should also limit your business liability to the extent possible. An example would be disclaiming any liability if a customer uses a product that you sell in a way it shouldn’t be used and an injury occurs. 4. Every e-commerce site also needs website terms of use, which govern your relationship with visitors to your site. These cover issues such as copyright, protecting your intellectual property including photos of your products, permissible use of the website, and limiting liability for viruses.


5. Finally, make sure you have a website privacy policy that complies with the Australian Privacy Act. Running a successful ecommerce site generally involves marketing to your customers. By law, you need to set out what personal information you collect, how you collect it and how you will disclose and use it. You also need to set out client rights to complain and contact you regarding their personal information. ... LegalVision has specialist lawyers who can assist with queries about Intellectual Property, IT and online law. Author Bio Anthony is a lawyer and Marketing Director at LegalVision. He has a keen interest in startup law, IT law and scaling fast-growing businesses. He has a strong understanding in how startups operate at all stages and navigating the myriad of legal issues surrounding online businesses. He has worked in the public and private legal sector, specialising in disputes and litigation, corporate advisory and tax controversy.


DOCUMENTS Do you want to save time and frustration? Do you want consistent reporting and customer service? Handwriting Report Template $69 This comprehensive handwriting report template is suitable for primary and secondary school students. The fully customisable template contains headings and content structure for: • Background information • Assessment process • Participation during assessment • Description of tests used • Posture and pencil grip • Writing tools • Test of Motor Proficiency • DASH, THS-R, HST • Handwriting Legibility • Handwriting speed • Typing and keyboard skills • OT summary • Recommendations

Parent Questionnaire $49 Template for allied health professionals to provide to parents of pre / primary school age children. Captures history, team members, interests, talents and current needs. Engage parents in the evaluation and intervention process.

BOT2 Summary Report $49 This report provides a clear overview of the test and how to interpret the scores. Every section and subtest is described, standardised scoring options included. General headings, summary and OT recommendations included. Provides a great foundation that you can customise.

Therapy Session Notes $29 Template for therapists to write up therapy sessions. Ensure consistency across your team. Suitable to provide to parents, teachers and other team members.

Sensory Profile 2 Report $69 This template defines sensory processing, the sensory systems and the core concepts of the SP2. Results are written up in sensory systems exploring threshold reactivity and behavioural responses. Clear and easy. General headings such as reason for referral, background information, summary and recommendations with info suggestions are included. Save time and stress with this detailed document. New Referral Form $29 Great template to gather everything you need to know in the first phone call. Table structure so you stay focused. Ideal for admin to use.


Teacher Questionnaire $49 Template for allied health professionals to provide to pre / primary school teachers. Engage teachers in the evaluation and intervention process. Captures strengths, supports provided, participation, performance and challenges. Service Agreement $49 Essential business template that you can make your own. Outlines privacy, fee schedule, cancellation, communication, payments options.

All About My Child $29 Template for parents to easily write up a great whole child summary of their child to share with service providers. Complete Set of Documents $159 Kick start your practice with the complete set of documents and save. • All About My Child • Parent questionnaire • Teacher Questionnaire • Service Agreement • Therapy Session Notes

Next month’s edition will include: The power of local partnerships Reccurring income streams Develop your high performing team

Wishing you the very best start to 2017. My plans are big and bright and plastered all over posters, whiteboards and sketchbooks. I was energised to witness the sunrise on the first of January and spent the morning completing my vision board. The rest of the month will be dedicated to ongoing client work, writing, product development, consulting and sunning myself whilst consuming awesome business and personal content. Loads of fun, catch-ups and beach walks are on the cards as well. I am looking forward to Barbara Anderson’s Introduction to Coaching workshop in Melbourne on 11 February. The Team Talk 2017 program is incredible, as is the list of guest presenters.

About Nacre Consulting As many of you know I am the founding director of Nacre Consulting. A cool business with an unusual name. Nacre is the natural process of a little seed, held in an oyster shell whist it grows, layer by layer, into a brilliant unique pearl. This process takes time, special conditions and forces of nature. And so it is true for ourselves, our businesses and the children and families we serve. More about my clinical supervision, parent coaching, teaching and private practicing coaching services on my website: www.nacre.com.au

The Paeds Biz conference in June is shaping up. Paeds Biz Connect events are being confirmed. And so much more. Thanks Emma and team for pulling the January edition together with your usual awesomeness. Rest, re-energise, and return to your business with huge dreams and plans to make it all happen. See you in February.



If you are curious about my specialist private practice coaching services you are most welcome to get in touch, find out more and experience a 30 minute complimentary session: cathy@nacre.com.au

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Paeds Biz E-Magazine - January Edition 2017  

Paeds Biz is a monthly E-Magazine aimed at Paediatric Private Practitioners designed to help improve their businesses, by Cathy Love of Nacr...

Paeds Biz E-Magazine - January Edition 2017  

Paeds Biz is a monthly E-Magazine aimed at Paediatric Private Practitioners designed to help improve their businesses, by Cathy Love of Nacr...