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Young and Catholic



ow manifold are your works, In wisdom you have wrought them all - the earth is full of your creatures; Bless the LORD, O my soul! Alleluia. (Psalm 104:24) It’s funny how certain pieces of scripture will capture you, lift you up and set you on the narrow path to God with a new found zeal. This quote from Psalm 104 really woke me up the other morning, fueling the fire that drives me to seek out His will every day; to see young souls brought closer to Him who is wisdom, who has created all. Perhaps it reminded me of Gods great power and splendour! Perhaps it was the imagery it evoked in me of the beauty of creation, that lifts my heart and soul on eagles wings. Or perhaps at the words ‘Bless the LORD, O my soul! Alleluia’ I was reminded of the deep thirst I have for Him and for holy things. Life is not easy, in fact it’s down right hard work. Not everything goes according to plan, suffering hurts, joy at times seems hard to find and peace; our carefully crafted facade of controlled calm can hide the most turbulent rivers of passion, anxiety, feelings of weakness and desolation. What peace?! As I am lifted by this simple piece of scripture I am reminded that it is important to return regularly to the wellsprings of life; knowing that as we drink deeply, we will be sustained, healed and made whole, even as the noise and movements of life seek to obliterate any sense of consolation we might gain at returning to the well. But return we must, for to whom else should we turn?

to the ends of the earth. We have some fantastic events and opportunities lined up this year, good resources and amazing youth leaders around the diocese. Please pray for young people around New Zealand and especially our diocese. Pray that we are doing His will, pray for a great out pouring of faith, hope and love, pray that many young people will return regularly to the wellsprings of life. Thank you to all those people who over the past year have given time, money and resources to youth and young adults around our diocese. Especially thanks to those people who on occasion gave financially to the youth office. Last year we were able to sponsor a number of young people to our events, helped send a team to India and helped get six young adults to Hearts Aflame. Any donation you give for young people will be spent on young people. This year will be a great year if we all but commit ourselves once again to putting God first in our lives. Let us choose to learn from Martha and Mary, to seek to sit at the feet of the King of Kings, to proclaim with the Psalmist ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul Alleluia! And to pray along with Saint Ignatius, “Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding and my entire will, all I have and call my own. You have given all to me. To you, Lord, I return it. Everything is yours; do with it what you will. Give me only your love and your grace. That is enough for me.” Jamie Cox

Intrducing Alex... Hello Everyone!!! I am extremely excited to be working here at the Catholic Youth Office (CYO). Growing up in St Peter Chanel Parish Te Rapa, attending the primary school and

Seek the Lord regularly through daily Mass, regular confession, daily mental prayer (‘go into your room and close the door...’) and reading of the scriptures. Desire for, and practice true reverence. Ask Our Lady for help.

Each year the Catholic Youth Office has three areas of focus; to evangelise, to disciple and to

send. We want to bring all young people to a personal relationship with Jesus, we want them to be well formed in the catholic faith tradition and we want to send young people out on mission


Director of Youth. 07 856 689 021 228 4521

Catholic Youth Office, 07 856 6989,

then progressing to St Johns College, I am a full-blooded Hamiltonian. After college I completed a year of volunteer service on NET ministries and then found myself living in Christchurch. Retreat work for the Catholic Youth Team (CYT) Christchurch, youth group leader for Christ the King Parish Burnside, plus some solid formation through events and talks such as hearts aflame, and the completion of a Bachelor of Commerce at Canterbury University, saw three years whizz by. Now back in the Tron I can’t wait to get stuck into the youth and young adults scene. I am committed to you as a young person, young adult, youth group leader and parishioner. Are you a young adult wanting to know more about the Catholic events in the diocese? Are you a youth leader looking to link with like-minded people and are in need of quality resources? Are you at highschool and want to get involved with Catholic youthgroups, camps and events? Does your Parish have the capacity for a youthgroup but lacks direction, resources or leadership? Contact me ASAP Alex Bailey

Youth Coordinator 07 856 6989 021 228 4522

Parachute Festival this year was BRILLIANT! A big thanks to Father Matt McAuslin for celebrating the Mass and Bill Dysart and his team for the music.


Catholic Youth Office, 07 856 6989,


ifeTeen camp 2010 is a place for Catholic teens to

Praise and Worship made an appearance in this camp, we praised God in one way teens know how to… with music! come together and make friends with other Catholic teens. On the final night, we were asked to get into a 90’s outfit Last year it took place at the picturesque Lake Whakamaru and put on a talent show. The night featured sensational Christian Camp. The theme was “lift plus”. We got up every acts including singing morning at 7 sharp and from Kai Man Yuen had morning prayer at 7.30 and Hannah Dowhere we sang our camp herty, a Flight of the theme song “ lift me up”. Concords cover from The days were jam-packed Tom Petchell and full of different small-group Patrick Conroy and activities such as, rock many other outstandclimbing (which involved ing talents. Richard facing a fear of heights for Surrey took home all some people), kayaking, a the glory performing confidence course with an his own written song. egg stuffed in your mouth, Watch out for his demovie making (which sent but album out in good teams into hysterics), a music stores! retreat, and a treasure hunt Finally we had to defor hidden ‘Lift Plus’ bottles. part; all good things We also did activities tocome to an end. It was a sad moment, but we were ‘sharpened up’ to go out gether as a big group. into the world as Catholics. We can’t wait until the next camp Capture the flag with a to come around so we can be refuelled again! Life Teen twist; water balloons were filled By Kai Man Yuen and Claire O’Connell with food colouring. History was made that afternoon as an all out war broke out and capture the flag was merely the name of the game. Teens vs. Leaders: Who do you reckon would win? The numbers were stacked against the leaders to see who was the smartest, strongest and bravest. In the end, it was a well fought draw and peanut butter was not on the menu in anyone’s mind for the whole camp. Peanut butter and toes… let’s not talk about it! One of the evenings, we had a ‘life night’ which encouraged us to take the leap of faith and embrace God’s calling.


Catholic Youth Office, 07 856 6989,

, “What

is YFC?”

Many may wonder Well YFC stands for “Youth For Christ”. It is a Christian youth group that aims to provide a Christian support environment from teens aged 13 to 21, any race and any background. It is our goal to help introduce Jesus to the lives of youths today. YFC allows a place where youths can make new friends, help discover their own self and also their hidden talents. But most importantly, YFC allows teens to be guided to rediscovering our God. In YFC, we have what we call the Four F’s. As part of being YFC, the youths can experience friendships, truly knowing God through their Faith, knowing that they are Free to express themselves and have Fun at the same time.

disciples of all nations”.

Our vision is simple. “To know God and to let God be known with Passion, Excellence and Integrity”. Our mission is to “heed the call of God, to go and make

-YFC is dedicated to giving the youth a worthwhile cause to: -Empower youths to live for God through his/her family, community and society. -Encourage the Gospel to the lives of youths and how it links back to their Personal life, Family, Community and Social life. -To assist with the youths Personal and Spiritual growth by providing pastoral information, leadership training, resources, camps and conferences for the education of young people.

priest, Fr. Matthew Newman from Adelaide presented many teachings, including John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. The theme of that year’s OLC was “Fullness of Life” in Jesus Christ. For many, including myself, we did not know what to expect as it was our first time to attend such a marvellous event. It was a whole new way to adore our God and many were touched and inspired by the experience. The feeling of having so many people around you, all in the same roof, doing the same thing as you are, praising God, is a very enriching experience. It seemed like everything we did, we did together with God and his angels. This year, Hamilton YFC looks to build on from our experiences in OLC to use as foundation for a very successful year. This March, we plan to hold a Bob and Femme which means “Brotherhood and Sisterhood”. This event is to further help strengthen bonds between the people in the group, whether they are a boy or a girl. The boys and girls would be momentarily split as each group goes with their respective leaders and talks about what it takes to be a man or a woman. Furthermore, this upcoming April, we are again organising an Entry Camp for new members to come and experience what it is like to be a YFC. Before we can achieve that, we have organised events such as the YFC Masquerade Valentines Prom for fundraising this Friday, 25th February which requires participants to wear a mask to cover their identity and reveal themselves during the night. It would be an exciting night, where music varying from fast to slow paced is played to suit the people on the dance floor. Lastly, we believe, that as the plan of God unfolds, there is nothing and no one that can separate us from His love in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:38-39). His love is our source of wisdom and His life becomes our model in helping build this present and future life for the youth.

Speaking of conferences, The CFC Youth For Christ’s, Oceanic Leaders Conference (OLC) was held here in Ngaruawahia, Hamilton July 9-11 last year. It was the first time it was ever held here in Hamilton and it was a wonderful experience. Teens from all over New Zealand as well as from Australia and American Samoa attended this inspirational event. The event is hosted by countries in Oceania and is done annually. What attendees experienced were praise and worship, inspirational talks, holy mass, personal prayer time, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and various competitions. They competed in many areas such as Dance, A cappella, Bands and Film Making. Though each different group represented their own home cities, it was all to show their talents to God in a friendly competition. A guest


Catholic Youth Office, 07 856 6989,

Glenrowan Study Centre - Samoa Service Project 2011 In the early hours of Tuesday 29th September 2009 an 8.1 magnitude earthquake shock the ocean floor to the south of Samoa. Within 10 minutes a monstrous tsunami smashed into the Samoan Southern Coast. In some places the tsunami was reported to be up to 10m tall. Villages and tourist resorts alike were devasted,

with homes being destroyed, and the lives of many family members and friends being tragically lost. An estimated, US$147 million damage was caused by the earthquake and tsunami and even today there is much work still to be done. To try and assist our Samoan brothers and sisters, in January 2011 16 young men from New Zealand, Australia and even Uruguay together with an Opus Dei priest made a trip to the village of Poutasi, located on the hard hit Southern Coast of Samoa. Our goal was to work on three different projects in the village. Firstly, to build a toilet and shower block for the local priest, secondly, to repair


and refurbish the damaged Catholic Church, and lastly, to build a playground for the children of the village. As we found out, this was no small task. Our typical work day would consist of waking up before 6am each morning to our much loathed village bell, attending morning Mass at 7am in the very Church we were working on, having some Samoan breakfast of imported cereal and tropical fruits, then setting off to work in the draining, tropical and humid heat. Sanding, painting, cementing, carrying bricks, digging and more digging, it sure felt like we had done it all and it sure was not easy. We all worked hard, though some would say my personal task of making sure the boys had enough water each day was the most important of all, and I was more then happy to slip away from work each day and oblige. Our working days were broken up with delicious and exotic samoan lunches of seafood, beef stews, coconut, fruits, and more coconut, prepared by our much loved ‘Samoan mothers’ who spent their days slaving away in the kitchen to make sure we never went hungry. Lunch was normally followed by the Holy Rosary before being sent back out to work to try and finish our daily goals. Each day was normally topped off with either a relaxing swim in our back yard, (the pleasantly warm Pacific Ocean) or a short trip to our favorite waterfall where the water was just that much cooler and refreshing after a hard days work. Although we worked hard we did have our weekly excursions to get some much needed ‘R and R’ and do a bit of sightseeing. Highlights include spending a night sleeping over on our very own deserted tropical island, adventuring though the bustling streets and markets of Apia, and our weekend trip to the ‘other island’ Savaii, where we did

Catholic Youth Office, 07 856 6989,

some amazing snorkling followed by a good nights sleep in a beach fale. We were both ecstatic and relieved to finally escape that hideous bell that haunted us from the village.

After 18 days of being submerged in Samoan culture and experiencing village life first hand we were sad to leave our new family in the village. Our trip was one of those rare ‘win – win’ situations, with us getting just as much if not more out of the experience than the people we were helping. We felt truly indebted to the people of Poutasi village for their generous hospitaility. We returned back home to New Zealand and Australia with blisters on our hands, special memories in our minds and a renewed determination in our hearts to live our Catholic faith more truly, inspired by the generosity, detachment and joy we had witnessed in the village. It is definitely an experience I would like to do again, and I would recommend it to anyone who ever finds themselves lucky enough to be in a situation to partake in a Catholic service trip. Nathan Watson

7 7

Catholic Youth Office, 07 856 6989,

Why Euthanasia is a Pressing Social Justice Issue

It may seem strange to some that I have chosen to put ‘euthanasia’ and ‘social justice’ together in the title of this column, probably because it is more common to hear euthanasia categorized as a ‘pro-life’ or ‘bioethics’ issue in our modern era. The only problem is that pigeonholing euthanasia in this way can easily lead us to forget that any act which fails to respect, and instead threatens harm to the great dignity and worth of the human person is always a matter of social injustice. This reality is often lost to our modern sensibilities which have generally become accustomed to the subtle false dichotomy which suggest to us that pro-life/ bioethics issues are somehow totally different to social justice issues, when in actual fact any issue pertaining to the right and proper treatment of human persons (be it before birth, after birth, or at the moment of their death) is rightly a social justice issue. As we are reminded by article 155 of the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: ‘The teachings of Pope John XXIII, the Second Vatican Council, and Pope Paul VI have given abundant indication of the concept of human rights as articulated by the Magisterium... The first right presented in this list is the right to life, from conception to its natural end, which is the condition for the exercise of all other rights and, in particular, implies the illicitness of every

form of procured abortion and of euthanasia.’ While the Church has consistently and strongly proclaimed this important social justice truth about the human person, it is only recently that others have begun to see that prolife issues, in this case euthanasia, are in fact at the heart of the social justice gospel, and that a failure to respond to these issues results in serious acts of injustice being perpetrated against the ‘least of these’ among us (Matt 25:45). Disability advocates like Alison Davis, founder of the group No Less Human,

was in fact euthanasia. Having watched excerpts from several different Nazi propaganda films about euthanasia myself, I can attest to the fact that the sentiments they express about euthanasia and the disabled and weaker members of the human family are frighteningly similar to those we hear today from certain philosophers, ethicists and media commentators. And while legalized euthanasia is publicly framed with talk of ‘choice’ and ‘personal autonomy’ regarding end of life decisions, it is very rare to hear these same discussions include the fact that several thousand people every year are euthanized in the Netherlands, where euthanasia is legally permitted, at the whim of medical professionals, without ever having expressly chosen it for themselves. It is also uncommon to hear people talk about the fact that, in an age where economic considerations have become the most important factor in the administering of public health care, legalized euthanasia gives legislators and health administrators an unhealthy power which very easily leads to unjust allocation of medical treatments. It doesn’t take governments long to realize that spending public money on certain treatments doesn’t seem to make economic sense when the suffering people in need of those treatments can either pay for their own private insurances, or rid themselves of their suffering at the end of a much cheaper state funded needle. In such a climate choice becomes a luxury

“...people every year are euthanized, ... at the whim of medical professionals, without ever having expressly chosen it.”


now strongly rally against legalized euthanasia on the grounds that disabled, sick and elderly people are the first and most unjustly treated as a result of legalized euthanasia’s impact upon the cultural zeitgeist, and upon the societal approach to medicine and ethics. We have a very short term cultural

memory, and as a result we seem to have forgotten that one of the key weapons employed by the Nazi regime in their struggle for racial ‘purification’

Catholic Youth Office, 07 856 6989,

that only those able to afford private health insurance will reap the benefit of, while those at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale will be left with no real choice whatsoever. Just a cursory glance at the figures from the Netherlands shows that their palliative care standards lag woefully behind those of other developed nations which don’t have legal euthanasia. Yes, euthanasia is actually about a choice. The

produce, rather than in their profound Zealand and her people. capacity to give, receive, and teach oth- Stayin’ Alive 2010 was a 2-day workers the true meaning of authentic human shop which aimed to foster the skills love. required for young people to become Euthanasia is a pressing social justice educated, zealous, and committed issue precisely because any culture ‘pro-lifers’. We were treated to an willing to embrace legalized euthanasia array of stimulating talks from top is a culture which has become confused speakers including Gordon Copeabout the foundational principle of au- land (Kiwi Party Finance officer and thentic social justice - that every human former MP), Greg Fleming (chairlife is of inestimable sanctity and value, man of the Compass Foundation), even the life that is afflicted, aged or Brendan Malone (Family Life International media spokesperson), and Bob McCoskrie (Family First). The participants amongst other activities were;

“Yes, euthanasia is actually about a choice. The choice to love, or the choice to reject the least among us.” choice to love, or the choice to reject the least among us. The choice to love ourselves, even in our weakness and frailty, or the choice to reject ourselves as being of little worth when we suffer or lose certain capacities. Most fundamentally of all, to choose legalized

euthanasia is to choose the cold functionalism which plagues modern philosophy, reducing human worth to nothing more than the functions which we can perform for themselves, or for society, and those who cannot perform certain functions are deemed to have no quality of life, and therefore no worth to us or themselves whatsoever. Such an approach to any member of the human community is an unjust and terrible affront to the great dignity and worth of their personhood, for it fails to see the person in their grand totality, instead reducing them to a Utilitarian unit whose only value lies in their ability to


incapacitated in some way.

Brendan Malone works in media and education for the John Paul II Centre for Life in Idris Road, Christchurch. He is married to Katie and they have three daughters. He is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Bioethics from the John Paul II Institute in Melbourne.

-inspired to stand

up and defend the inherent dignity of the human person and every stage of its development from conception to natural death - encouraged to be critical of mainstream media in relation to pro-life issues - put into small groups to practise responding to common pro-choice statements, and -presented with information and statistics relating to the current abortion numbers in NZ in comparison to other places worldwide.

Stayin’ Alive was a fantastic weekend which helped me to network with pro-lifers (young and old!), inspired me to both pursue further involvement with the Pro-Life movement in NZ , and to more bravely defend the dignity of all people. The oday there are many organisers (Voice for worthy causes to supLife, Kapiti) did a fantastic job looking port. We are often bombarded after us and I look forward to attendwith the variety of ways in which we ing next year’s event. can make a difference to the lives of If you are interested in more informathose who are a great distance from tion about the Pro-Life movement in us or just around the corner. However, NZ visit both recently I attended a workshop for a cause which is not widely advertised through popular media forms although it could be considered equal or of greater consequence to the overall Caroline Downey, 2011. health and wellbeing of Aotearoa/New


Catholic Youth Office, 07 856 6989,


of Power

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 7pm Fridays, Mission Sisters Chapel, Clyde St Contact: Alex Bailey 0212284522


Catholic Youth OfďŹ ce, 07 856 6989,

Bigger, Bolder, Better then ever and you’re invited! emmanuelworship are returning from Australia and our international guest speaker is Chris Padgett all the way from the States. Add to that we have other great speakers from around NZ speaking on a range of current and challenging topics. It is going to be an awesome weekend and you don’t want to miss out, so get registered, check out the website, and join the madness on facebook, (search for setfree). Oh and did you know that if you are currently a student in one our catholic colleges you get a hefty discount on the total cost of registration?? Well you do! Just make sure that when you register, you also record what school you are from. John Paul, St Johns and Aquinas students get a $75 discount. Campion students get a $50 discount plus a bus will be provided for transport. Sacred Heart students get a $50 discount. And lastly, WE NEED YOU to BRING A FRIEND it’s time to share the love, setfree isn’t just for you, it’s for everyone who’s anyone who’s year 10 thru 13. So get your best smile on, employ your most convincing voice, use it as a conversation starter with that special someone or just make your friends come. Either way make sure you’re sharing the love this SetFree 2011!

-Guest speakers presenting on relevant topics and issues.

Vertias Teen Series - Begins on Tuesday the 21st June

-Been to SetFree? Connect with SetFree participants again and come along to the day of fun and formation. Haven’t been to SetFree? Come and see what everyone is raving about.

Refuel - 16th July

-HUUUUGEEE. 300 people, international band, international speaker. This weekend is going to go off. Don’t miss out!

SetFree11 - 15-17th April


-More information closer to the time

Mens and Womens Camps - 11-13th of November

-A beautiful evening celebrated with friends.

Catholic Ball - 3rd December

August -33 days of Madness! Join us!

WYD French Connection Pilgrimage - 27th July to 28th

-Check advertisement in this magazine

Holy Hour - Every Friday (beginning 4th March)

March. -Guest speakers presenting on relevant topics and issues.

Veritas Young Adult Series - Begins on Tuesday the 15th of



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SetFree Catholic Youth Festival, Youth Department, PO Box 4353, 51 Grey Street, Hamilton East. 07 8566989, 0212284521,

Payment: Please contact us for bank transfer details. Make Cheques payable to ‘RC Bishop of Hamilton’

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By signing this page you acknowledge your child is able to receive panadol in such an event as which it is required. If this is not possible due to medical reasons please notify us and provide an alternative.

Note: If tablets of medication are to be sent with your child to the conference, they should remain in their authentic bottle of origin, labelled with the owner’s name and dosage. Please place in a small plastic bag. All medication should be handed to the adult in charge. For the duration of the retreat people with first aid certificates will be present.

If your child does suffer from any health problems, medical or physical, you acknowledge you will have provided a full description of the problem with all correctly labelled medication.

To the best of my knowledge he/she has no medical or physical disabilities likely to prove detrimental to him/her or others during the conference.

I give permission for my son/daughter to participate in the Catholic Youth Conference from 15th-17th April 2011. I agree that he/she should take part in such activities and such necessary duties as may be required by the allocated adult supervision. I authorize the obtaining on my behalf of any medical assistance if, in the opinion of the allocated adult supervision, such treatment is necessary, and I agree to meet any costs incurred. If during the event my son/daughter requires transport I give permission for my son/daughter to travel with an allocated fully licensed driver in a fully warranted and registered vehicle. I understand that the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton will not accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal property. Should my son/daughter be involved in any serious disciplinary problem I accept that it will be my responsibility to collect my child from the conference at any time.

The fine print. Please read carefully before signing.


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$150 (Some colleges are subsidising the cost of registration for their students. Please enquire with your college and ensure you state which college you are fom on the form.)




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