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“The Human Skeleton was formed through Cathy Lidster, GCFP Cathy has been serving clients as Health Educator and Practitioner for over 30 years.

Divine Blueprint, while the muscular-

She studied to become a Feldenkrais® Teacher and Practitioner in 2000 after her mother had a stroke.


Since then, she has been living in gratitude for the gifts of the Feldenkrais Method®, which include thinking, feeling, and moving younger with each passing birthday!

through a

How Does It Get Any Better Than That? Cathy teaches classes and sees individuals both in the U.S. and Canada. 250-819-9041/208-6105756

sensory body was created

~Everyday Movement With Ease – An Anti-Aging Movement Program for Life Long Vitality November 29, 30 Dec 1st Kamloops

Bones For Life®

spectrum of thought-choice determined by each human being.” ---Stuart Pearce

“DO It With EASE”– the Feldenkrais Method®

What is Bones for Life® ? BFL is a dynamic natural movement oriented Iapproach to reversing the effects of aging, including loss of balance, flexibility and bone health. These gentle yet potent Movement Processes will gradually and safely help you 

Get up and down from the floor with ease

Regain your balance

Feel more connected and comfortable with your body

Do yoga, pilates, gardening or other activities with less stiffness or difficulty

BFL was created by world renowned Ruthy Alon, Feldenkrais Practitioner in response to the increase of osteoporosis in western society.

Is BFL® for you? If you are experiencing physical discomfort of any kind, from chronic muscular tension and workplace-induced stress to serious injury, trauma or accident, BFL® helps to:       

Reduce back and joint pain Build strength and self-confidence Increase your flexibility Move with ease and grace Improve your co-ordination Enhance self awareness Stimulate your creativity

This type of exercise is pain free, brilliant, and it works!”

Andrew Weil, MD

Weekend Workshop “full immersion for longlasting results” November 29, 30 Dec 1 Friday 5 – 8 pm FREE INTRO

Sat 9 – 3


Sun 10 – 2


Both days -


Repeaters -


Here’s what People are Saying about BFL:

~ What Else is Possible?

I felt safe and relaxed. There was no judgment and lots of giggling.”

CB Wellness Centre 153 Seymour St Kamloops

“I learned that simple movements with little or no effort creates a fluidity in my joints that just doesn’t happen with traditional exercise” “Anybody can do this. You can learn to live without pain – you don’t need to work out hard to be healthy”

BFL was created by world renowned Ruthy Alon, Feldenkrais® trainer and author of “Mindful Spontaneity” in response to the growing problem of Osteoporosis.

Call 250-819-9041

Please Call by Nov 20 to register

“Bones for Life® brings a wonderful dimension to your healing journey by providing nurturing physical support and an increased awareness of your body-mind connection”

Bfl2day brochure 2013 nov kamloops revised  

Bones For Life Workshop, Kamloops, November 2013

Bfl2day brochure 2013 nov kamloops revised  

Bones For Life Workshop, Kamloops, November 2013