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The Eponine Moment of My Life By Cathy Hizo

"Six hours lang itatagal nya" the stoic specialist broke the news. Questions flew like there's no tomorrow, bakit? bakit? sabihin mo bakit? bakeeeeeeeet?!!!! I knew something w as not right w hen you told me about your critical condition. I 'm perennially in denial choosing to sav or every moment. The betrothal w orked magically I 'm happy to be stuck w ith you. Now you're gone. Just like that? A goodbye done abruptly. You could hav e at least penned me a note w ith cursiv e handwriting and leave it by the gate. You inherited the brutal passion of Jav ert. The Eponine moment of my life happened so fast. I drank from the cup of silence leav ing a bitter aftertaste. Drowning in deafening silence. The sudden rush of memories of happy times clouded my mind, the cumulonimbus kind. You color my life rainbow , rain or shine, coffee or milk tea, in cab or pedicab you stood by me, you alw ays make me laugh. I thought you w ere crazy listening endlessly to my top four fav orite songs at the moment. Now the rainbow has turned peach black. Fight. Dream. Hope. Love. Found myself Les Miserables crooning in the rain like Eponine w ith tears profusely cascading her cheeks. Who Am I w ithout you I n My Life? I Dreamed of Dream that Ev eryday we would be at A Castle on a Cloud. I t nev er happened At The End of The Day it's all Empty Chairs and Empty Tables. What w as left from a Heart Full of Lov e is a Night of Anguish. But then maybe, just Maybe you'd Call Me. Then I 'd be Cosette. I snarled back at my languishing self, "arteh, ilang minutes lang charged na yang Lumia phone mo!" Les Miserables no more.


The Eponine Moment of My Life