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Alone Emma McCormick For as long as Jenna could remember, She’s always felt alone. Un-Loved, pushed aside, even unwanted if you want. But, Jenna was used to it. Oh, I suppose I should introduce her. Jenna is a 13 year old that attends the one and only Ridge Park Middle School, where everyone in Jenna’s opinion, are spoiled little brats. But, you would never guess it if you saw their perfect town with perfect people. Back to the point, Jenna had the perfect family. At least, physically. A loving father with a beautiful mother and two daughters that look just as good as their parents. but, behind the scenes, it’s chaotic. A lazy father with a work crazed mother. Plus, a younger daughter that has both parents wrapped around her finger and an older daughter that is pushed aside. For example, leaving her at a hotel for hours and going to a wedding before realizing that they left her there. This was Jenna’s life all the time. Being the one man out in her own family. But, Jenna wasn't going to take it any more.

BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ! Jenna’s hand flew over to the alarm clock silencing the rude, awakening noise. She sighed quietly before opening her pine green eyes and stretching her long limbs before pulling herself out of the little cocoon of warmth and trudging to the bathroom before noticing that the bathroom was just as cold as outside, making the room a nice 18 degrees. Jenna gingerly walked over the cold tiles before using all of her strength to shut the window that her father left open, closed. She quickly did her business before shuffling back to her bedroom. Jenna looked at her selection of clothing before going with her typical outfit. A oversized

sweater, black leggings, and a pair of boots. She quickly dressed herself and did her normal makeup of eyeliner and mascara and dragged her feet to her Iphone. She quickly unplugged and checked her instagram before walking out of her room and down the stairs, barely making it down without tripping over her own to feet. Once she made it down the stairs without hurting herself, she went to the kitchen to make herself her breakfast, seeing how her dad wouldn't and her mum was already at work. Jenna looked around before settling on some orange juice. She quickly drank it before hearing “Hurry up Jenna it’s your fault we are going to be late!” Jenna rolled her eyes at the comment before grabbing her backpack and running to the car which was already moving down the driveway. She quickly jumped in before giving a glare to her sister, Genny who responded with “You were too slow.” while shrugging her shoulders and looking through the frost cover window to the bare trees. Jenna just looked at her dad who seemed oblivious to everything going on around him. She just gave a cold glare to them both before falling back into her seat.

Sooner than wanted, the quiet ride was over and Jenna was pushed out of the warm car into the cold, frosty air that tried to invade Jenna’s warm coat and gloves, and of course, it made it’s way in after a few gusts of wind. Jenna shivered before pulling herself towards the school. As she made her way towards the school, she could clearly identify the cliques. The jocks, the hipsters, the goth, the nerds and gamers, the barbies and then Jenna’s group of friends, the artsys. Jenna just smiled before entering the school with her classmates.

The morning passed smoothly, with them not receiving homework in their classes. Soon, lunch came. Jenna was so thankful for this break. Lunch was filled with laughter and giggling erupting from her table. This point in the day was always Jenna’s favorite. People listened to her, appericted her and accepted her. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Jenna continued on with her day feeling her dark cloud of depression sitting above her. Soon, the day was over and Jenna sighed as she left her class with no homework to occupy her over the weekend. But, something more problematic came into Jenna’s view. Two annoying boys horseplaying in front of Jenna’s locker. She just rolled her eyes at the boys before walking up to them and yelling over their grunts and foul language to move. She quickly packed up and left, ignoring everyone who were yelling and shouting around her. Slowly making her way towards the 5th grade wing and picking up Genny from her locker. Jenna slowly walked to exit with Jenny, dreading that it was Friday and that she had to see her family in a few hours.

“Yeah”. “I just saying that she shouldn't have talked to me that way” Genny grumbled. Jenna sighed while looking at the grey sky that was letting little snowflakes fall around them, covering everything. Like usual, Jenna and Genny had to walk home again, no matter what the weather. They quietly made their way home, not speaking much to each other, trying to keep their faces buried in the scarfs, preventing the cold from giving chapped lips. once arriving home, Jenna unlocked the door to the empty house letting in the cold. She quickly let herself in before making her way to the heater to heat up the cold house. It was only in a few seconds of entering the house before Genny screeched the demand “I'm hungry”, directing

the comment to Jenna who replied with a simple yes. Once Genny was fed and happy, Jenna raced up to her room and logged on to tumblr and began reblogging.

Time quickly passed before Jenna realized that both of her parents were home and were calling out “Time for dinner!” Jenna sighed, knowing that they wouldn't care if she was there of not. Jenna reluctantly logged off of tumblr and dragged herself down the stairs, and plopping herself onto the dinner table chair, not bothering to look at what was placed on the custom made dining table.

It was almost 5 minutes, according to Jenna’s count, when her family began dinner. The room began to fill up with daily quiet chatter of “How was your day Genny” or “I want a new phone”, though, Jenna did not listen because she knew that none of the conversation was directed at her. Throughout dinner, Jenna thought about how rubbish her family was. the parents spoiled their favorite child, go out for hours at a time without telling their children, and of course, ignoring and neglecting their bullied older daughter with severe depression. Tears began to well up in Jenna’s eyes, blurring her vision before she thought to herself, “No. I will not show weakness. I am going to show Im strong”. but, her tears betrayed her and her facade began to crack. Before Jenna knew it, She was standing up and gaining attention from her family. Silence fell across the room before Genny whispered “Nobody wants to hear it Jenna. Sit down.” Well, that was the last straw. Jenna slowly looked to her horrible family and whispered with venom covering every word “You are a spoiled little brat, and you don’t deserve anything good.” Her family gasped, surprised how Jenna has never lashed out such cruel

words on her family. Well, this fueled Jenna more. She quickly turned to her parents and spat out, “You are just as bad. Dad, you are always laying on your lazy ass or spoiling Genny. As for you,” She hissed while whipping a finger pointing at her mum, “you are always working. You don't even notice how your family is falling apart. Plus, you act like you don't even care about us.” Jenna’s words slowly began to fall apart and crack with sadness as she mumbled the last part. “None of you care about me.” Jenna quickly wiped her eyes and ran out of the room to her bedroom for the rest of the night.

Though Jenna doubted that her rant did her any good, it did change her family. Her dad began to help around the house more with daily jobs that Jenna used to do such as cleaning the house or cooking. Her mum began to stop working so much and began to pay more attention to her family. As for Genny, well, she stopped getting spoiled much to her dislike. As for Jenna, she began to talk to her family more often and she also went to a therapist to talk about her problems and feelings instead of bottling them up. Overall, the Goldfield family improved over time and are now a very happy, content family.

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