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sirens and the screams, the crash of glass and the broken, burnt, shredded bodies. Perhaps this is why a film like The War Game produces such a shock when those in their twenties see it. But whether we have experience of war or not, we seem now, in our vacuum, to be resigned to drifting along for the most part without effort to the next international conflict. The weapons of mass murder, nuclear, chemical or bacteriological, are becoming available to more and more nations. Means are being developed even now of exploding H-Bombs without the use of uranium. Now H-Bombs are coming ‘within the financial capacity of any nation with competent technicians’ (Guardian 5.1.70). For over twenty years the great powers have threatened each other with weapons of enormous expense and colossal destructive power. This is what we call the deterrent policy. It is a stalemate situation and not a peaceful one. The stalemate is upset everytime some nation makes a little more technical progress and as weapons are outdated. Thus, at astronomical cost, we in Great Britain bought our Polaris missiles and built our nuclear submarines. Each of these Polaris warheads has a destructive power about 35 times that of the A-Bombs used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. And yet already they are becoming dated since the Russians are perfecting methods of detecting our submarines and of destroying our missiles when they are in the air. 34

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05 the day the bomb fell preview  

05 the day the bomb fell preview