Page 1 There is a long list of reasons why more and more people are adding ventless fireplaces to their home. Fortunately, with the high demand, manufacturers have responded to this need by getting very creative with their designs and extremely competitive with their pricing. Today, nearly everyone can afford a ventless fireplace, not just those who have an elite status.

Ventless Fireplaces • There is a long list of reasons why more and more people are adding ventless fireplaces to their home. Fortunately, with the high demand, manufacturers have responded to this need by getting very creative with their designs and extremely competitive with their pricing. Today, nearly everyone can afford a ventless fireplace, not just those who have an elite status. • Why Go Ventless? • If you haven’t yet learned of how harmful it is for you and the environment to burn wood, it absolutely is! Carbon monoxide and pollutants that are emitted into the air are having an adverse effect on your health and the atmosphere. • Of course, those who don't have a fireplace in their home or happen to live in an apartment can now receive the warmth and unparalleled ambiance that only a fire can deliver. The models available here at Ventless Fireplace Pros are practical for any living space. Since they require no venting, you can put one in any room that you choose and you never have to worry about them compromising your air quality, like gel fireplaces. Some even clean the air while they operate which is always an added bonus!

Available Styles

Ventless Fireplace Pros has more styles that you probably even know exist! Are you aware that you can purchase TV and media consoles with an electric fireplace built right in or that there are some that actually hang on a wall?

That's right, wall fireplaces are beyond extraordinary! You will find them in gorgeous finishes such as copper, black, stainless steel, antique gold or surrounded by a spiral sunburst. Need an exceptional focal point in your room? Dimplex and Bio-Blaze both manufacture long, elegant styles that you won't be able to take your eyes off of and neither will your guests!

Perhaps you have been to a high-end spa, yoga studio or art gallery and happen to notice tabletop fireplaces strategically placed around to capture your attention? Well, those are a lot more affordable than you probably think. Ventless Fireplace Pros carries an extensive selection of tabletop fireplaces that can travel from room to room or you can even take them outside to enjoy in your outdoor living space. There's even fuel available with citronella to keep the bugs away! Brands such as Real Flame, Venise, Gramercy, Buschbeck, Oasis, Lexington and Pure Flame manufacture everything from a simple lantern design to an exotic centerpiece.

Available Styles Whatever your personal need, style and budget is, you are sure to find a safe, environmentallyfriendly fireplace that suits you at Ventless Fireplace Pros.

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Available Styles

BIO FUEL FIREPLACES • Bio fuel fireplaces are an easy way to have that warm glow of a fireplace inside or out without the mess. Choose from our wide variety of these sleek and modern environmentally friendly, Biofuel fireplaces, including wall fireplaces or tabletop fireplaces. Ventless fireplaces are perfect for any home or office.

Bio Fuel Fireplaces •

If you have ever been to a spa or meditation studio, you are well aware just how intoxicating bio fuel fireplaces are. There is just something about a clean, odor -ree, dancing flame that just captures your attention and draws you in.

If you have come to Ventless Fireplace Pros in search of a tabletop or portable fireplace, bio fuel varieties certainly dominate this category. Manufacturers create these pieces with the purchaser and the environment in mind. Bio fuel fireplaces need to be as safe as they are beautiful. After all, they are the most environmentally-friendly option available today.

Why They're Environmentally Friendly • Bio fuel fireplaces require no wood or electricity to operate. They use an alcohol-based gel that does not affect the air quality in your home or outside. There are very strict requirements enforced by the EPA and OSHA regarding these products. Therefore, you can feel confident knowing that any bio fuel fireplace you purchase from Ventless Fireplace Pros will not affect the health of you, your family, pets or the environment.

Choosing the Right One • The first thing you need to decide is if you want a model that simply hangs on the wall or one that sits on a table or the floor. The Chantico Line Impulse Fireplace is a popular style that features stainless steel and a glass shield and it only weighs 28 pounds. Pure Flame Adena Bio Fuel Fireplaces are quite similar only they offer a more rounded face, a feature very important if you are trying to achieve a perfect balance in your space, according to Feng Shui practices. • • Window box-style bio fuel fireplaces at Ventless Fireplace Pros are also very popular. They are available in finishes like black, stainless steel and semi-white from both Pure Flame and Chantico. Really in the need for additional rounded elements for inside your home or in your outdoor living space? Pure Flame makes the Ring of Fire and Ellipse of Fire, both are complete showstoppers!

Choosing the Right One • Prefer something a little less contemporary and maybe more on the rustic side that looks warm and inviting? There are bio fuel fireplaces available that simply look like a few logs. You can't get any more traditional than that without creating real smoke! • • Ventless Fireplace Pros has any style you could want and probably a few you never imagined even existed. With an extensive selection from Pure Flame, Bio-Blaze, Chantico, Buschbeck, Capri, Montreal, Hudson, Napoli and Milan, you are sure to find the perfect piece to compliment your home.

TABLE TOP FIREPLACES • Perfect for any table or counter space these unique table top fireplaces are a quick conversation piece. Create an ambiance for any setting with our creative designs using stainless steel features with rock for that sleek and modern look or a wrought iron lantern for outdoor use.

WALL FIREPLACES • Our unique wall fireplaces are perfect for any home. Whether you are looking for something unique to wall or need something to wow your guests a wall mounted fireplace will do both. You will find the perfect wall fireplace for any room at Ventless Fireplace Pros.

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