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Focus on World Festivals Contemporary case studies and perspectives A multi-dimensional overview of festival activity from around the world based on over 30 case studies drawn from every continent. Through its case-study focus, this book can be used in several ways; to examine different types and genres of festivals across the world; to consider in detail specific festivals in specific contexts; to look at management and organisational issues in festival provision, and to illustrate debates and theories pertaining to festivals throughout the world. A companion to Focus on Festivals (see page 4), it is written by a varied mix of academics, practitioners and cultural commentators. It expands many of the central themes and issues to reach a global understanding of festivals. The key themes that the book examines are: • The nature of festivals, festivalisation and the growth of festival provision around the world; • Interest in festival’s potential economic, social, place-making and political impacts; • The relationship between festivals and tourism; • The management and business of festivals in different locations responding to differing social, political and market contexts; • The role of festivals in identity making. A dynamic and indispensable text for students in arts and festivals management, events, tourism, creative industries, cultural and public policy, music industry and management courses as well as for festival and events managers, public authorities and existing and potential sponsors. Through the variety of festivals illustrated in this book the reader will discover that much about the nature of festivals crosses borders, they are a recognisable and growing part of societal and cultural delivery around the globe; their impacts, economic, social and cultural are a major driver in their development; their popularity with audiences, arts organisations and performers is undiminished in this everexpanding cultural phenomenon of festivals. Edited by Chris Newbold, Arts and Festivals Management, De Montfort University, UK Jennie Jordan, Arts and Festivals Management, De Montfort University, UK January 2015 • 302 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-55-5 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-910158-56-2 UK £34.99/EURO €45/US $56

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-57-9 UK £42/EURO €45/US $56



Focus on Festivals Contemporary European case studies and perspectives A contemporary overview of one our most ubiquitous cultural phenomena - festivals. Based on the groundbreaking work of the European Festival Research Project (EFRP) and taking a casestudy approach,this book focuses on understanding the causes and implications of the current growth in festivals internationally, and the implications this has across major sectors ranging from culture to tourism. The key themes that the book examines are: • The politics, programming, impacts, governance and management of festivals; • The social, cultural, political, economic and physical contexts in which festivals operate; • The potential of festivals to explore and stimulate a more risk-oriented approach to the arts; • Identification of some key trends, conclusions and recommendations for the festivals sector. This broadly based collection includes contri­butions from festival organisers, event managers, academics and cultural and community activists. As the case studies illustrate, festivals do not take place in a vacuum, they are the result of a range of social and cultural pressures, organisational and management decisions, and artist and audience expectations. For the organisers the festival is the result of a series of negotiations and actions, within the context of the wider political, economic, social and cultural climate. It is this core understanding that informs the contributions in this book. An indispensable text for students in arts and festival management, events, tourism, hospitality and cultural policy and management courses, as well as essential reading for festival and events managers, public authorities, and existing and potential sponsors. Edited by Chris Newbold, Arts and Festivals Management, De Montfort University, UK Christopher Maughan, freelance writer and researcher, UK Jennie Jordan, Arts and Festivals Management, De Montfort University, UK Franco Bianchini, School of Cultural Studies and Humanities, Leeds Beckett University, UK

January 2015 • 302 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-15-9 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120


PBK: 978-1-910158-16-6 UK £34.99/EURO €45/US $56

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-17-3 UK £42/EURO €45/US $56


Technology and Events How to create engaging events As the modern attendee has more access to knowledge and is infinitely more connected, technology has become crucial to enhancing the event experience. Successful use of technology can make an event more incredible, personal, pervasive, tangible and unforgettable. Technology and Events: how to create engaging events explores the use of technology to improve results on all kinds of events from initial planning stages right through to post event debriefing. In times of full communication where the individuals are on the front line of almost everything, this book provides all the solutions and tips on how to maximize the participation of your audience, cut costs and have better revenues from your events. This book is perfect for those seeking knowledge and a better understanding of how to effectively use technology to engage and connect attendees, sponsors, organizers, and suppliers. By clearly demonstrating how to increase profits and provide attendees with the tools to better interact and participate, it enables organizers to match their audience with the appropriate sponsors and ensure close communication. Divided into 4 sections and 8 chapters, Technology and Events takes the reader through the full life cycle of the event, from concept to post event evaluation, and explains what technologies could and should be used for optimum effect. Fully supported with online tutor resources and up to date links for further reference. • Studies the evolution of the use of technology within the events industry throughout time; • Describes and highlight successful applications and uses of technology, looking at social media, apps and online tools; • Identifies and foresees trends that may shape this industry in the near- and long-term future; • Contains international case studies, testimonials from industry experts and infographics to contextualise, illustrate and highlight key points and theories. Vanessa Martin, Visiting Professor at SEBRAE and others Brazilian universities. She has almost 30 years acting in international, national and regional events, and acts as Consultant for companies in the areas of events and corporate revitalization. Luiz Cazarré, Marketing consultant and MD of Cazarré Mktcom, Brazil. Founder and CEO of Cazarré Mktcom, a company specializing in social media monitoring for Brazilian and global companies. September 2016 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-19-7 PBK: 978-1-910158-25-8 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-26-5 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48



Strategic Event Creation Changes in the wider environment have triggered a new normal for event creation. Heightened attendee expectations, a keener focus upon the return required by funders and wider stakeholders, and, of course, an ever more competitive event marketplace. Couple these with CSR, social media, globalisation and technology and the reasons event creation is now a strategic and multilayered responsibility are clear. Strategic Event Creation is the contemporary textbook that recognises and articulates this changed reality for students and professionals. It moves away from an older paradigm of simply ‘making events work’ and managing inputs to show a sector that now needs to be: outcome obsessed, stakeholder centric, strategically focused and driven by strategically aware reflective professionals. This text is based on a carefully designed framework which: • Delivers a clear overview of the key principles; • Integrates theory with industry voices, cases and the practitioner perspective; • Uses the lens of outcomes to anchor the role of inputs/processes/decisions/budgets; • Delivers clear learning summaries and highlights key questions for reflection. The broadly based and experienced author team are widely engaged with the events industry whose voice and insights inform the book throughout. It is designed to move students and professionals beyond event organising to strategic event creation. As the event industry has progressed effective event operations become a prerequisite to exist rather than a recipe to succeed. It is an essential text for students studying events, festival, conference and exhibition management at all levels, and also of significant use to a wide range of students in tourism,hospitality and marketing. The practical ‘real world’ perspective means that it can help venue managers, event creators (across many areas), experiential marketing professionals and conference / training managers gain a broader understanding of the business context in which they are competing. Liz Sharples, Principal Lecturer, Event Management, Sheffield Hallam University, UK Phil Crowther, Principal Lecturer, Event Management, Sheffield Hallam University, UK Dr Daryl May, Principal Lecturer, Event Management, Sheffield Hallam University, UK Chiara Orefice, Senior Lecturer, Event Management, Sheffield Hallam University, UK September 2014 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-06-7 PBK: 978-1-910158-07-4 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48


EBOOK: 978-1-910158-08-1 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

EVENTS & FESTIVALS Winning Meetings and Events for your Venue Winning Meetings and Events for Your Venue provides a clear and comprehensive guide to the wide range of techniques required by sales and marketing staff to effectively win business for their venue. An easy-to-read manual setting out the most useful and relevant techniques in a coherent and logical manner, it includes: • Guidance on key tools and techniques from traditional face-to-face selling, negotiating skills and using social media, to site inspections and exhibiting at trade shows. • Case studies of best practice in this field, drawn from a wide variety of venues in the UK and overseas. • Advice from experienced sales and marketing venue managers, demonstrating original ideas that really work. • Lists of online sources of further information at the end of each chapter. Rob Davidson is a Senior Lecturer at University of Greenwich Business School and runs his own Consultancy, MICE Knowledge. Anthony Hyde is a specialist in venue management, sales and operations. Formerly General Manager of the Business Events division at the Barbican in London, he now works with clients internationally on all aspects of venue management. January 2014 • 214 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-88-7 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-908999-86-3 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-87-0 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

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Talent Management in Hospitality & Tourism • Integrates theory with industry voices, cases and the

practitioner perspective;

• Uses the lens of outcomes to anchor the role of inputs/ processes/decisions/budgets; • Delivers clear learning summaries and highlights key questions for reflection. Staff retention, training and morale is key in any industry, none more so that in the service sector where career perceptions can be negative and staff retention is notoriously high. Recruiting and retaining happy and well trained staff is key to the success of all customer-facing businesses. This book is the first to explore on this important topic from an individual and personal perspective rather than a company perspective. It will enable future managers to understand the key principles to maintaining a happy and talented workforce, as well as understanding how to successfully manage their own career path. Talent Management in Hospitality and Tourism uses case studies from international companies such as Carnival UK, Marriott, Hilton as well as SMEs such as Chewton Glen and the Rick Stein group to illustrate successful talent management strategies and how they can be implemented. The text has a complete pedagogic structure, including learning points and activities at the end of each chapter to assist with class room delivery and design assessments. Edited by Susan Horner, Associate Professor in the School of Tourism and Hospitality, Plymouth University, UK

September 2016 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-66-1 PBK:978-1-910158-67-8 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48


EBOOK: 978-1-910158-68-5 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48


International Spa Management Principles and practice • The first text to provide a thorough insight into the world of

spa management – an international growth phenomenon; • Written by a team of industry and academic experts from a leading intuition in the field of spa management education; • Look at all aspects of spa management from HR and training, to marketing and finance; • Responds to calls for more rigorous research in the field of spa and provides a much needed text for the study of spa. The spa industry is big business - it’s estimated worth is $60 billion, and averages 18% annual growth. The number of day spas has increased by 34.4% globally, from 2003 to 2006; in the same period the number of medical spa locations more than doubled. Even though spa has a long and extensive history, spa education is relatively new, with education at degree level newly introduced across the world. This is in response to the current recognised shortage currently of adequately trained and experienced individuals across all levels in the industry. International Spa Management is the first text to address these industry needs. It provides a sound and thorough guide for all future spa managers looking at all aspects on the successful running of a spa facility. Divided into four parts it discusses the following: • The spa industry: types (mineral and thermal) and destinations • The spa consumer: behaviour, service and spa design • The business of spas: marketing, operations, finance and training • Future directions: strategizing for the future Edited by Sarah Rawlinson, Head of Department Hotel Resort and Spa Management, University of Derby, UK Tim Heap, University Principal Lecturer, University of Derby, UK

September 2016 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-69-2 PBK: 978-1-910158-70-8 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-671-5 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48



How to Buy and Manage Your Own Hotel “Make sure you read this book before you take the next step” Harry Murray, Chairman of Lucknam Park Hotel, Wiltshire “A fabulous read and a must for all those looking to invest in a new and exciting future.” Simon Longworth, Managing Director, Regent Hotel, Doncaster This user-friendly and essential toolkit takes the reader step by step from the time of their initial interest in buying a hotel to the day they take over – and beyond. Complete with sound bites and advice from industry experts and those with first-hand experience, case studies and examples, it unravels the process, covering issues such as location, types of ownership, finances, marketing, staffing and much more. Miles Quest is Managing Director of Wordsmith & Company, and past editor of Caterer Magazine, UK. Peter Nannestad is Managing Director of Hospitality Business Improvement Management Consultancy, UK and hotelowner. May 2014 • 356 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-21-0 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-910158-22-7 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-23-4 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism A new and definitive overview of the vital role and effective practice of entrepreneurship in one of the most dynamic industry sectors in the world. The highly qualified international team of contributors ensures a global perspective. Fully informed by the latest research it incorporates: • different country contexts; • the social and cultural dimensions of entrepreneurship; • case studies from a wide range of international Hospitality and Tourism sectors; • industry perspectives and examples included. Dr Maureen Brookes Reader in Marketing and Teaching Fellow, Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Oxford Brookes University, UK. Prof Levent Altinay’s professor of Strategy and Business Development and Research Area Leader, Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Oxford Brookes University, UK. September 2015 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-27-2 PBK: 978-1-910158-28-9 EBOOK: 978-1-910158-29-6 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48



Customer Service for Hospitality and Tourism Customer Service for Hospitality and Tourism is a unique text and vital to both students and practitioners as it explains not only the theory behind the importance of customer service but also acts as a guidebook for those wishing to put this theory into practice. In essence it is the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’of customer service. It is easy to read, very current, and full of references to all the latest research from both academic and practitioner literature. Chapters cover important topics such as the financial and behavioural consequences of customer service, consumer trends influencing service, developing and maintaining a service culture, managing service encounters, the importance of market research, building and maintaining customer relationships, providing customer service through the servicescape, the impact of technology on customer service, the importance of service recovery, and promoting customer service internally and externally. Key features include: • An ‘At Your Service’ Spotlight at the beginning of each chapter focuses on the achievements of successful individuals related to the art of customer service. • Each chapter contains a ‘Service Snapshot’ - short, real-life cases to illustrate a particular concept or theoretical principle presented in the chapter. • Detailed international ‘Case Studies’, which cover a variety of sectors, organizations and regions designed to foster critical thinking, the cases illustrate actual business scenarios that stress several concepts found in the chapter. They analyze customer service in the U.S., South America, South Africa, Europe, Russia, Australia, China, Canada, Korea and Dubai. Suitable for undergraduate levels 2/3, postgraduate and industry professionals. Dr. Simon Hudson is an Endowed Chair in Tourism at the University of South Carolina, USA. Louise Hudson is a freelance journalist living in South Carolina, USA ( She has collaborated with Dr Hudson on many of his books and research projects and co-wrote Golf Tourism with him.

November 2012 • 306 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-33-7 PBK: 978-1-908999-34-4 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-35-1 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48


HOSPITALITY Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry Based on over 100 in depth interviews with leading hospitality entrepreneurs in all sectors of the industry internationally, it focuses on the practical skills, attitudes, motivations and decisions of proven entrepreneurs. Chris Sheppardson, Founder of the Chess Executive Group of Companies. Heather Gibson, Editor of EP Business in Hospitality magazine

May 2011 • 296 pages HBK: 978-1-906884-48-2 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-906884-49-9 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-906884-76-5 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business 2/e “For someone as devoted to the business as me, it is fascinating.” Sir David Michels, formerly Chief Executive, The Hilton Group “This will be a classic.” Michael Olsen, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech, USA. The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business is about the hotel business and the economic contexts in which it has evolved. Essential reading for hotel executives, their advisors and investors, and a vital resource for those studying the hospitality industry. Paul Slattery, Director of Otus & Co Ltd. London, UK. March 2012 • 280 pages HBK: 978-1-906884-66-6 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-906884-67-3 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-906884-68-0 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

The Origins of Hospitality and Tourism

• A detailed and factual account of the origins of the underlying

principles and practices of hospitality and tourism; • Provides a unique insight into the evolution of hospitality and the roles of ‘guest’ and ‘host’ as we recognise them today; • Serves as an introductory text for Hospitality and Tourism Studies, as well as providing a sound foundation for postgraduate studies. Kevin O’Gorman, Heriot-Watt University, UK. March 2010 • 242 pages PBK: 978-1-906884-08-6 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48


EBOOK: 97819068849325 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

HOSPITALITY FINANCE Essential Financial Techniques for Hospitality Managers “I recommend this text for all managers in hospitality who need to manage the business finances responsibly and effectively.” from the foreword by Paul Dukes, FCA,Chairman of the British Association of Hospitality Accountants (BAHA) Now in its second edition this is user friendly and hands-on introduction has been fully revised and updated with extensive new material especially in the fields of managing revenue and the use of spreadsheets. It covers a vast range of sectors (including hotels, restaurants, contract catering, leisure tourism, events, cruise ships and theme parks). It enables students, managers and employees to put their learning into practice to achieve immediate results. Cathy Burgess, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Oxford Brookes University, UK. June 2014 • 256 pages PBK: 978-1-908999-97-9 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-98-6 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

Revenue Management for Hospitality & Tourism This text gets to the core of the subject and to make the theory and practice lively, relevant and engaging. Numerous real life examples are used providing the reader with an insight into best practice in companies leading the revenue management agenda in markets all over the world. Part 2 is authored by academics and practitioners drawn from the widest possible range of sectors including hospitality, car rental, airlines, tour operators, restaurants and advertising. Designed for students at many levels studying marketing, pricing, distribution, and selling in the service industry. Ideal for practitioners studying part-time or on CPD programmes and those working in revenue management, reservations, operations and logistics and generic marketing. Edited by Patrick Legohérel is Professor at University of Angers, France. Alan Fyall is Orange County Endowed Professor of Tourism Marketing, University of Central Florida, USA and Elisabeth Poutier is Professor at the ESSCA School of Management, France. May 2013 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-48-1 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-908999-49-8 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-50-4 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48


HOSPITALITY FINANCE Strategic Managerial Accounting Hospitality, Tourism & Events Applications 6th edition.

• A complete revision of the well known Harris and Hazzard text with new

chapters on: Event and Function Management Accounting techniques, Sustainability & Environmental Management Accounting (EMA), Not-for profit Organisations, Current Issues in Strategic Management Accounting; • International real life case studies to illustrate from across the hospitality, tourism and events sectors including charity (not-for-profit) sector and music events; • Includes International Financial Reporting Standards. Tracy Jones, Principal Lecturer, School Accounting & Law, University of Gloucestershire, UK. Helen Atkinson, Principal Lecture, School of Service Management, University of Brighton, UK. Angela Lorenz, Course Leader, School of Accounting & Law, University of Gloucestershire, UK. With Peter Harris, Professor Emeritus, Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Oxford Brookes University, UK September 2012 • 306 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-00-9 PBK: 978-1-908999-01-6 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

Profit Planning

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-02-3 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48


A complete guide to using key managerial accounting techniques for planning, controlling and improving profitability at the business property level - the “cutting-edge” of routine decision making. Written in a user friendly style, using a minimum of theory and technical jargon, it assumes readers already have a basic knowledge of accounting in relation to profit statements, balance sheets and cash flow. Unlike other financially-related publications which focus on theory, Profit Planning demonstrates ‘how’ to apply accounting techniques in practical day-to-day financial decisions. The content contains concise explanations and illustrations in the context of ‘live’ business situations – rather than ‘why’ and draws directly on the author’s applied research and consulting experience developing accounting and benchmarking techniques for a wide range of hospitality and tourism sector organisations. Peter Harris is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Management at Oxford Brookes University, UK. March 2013 • 240 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-61-0 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120


PBK: 978-1-908999-6-0-3 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-62-7 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48


Food and Beverage Management 4th edition Reviews of the last edition “This shall and will remain a brilliant reference… ” Cyrus Todiwala, Chef Patron, Café Spice Namasté, London “…made compulsory reading for anyone involved in studying about, or working in food and beverage operations.” Carole Rodger, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University “ Definitely a text I would recommend… a brilliant book” Dipna Anand, Lecturer in Catering, West London College, Hammersmith An ideal introductory text for students and practitioners involved in a variety of levels within food and beverage management in the hospitality, tourism and event industries. Key features include: • Content incorporates the application of operations management theory to food and beverage operations; • Specially designed to support learning being divided into ten chapters, ideal for semester teaching, with each chapter having identified learning outcomes, the provision of references and additional sources of information, together with supporting PowerPoint presentations available for downloads from; • Provides a sounds basis on which to extend to higher levels studies; • Written by an experienced team of authors who are recognised authorities in food and beverage operations and culinary arts. This revised and expanded fourth edition explores all aspects of the food and beverage product as well as the management of the business. With a clear, user friendly, structure based on the Food Service Cycle, it has been designed to meet the needs of those undertaking a range of educational programmes, from diploma to undergraduate levels, as well as supporting in-company training programmes. John Cousins, Director of The Food and Beverage Training Company, London, UK David Foskett, Emeritus Professor of Hospitality Studies, London School of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, University of West London, UK David Graham, Principal lecturer in hospitality management, Department of Service Sector Management at Sheffield Hallam University, UK Amy Hollier, Assistant Dean of the College of Food at University College Birmingham, UK March 2016 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-72-2 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-910158-73-9 UK £34.99/EURO €45/US $56

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-74-6 UK £42/EURO €45/US $56


FOOD & DRINK Responsible Sales, Service and Marketing of alcohol This text explains the complexities of alcohol and its’ sale and supply, and examines the wide range of inter-related associated topics connected to the wider tourism, hospitality and retail industries. James Murphy, Lecturer in Bar Management, Dublin Institute of Technology, School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, Ireland.

January 2015 • 288 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-18-0 UK £39.99/EURO €50/US $63

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-20-3 UK £47.99/EURO €50/US $63

Principles and Practices of Bar and Beverage Management

• A complete guide to every aspect of bar management from customer care, marketing, beverages and beverage management, the economic context and bar technology- to key issues of health and safety; • A clear logical progression through all the key topics plus the technical skills, practices and latest developments in the bar and beverage sector; James Murphy, Lecturer in Bar Management, Dublin Institute of Technology, School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, Ireland. May 2013 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-36-8 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-908999-37-5 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-38-2 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

Principles and Practices of Bar and Beverage Management: The Drinks Handbook An authoritative resource and comprehensive training guide, essential for all students, bartenders, sommeliers, mixologists, waiters and food and beverage practitioners the world over. It provides an in-depth knowledge of the products, plus the technical skills, practices and latest developments in the bar and beverage area. James Murphy, Lecturer in Bar Management at Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. May 2013 • 300 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-58-0 UK £50/EURO €60/US $80


EBOOK: 978-1-908999-59-7 UK £60/EURO €60/US $80

FOOD & DRINK Foodies and Food Tourism Food tourism has huge impacts in the hospitality, destination management and tourism development sectors. Includes: • Understanding the food tourist and their perspective; • Taking a demand- side approach to planning developing and marketing; • Using case studies, profiles and direct practitioner insights to illustrate every aspect of the field. Donald Getz Professor, School of Tourism, The University of Queensland, Australia. Richard Robinson Lecturer, School of Tourism, The University of Queensland, Australia. Sanja Vujicic Principal of Experience Consulting, Gothenburg, Sweden. Tommy Andersson Professor, School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. September 2014 • 356 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-99-3 PBK: 978-1-910158-00-5 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-01-2 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

Food and Drink: the cultural context Provides a comprehensive and academically rigorous introduction to a range of key themes in the field of food, drink and culture. It contains a wealth of high quality contributions including: • The Commodification Of Taste by George Ritzer & Anya Galli, University of Maryland, USA; • Food & Drink Ethics by Rebecca Hawkins, Oxford Brookes University, UK; • Artistic representations of food and drink: opera by Fred Plotkin, opera and food writer, USA; Essential reading for post graduates, academics, professionals and all those interested in gastronomy, food and cultural studies, wine business management, hospitality management and all related areas of study. Edited by Donald Sloan, Chair of Oxford Gastronomica, Oxford School of Hospitality Management at Oxford Brookes University, UK. September 2013 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-03-0 PBK: 978-1-908999-04-7 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-05-4 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48



Contemporary Tourism An international approach 3rd edition Reviews of the last edition “Hall and Cooper’s work combines the complexity of the supply and demand of experiential mobility and presents, in sophisticated layers, the actors of the tourism system.” Annals of Tourism Research 45 (2014) “Cooper and Hall have successfully crafted a text that breaks down a challenging topic. Its’ consistent structure and dynamic material make this book an accessible entrance into contemporary tourism.” Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, 2013 Vol. II, No.3 Now in its third edition, this text presents a new and refreshing approach to the study of tourism, considering issues such as economic and environmental crisis, destination marketing, governance issues, the tourist experience and product development. It highlights the ongoing threats and opportunities faced by the industry today, and discusses the related security, service and risk management strategies, illustrating the potential implications for the patterns and flow of tourism in the future. Divided into five sections, each chapter has a thorough learning structure including chapter objectives, examples, discussion points, self-review questions, checklists, URL links and case studies. Cases are both thematic and destination-based and always international. The five sections cover: Contemporary Tourism Systems; The Contemporary Tourist; The Contemporary Tourist Destination; The Contemporary Tourism Industry; and Tourism Futures. New to this edition: • Brand new and updated case studies and examination of key current issues including the role of service-dominant logic in tourism businesses; tourism servicescapes; governance; impacts and environmental change; tourism and urban regeneration; the tourism value chain; tourism and crisis; researching social media; crowd-sourced strategies; the millennial tourist generation and green growth and sustainable tourism. Support for both students and teachers is provided, both within the text itself and via web-based resources. Professor Chris Cooper is Professor in the Faculty of Business at Oxford Brookes University, UK. Professor C Michael Hall is Professor of Marketing at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand; Docent, University of Oulu, Finland and Visiting Professor at Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden. January 2016 November 2015 302 pages pages • •406 HBK: 978-1-910158-58-6 978-1-910158-30-2 PBK: PBK: 978-1-910158-59-3 978-1-910158-31-9 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK UK £34.99/EURO £35/EURO €45/US €45/US$56 $56


EBOOK: 978-1-910158-60-9 978-1-910158-32-6 UK £42/EURO €45/US $56


Strategy for Tourism 2nd edition Reviews of the last edition “… an invaluable aid for students seeking to understand strategy and its importance for success in tourism. …comprehensive coverage of all facets of strategy and strikes the right balance between theory and practice: A good read.” Professor Leo Jago, Co-Director of the Centre for Research and Enterprise, University of Surrey, UK “…clearly focuses on the strategy and uses tourism-related case studies that provide a much greater impact, and an insightful and meaningful discussion on strategies in tourism.” Anatolia 22 (2011) “…this book should be read, regardless of whether one is a lecturer looking for course text or a tourism professional looking for successful business strategies.” International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 24 Iss: 2, pp.352 - 353 Fully revised and updated, Strategy for Tourism 2nd edition contains: • Revised cases studies • Updated data, especially in the areas of the external environment • New references This bestselling text uses an international focus to explain strategic management, analysis and implementation specifically in the tourism industry. It covers strategic management in a variety of tourism contexts, such as organizations, destinations, governments, NGOs and IGOs, as well as for special purposes (e.g. ad- hoc events, sustainability, inclusion, pro-poor). Using global case studies, it provides a complete overview of all the factors required when establishing a strategic plan, covering: • analysis of external factors, including competition, economics and politics; • choice and evaluation of the strategic plan; • implementation, managing and monitoring the plan. Written in a clear, organized and student-friendly style, each chapter features learning objectives, summaries of key journal articles, short illustrative materials, extended case studies, review questions, class activities, chapter summaries and links to relevant websites, plus free access to PowerPoint slides. John Tribe, Professor of Tourism, Surrey University, UK and has Editor in Chief of Annals of Tourism Research. January 2016 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-61-6 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-910158-62-3 UK £34.99/EURO €45/US $56

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-63-0 UK £42/EURO €45/US $56



Marketing in Tourism, Hospitality, Events and Food

• Includes a new chapter on Digital and E-Marketing; • Updated cases to highlight and contextualise theory; • Looks at the specific nature of marketing within these industries

using international examples and theories to evaluate the language, ethics, behaviour and power relations involved. •Fully supported with a route map to give the reader through the book with online resources for lecturers. Targeted at second and third year undergraduate students and master’s level post-graduate, it it takes the reader through a logical and critical examination of key marketing debates, theories and approaches and encourages readers to explore their own thoughts, ideas and opinions. Richard Tresidder Phd, Lecturer, School of Management, Keele University, UK. Craig Hirst Phd, Senior Lecturer of Food Marketing, Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University, UK. November 2016 • 302 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-30-2 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-910158-31-9 UK £35/EURO €45/US $56

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-32-6 UK £42/EURO €45/US $56

Researching Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality for your Dissertation This unique text that takes away the stress, worry and confusion by providing a step-by- step, user friendly guide to all you need to know to successfully research and compile your dissertation. It includes: • Selecting the appropriate approach(es) for your dissertation, including an evaluation of mixed methods research; • Developing your research topic - including the ethics statement; • Lit reviews, methodology, presenting and analysing results and successfully making conclusions; • Case studies based on the author’s own research to demonstrate different research approaches and techniques, and ‘learning from mistakes.’ Peter Mason, Professor of Tourism Management, Bedfordshire University, UK. Visiting Professor of Tourism, London South Bank University, UK, fractional position as Lecturer, London Metropolitan University, UK May 2014 • 356 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-90-0 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120


PBK: 978-1-908999-91-7 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-92-4 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48


Youth Employment in Tourism and Hospitality – A critical review

• First comprehensive overview of key concepts, theories and knowledge relating to youth employment in the Tourism sector; • Explores barriers to youth employment, from both supply and demand-side perspectives; • Uses case studies to investigate the role of tourism internships in early work socialisation, and graduate entrepreneurship in tourism. Essential reading for those delivering and developing tourism programmes, and for students of tourism and hospitality. Also for policy-makers, managers and those in related fields such as education, human resources management and career guidance. Andreas Walmsley, Associate Professor and Programme Leader in Tourism, Hospitality and Events at Plymouth University, UK. November 2015 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-36-4 PBK: 978-1-910158-37-1 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

Tourism & Political Change

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-38-8 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48


Completely revised and updated, this edition includes new material on: • The effects of the development of neo-liberalism on tourism development globally; • The changing patterns of tourism in North Africa and Arab world and implications of political uncertainty and regime change; • The implications of formal involvement of indigenous nations and organisations in tourism planning and development; • The dangers ofcorruption and mismanagement of projects. Edited by Professor Richard Butler, Professor in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management of University of Strathclyde. Dr Wantanee Suntikul, Assistant Professor, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. September 2016 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-81-4 PBK: 978-1-910158-82-1 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £34.99/EURO €45/US $56

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-83-8 UK £42/EURO €45/US $56



Thanatourism Case Studies in Travel to the Dark Side An important new overview of the growing field. Introduces new philosophical perspectives and a wealth of empirical material on the contemporary and historical consumption of death with case studies designed to stretch and challenge current discourse. Contexts presented include: • well known religious sites • battlefield locations • genocide camps • lesser known exhibition centres and a plague site. It discusses both research and teaching approaches in thanatourism as well as acknowledging its emotive nature. An essential new resource for researchers, teachers and upper level students. Edited by Tony Johnston, PhD, Head of the Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Studies, Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland. Pascal Mandelartz, PhD, Lecturer in Tourism and Event Management, School of Hotel, Resort and Spa Management, University of Derby, UK November 2015 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-33-3 PBK: 978-1-910158-34-0 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-35-7 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

Marketing and Designing the Tourist Experience The topic of ‘experience’ is becoming central to a full understanding of consumer behaviour and this book covers the key sectors where it is a critical factor. International in scope and applicability it backs up the theory with case materials, questions and exercises. • What really lies at the heart of the customer experience and how to influence it.; • How to manage and improve service provision; • How to influence the customer experience; • Key examples illustrating real world success. Ideal for upper level students, practitioners and managers who need to understand the principles and practice of experiential tourism marketing, tourist behaviour, service quality and customer experience. Isabelle Frochot is senior lecturer at University of Savoie, France. Wided Batat is a senior lecturer at the University of Lyon2. March 2013 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-45-0 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120


PBK: 978-1-908999-46-7 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-47-4 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48


Winter Sport Tourism

Working in Winter Wonderlands The ski industry is vast, and changes in technology, demographics and climate are affecting the ski landscape all over the world. With 12 chapters for easy semester teaching, each chapter follows the theme of ‘working in winter wonderlands’, covering: • The winter sport tourism product the activities, resorts, and supporting industries such as clothing and equipment;• Marketing, public relations and media; • Planning, marketing and leveraging of events in the winter sports industry • Economic, social and environmental impacts; • Understanding the consumer, customer service and developing a service culture. • The future for the ski industry, how resorts need to cater to the future consumer. The book has a sound pedagogic structure, with key chapter features including ‘spotlight’ sections, ‘profiles’, detailed industry case studies and online tutor resources. Dr. Simon Hudson is an Endowed Chair in Tourism at the University of South Carolina, USA. Louise Hudson is a freelance journalist and a prolific ski blogger on and a ski tweeter @skiblogger. September 2015 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-39-5 PBK: 978-1-910158-40-1 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-41-8 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

Golf Tourism 2nd edition Golf continues to represent the largest sports-related travel market with over 50 million golf tourists. The new edition discusses: • The golf tourist; • Planning, management and marketing; • The impact of golf tourism: environmental, social and economic. • 40 up-to-date cases illustrating every aspect of the industry globally. • The rise of golf tourism in the emerging markets of Asia and Middle East. Each chapter contains Golf Tourism Spotlight section which focuses on the achievements of successful individuals or organizations; Golf Tourism Snapshots consisting of short, real-life cases up-to-date, relevant and detailed Case Study designed to foster critical thinking. Dr. Simon Hudson is an Endowed Chair in Tourism at the University of South Carolina , USA. Louise Hudson is a freelance journalist living in South Carolina , USA ( February 2014 • 302 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-93-1 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-908999-94-8 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-95-5 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48


TOURISM Music, Markets and Consumption A fully international and scholarly analysis integrating the unique popular music sector both within arts marketing and current marketing and consumption theories. This book draws upon marketing and consumer studies theory to think through a range of issues within the music business, including: • Music as a product and it’s consumers • Musical brands • Musical tribes and brands • The musician as marketer and marketing of live music • The music business environment. Dr Daragh O’Reilly, Management School, University of Sheffield , UK. Dr Gretchen Larsen, Department of Management, King’s College London , UK. Dr Krzysztof Kubacki, Griffith Business School, Griffith University , Australia. May 2013 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-51-1 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-908999-52-8 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-53-5 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

Contemporary Tourism Reviews Volume 1 • State-of-the-art reviews of sub fields of tourism - must-have

information by experts in their field; • Each review is a multi-dimensional ’one-stop shop’ of information, saving valuable research time. Contemporary Tourism Reviews contains 10 reviews, providing critical, state-of-the-art and authoritative coverage of the sub-fields and related topics of tourism, written by leading thinkers and academics in the field. Sub-topics covered include: Economics (Dwyer), Area Life Cycle (Butler), Technology (Buhalis), Events (Whitford), Policy (Scott) and many more. Each review is available for individual download from and includes links to original sources of information, sites, journals and books with a complete glossary of terms, saving the reader valuable research time. Chris Cooper is Professor, Department of Business and Management, Oxford Brookes University, UK. November 2014 • 302 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-05-0 EBOOK: 978-1-910158-04-3 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £90/EURO €98/US $120


TOURISM The Contemporary Cases Series is dynamic, current and stimulating, delivering cases that are original, flexible, challenging and controversial. All cases within Contemporary Cases Series are available for individual download from the CCO website (see or for e-readers (Kindle, Kobo), and can be purchased in a ‘pick-and-mix’ fashion. The online cases are packed with hyperlinks to original sources, further readings and websites. About the Series Editors: Dr Brian Garrod is Reader in Tourism Management at Aberystwyth University, UK. Professor Alan Fyall is Orange County Endowed Professor of Tourism Marketing, University of Central Florida, USA

Contemporary Cases in Sport V1 Contemporary Cases in Sport: Volume 1 examines 12 international cases under the sections of policy and politics, impacts and legacy, and identity and experiences. March 2013 • 254 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-21-4 EBOOK: 978-1-908999-22-1 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £90/EURO €98/US $120

Contemporary Cases in Heritage V1 Contemporary Cases in Heritage Tourism: Volume 1 examines nine international cases under the sections of Heritage as Tourism, Managing Heritage Sites and Bringing Heritage to Life. May 2013 • 254 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-54-2 EBOOK: 978-1-908999-55-9 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £90/EURO €98/US $120

Contemporary Cases in Tourism Contemporary Cases in Tourism: Volume 1 looks at 10 international cases under the headings of marketing tourism, sustainable tourism and niche tourism.

October 2011 • 254 pages HBK: 978-1-90688-45-3 EBOOK: 978-1-906884-71-0 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £90/EURO €98/US $120


TOURISM Key Issues in the Arts and Entertainment Industry The only book on contemporary issues which covers the arts and entertainment sectors, from social networking and Twitter, to reality TV and digital rights management. Edited by Ben Walmsley, School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds, UK.

March 2011 • 236 pages HBK: 978-1-906884-20-8 PBK: 978-1-906884-47-5 EBOOK: 978-1-906884-81-9 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £30/EURO €36/US $48 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

Global Geotourism Perspectives A collection of international case studies that provides examples of actual and developing geotourism from around the world. Covers six continents including Australia, Brazil, China, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Oman, South Africa and the USA. Edited by Ross K Dowling, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. David Newsome, Murdoch University, Western Australia. May 2010 • 266 pages PBK: 978-1-906884-17-8 UK £35/EURO €42/US $56

EBOOK: 978-1-906884-84-0 UK £42/EURO €42/US $56

Geotourism Compiled by a team of international researchers, specialists, practitioners and protected area managers, this work contains examples of geotourism concepts, development and practice from around the world. Edited by Ross K Dowling, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. David Newsome, Murdoch University, Western Australia. March 2010 • 260 pages HBK: 978-1-906884-66-6 EBOOK: 978-1-906884-68-0 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £90/EURO €98/US $120


TOURISM Tourism Research “…a comprehensive resource on tourism research…” Annals of Tourism Research (2011) Edited by Professor Douglas Pearce, Victoria Management School, New Zealand. Professor Richard Butler, University of Strathclyde, UK. March 2010 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-906884-10-9 EBOOK: 978-1-906884-91-8 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £90/EURO €98/US $120

Tourism and Demography Investigates the consequences for the industry and the strategies that need to be put in place now. Edited by Ian Yeoman, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand et al November 2010 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-906884-15-4 EBOOK: 978-1-906884-86-4 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £90/EURO €98/US $120

Tourism and Crime Brings together concepts, ideas and empirical evidence from two distinct fields and maps out a cross-disciplinary research agenda for scholars and policymakers in this area. Edited by David Botterill, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, UK. Trevor Jones, University of Cardiff, UK. August 2010 • 248 pages HBK: 978-1-906884-14-7 EBOOK: 978-1-906884-87-1 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £90/EURO €98/US $120

Marketing Innovations for Sustainable Destinations Edited by Alan Fyall, University of Central Florida, USA; et al September 2009 • 352 pages HBK: 978-1-906884-05-5 EBOOK: 978-1-906884-96-3 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £90/EURO €98/US $120



LOW CARBON MOBILITY TRANSITIONS • Provides a thorough examination of national/regional specific approaches to low-carbon transport;

• Identifies and critically examines opportunities for enabling low carbon travel (mobility) in the near- and long-term future;

• Contains international case studies, with contributions from internationally recognised researchers.

Local, domestic and international travel has grown phenomenally in recent decades and is set to continue to grow rapidly in the years and decade ahead. People living in societies that vary in terms of stage of development are becoming more mobile; travelling further for employment and education, business and leisure. This demand has driven the growth of faster, carbon-intensive transport modes including private vehicles and air travel. Despite technological efficiency gains, transport related greenhouse gas emissions generally mirror the rapid growth trajectory. This has drawn the sustainability of contemporary mobility into deep question. The urgent challenge now exists to drastically reduce transport emissions in the interests of environmental sustainability and human health. Radical and innovative industry, policy and behavioural responses are required to move towards a low-carbon transport future. Low Carbon Mobility Transitions is an edited volume and the first to examine how we can transition to a future of low carbon methods of travel and mobility. Divided into four parts of People and Place, Structures in Transition, and Industry and Innovation, it incorporates interdisciplinary perspectives from behavioural, technological and policy viewpoints, incorporating a range of geographical contexts. Highlights of the book include: • Drawing together interdisciplinary insights into low carbon mobility transitions; • Presenting opportunities for transition, and examples of successful transition; • Providing discussion of the particular geographic contexts of low carbon mobility transitions. Edited by Debbie Hopkins, Transport Studies Unit at Oxford University, UK. James Higham is a Professor in the Department of Tourism, University of Otago, New Zealand, and Visiting Professor, University of Stavanger, Norway.

September 2016 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-64-7 EBOOK: 978-1-910158-65-4 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £43/EURO €45/US $56



PRACTICING SUSTAINABLE INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER TOURISM Volunteer tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the tourism industry and is now appropriated by big business and commercial operators, NGOs and government agencies globally. These diverse stakeholders have developed an array of services and programs designed to serve the needs of host communities as well as the tourists (volunteers). However, there is currently no worldwide industry network of volunteer tourism organisations and which can create confusion and mismatches in issues such as monitoring, research, guidelines, accreditation and training, marketing, and government engagement. This texts aims to facilitate this by pushing forward a best practice agenda. This text offers practical advice on how to engage in this growing market, but minimise the impacts and engage in the practice in a way that is sustainable. It provides policy and guiding principles for industry development, providing opportunities for the industry to start to develop, achieve and actively promote ‘best volunteer tourism practices’ and explores mechanisms that can enable volunteer tourists and the travel trade to recognise the volunteer tourism product. It discusses: • Sustainable development and tourism including the mass tourism/alternative tourism debate and the move towards a sustainable paradigm; • How does volunteer tourism differ from `mainstream’ tourism; • Stakeholders and industry support for volunteer tourism and the growing role of partnerships and collaborations; • How volunteer tourism can benefit the local community and community consultation; Funding, grants and revenue generation for host communities • With of a variety of international case studies throughout to illustrate and contextualise, this edited collection concludes with a checklist of action points and ‘do’s mad ‘don’ts for tourists, operators and communities alike. A must-have handbook for all those studying tourism and related topics, as well as business and commercial operators engaging in volunteer tourism, NGOs and government agencies, communities and volunteer tourists themselves. Dr. Stephen L. Wearing is an Associate Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Dr Angela M. Benson is an Principal Lecturer in Tourism at the School of Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton, UK. Mary Mostafanezhad Lecturer University of Otago, New Zealand. September 2016 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-42-5 PBK: 978-1-910158-43-2 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-44-9 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48



Responsible Tourism Using Tourism for Sustainable Development 2nd edition Reviews of the last edition “It should be mandatory reading for all those interested in, studying, and producing policy relating to tourism development.” Richard Butler, Professor Emeritus, Strathclyde Business School, Strathclyde University “Krippendorf and now Goodwin are the architects of modern responsible tourism. A challenging and inspiring read that defines the agenda for the next decade.” Justin Francis CEO, “… a ‘must read’ for anyone with an interest in the responsible tourism debate and, more importantly, an interest in the future of tourism itself.” Richard Sharpley, Professor of Tourism & Development, University of Central Lancashire Responsible Tourism: Using tourism for sustainable development 2nd edition is about the globally vital necessity of realising sustainable tourism. It is a hugely important challenge to those who organise and sell travel and tourism, and those who consume it. Now in its second edition, it has been fully revised and updated and includes new material to explore the following key issues: resilience, voluntourism, child protection, the challenge of disintermediation, tourism and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, slum tourism, shared value and animal welfare. This powerful new handbook is the most authoritative contemporary overview of the key issues that are critical for the progress of responsible tourism and is written by one of the leading thinkers and changemakers in the field. It applies the broader concept of responsibility to travel and tourism, and looks at how it relates to sustainable business and the business case for responsibility. This text is for managers and professionals at all levels in the tourism business. It will also be essential for policy makers and others responsible for strategic thinking in the wide range of sectors that relate to travel and tourism, and it should be read by all serious students of tourism who need to understand where the industry they may want to join must go in the future. Harold Goodwin, Professor of Responsible Tourism at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and Director of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism. September 2016 • 302 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-84-5 PBK: 978-1-910158-85-2 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK £34.99/EURO €45/US $56


EBOOK: 978-1-910158-86-9 UK £42/EURO €45/US $56

SUSTAINABILITY International Cases In Sustainable Travel & Tourism Case studies are an indispensable learning tool, not only in the classroom but also in academic research, consultancy and practical business management contexts. Case studies present real situations, allowing a balance of theory and practice. They have the power to transform the learning the abstract and uninspiring to one that is targeted and vibrant. The book, and the individual cases will be an essential teaching and learning resource for both undergraduate and graduate students in Tourism. It will also be of interest to academic researchers and planners, managers and developers of tourist destinations. It will be ideal for the increasing number of sustainability subjects in tourism degrees worldwide. International Cases in Sustainable Travel & Tourism provides an international range of outstanding new cases focused on sustainable tourism management and development, including award winners and finalists from the WTTC Tourism for Tourism Awards. They are written by local scholars who are experts in sustainable tourism. They all have a range of features ensuring their quality and applicability: • Based on a joint initiative of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the BEST Education Network (BEST EN), organisations that are at the the forefront of both sustainable tourism practice and teaching; • Each case is rigorously and carefully structured for maximum teaching and learning impact- this includes a clear synopsis, appropriate theoretical frameworks, and a clear summary and future outlook; • Every case is fully supported by features to increase deep understanding of the principles and practice it contains - clear learning outcomes, full references and directed reading and challenging study questions; • In addition to each case the authors provide educators and trainers with detailed background teaching notes, indicative answers, a recommended teaching approach and teaching slides in PowerPoint; • All the cases are also available online for individual purchase at and for library and site purchase through all major online suppliers. Edited by Dr Pierre Benckendorff, Senior Lecturer, School of Tourism, The University of Queensland, Australia. Dr Dagmar Lund-Durlacher, Department Head, Dean, Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management , MODUL University, Vienna, Austria. May 2013 • 256 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-39-9 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-908999-40-5 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-41-2 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48


SUSTAINABILITY Understanding the Sustainable Development of Tourism ‘…strongly recommended.’ Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 38, Issue No. 4, 2011 Divided into 11 chapter ‘modules’, it considers key managerial concepts, such as HRM, marketing, CSR and risk management. Each chapter links relevant theories and concepts to practice through case studies or exercises. Edited by Dr. Janne J. Liburd, University of Southern Denmark. Dr. Deborah Edwards, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. May 2010 • 256 pages PBK: 978-1-906884-13-0 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-906884-88-8 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

Responsible Hospitality Defines the ten principles of responsible business and how global hospitality businesses have addressed them, using case studies from leading global players. “Here’s the blueprint for hospitality industry leaders for years to come” Dr Xavier Font, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. Dr Rebecca Hawkins, Director of the Responsible Hospitality Partnership, Fellow at Oxford Brookes University, UK. Dr Paulina Bohdanowicz, Director, Energy and Environment, Hilton Worldwide’ October 2011 • 292 pages HBK: 978-1-906884-42-0 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-906884-19-2 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-906884-70-3 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

Green Growth and Travelism letters from leaders With a foreword from Maurice Strong, it contains contributions by major international thought leaders from inside and outside the sector. Edited by Geoffrey Lipman, Director Adjunct Professor Victoria University, Australia, Terry DeLacy, Victoria University, Australia. Shaun Vorster, Special Advisor to the Minister of Tourism South Africa, D.Phil Stellenbosch University, South Africa. (writing in a personal capacity) Rebecca Hawkins, Director Responsible Hospitality Partnership, Research Fellow Oxford Brookes University, UK. Min Jiang, Victoria University, Australia. June 2012 • 306 pages HBK: 978-1-908999-17-7 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120


PBK: 978-1-908999-18-4 UK £29.99/EURO €36/US $48

EBOOK: 978-1-908999-19-1 UK £36/EURO €36/US $48

MANAGEMENT The Global Management Series is a complete portfolio of global business and management texts that successfully meets the needs of students on international undergraduate and postgraduate business and management degree courses. Backed by complete lecturer and student resources, each book is clear, concise and practical, and has a thorough pedagogic structure to suit a 12 week semester. Each is edited and contributed to by a team of experienced academics based in the UK, Dubai and Malaysia providing a truly global viewpoint. As a whole it provides a complete teaching and learning toolkit with downloadable e-chapters for each text that can be purchased in a ‘pick and mix’ fashion to allow for customisation across the series to meet individual needs. NEW EDITION

RESEARCH METHODS FOR BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT 2nd edition This updated and revised edition offers a comprehensive overview of key research methods and the main choices available when undertaking research in business and management.

New to this edition is a comprehensive, practical guide on how to write your dissertation – invaluable to all students. Taking the reader through the entire life cycle of a research project, it covers everything from the purposes of research through to gathering primary and secondary data; using literature; quantitative and qualitative research; data analysis; managing your research and research ethics. Individual chapters are allied to a powerful critical commentary showing how some of the world’s leading scholars have used particular methods in their own research. Includes: • In-text exercises • End of chapter review questions with solutions • Exemplar papers identified and discussed for each main method • Directed further reading for developing understanding in key areas An essential learning aid for upper level undergraduates and postgraduates; it comes with a range of supported learning materials including tutorials, lecture slides and tutor notes. Kevin O’Gorman, Professor of Management and Business History and Head of Business Management, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. Robert MacIntosh, Professor of Strategy and Head of the School of Management and Languages at Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. September 2015 • 302 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-50-0 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-910158-51-7 EBOOK: 978-1-910158-52-4 UK 34.99/EURO €50/US $55 UK £42/EURO €50/US $55



Introducing Management in a Global Context “… a book infused with a real sense of exuberance” Professor Charles Harvey, Newcastle University, UK “This highly readable text is the perfect introduction to management….” Sara Carter, Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde, UK • Comprehensive overview of management disciplines from leading scholars in the field • Research informed critique of introductory materials based on first hand international teaching in over 14 countries • Extensive pedagogic features plus integrated and purpose built support learning materials Edited By Kevin O’Gorman, Professor of Management and Business History, Head of Business Management in the School of Languages and Management, Heriot-Watt University,UK, UAE and Malaysia. Robert MacIntosh, Professor of Strategy, Head of the School of Management and Languages, Heriot-Watt University, UK, UAE and Malaysia. September 2015 • 302 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-47-0 PBK: 978-1-910158-48-7 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120 UK 34.99/EURO €50/US $55

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-49-4 UK £42/EURO €50/US $55

Enterprise and its Business Environment

Offers a clear and insightful introduction to the world of business enterprise and the inner workings of the firm. It: •Brings structure to the field of ‘business enterprise’ by organizing basic ideas and introducing concepts; •Builds on the established theories and contributions of the great and good in the field of management and organization; •Uses international case studies to examine globalisation and its significance to organisations. Online resources include chapter-by-chapter multiple choice questions to check understanding. Edited by Norin Arshed is Assistant Professor and Programmes Director for Leadership and Organisational Performance suite of MSc programmes in the Department of Business Management at Heriot-Watt University, UK. Julie McFarlane is Assistant Professor in Marketing, School of Management & Languages, Dept. of Business Management at Heriot-Watt University, UK. Robert MacIntosh, Professor of Strategy, Head of the School of Management and Languages, Heriot-Watt University, UK, UAE and Malaysia. January 2016 • 302 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-78-4 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120


PBK: 978-1-910158-79-1 UK 34.99/EURO €50/US $55

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-80-7 UK £42/EURO €50/US $55


Enterprise Concepts and Issues Introduces many of the terms, theories and practices in entrepreneurship and enterprise. Using international real life case studies, it aims to understand how entrepreneurship is being applied across the economy. It discusses issues such as: • The ‘entrepreneurial class’ – is there such a thing and what are the barriers to entry? • Common characteristics of the successful entrepreneurs: attributes, behaviours and skills • Entrepreneurialism in different contexts – corporate, social and family. Edited by Norin Arshed is Assistant Professor and Programmes Director for Leadership and Organisational Performance suite of MSc programmes in the Department of Business Management at Heriot-Watt University, UK. Mike Danson is Professor of Enterprise Policy at Heriot-Watt University, UK. January 2016 • 302 pages HBK: 978-1-910158-75-3 UK £75/EURO €98/US $120

PBK: 978-1-910158-76-0 UK 34.99/EURO €50/US $55

EBOOK: 978-1-910158-77-7 UK £42/EURO €50/US $55

FORTHCOMING FOR 2016/17 Research Methods for Accounting and Finance

Edited by Audrey Paterson, David Leung, William Jackson, Robert MacIntosh, Kevin O’Gorman September 2016 • 256 pages •HBK: 978-1-910158-88-3 PBK: 978-1-910158-89-0 EBOOK: 978-1-910158-90-6

Business Skills

Edited by Alex Pearson, Robert MacIntosh, Kevin O’Gorman September 2016 • 256 pages • HBK: 978-1-910158-91-3 PBK: 978-1-910158-92-0 EBOOK: 978-1-910158-93-7

Marketing Communications

Edited by Geraldine Bell, Babek Taheri September 2016 • 256 pages • HBK: 978-1-910158-94-4 PBK: 978-1-910158-95-1 EBOOK: 978-1-910158-96-8

Fundamentals of Marketing

Edited by Geraldine McKay, Paul J Hopkinson, Lai Hong Ng September 2016 • 256 pages • HBK: 978-1-910158-97-5 PBK: 978-1-910158-98-2 EBOOK: 978-1-910158-99-9

Project Management

Edited by Amos Haniff, Mohamad Salama September 2016 • 256 pages • HBK: 978-1-911396-03-1 PBK: 978-1-911396-04-8 EBOOK: 978-1-911396-05-5

Essentials on International Digital Marketing By Kathryn Waite, Rodrigo Perez-Vega

August 2017 • 256 pages • HBK: 978-1-911396-00-0 PBK: 978-1-911396-01-7 EBOOK: 978-1-911396-02-4


E-SERIES CONTEMPORARY CASES ONLINE (CCO) Immediate access to critical case studies that are original, flexible, challenging, and research-informed, all driven by the needs of teaching and learning. Cases will be focused specifically on the emerging fields of Tourism, Heritage, Hospitality, Leisure, Retail, Events and Sport. If you need a case study for a new course or research project, CCO is the answer! All cases offer: • Topical currency: up to date, original and regularly reviewed to ensure that currency is maintained. • Immediate delivery: instantly downloadable • Tutor resources: each case comes complete with teaching notes and slides, links to additional articles/ publications, worked questions and exercises. • Tourism cases, Sport cases and Heritage cases are available in volume format – see page 25 of this catalogue and our website: Series Editors: Professor Alan Fyall, University of Central Florida, USA and Professor Brian Garrod, University of Wales at Aberystwyth, UK. Each case is £4.99, €6, $8.50 and each set of accompanying tutor resources is £6.99, €8.50, $10.75. All CCOs are available for instant download online from as well as Kindle, Kobo and other leading e-vendors.

CONTEMPORARY TOURISM REVIEWS (CTR) What is the ideal way to introduce your students to key topic areas in Tourism? Or the fastest route to research areas that are outside of your particular specialties? Contemporary Tourism Reviews offer critical, state of the art, authoritative reviews written by leading thinkers and academics in the field providing flexible, current and topical information as an instant download, expert knowledge at the click of your mouse. Reviews covered include: Economics (Dwyer), Area Life Cycle (Butler), Technology (Buhalis), Events (Whitford), Policy (Scott) and many more. • Each page is packed with links to original sources of information- sites, journals and books and with a complete glossary of terms. • Each review has a rigorous common structure- introduction to the development of the field, survey of current thought, exploration of the key debates and extensive references. • Each review uses widespread mini-cases and examples to illustrate key concepts. Also available, ‘Regional Reviews’. Each regional review reflects not only the current status of tourism at the destination, but also the contemporary issues it faces. Series editor: Professor Chris Cooper, Faculty of Business, Oxford Brookes University, UK. All CTRs are priced at £7.99 each exclusive of VAT, €11.99, $9.49 and are available for instant download online from, Kindle, Kobo and other leading e-vendors. 36


Luxury Tourism

Examines the concept of luxury and its meaning across tourism, events and hospitality globally. Packed with case studies, it’s a challenging and innovative text that investigates how the idea of luxury is changing in response to a variety factors, such as social change, technological innovation and the challenge of sustainability. John Swarbrooke, Visiting Professor Plymouth University, Consultant at J and S Consultancy, former head of Department and Professor of Tourism and Hospitality, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK April 2017 • 256 pages • HBK: 978-1-911396-06-2 • PBK: 978-1-911396-07-9 • EBOOK: 978-1-911396-08-6

Contemporary Issues in Food Supply Chain Management

This vital new text offers a holistic view of the factors affecting the different tiers of sustainability, public health, poverty, security and production within the food supply chain. With contributions from international experts in the field, it takes particular emphasis on growing populations and the deployment of agricultural land for uses other than food production. Edited by Jane Eastham, Senior Lecturer, Food Science and Agri-food Supply Chain Management, Harper Adams University; Luis De Aguiar, Senior Lecturer, Food Science and Agri-food Supply Chain Management, Harper Adams University; Simon Thelwell, Associate Head of Department, Director of Ruralconsultancy, Placement Manager Business, Agribusiness and Agri-food Marketing, Harper Adams University, UK April 2017 • 256 pages • HBK: 978-1-911396-09-3 • PBK: 978-1-911396-10-9 • EBOOK: 978-1-911396-11-6

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