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Course Offerings for BA in Languages in 2012-2013 LL200 Cultural Perspectives I LL201 Cultural Perspectives II LL223 Theoretical Linguistics LL323 Applied Linguistics MI201 Mediterranean Culture and Civilization I MI202 Mediterranean Culture and Civilization II For the target language requirements(14.0 credits), please look at the following languages accordingly to view course offerings for each target language: French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, German

Philosophy of the Honours BA in Languages This program is directed at those students who are interested in acquiring a solid knowledge of two languages and a working knowledge of a third. Study of a language encompasses study of the culture, or cultures, pertaining to that language. Therefore, additional courses in the cultures of the chosen languages are required to complete the degree. Required electives in the various languages can be chosen from culture, language, cinema or literature courses.

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Brochure for the HBA Languages program

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