Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church — 2022-23 Stewardship Renewal Handbook

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Called to Serve 2022 STEWARDSHIP RENEWAL

“As I have done, so you must also do.” These were Christ’s words after He washed His apostles’ feet at the last supper. In this dramatic moment, Jesus called His followers to a life of humility and service. Helping others, especially the poor, is how we follow Christ’s command “to love your neighbor as yourself.”

During our Stewardship Renewal, we are focusing on the importance of service and having the heart of a servant. A servant goes where his master leads and responds without hesitation, ready and willing to do the will of the Master. With the right disposition, we can be ready for action when opportunity arises. As many of us have discovered, service to others leads to peace and joy; we find that we are truly blessed when we give of ourselves. During this year’s Stewardship Renewal, let us turn to Christ for the grace to serve as He served and to love as He loved. “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.” — Matthew 25:35-36


Called to Serve

• Spend five minutes each morning, thanking Him for the ways He has graciously blessed you and then asking Him for help with your struggles.


• Download and utilize Catholic phone and tablet apps, such as iBreviary, Magnificat, Hallow or Divine Office. “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

• Commit to reading the weekend readings before Mass to better prepare yourself for Mass.


Prayer is the lifeblood of a true disciple of Christ. Without a healthy relationship with our Savior, we can’t hope to know His perfect will or the depths of His love. Take time in daily prayer with God, asking Him how you can best serve others. As you discern how God is calling you to give of your time this year, ask Him to transform your heart into that of a servant.

Talents are the gifts God has given us that enable us to serve Him. All talents or skills that we have can be used to give God glory and are equally important in His eyes. During this year’s Stewardship Renewal, consider your own talents and ask God how you can best use them to serve Him through His people.



Pray about how the specific talents that God has blessed you with can be used to build His kingdom. Look for ways to get involved as a family, perhaps serving as greeters at a weekend Mass. “Incline my heart according to your will, Oh God.” ACTIONS OF A SERVANT

• Look for ways to get involved that stretch you out of your comfort zone.

Action Steps to Become More Active in Service

— The Divine Office THE

Ways to Give Generously to God:

Reasons to Tithe

In just the same way that we have received the gifts of time and talent from God, so have we received our treasure. While many of us have worked hard to earn the money in our pockets, His gifts to us are what have enabled us to do so. In grateful appreciation for His gifts to us, we are called to give our best, our “first fruits”, back to Him. At our parish, we give to God in accordance with the scriptural tithe. One suggested way for parishioners to structure their tithe is to give 5 percent of their income to the offertory, and then to independently give 4 percent to other charities and 1 percent to the Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal. In this way, we entrust our plans and ourselves in a unique way to God and His providence in our lives. By placing Him first in our finances, we show Him that He is more important than any of the material goods we have in this world and give Him power over all in our lives.

• Take a look at your current budget and spending habits and assess what expenses are preventing you from giving more selflessly.

Why give a percentage of income? We give because the tithe (which means 10% of one’s harvest or income) is a scriptural benchmark that the Church has honored for centuries (see Malachi 3:10).



• Commit to giving a percentage of your income to God through the parish offertory and be faithful to your tithing commitment, even when you attend Mass elsewhere. “In this is love: not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as expiation for our sins.” — 1 John 4:10

Altar Guild Consists of persons who care for the altar linens, candles, and vessels used for Masses and Sacramental Rites.

Altar Servers


Contact: Dcn. Paul Friedrich, 916-481-5115, deaconpaul@olaparish.net Christian Meditation Gathers weekly on Monday afternoons either via Zoom or in the church and follows guided meditations to help participants grow in relationship with Christ. Contact: Fran Rider, bilrider2808@sbcglobal.net916-956-4229,

Eucharistic Adoration

Distribute the Eucharist to those in need at their homes. Members of this ministry are dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of homebound parishioners by bringing Christ to them and by keeping them connected to our community. Contact: Peggy Vellanoweth, 916-488-1982, pcvella@aol.com Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Lay ministers who proclaim the Word at Mass or at other liturgical celebrations. Men and women (13 years and older) who are fully initiated Catholics are invited to participate. Contact: Casey Oliver, 916-481-5115, worship@olaparish.net


Assist the presider at various liturgical celebrations, including weekend and weekday Masses, school Masses, and funeral services. Girls and boys fifth grade and older are invited to participate.

Help organize liturgical ministers at Masses and ensure all set-up tasks and clean-up tasks have been completed. Contact: Casey Oliver, 916-481-5115, worship@olaparish.net Ministry Catalog


Mass Captains and Sacristans

Assist in the distribution of Holy Communion. Men and women (16 years and older) must be fully initiated Catholics to participate. Contacts: Dcn. Paul & Sharon Friedrich, 916-481-5115, deaconpaul@olaparish.net

Eucharistic Homebound Ministers

Takes place in the chapel Tuesdays and Thursdays following the daily Mass until 7 p.m., and on First Saturdays following 8 a.m. Mass until 12 p.m. Adoration is an opportunity to sit with the Blessed Sacrament and pray. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up for designated times. Contacts: Don Thamer, 916-549-7195, don.nprz6@gmail.com; Kimberly Sax, kimberlysax1@gmail.com916-335-0410,

Contact: Marylee Johnson, 916-359-1225, jmjohn@surewest.net


Contact: Parish Office, 916-481-5115, parish@olaparish.net

Music Ministry Open to all who wish to support the full, conscious, and active participation of the singing assembly during the celebration of Mass, prayer services, and more. Music ministers serve in the pews and on the music risers in ensembles to offer comprehensive leadership and encouragement. Volunteers are needed for the Choir in the pews at all Masses and for our ensembles. Vocalists and instrumentalists are welcome.

Contact: MaryAnne Campos, 916-488-7823, gcampos@sbcglobal.net

Ushers Help worshippers find seats, take up the collection, give visitors necessary information, and assist Mass Captains with additional responsibilities at weekend Masses.

Contact: Casey Oliver, 916-481-5115, worship@olaparish.net

Contact: Katie Cunha, katieecunha@gmail.com916-203-4425,


Social Committee Promotes parish unity through the planning and execution of social events like our community dinners.

Contact: Mary Ellen Hoffman, 916-489-1424, howaboutme50@aol.com

Contact: Chris Hine, chrishine726@hotmail.com916-201-9843, Martha & Mary Gathering

Contact: Peggy Stradford, peggystradford@icloud.com916-402-4437, P.E.R.T. (People Enjoying Retirement Together) Promotes the spirit of friendship while providing programs and activities to enhance the temporal and spiritual life of their later years.

Women’s Book Club


Receive the community and welcome them to Masses.

Meets to share the joy of reading on the second Monday of each month.


Pray and Play Fosters fellowship and community for our parish families by gathering on the school playground after the 9 a.m. Sunday Mass.

Contact: Joan Cotton, jecotton2014@gmail.com916-849-2282,

Open to all parish ladies. They meet for fellowship, spiritual growth, and to assist with parishioner funeral receptions.

Contact: Don Thamer, 916-489-1424, don.nprz6@gmail.com

Provides the opportunity for adults to learn more about their Catholic faith through participation in workshops, presentations, and study programs offered in both the parish and throughout the diocese.

Contact: Johann Rubia-Miller, 916-257-1970, youth@olaparish.net

Volunteers teach students who do not receive religious education during their regular school hours. This program supplements the faith formation already started in the home and during Masses. It includes preparation for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation.

Contacts: Dcn. Paul & Sharon Friedrich, 916-481-5115, deaconpaul@olaparish.net

Offered for parents seeking preparation for Baptism for their children and for couples seeking preparation for their marriages. Contact: Dcn. Paul Friedrich, 916-481-5115, deaconpaul@olaparish.net

Contact: Tracy Urban, faithformation@olaparish.net916-488-4626, Living the Word A group dedicated to reading and contemplating the Sunday Scripture readings for each week. There are also opportunities for faith sharing and discussions about how to live your faith in your daily life. Volunteers can serve as discussion leaders, and this group also facilitates monthly Lectio Divina and Taize Prayer.

Sacramental (Baptism/Marriage)Preparation


A ministry of our parish that provides a great education to our children to help them develop their whole being — mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to prepare our children for life and to make them disciples of Jesus Christ as He commanded the Church to do.

Contact: Tim tim@flaniganfirm.netFlanigan, OLA School

Faith Formation for Children

Contact: Tracy Urban, faithformation@olaparish.net916-488-4626, Liturgy of the Word for Children Led by a team of parent volunteers during the 9:30 a.m. Sunday Mass in St. John’s Hall. Children learn about the readings and Gospel at their level and participate in a related activity.

RCIA (The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) The process through which adults or youth (those between the ages of 7-18) are fully initiated into the Catholic Church through the reception of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. Volunteers serve as sponsors or team members. All can help by inviting friends and family members who are not Catholic to come and learn more.

Youth Ministry Offered for the youth of our parish in seventh through 12th grades. Students are encouraged to participate in liturgical ministries at 11 a.m. Sunday Mass, youth group meetings, service projects, and more. Adult volunteers can serve as core team members or participate in other ways to help parish youth grow in faith and community.

Contacts: Robert Love, 916-489-8958, love@olaparish.net; Steven Vidal, 916-489-8958, vidal@olaparish.net

Contact: Teresa Reavis, 916-202-1893

Catholic in Recovery

Front Office Volunteers

Contact: Peggy Stradford, peggystradford@icloud.com916-402-4437

Contacts: Donna Blaschke, 916-622-2769, dsblaschke@outlook.com; Chris Hine, chrishine726@hotmail.com916-201-9843,

Staffed by fingerprinted and trained adults along with parish teens. This service is for families with young children, ages 6 months to 4 years old, who wish to drop off their children at the nursery in Seton Hall during the 9:30 a.m. Sunday Mass.

A nonprofit organization that seeks to serve those suffering from addictions and unhealthy attachments by making connections with others who have struggled or still struggle.

Contact: Tracy Urban, faithformation@olaparish.net916-488-4626

Strive “to be helping hands where there is pain, poverty, sorrow or sickness.”

Giving Tree Ministry

A coalition of faith communities, non-profits, businesses, agencies, and individuals, who are committed to finding solutions to homelessness. OLA helps provide volunteers and resources for the winter shelters, respite centers, and half-way houses.

Carmichael HART

Provides fellowship and healthy meals to homeless families with children. Permanent housing is the ultimate goal, along with developing the selfsufficiency needed to sustain them.

Provides Christmas gifts to needy families who live within OLA’s parish boundaries — many of the families are clients of OLA’s food locker. Work begins in October with gift signups and ends with gift sorting and distribution before Christmas.


Contact: Juan Yniguez, 916-207-9512, jcyniguez@att.net


Contact: Kate Walsh, kateandpat@hotmail.com916-481-5207,

Family Promise Ministry

Catholic Daughters of America

An essential support for our parish and a welcoming presence to our many visitors and callers. In addition to greeting parishioners and visitors, volunteers assist office staff by answering phones, helping with clerical tasks, and more.

Contact: Ivan Florez (Office Manager), 916-481-5115, officemgr@olaparish.net

Children’s Nursery

Contact: Jenny Teeters, jennyteeters@gmail.com916-612-0337,

Bereavement Committee Members provide caring support to those who have lost loved ones while assisting with funeral planning. Please call the parish office if you need their services.


Donates hats to many organizations in the Sacramento area. Anyone, regardless of skill level, is welcome to participate by making hats in any color, style, or size. The ministry welcomes donations of yarn, or monetary donations to purchase yarn or fleece. Patterns for knitted or crocheted hats available upon request.

Contact: Angie amstrawn@comcast.netStrawn,

Respect Life Committee and OLA Gabriel Project Raises awareness of pro-life issues among our parish community. The OLA Gabriel Project, inspired by the Word and example of Jesus Christ, offers immediate and practical assistance to pregnant women and their families.

A Catholic family fraternal service organization which assists the Church and communities in the ArdenCarmichael areas.

Contact: Vince Madden, 916-973-8011, vince@mvmadden.net

Contact: John Blaschke, 916-471-9650, johnblasch@outlook.com

Communications Committee

Hats for the Homeless

A subcommittee of the Pastoral Council. Assists the pastor and parish office in coordinating parish communications using multiple communication platforms, including the parish bulletin, parish website, Flocknote, myParish App, and social media. This committee also helps our parish build community by communicating the needs of fellow parishioners to those who may be able to help and by promoting the services of our various ministries.


Hospitality Committee

Volunteers who work in teams to count the offertory collections, weekly on Monday mornings.

Contacts: Carolyn Albers, 916-296-2675, lattegirl@live.com; Gregg Gilles, gregganthonygilles@gmail.com916-715-9204, St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVdP)

A group of Catholic lay persons who respond to the needs of the poor living within the OLA parish boundaries through the twice-weekly onsite food locker and temporary assistance with rent, utilities, clothing, etc.

Contact: Marylee Johnson, 916-359-1225, jmjohn@surewest.net

OLA Conference


Coordinates the regular maintenance, improvement, safety, and security of the parish and school campus. This is in collaboration with the Safety and Security Committee and Catholic School Advisory Committee (CSAC).

Contact: Casey Oliver, 916-481-5115, worship@olaparish.net

Assesses and supports all activities related to hospitality by working with staff and various ministries. The committee also makes recommendations to enhance current parish hospitality

Offertory Counters


Knights of Columbus

Contact: Peter Kilkenny, 916-692-5446, pakcantor@gmail.com

11 activities and encourages new hospitality activities as needed.

A pastoral consultative body which strives to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit among God’s people in the parish. It gives its help to the pastor in fostering pastoral activity. The Pastoral Council develops pastoral programs, improves services, and evaluates the effectiveness of various programs and services. Contact: Carmy Baca, cbaca_929@yahoo.com916-956-8738,

Are you called to a ministry of fostering vocations, especially to ordained ministry and religious life? The committee’s tasks include organizing a campaign of prayer for vocations, creating parish awareness of vocations, and inviting individuals to consider the call to be a priest, deacon, sister or brother, spouse, or single person. Contacts: Dcn. Paul & Sharon Friedrich, 916-481-5115, deaconpaul@olaparish.net

A consultative body of lay parishioners who advise the pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish.

Pastoral Council

Vocations Committee

Contact: Victoria Yniguez, 916-837-8111, yniguezv18@gmail.com

A subcommittee of the Pastoral Council. Helps the pastor guide the development of stewardship within the parish. The first duties of committee members are to educate themselves and to live as good Christian stewards. The committee will also seek ways to promote stewardship within the parish through year-round communication and special initiatives, and most importantly, by supporting the annual Stewardship Renewal.

Stewardship Committee

Contact: Casey Oliver, 916-481-5115, worship@olaparish.net Parish Finance Council

Contact: Joe Selewicz, 916-261-0230, joejsel@gmail.com

Contact: Casey Oliver, 916-481-5115, worship@olaparish.net

Under the direction of the pastor, sets goals, direction and principles for the liturgical life of the parish, assesses the needs of the worshipping assembly, trains competent liturgical ministers, and implements directives from the universal Church and the diocesan church. Environment Committee, a subcommittee of the Liturgy Committee, liturgically adorns the inside of the church.

Strategic Planning Committee

Contact: Juan Yniguez, 916-207-9512, jcyniguez@att.net

A subcommittee of the Pastoral Council. Helps develop and monitor the implementation of the Pastoral Plan for the parish that is renewed every three to five years. The Plan recognizes, informs, and guides parish pastoral activities. This effort is facilitated by the Strategic Planning Committee in collaboration with the entire faith community including parishioners, staff, and the pastor.

Liturgy Committee

5057 Cottage Way | Carmichael, CA 95608 | (916) 481-5115 | olaparish.net All parishioners are encouraged to participate in our annual Stewardship Renewal. Please take the time to review the materials in this packet, and prayerfully consider how you can offer Christ a portion of your time, talent, and treasure this year. Then, take a few moments to fill out the enclosed Commitment Card. The Commitment Card enables you to make a written commitment to God of how and where you desire to place Him first. Please return the completed card during Mass on the weekend of October 8/9. Thank you for your participation in the life of our parish community! INVOLVES COMMITMENTStewardship Please keep until Fall 2023