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“ Hello ! I have been abandoned by the people I loved and trusted. I don’t know why… I am in the search of a new home, of people that could love me and take care of me, give me food and water. I love kids, I am very friendly and have a lot of love to give. I am a white girl and I have one brown and one blue eye….I think somebody in my family must have been a Husky…Pease adopt me and give me a safe home.” We found this dog three months ago in our neighborhood starving and scared. We have been taking care of it since hoping that somebody lost him or would claim him. It is a lovely dog that needs a home and we can no longer take care of it as we have two dogs and two cats of our own. We don’t want to call the pound as we all know the results there…please call if you are interested.


Abandoned Dog  

Sasha, female Husky mix