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ExecutiveOffice Project Overview: The inspiration for this executive office designed for Google is the corporation’s contemporary, informal, collaborative work environment. It was important that the design concept included incorporating Google’s distinguishable colors of red, blue, yellow, and green while providing a comfortable, efficient work environment. It was also important to meet the clients’ needs which included plenty of seating for frequent client and management meetings, a u-shape desk with ample storage, and a display case wi for awards. While the furniture, such as the Safco Zenergy Ball Chair, exemplifies Google’s informal work style, the glass furniture and fixtures tie together the contemporary feel of the space.

Project Details: -Provided:


Building shell and profile about the client with special requests. -Location: Mountain View, CA -Square Feet: 250 -Time Frame: 4 Weeks -Programs: AutoCAD 2013 SketchUp 8 IRender Adobe Photoshop CS6 Microsoft Office 2010

Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

Geiger Slimline

Bernhardt Code

Allsteel Acuity

Bernhardt Chiara

Peter Pepper Display Case


Perspectives of Office Not to Scale

Patcraft Carpet Nessen Lighting Cool Rain Hemisphere

Geiger Slimline

Krug Desk Finish Expresso On Oak





Picture of light fixture turned off

Picture of light fixture turned on

Part of the design challenge for the executive office was to design and build a custom light fixture to place within the office. I was inspired by Google’s fun atmosphere, and I wanted to create a unique light fixture that complemented the company’s complemen work style. While thinking about items that resemble Google, I thought of a spring because Google has an energetic working environment and this is resembled in the movement the springs create. After developing a furniture layout for the office, I designed fur a fixture to place in the northwest corner above the desk because the area was bare. The wood frame is designed to fit snug into the corner, and the electrical wiring is supported in the box on top of the fixture. The end design is a contemporary light fixture that supports Google’s fun, energetic work environment.


LEEDShowroom Project Overview: Nature was the inspiration for this LEED Showroom designed for Allsteel. The team members for this group project decided that incorporating natural elements and colors was important in co conveying the sustainable focus of the building and furniture. Greens and blues were the main colors used because they are dominant in nature, and custom water features and plants were incorporated throughout to bring natural elements indoors. This building also serves office for the management team as an of and interior designers, and it was important to create an environment they can be productive in. The large space was divided with partition walls at varying heights to give the space visual interest. All of the Allsteel products have also been installed to be easily moved or replaced with new products, and there is room for employee growth. Perspective View From Lobby Not to Scale

Project Details: -Group Project: Worked with 2 others -Provided: Building shell and profile about the client with special requests. -Location: Cedar Falls, IA -Square Feet: 13,000 -Squa -Time Frame: 6 Weeks - Programs: AutoCAD 2013 Sketch Up 8 IRender Adobe Photoshop CS6 Microsoft Office 5

Rise Seating

Stride Panels U Station

Involve Seating

Belong Table








Perspective of Showroom Floor Not to Scale


Stride Benching L-Station

Acuity Side Chair

Scooch Seat

Hedge Standing Height

Sketch Mobile Whiteboard

Linger Chair

CommercialDesign LEED Considerations: -Used an existing building -Metropolitan Transit and taxis available from location -Incorporating a changing room in the restrooms -Plenty of parking is available -Dual flush toilets for water efficiency -Drinking fountains with refill stations -Light switches with sensors -Energy efficient light bulbs -Skylights to provide optimal daylighting -Sustainable HVAC systems -5 star energy efficient appliances in employee breakroom empl -Used regional materials: Allsteel factory is 130 miles from Cedar Falls, IA -Allsteel office furniture meets the emissions requirements of LEED Interior Design + Construction -Recycling station incorporated in the janitor closet -Glass walls are used on the fronts on enclosed rooms on and under the mezzanine to allow daylighting -Selected Milliken carpet because it is made out of sustainable materials and the company is focused on practicing sustainable efforts. p

Perspective of Managers Work Space Not to Scale

Take-5 Chair

Harvest Table Standing Height

#19 Task Chair

Stride Panels: U-Station


AccessibleCondo Project Overview: The owners of this luxury condo are a couple in their late 20’s. Both of them and their 6-year old son are little people; however, their 2 year old daughter is average height. They wanted their new condo to be accessible for all of them, as well as for the guests they entertain for. To accommodate for the height differences, furniture specifically designed for little people was selected in addition to average height pieces. Select furniture pieces are designed to comfortably seat any height making it functional people of a for entertainment areas. They requested their new home be California Tuscan style with a wine bar upstairs for entertaining, and a designated playroom for the children. The completed design is a home with a warm, California Tuscan feel that has been made functional for func both little people and people of average height.

Project Details: -Provided:

Building shell and profile about the client with special requests -Location: Chicago, IL -Square Feet: 4000 -Time Frame: 6 Weeks - Programs: AutoCAD 2013 Sketch Up 7 IRender Adobe Photoshop CS6 Microsoft Office 2010. 11


Perspective of Main Living Room Not to Scale

1 Modern Chair Marie Chair Little People Big Design

Horchow Side Table

Restoration Hardware Coffee Table

Shaw Flooring Hardwood

Phillip Jeffries Wallcovering

Palliser Juno Sectional




AccessibleCondo Horchow Encased Chandelier

Horchow Delphine Chandelier

Horchow Crystalline Mini Pendant Light

Restoration Hardware Twin Orb Crystal Chandelier

Horchow Woven Crystal Ceiling Fixture


ResidentialDesign Ideapaint Dry Erase Paint

Little People Big Design Clinton Dining Chair

Perspective of Dining Room Not to Scale

Restoration Hardware Bean Bag Lounger

Restoration Hardware Trestle Salvaged Wood Dining Table

Perspective of Play Room Not to Scale

Shaw Flooring Simple Accent



Perspective of Master Bedroom Not to Scale


Restoration Hardware French Casement Media Console

Restoration Hardware Restoration Hardware Empire Rosette French Casement Open Nightstand Bookcases

Horchow Guinevere Bed

Little People Big Design Grady Chaise

Little People Big Design Oslo Chair

Little People Big Design Hailey Bench

FurnitureDesign Part of the design challenge for the Accessible Condo was to design and build a custom furniture piece. Since the client enjoys entertaining, I was inspired to create a multipurpse piece that could be used as a table or an extra seat for guests. It is designed at 17 1/2� tall and 15 1/2� wide to make a comfortable seat for average size guests. The design includes a movable seat with storage incorporated into the design. It also has been designed on casters so that it can easily be moved to where an extra seat or table is needed. The abstract design gives this furniture piece a unique look that is not commonly found in side tables or ottomans. The dark brown paint and red and blue pattern on the fabric ties into the California Tuscan design of the home. The end result is de a contemporary piece that will be functional for the users in their new home.


HotelLobby Project Overview: The inspiration for this boutique hotel lobby design is The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. The main goal was to create a luxurious, glamorous feel by using dark purples and blues contrasting with silvers whites and incorporating rich, and w textured materials. There was also emphasis on making sure the layout is functional for the guests and has a good traffic flow. Plenty of space for guests traveling with suitcases was essential as well as space for guests to lounge in or wait to meet others they are traveling with. With electronics being an important part of traveling, a table with built-in outlets as been incorporated into the floor plan for travelers who need to charge their devices. The space has been designed to satisfy the needs of multiple users and create a memorable mul stay.

Project Details: -Provided:

Building shell and profile about the client with special requests -Location: New York City, NY -Square Feet: 2500 -Time Frame: 4 Weeks - Programs: AutoCAD 2013 Sketch Up 7 IRender Adobe Photoshop CS6 Microsoft Office 2010. 19


Perspective of Lobby Not to Scale

Lumicore Crystal Recycled Glass

Avenue Road Giovanni Bench

HBF Textiles Shaw Hospitality Ringlet in Orchid Custom Broadloom

Avenue Road Bessie Chair

Brentano Avenue Road Current Fabric Rua Bella Cintra

Modular Arts Dune

Carnegie Shangri-La




HospitalityDesign Las Vegas Field Study Inspiration: The main inspiration for this project came from a field study trip our interior design program took to Las Vegas in May 2012. Touring and walking through numerous luxurious hotels of different styles offered a great experience to offe explore what works and dœs not work in hotel lobby designs and layouts. I discovered it is important for guests to feel glamorous and like they are at a place that is more luxurious than and offers more than their home. The hotel in particular that is the main inspiration for par this project is The Cosmopolitan. With this project, I wanted to recreate the luxurious feeling The Cosmopolitan gives you, as well as add modern touches in the furniture and finishes.

Perspective of Lobby Entrance Not to Scale

Avenue Road Brentano Remix Swing Chair in Platinum Record

Masiero Ottocento Collection

Knoll Posture Wallcovering

Aceray Brentano MĂŚstro Swivel Armchair in Chorus Fabric


RomanianOrphanage Project Overview:

The goal for this project was to explore different methods for contributing to society through interior design. I choose to design an orphanage in Romania because the orphans there are living in such poor conditions that they are developing mental diseases. This orphanage is based in a modernized city in Romania, and incorporates design aspects that will be beneficial to the children. Calming colors of blue and green have been incorporated to help reduce stress in the children and make home. The flooring them feel at hom patterns help distinguish the different areas throughout the space as well as add subtle interest. To assist children with disabilities, an accessible bedroom and playroom have been incorporated into the design. This will be a great learning environment for the orphans lear of Romania to thrive and grow in.

Perspective of Playroom Not to Scale

Project Details: Provided:

Location: Square Feet: Squa Time Frame: Programs:


No building shell provided. I had the opportunity to design my own building shell. Bucharest, Romania 6000 5 Weeks AutoCAD 2013 Sketch Up Irender Adobe Photoshop CS5 Microsoft Office 2010

Wesco Large Corner Sofa

ERC4Kids Adjustable Activity Table

ERC4Kids 14 Inch Stackable Chair

Wesco Storage Cabinet







RomanianOrphanage Boyd Lighting Boxer Sconce

KI Furniture Uniframe Table

Pittsburgh Paints Bimini Blue

Perspective of Bedroom 1 Not to Scale

Pittsburgh Paints Lime Green

Furniture 123 Fulton Metal Bunk Bed

Furniture 123 Tara Bedside Table


Perspective of Lunch Room Not to Scale

MarketingPackage Part of the design challenge for this project was to create a marketing package to influence people to support the building of the orphanage. This gave me a great opportunity to incorporate skills I developed in classes for the marketing minor. I designed a logo to be mar used throughout the package, and incorporated samples of materials as well as booklets with construction documents. These booklets also included background information about the Romanian orphanage conditions and specifications. I designed a package that would be easy de to use during client presentations, as well as easy to transport. The end result is a marketing package that informs the client as well as conveys the design concept.

Presentation of Carpet Samples

Presentation of Construction Documents

Presentation of Materials Samples


BartlettRenovation Project Overview: Bartlett Hall was a dormitory for students until it was recently was renovated into faculty offices and classrooms. As an Interior Design Assistant in UNI’s Facilities Planning Department, it was my job to create office layouts using Herman Miller Action Office systems furniture and Allsteel Essentials storage. This project provided great experience with pushing to meet project deadlines as well as catering to client specific requests. I was also responsible for field verifying the entire building with my co-worker before en designing the rooms. I have provided a small sample of a hallway I worked on that shows the two different office standards the employees could select. Option 1 provides a U-shaped desk with a peninsula, and option 2 provides a mobile tear drop table that leaves room mo for more shelving. Each option includes tackable surfaces, task lights, and side chairs. The renovation being a LEED Certification project provided me with a great experience in learning about the importance of green design and how process works. the p

Bartlett Hall Exterior Southwest Entrance

Project Details: Location: Cedar Falls, IA Square Feet: 36,751 Project Time Frame: 18 Months My Time Frame: 5 Months Programs: AutoCAD 2013 Herman Miller Spec It Microsoft Office 2010 29

Herman Miller Caper Side Chair

Herman Miller Mirra Chair

Medium Tone Laminate

Allsteel Acuity Chair

Kira 2 Incense Fabric

Allsteel Essentials Storage


Office Option 1

Office Option 2

-Maucker Union Student Organization renovation. -Continuing Education move to CEEE. -President’s House renovation. -WRS Outdoor Recreation office furniture layout. -Rod Library Carpet replacement. -Calculations for a variety of carpet replacement projects in offices and classroms. -Updating carpet, furniture, and systems furniture inventories. -Furniture delivery schedules for Panther Village student housing common areas and Curris Business Building faculty chair replacement. -Field verifying spaces before starting space planning for projects. -Various office renovations that provided me with experience in working with Herman Miller Action Office and Ethospace systems furniture.


HospiceFacility Project Overview: This project is still a work in progress. The inspiration for this Hospice Facility is to make an institutional setting feel like home for the patients and families. This was accomplished by incorporating natural finishes with residential warm, natu feeling furnishings. It was important to also incorporate plenty of seating for friends and family, as well as furniture that converts into sleepers for guests to stay comfortably on. The nurses and employees were also considered in the design. A large nurses station with plenty de of storage and a locked medicine room was built into the design. Families of the patients can spend time together in the various seating lounges and family room as well as the patient’s room. The raceway layout keeps the building from having dead end hallways, giving it a homey feel. All of the design elements tie together to create a family-friendly atmosphere that allows the patients to be comfortable and feel at home.

Elevation 1 of Patient Room Not to Scale

Elevation 2 of Patient Room Not to Scale

Elevation 3 of Patient Room Not to Scale

Elevation 4 of Nurses Station Not to Scale

Project Details: -Provided:

Client profile and specific requests. Original building shell was modified. -Location: Oak Park, Kansas -Square Feet: 9,000 -Time Frame: 8 Weeks -Programs: Revit Adobe Photoshop CS6 Nuture by Steelcase Microsoft Office 2010 31 Mitra Sleep Chair

Elevation 5 of Solace Room Not to Scale

Weiland Sleep Too Sofa

Nuture by Steelcase Casegood Finish Forbo Flooring Mitra Recliner Flamenco Cherry Surestep Wood

Momentum Banter


Furniture Floor Plan Not to Scale



Dimensioned Floor Plan Not to Scale


Lighting Plan Not to Scale


Perspective of Reception Desk and Solace Room Not to Scale Materials Not Applied, Image Not Rendered

Perspective of Patient Room Not to Scale Materials Not Applied, Image Not Rendered.

I selected a Hospice Facility for my Healthcare Design project because I was able to incorporate my Certified Nurse Aide experience into the designs. Previously working in the healthcare field has given me an extra incite for what elements are needed to design an elemen efficient healthcare setting. For example, the long-term care facility I worked in was an older facility and it did not have large enough patient bathrooms. I discovered it was inefficient for patients to share bathrooms, and some of the rooms were small and easily became overcrowded with furniture and personal items. There was also a long distance between the nurses station and some of the patient rooms, which was exhausting for the staff. I have taken all of my bad and good experiences into consideration to create an efficient environment for the patients, their families, and employees.


HandRendering Included is a small selection of hand renderings. They were rendered using Prismacolor markers and colored pencils, ink pens, and white gel pens. Items rendered include: furniture, foliage, people, plan views, elevations, and perspectives. pe





for viewing my portfolio. I look forward to hearing from you.

You can easily reach me by: Email: Phone: 319-415-7378 Mail: 109 W. 4th St. Wellsburg, Iowa 50680

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