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This dad

two sons he had

he loved them both in every way

all the night

and all the day

The younger said

“I want my things!”

Money, clothes and family rings

I’m leaving home

The world to roam

He packed his bags

and ran away

Spent his money night

and day

His father sighed

Then cried



He ran


he could

no more

And soon he was, oh so poor

He said “I’m hungry, tired and sad Where’s my Dad?”

All alone he set off home He didn’t even have a phone

From far his father saw him come

Jumped for joy-



With open arms the father said “My son was lost, I thought him dead.

But now he’s home, let’s celebrate Come, come it’s getting very late

The older son got mad mad mad

Felt his brother very bad

“While I’ve been working hard each day This son of yours did only play”

“No fun times here, we work work work You really are a fine old jerk

Parties haven’t happened here Till this dear son

did reappear

“But he was lost and now is found

All I love is safe and sound

All I have is yours my boy Come right in and share the joy

Our father God is like this Dad No matter if we’re good or bad He loves us all in every way

All the night and all the day

This Dad  

Illustrated children's book about the prodigal son

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