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SHARING OUR TIME AND TALENT Stewardship at St. Philip Neri Takes Many Forms


s Catholic Christians, we are called to serve others just as Christ did in the Gospels, caring for those in need with great love and compassion. While giving of our treasure is certainly part of this Gospel call, acting as the hands and feet of Jesus in direct service to others is another important aspect of the stewardship way of life. With more than a dozen service and outreach ministries here at St. Philip Neri, our parishioners continue to bring light to the world by sharing their time and talents with the Fort Mill community. As parish Communications Director Jen Fredenberg points out, serving our local community is central to the mission of St. Philip Neri. “As Christians, we are called to be disciples of Jesus,” Jen says. “The St. Philip Neri Service and Outreach ministries and organizations reach out

Parishioners share their time and talents during a Habitat for Humanity build.

to people, both within the parish and the larger community, who may be challenged and feeling powerless to change their circumstances, to aid them with their spiritual and material needs.” Habitat for Humanity is just one of the local

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Stewardship at St. Philip Neri non-profit organizations that benefits from our parishioners’ great generosity of time, talent and treasure. “Parishioners from St. Philip Neri contribute in multiple ways toward the fulfillment of our mission of putting God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope,” says Tim Veeck, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity for York County. “Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and St. Philip Neri parishioners serve at every level of the organization.” In fact, the past four board chairs of the organization have come from our very own parish! In addition, parishioners have served on the Habitat for Humanity finance committee and provided skilled volunteers for home builds and repairs, both locally and abroad through the Global Village international trips. Over the last six years, St. Philip Neri has been a reliable partner in the organization’s Faith Build home and in their Neighborhood Revitalization program in the Paradise neighborhood of Fort Mill. “In my experience, St. Philip Neri volunteers are dependable, compassionate, enthusiastic and deeply committed to the mission of Habitat for Humanity,” Tim says. “Parish volunteers have consistently supported our mission for years, in ways that have directly made it possible for families to build or preserve the place they call home in an affordable manner that vastly improves their quality of life.” Just as important as providing the shelter and stability of a new or restored home is feeding the hungry. To that end, the parishioners of St. Philip Neri help make our Knights of Columbus annual Thanksgiving Food Drive a grand success each year. This food drive is held the weekend before Thanksgiving with the goal of filling the shelves of the Fort Mill Care Center for the holiday season. Parishioners donate non-perishable food items which are then packed by the Knights of Columbus and loaded onto a truck generously provided by the local Two Men and a Truck franchise. Last year, our parish family contributed an astounding 13,000 pounds of food to this worthy cause! Doug Wagner, coordinator of the Knights’ annual food drive, is thankful for the priceless contributions of St. Philip Neri parishioners, and he looks forward to seeing everyone participate in

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Parishioners from St. Philip Neri enjoy helping with a Habitat for Humanity build.

Volunteers from St. Philip Neri serve at our 2019 Fall Festival.

this great cause again this year. “My take on it is that we have a responsibility to take care of our brothers in need, and this is definitely one way we can do that,” Doug says. “The Knights here in Fort Mill are pretty phenomenal. I think they do a lot of good things in the parish, but this is truly an outreach to the community. It really takes the whole community to do it. [The generosity] is just incredible, and I think with what is going on now, the need will be greater now more than ever. And our one goal is to always do even better than we did the year before!”


A Letter From Our Pastor

OUR Annual Stewardship Financial Report Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


t is my privilege to present to you the Annual Stewardship Financial Report. One way of practicing good and reliable stewardship is to give an accurate accounting of the gifts God has given to us and how we return them back to God. The COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges to our church and families, but we know the one constant in our lives is God. He continues to provide for our needs and we look to Him for the gifts He freely gives with His grace and guidance. I invite you to review our financial statements with a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness as we are blessed by God’s gifts. Our Sunday offerings provide for 90 percent of our total parish income. These funds are used to support our many ministries. With a Sunday Offertory deficit of $107,746, how were we able to end the fiscal year with an operating surplus of $304,608? •

Our Parish Staff took urgent efforts to decrease spending the last half of our fiscal year. As you can see from our Parish Ministry Report, each ministry came in under budget. Although several budgeted projects were put on hold, we were still able to provide for our needs.

Many members of our faith family have been unable to attend Mass; however, they continue to support our parish by donating through our online giving program, text-to-give, or by mailing in their Sunday offerings.

We received two unexpected bequests totaling over $200,000. These one-time gifts offset the Sunday offertory deficit.

Thanks to the many volunteers in our parish who contribute their time and talent, we have been able to save thousands of dollars in maintenance and service expenses.

With all of our challenges, we continued to give back through our Tithing Program. This year, we tithed to 39 ministries for a total of $175,425. We supported struggling Catholic churches, programs to help our veterans, food banks, families in need, Mission in the United States and abroad, and many other programs and ministries. For to whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48).

On behalf of the Pastoral and Finance Councils, I want to thank you for your continued support of our parish’s mission with your time, talent and treasure. Your generosity is a witness to God’s love and His infinite gifts. With much gratitude and thanksgiving,

Fr. Fabio Refosco, C.O.


Our Parish Community: How We Engage in Ministry


t. Philip Neri Church, founded in 1993, started with 70 families. Today, we are blessed with over 2,750 registered families, and we continue to grow while we serve the needs of both our parish and the community through faith-filled actions, prayer, service and fellowship. During the past fiscal year, over 195 families, coming to us from 13 countries and 31 states, registered with our parish community. We strive to be a welcoming parish that reflects the heart, mercy and teachings of Christ, the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, and the spirit of joy manifested by our patron saint, St. Philip Neri. Sharing the Good News of How We Engage in Ministry (2019-20) • Celebrating with 77 families as we welcome newborn Catholics in our midst. • Uniting 14 couples with each other, and with the Lord, in the Sacrament of Marriage. • Praying with and comforting 32 grieving families as they commend their loved one into God’s care. • Forming 170 children and 104 teens with 20 catechists as they prepare to receive sacraments. • Walking with 20 adults on their journey of coming into full communion with the Church.

How We Engage in Formation and Education (2019-20) Our Formation and Religious Education programs are designed to help our youth and adults learn and participate in their faith and grow spiritually as intentional disciples of Christ. These programs involve our entire faith community, with parishioners serving as catechists that enthusiastically give their time and talent to assist our youth as they grow in their faith. • • • • • • •

Forming 648 children in K-6 Grade Religious Education with 88 catechists. Teaching 40 children the Children’s Liturgy of the Word with eight volunteers. Forming community among 118 middle schoolers in EDGE and 40 teens in Lifeteen with 38 EDGE Core volunteers and 12 Lifeteen Core volunteers. Nurturing the academic and social skills of 124 preschool children in our St. Philip Neri Child Development Center. Providing 20 Young Adults with opportunities to be active in our faith community through spiritual, service and social activities. Supporting 97 adults in their journey of faith through adult Bible study programs. Nurturing the spiritual needs of four persons through our SPRED program with the help of three catechists.


Tithing at St. Philip Neri Church Service and Outreach Beyond the Parish


s Catholics, we are challenged to choose stewardship as a lifestyle based on our baptismal call. This is not easy to do in today’s world, where we are bombarded on a daily basis with messages of consumerism, materialism and individualism. These messages tell us that money will make us happy, that the money we have is ours alone to do with what we want. But the Bible tells us something different, that everything — yes, everything — is a gift from God. The Bible tells us that we are called to be good stewards (managers), not owners, of the resources entrusted to us. Conscious that what we have been given by God belongs to Him, we are only giving back what He already owns. Stewardship is a way of life that leads to conversion and a deeper relationship with Jesus. Tithing is one way we acknowledge God’s provision in our lives and exercise good management. St. Philip Neri Church is a tithing parish — 10 percent of our offertory is given to charitable causes. This is possible because of the generous financial gifts of our

parishioners. For this, we are truly grateful. For the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2020, St. Philip Neri Church’s tithing totaled $175,425. Here is an overview of our parish tithing donations for the 2019/2020 fiscal year. The application for tithing funds can be found on the parish website at saintphilipneri.org/resources/forms.

Balance Sheet June 30, 2020 Assets

Operating Cash Restricted Cash Current Assets Restricted Savings Parish Endowment Land, Building, Equipment Total Assets Liabilities Accounts Payable Other Liabilities Total Liabilities

$ 200,674 $ 523,565 $ 75,012 $ 1,918,621 $ 148,962 $ 13,386,717

$ $

56,875 122,118

$ 16,253,550



Excess Funds Received Accumulated Funds Received

$ 630,750 $ 16,253,550

Restricted Building Funds Future Growth & Expansion

$ 500,115.00



Parish General Operating Financial Report Parish General Operating Fiscal Year ending June 30. Fiscal 2020 Year ending June 30, 2020 Revenue

Sunday Offertory Collections Other Collections Religious Education

Actual 1,931,547 105,142 65,382

$ $ $

19,579 38,401 45,118 185,499 2,390,667

$ $ $ $ $

25,000 53,300 48,000 2,500 2,358,708

$ $ $ $ $

(5,421) (14,899) (2,882) 182,999 31,959

644,020 17,051 66,589 278,453 64,917 106,113 175,425 104,922 77,635 319,395 87,446 1,941,965 448,702

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

691,931 26,800 93,100 273,415 95,200 144,900 203,929 105,949 84,290 335,100 160,000 2,214,614 144,094

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

47,912 9,749 26,511 (5,038) 30,283 38,787 28,504 1,027 6,655 15,705 72,554 272,649 304,608

$ $ $ $

344,283 162,235 182,048 630,750

$ $ $ $

108,200 101,000 7,200 151,294

$ $ $ $

236,083 (61,235) 174,848 479,456











$ $ $

Flowers & Candles $ Miscellaneous $ Interest on Savings $ Donations & Bequests $ Total Revenue $ Expenses Salaries & Benefits $ Clergy Assistance & Support $ Administrative $ Diocesan Support $ Liturgical $ Religious Education $ Tithing $ Catholic School Subsidy $ Parish Life $ Utilities, Maintenance & Repairs $ Facility Extraordinary Repairs & Projects $ Total Expenses $ Net Operating Surplus $ Non-Operational Activity Non-Operating Income Non-Operating Expenses Net Non-Operational Activity Excess Funds Received Child Development Center Italian Festival

Parish Ministries Stewardship

Stewardship Spiritual Life Faith Formation Youth Ministry Property & Facility Parish Life Music Ministry Total Ministry Operations

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

2019/2020 Actual 1,638,389 (106,374) (57,662) (88,483) (485,493) (331,506) (120,168) 448,703

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

2019/2020 Budget 1,587,518 (136,532) (69,570) (121,163) (575,721) (379,168) (161,269) 144,095

Stewardship Spiritual Life Faith Formation Youth Ministry 2019/2020 Property & Facility Surplus Parish Life $ Music 50,871 Ministry Ministry Operations $ Total 30,158

$ $ $ $ $ $

11,908 32,680 90,228 47,662 41,101 304,608

Parish Ministries $ (5,087) Stewardship

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

2019/2020 Actual 1,638,389 (106,374) (57,662) (88,483) (485,493) (331,506) (120,168) 448,703

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Budget 2,039,293 $ 120,000 $ 70,615 $

2019/2020 Budget 1,587,518 (136,532) (69,570) (121,163) (575,721) (379,168) (161,269) 144,095

Net (107,746) (14,858) (5,233)

2019/2020 Surplus $ 50,871 $ 30,158 $ 11,908 $ 32,680 $ 90,228 $ 47,662 $ 41,101 $ 304,608


St. Philip Neri’s 2020 Stewardship of Treasure Fulfilling Our Mission and Serving Our Wider Faith Family


s we strive to fulfill our mission as a stewardship parish, it remains essential that we use the gifts that God has so freely given us to bless and serve others. In addition to the many parish ministries and activities that serve our St. Philip Neri parishioners and residents of the Fort Mill area, we also share an annual tithe from our church’s income with parishes in other communities. “Our tithing is fundamentally the work of the Spirit in our lives,” says Communications Director Jen Fredenberg. “It is ultimately the power of the Gospel coming alive, and in living out the Gospel, we are called to give. This especially includes Catholic churches who are in need. Two of the churches who benefited from our tithing this past year were St. Thomas Catholic Church in West Virginia and St. Catherine of Siena in Lancaster.” This year, as St. Catherine of Siena and St. Thomas have struggled to meet the unique demands brought about by a global pandemic, our tithe became even more precious to their vulnerable communities. With CDC guidelines allowing indoor places of worship to hold only 25 percent of their normal capacity, the small St. Catherine of Siena could only allow about 25 people to attend Mass at one time. With the desire of maintaining a sense of unity among parishioners, Pastor Fr. Jose Rodriguez found another solution — the construction of an outdoor chapel. Thanks to the St. Philip Neri tithe, and the donation of time, talent and treasure from the parishioners of St. Catherine of Siena, an outdoor chapel was built on the church grounds. Fr. Rodriguez has said Mass there every Sunday since June, with up to 250 parishioners in attendance weekly. “Father was trying to figure out how we could have every parishioner there every weekend,” says St. Catherine of Siena Office Manager Janet Sciulli. “This really helped the community recover from the pandemic and brought them all back together. It’s really been a blessing because we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the money [from

St. Thomas Church in Braxton County, W.Va., has seen an increased need for their food pantry and other financial assistance during the pandemic.

These food items have been prepared for distribution by the St. Thomas Church food pantry.

St. Philip Neri]. It has been pulling our community together, the Hispanics and the Anglos, which is something we had been trying to do for years. We are really grateful.” Up in West Virginia, St. Thomas Church in Gassaway and its mission church, Risen Lord in Maysel, have been transforming our tithe into literal food for thousands of hungry families and individuals. As a result of economic strife brought on by the pandemic, the churches’ food pantry, continued on back cover

St. Philip Neri

Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID City, ST Permit #

C AT H O L I C C H U R C H 292 Munn Road East Fort Mill, SC 29715 803.548.7282 saintphilipneri.org

St. Philip Neri’s 2020 Stewardship of Treasure backpack program for food-vulnerable children, and utilities and healthcare assistance have become a lifeline to more local families than ever. Fr. Thien Nguyen, Administrator of St. Thomas Church, is thankful for our parish tithe, which has helped his congregation of only 80 parishioners provide food to hundreds of families and children each week. “We are just so grateful,” Fr. Thien says. “On behalf of the people here, we would like to thank all the parishioners of St. Philip Neri. Thank you for willingly sharing your gifts to our parish. I know you have many things to do with your church, but you still help us, and we are so grateful for that.”

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For Fr. Thien, our tithe to St. Thomas feels deeply personal. As a brand-new priest sent from his native Vietnam to serve St. Thomas in 2016, he was overjoyed by the gift of our tithe that helped repair the food pantry’s leaking roof the next year. Fr. Thien thanks God for our stewardship of treasure, both then and now. “When I was newly ordained and came to this parish, I was so grateful for you being sent to me at the beginning of my priesthood,” Fr. Thien says. “This is my personal thank you — any parishioner is welcome to stop by, take a vacation, and have room and board here in West Virginia. It’s ‘almost heaven!’”

“We are just so grateful. On behalf of the people here, we would like to thank all the parishioners of St. Philip Neri. Thank you for willingly sharing your gifts to our parish. I know you have many things to do with your church, but you still help us, and we are so grateful for that.” — FR. THIEN NGUYEN, ADMINISTRATOR OF ST. THOMAS CHURCH, GASSAWAY, W.VA.

Profile for Catholic Stewardship Consultants

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