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The following is a letter from Dr. Laura Sullivan, professor of Mechanical Engineering December 30, 2008 Hello friends!

Kettering EWB Lands in

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I’m sending this email to every friend and supporter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) at Kettering University, and I can hardly sit still to write this message. I’m excited and very, very proud to announce that TEAM AFRICA (six students and two mentors) from Kettering University safely arrived in Durban, South Africa, and is now heading to the village of Vukuzenzele to begin their assessment project.  They left Detroit at 6pm on December 28 and now, after about 36 hours of travel (19 hours of which were on an airplane) they’re in a van and bound for the Mawose Mission, where they’ll be staying throughout the visit.  They have their own driver, the NGO representative, Brenda Gonzales, and their translator, Nosipho Mbanjwa.  As I write this, the day is ending.  Krunal Desai (EE, 2011) told me he’d be looking for “Lion Crossing” signs.  Elizabeth Santos (IE-ME, 2013) is pouring over the EnglishZulu dictionary and praying that they don’t see any snakes.  Cori Snyder (IE, 2011) and Jordan Puckett (ME, 2008), who were about six years old when Lion King came to theaters, are looking for a meerkat and warthog and singing “Hakuna Matata.”  The team leaders, Katie Hyrila (EE, 2011) and Joy Jeyaratnam (ME-EE-EP, 2012), are busy with Nosipho and Brenda updating the itinerary for the week.  Nadine Thor is pulling together all first aid materials that were distributed among everyone’s suitcases and her husband, Matt Schafer, is checking the surveying equipment that he brought and setting up the GPS system they’ll use to map the area.  

Tomorrow (December 31), the team will travel to the nearest “city” of Umzimkhulu for supplies and to inventory the hardware stores there for costs of materials they’ll need during implementation trips in the future. We’re told that there’s an internet cafe there and so I’m hoping to get email word from them directly, or from their parents secondhand.  When they get back to the village, the residents have a New Year’s Eve celebration planned.  The celebration will go into the night if they’ve found a generator - otherwise they’ll “party” by candlelight for a

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