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Our Lady of



Stewardship Renewal


not a program · not a fundraising campaign · not an empty buzzword


A Stewardship Prayer

Jesus, teach us to pray. Help us to manage our time so that we can spend it with You. Holy Spirit, fill us with your gifts. May we offer ourselves in sacrifice for all in need. Father, give us generous hearts. Help us to manage our finances and to give You priority. As your faithful disciples, we ask this for ourselves and people everywhere, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen 2

Becoming A Stewardship Parish

In common language, "stewardship" simply means taking good care of one's belongings. But at Our Lady of Hope, when we talk about stewardship, we mean something more than that. As Christians, we believe that we don't really own anything, per se. God has created all things; everything we "own" is really "on loan" from God. From this perspective, then, stewardship means taking care of God's gifts. Everything God has given us — special skills, a nice smile, a good income — is meant not only for us, but for others as well. As strange as it seems, being a good steward of these gifts involves giving them away. As we learn from Jesus' life, self-giving is the road to true happiness. Stewardship is using our time, talent, and treasure to build God's Kingdom. All three elements are equally important. Our Stewardship Renewal is an important event for the community of Our Lady of Hope. It is a time to reassess the way we use God's gifts by making commitments of time, talent, and treasure. Renewing ourselves in these areas results in great spiritual benefits for us as individual parishioners and for the community around us. This year, how will you use your gifts?

TIME: Do I make time for prayer, to read the Scriptures, to thank God and ask for His help? TALENT: Is my talent at work, actively building the Body of Christ? TREASURE: Do I give a proportionate amount of my treasure to God through the weekly offertory? 3

Time Preparing Yourself Spiritually The Catechism of the Catholic Church says, "Prayer and Christian life are inseparable” (CCC, 2745). In fact, St. Paul tells us to “pray constantly.” But as anyone who has ever tried to pray on a regular basis will tell you, prayer can be hard work. That is why we have to make a firm commitment to be persistent. Just as we learn to budget our money or schedule occasions for service, we also have to be very specific when we make time for prayer. Many people set aside 10 minutes in the morning to sip a cup of coffee and read the daily readings. Others pray a Rosary on the way to work. Still others pray with children before bedtime, or pray with their spouse before retiring for the evening. Whatever the format, the important thing is that we make a conscious effort to spend time with the One we love most.

“Stewardship of time… should include setting aside periods for family prayer, for the reading of Scripture, for visits to the Blessed Sacrament, and for attendance at Mass during the week whenever this is possible.” — U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response

Action Steps to Improve Your Prayer Life

• Spend 15 minutes every morning in quiet prayer by reading and reflecting on Sacred Scripture. A helpful place to start is the readings for each day, found at usccb.org/bible/readings or on Catholic phone and tablet apps, such as iBreviary, Magnificat or Divine Office. • Thank God for the good things He has given you that you might take for granted throughout the day. • Examine your conscience before going to sleep and say an act of contrition like we do at Mass.


• Pray with your children each night before bed, giving each family member an opportunity to pray for something and concluding with an Our Father, Hail Mary and the Glory Be.

Talent Being an Active Servant

Every week, our parish is buzzing with activity. There are groups that pray together, groups that minister to other parishioners, and groups that reach out to the community. Christ Himself taught us that “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). When we lay down our wants and desires to serve each other, God blesses our efforts! Will you consider where God is calling you to serve Him?

“Jesus said to them, ‘Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.’ Then they abandoned their nets and followed him.” — Mark 1:17-18

Action Steps to Become More Active in Service

• Pray about how the gifts God has given you can best be used to serve others. • Use your Commitment Card to find a parish ministry that will help you grow personally in living out your faith. • Commit to being faithful to God through those you serve in word and deed.


Treasure Consistent and Generous Giving Our deepest reason for giving is not because our parish has needs, but because we have a spiritual need to give. We are called to give to God from our first fruits, and to recognize that everything comes from Him. Our gifts to God should be out of faith and gratitude for what God has done for us. Just like the apostles who laid down their nets the moment that Jesus called them, we too should lay down everything, even something as important to us as our finances, to follow Christ. God’s promise to us is a promise of life and security when we place all of our trust in Him. “The Lord will be with you and will never fail you or forsake you. So do not fear or be dismayed” (Deuteronomy 31:8).

Take a Step Toward 10 Percent

At Our Lady of Hope we honor the scriptural tithe. We invite parishioners to give 6% of their gross income to God through the offertory, 1% to the diocese and 3% to other charities.

Guide for Giving 6%: Annual income 6% Weekly Gift

Using the included chart, find your current percentage of giving, then determine what steps you can take toward giving 10% of your household income. Consider increasing your gift by 1% or 2% increments until you reach the scriptural tithe, and then be faithful to your commitment, whatever it may be.

Action Steps to Be Financially Generous

• Pray about the best use of your financial resources and ask God to show you where you need to give Him priority in them. • Evaluate your regular offertory gift and increase it based on what you think God is calling you to give until you reach the full tithe.


• Make a commitment to give regularly to God through the parish offertory, and be faithful to your tithing commitment, even when you attend Mass elsewhere.

$10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $50,000 $70,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000

$12 $23 $35 $58 $81 $115 $173 $230

2022 Ministry Catalog Opportunities To Live Your Faith


These ministries ensure our parish offers a hospitable environment where everyone can feel welcome and invited to participate in the life of the parish.


Greeters extend warm hospitality on behalf of the parish by welcoming parishioners and guests to Mass with a friendly smile and kind words. They assist with seating, help with offertory collections, and distribute bulletins after Mass. Contact: Fr. Paul Ferguson, pferguson@evdio.org

Outreach Committee

This committee helps with planning and implementing the various fellowship opportunities that the parish offers. They host Pizza with a Purpose which is a fundraiser that supports our various outreach activities including the Outdoor Mass and Fellowship Dinner. They also present new gifts to those entering the church at Easter. Contact: Beth Browning, 812-486-5783


These ministries focus on helping us with our spiritual growth offering opportunities to grow closer to Christ through prayer. Special attention is placed on how we worship and celebrate the Liturgy at Our Lady of Hope.

Adoration Chapel

Spend time in silent prayer with the True Presence of our Lord in our Immaculate Heart of Mary Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. Can you commit to spend one hour a week with our Lord? Contact: Joyce Schwenk, schwenk2@nwcable.net

Adult Choir

The Adult Choir provides an opportunity for the women and men of the parish to share their musical talents and actively participate in the celebration of the Mass. Contact: Laura Litwiler, llitwiler@evdio.org

Altar Server

Altar servers minister through serving Mass by assisting the priest and other ministers at the altar. They provide an example of service, devotion, and humility. Contact: Fr. Paul Ferguson, pferguson@evdio.org

Communion to Hospital or Homebound

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are commissioned to take the Eucharist to the hospitalized, those who are homebound, and parishioners residing at nursing homes. Some family members have stepped up to help during the pandemic. People call when we are needed to come and visit. Contact: Yvonne Evans, 812-486-5192

Divine Mercy Prayer Group

This prayer group meets before the 5:30 Mass each Tuesday to pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Contact: Kitty Lawson, kslawson1942@gmail.com 7

Eucharistic Minister

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are appointed by the pastor to help with the distribution of the Holy Eucharist at Mass. Contact: Fr. Paul Ferguson, pferguson@evdio.org


Parish lectors proclaim the Word of God at weekend and Holy Day liturgies. Lectors are committed to the study of Scripture and to prayer and preparation. They are trained before they begin their ministry. Contact: Fr. Paul Ferguson, pferguson@evdio.org

Presenter of Gifts

Individuals or families can actively participate in the celebration of the Mass by bringing the offertory gifts to the altar during Mass. Contact: Fr. Paul Ferguson, pferguson@evdio.org


Quinceaneras preparation is an opportunity for parents and godparents to spiritually nurture the child who will be presented at the Quinceaneras celebration. Contact: Kande Batz, kbatz@evdio.org


These ministries address the educational mission of the entire parish community: adults, young persons and children. Passing on our faith tradition is of great importance!

Baptismal Preparation

Baptismal preparation classes are required by the diocese. Parents call to meet and learn about their duties to raise their children Catholic. We strongly encourage Mass attendance. Contact: Yvonne Evans, 812-486-5192; Kande Batz, kbatz@evdio.org

Children’s Liturgy

Share the Word of God on a child-friendly level. Volunteer teachers must be 18 years old; teens are welcome to volunteer. Contact: Angie Kribs, 812-890-6815

Christ Renews His Parish

Christ Renews His Parish, sometimes called CRHP, is a parish-based retreat and renewal experience that offers men and women the opportunity to become acquainted with other parishioners, while deepening and strengthening their own relationship with Christ. CRHP provides an opportunity for reflection and spiritual renewal through prayer, Scripture and connecting with others. CRHP has proven to be a faithdeepening and life-changing weekend for many. Contact: Maureen Strange, 812-617-5754


The Cursillo focuses on showing Christian laypeople how to become effective Christian leaders over the course of a three-day weekend. The major emphasis of the weekend is to ask participants to take what they have learned back into the world, on what is known as the "fourth day." The method stresses personal spiritual development, as accelerated by weekly group reunions after the initial weekend. Contact: Janet McGee, 812-698-0494

Faith Formation


Faith formation focuses on deepening the faith of our parishioners. This is done through obtaining speakers to come to our parish or distributing literature to aid in strengthening our faith. Contact: Julie Bassler, juliericbassler@gmail.com; Kitty Lawson, kslawson1942@gmail.com

Marriage Preparation

The couple needs to contact the priest at least six months in advance of the preferred wedding date. Contact: Fr. Paul Ferguson, pferguson@evdio.org


The RCIA Team prepares and helps administer the program that educates adults about the Catholic faith and prepares them to fully enter the Catholic Church. Contact: Fr. Paul Ferguson, pferguson@evdio.org; Yvonne Evans, 812-486-5192; Kande Batz, kbatz@evdio.org

Sunday Morning Program Teacher/ Religious Education

Religious education classes for the youth of the parish are taught on Sunday mornings throughout the school year. The children learn about Jesus and develop a relationship with Jesus and with our community, as well as prepare to receive the sacraments. Contact: Kande Batz, kbatz@evdio.org

Vacation Bible School Volunteer

Vacation Bible School is usually held in June and is open for students going into Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade. Each year a different theme is planned to enrich young people’s faith. Contact: Kande Batz, kbatz@evdio.org

Washington Catholic Schools

In Washington, we offer a 3-4 Preschool through 12th-grade Catholic school system. We strive to create a caring, stimulating and safe learning environment so that students can achieve their fullest spiritual, moral and academic potential. Contact: Karie Craney, kcraney@evdio.org; Kelsi Edwards, kedwards@evdio.org

Youth Ministry

Our parish has two youth groups which focus on faith, fellowship and fun. Fifth through eighth grades meet at one time and ninth through 12th grades meet at a different time. All students are welcome to join to grow in community and strive to encounter the heart of Christ. Contact: Maureen Strange, 812-617-5754


These ministries invite us to grow closer to Christ through service in our parish as well as the surrounding community.

Bereavement Meals

Parishioners prepare and serve meals for fellow parishioners after funerals. Contact: Yvonne Evans, 812-486-5192; Dot Doyle, 812-259-1346 9

Building and Grounds Maintenance Volunteers

The committee, made up of volunteers, evaluates the facilities and brings issues to the attention of the pastor for any repairs, then seeks the three bids required by the diocese. Contact: Earl Jerger, 812-309-1843; Mike Mischler, ermamike6416@gmail.com

Caring and Sharing

The Caring and Sharing Bereavement group began over 30 years ago and has grown into a large group. They still meet every month. People are faithful in reaching out to others who have lost a family member or friends. Two times a year, there is a retreat. They are a super faithful and caring group. Contact: Yvonne Evans, 812-486-5192

Cemetery Board

Volunteers help with various tasks needed to maintain the cemetery. Contact: Ron Murphy; Fr. Paul Ferguson, pferguson@evdio.org

Church Decorating/Cleaning

Volunteers are needed for the planning as well as the implementation, or hands-on work of decorating for the liturgical seasons of the church. Volunteers are also needed to make sure that church is cleaned on a regular basis. Contact for cleaning: Carol Killon, 812-617-4250 Contact for Decorating (Christmas and Easter): Bonnie Graham, 812-617-0233; Shelley Deem, 812-881-8182 Contact for decorating at other times: Yvonne Evans, 812-486-5192

Community Outreach/Catholic Social Concerns Commission

This commission coordinates the ministries of pastoral care, social service, evangelization, peace and justice. Its scope includes outreach within the parish and the larger community, local and beyond. We will work to educate the parishioners to be aware of each person's responsibility to recognize and serve those in need, to give witness to Christian love, and to challenge injustice. Contact: Beth Browning, 812-486-5783

Daughters of Isabella

The Daughters of Isabella is a spiritual, social and charitable organization that helps support our Church, pastor and charitable causes. Contact: Maureen Strange, 812-617-5754

Feed My Sheep Food Bank

Parishioners donate food and the donated products are taken to the local Feed My Sheep for distribution to those in need. Contact: Lois Schnarr, 812-486-7898

Fundraiser Volunteer

Volunteers help with various events throughout the year including Bingo, special events, fundraisers, etc. Contact: Teresa Joyce, tjoyce@evdio.org

Hispanic and Haitian Liaison

This ministry helps with translations to bridge the communication gap between the various communities. Contact: Kande Batz, kbatz@evdio.org

Jubilee Christmas

Volunteers are needed to purchase gifts and help with organizing, shopping, etc. as we join with area churches to ensure that those in need are able to provide gifts for their families for Christmas. Contact: Teresa Joyce, tjoyce@evdio.org

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal service organization of men, founded under the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. This organization provides men with a vehicle for building up the parish community and family life with an emphasis on family, youth, church, council, and community activities. Contact: Randy Emmons, 812-486-9996 10

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Church, devoted to the Blessed Mother and aiming to meet the needs of the parish community through service. Contact: Martha Corn, 812-259-2434; Phyllis Daily, 812-698-1116

Right to Life

This ministry helps to foster a pro-life awareness in the parish. They seek to educate parishioners about right-to-life issues as well as promoting events that celebrate the right-to-life. They are dedicated to defending the dignity of human life from conception to natural death as well as providing educational information to our parish and the local community. Contact: Mike Wichman, 812-254-3060

St. Vincent de Paul

Volunteers help organize donations for the thrift store, as well as assist with regular maintenance for the building. Regular or sub volunteers are needed. Contact: Barb Fyffe Risch, 812-698-8431

Trail Life

Trail Life is a scouting program for boys in grades K-12. Contact: Rick Flynn, 812-486-9141; Todd Hammer, 812-486-6707

Young Married Couples

This ministry is designed to help parents with young children to get together for food, faith and fellowship. Childcare is usually provided. Young married couples began years ago with one group — now several groups have been created. Children in childcare grow together, as well as the

parents. How special it is to see the children run to hug each other in “their church group”! Contact: Yvonne Evans, 812-486-5192; Grant Swartzentruber, grant@swartzentruberlaw.com


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors the financial health of the parish and provides short and longterm guidance to the pastor to ensure sound financial practices. Members are appointed by the pastor. Contact: Karen Sipes, 812-254-9093

Parish Council

The Parish Council assists the pastor in matters pertaining to the spiritual, financial and educational affairs of the parish. Contact: Greg Litherland, glitherland3721@gmail.com

Stewardship Committee

This committee helps to make sure we are growing in hospitality, prayer, formation and service as we strive to gratefully return a portion of our time, talent and treasure to God. Contact: Fr. Paul Ferguson, pferguson@evdio.org; Debbie Wichman

Youth Ministries/Ancora: High School Ancora

Meets Saturdays at 3 p.m. at the parish center and is open to high school and college students. Contact: Mark Sturgeon; Maureen Strange, 812-617-5754

Middle School Ancora

Meets Sundays at 3 p.m. at the parish center and is open to students in sixth through eighth grades. Contact: Maureen Strange, 812-617-5754

Our Lady of Hope Youth Band

The Youth Band is a great way for your child to get involved in the celebration of the Mass and share their God-given talents. The band is open to students in sixth through 12th grades. They sing at the 9 a.m. Sunday Mass once a month. We are looking for any youth singers and those who play an instrument proficiently. Contact: Laura Litwiler, llitwiler@evdio.org 11

Your Offering To God

Stewardship Involves Commitment It’s difficult to give God any percentage of our time, talent, or treasure if we do not first give Him 100 percent of our hearts. For this reason, our Stewardship Renewal is a time for growing closer to God above all else. It is a time to make God our top priority, and then express this growth through written commitments. How will you turn more readily to Him with your whole heart?


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Making a Consistent Gift to the Offertory

Prayer is the beginning of stewardship. Only when we spend time with God in prayer are we spiritually prepared to offer ourselves in service to others.

You can read about each of the ministries listed below in the Ministry Catalog. When you sign up, the ministry leader will call to explain how to get involved.

In thanksgiving for God’s gifts, each household at Our Lady of Hope is asked to give a specific percentage of income based on the biblical tithe:

Please check the circles next to your commitments to prayer:

 Attend Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days  Attend weekday Mass at least once a week  Begin and end each day with prayer  Pray for the sick of our parish  Spend 15 minutes of quality time with God  Create a dedicated “prayer space” in my home  Make family prayer time a priority each day  Pray the Rosary weekly and/or daily  Read the Bible for a half-hour or more each



 Attend Adoration once a week  Go to Reconciliation once a month  Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily  Invite a friend or acquaintance to Mass  Pray for my country daily  Pray for our priests and/or for vocations  Pray for our active duty military

Email Spouse: First

& Last Name


Spouse: Pho

Address City

on, IN 47501 et • Washingt org sh. 3 • www.ccwa


Write the f irst name of the family member who wishes to join or is active in each ministry on the lines. Be sure to also check currently involved or interested in joining.


d to bring this car tion, please ish office. After comple il it to the par you! Mass or ma ss ble and God Thank you

6% to Our Lady of Hope plus 1% to the diocese and 3% to other charities

 = Currently Involved  = Interested in Joining Clearly write the first name(s) of interested family member(s) on the line.

My Offertory pledge to Our Lady of Hope:

HOSPITALITY  Greeter  Outreach Committee


Percentage of household income:

PRAYER  Adoration Chapel  Adult Choir  Altar Server  Communion to Hospital or

Please complete either a weekly or monthly offertory gift: Weekly gift


x52 =



Monthly gift


x12 =





 Divine Mercy Prayer Group  Eucharistic Minister  Lector  Presenter of Gifts

Weekly giving based on proportion of income

At Our Lady of Hope, each household is asked to work toward giving 6% of their income to the parish. Some families may have difficulty reaching this goal at first. If so, try increasing your weekly gift incrementally until you reach an amount that you know is right for you.

FORMATION  Children’s Liturgy Volunteer  Christ Renews His Parish  Cursillo/Ultreya  Faith Formation  RCIA Team

ail Spouse: Em

Lady of




Using My Talents in Parish Ministries

each day




Spending Time with God in Prayer


Weekly Giving Chart

% of Hshld Income:






Household Income $50,000

continued on back panels








Amount of Weekly Gift



$58 $115

1% $6






Please bring your completed Commitment Card to Mass on January 22/23, or mail it to the parish in the envelope provided.


Several suggestions for regular prayer are listed on your Commitment Card. Will you set aside time each day to spend with God?


Your Commitment Card lists numerous parish ministries available for your involvement. Will you offer yourself in service to God through others?

Our Lady of


This year, will you make a specific financial pledge to contribute to the Sunday offertory?


315 N.E. Third Street • Washington, IN 47501 • 812-254-2883 • www.ccwash.org

Please keep until Winter 2023