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Lift Up Your Hearts


Antigo Area Catholic Churches 2021 Stewardship Renewal

Lift Up Your Hearts


Following Christ’s Invitation to Pray “When he returned to his disciples he found them asleep. He said to Peter, ‘So you could not keep watch with me for one hour?’” (Matthew 26:40). We know from Scripture that even when Jesus invited individual apostles to go aside and pray with Him, they had difficulty concentrating. Today, it is still difficult to be a prayerful person, but Christ’s invitation is just as persistent. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church puts it, “prayer and the Christian life are inseparable” (CCC, 2745). During our Stewardship Renewal, how can you re-commit yourself to spend time with Christ in prayer?

STEWARDSHIP OF TIME Prayer: A Regular Commitment Our spiritual journey requires a regular commitment to prayer. We all seem to be so busy getting things “done” that we often neglect the most important things — spending time forming and growing our relationship with God. In the story of Mary and her sister, Martha, from Luke chapter 10, we are reminded that spending time with God must come first. In opening their home to Jesus, Martha spent the day running around the house preparing dinner and making other arrangements for His comfort and enjoyment, while Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to Him. When Martha complained to Jesus that Mary wasn’t helping, He replied, “You are anxious and worried about many things. There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her” (Luke 10:41-42).

For reflection… • Plan to start each day by taking 10 minutes to ready the daily Scripture, found at We may also use Catholic phone and tablet apps, such as iBreviary, Divine Office, or Evangelizo, thanking Him for the good and asking for help with the challenges. • Will you try using a new type of prayer — meditation, praise, reading the Bible, or reciting the Rosary? What type of prayer best unites you with God? • Set aside intentional time to pray with your children each night before bed, giving each family member an opportunity to pray for something and concluding with an Our Father, Hail Mary and the Glory Be. 2

STEWARDSHIP OF TALENT Prayerfully Consider Your Role When St. Paul writes about the Body of Christ, his main point is that every baptized person has a special role to play in the Church. Every one of us is needed for the Church to flourish, each with our own personality, skill set and gifts. This means that without your personal involvement, Christ’s Church isn’t complete! But how do you discover what role to play? You have a unique set of gifts that you’ve been given — use them to serve! Review our ministry listing to find a ministry in which you can utilize your talents. You can make a difference! And as you begin to serve, trust that God will bless you in abundance for every bit that you give to others.

For reflection… • Pray and ask God to show you your personal gifts and how best to use them. • Get involved in a service ministry at our parish that stretches you to be more selfless.

• Pray for our ministries, our parish leaders, and all parishioners, asking the Holy Spirit to guide our parish community.

• No matter what ministry or group you are involved with, always begin and end your meetings or activities by praying with one another.



Practicing Financial Discipline

It’s no accident that the fruit of our labor, the offertory, is offered at the same time as the presentation of the gifts of bread and wine. In the same way that the bread and wine are “the work of human hands,” in modern society, money represents the result of our work. Our financial gift, then, is a gift of ourselves to God. God accepts our bread and wine, transforms them, and gives them back to us to convey His grace. In a similar way, God accepts our money and transforms it through the work of His Church on earth. Our parish invites each family to give to God through the offertory in accordance with the scriptural tithe, which literally means 10% of one’s harvest or income. We give a percentage of our income to God because it is a standard that has been honored since the early Church (see Malachi 3:10), but we can only do this when we are good stewards of the remaining 90%. What percentage of your life are you currently giving to God? Are you willing to give Him 100 percent of your heart?

For reflection… • Consider your current gift to God. Does it reflect a percentage of your income? • Can you work towards giving the scriptural tithe by increasing your annual offertory gift by 1% or 2% each year? • Does your spending on entertainment, fast food or casual shopping prevent you from giving according to the scriptural tithe?




Hospitality Ministries Coffee and Donuts

Men, women, and families are needed to make coffee before Mass and serve coffee, donuts, and cookies after Mass. This would take approximately one hour. Schedule and training provided. Contacts: SJ: Barb Borkovec, SSMH: Joanne Chrudimsky,

Hospitality & Welcoming Committee

The welcome committee is an off-shoot of the Stewardship Committee which works to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in each of our three parish communities. This committee helps plan events, improve signage, welcome new members, and improve every aspect of our contact with people. Contact: SJ, SSMH & SW: Barb Borkovec,


Ushers help with collections, seating, and handing out bulletins. Training is given on the job. Perform ushering duties at the Mass of your choice on weekends and Holy Days. Greeters provide a cheerful hello and a smile. Families are welcome to work together

as ushers and greeters. This is done on a rotating monthly schedule. Contacts: SJ: Greg Rusch, SSMH: F. Baginski or Ken Fleischman SW: Mike Geib,

Welcome New Parishioners

Volunteers are needed to welcome new members, orient them to our community, help them meet new people, and discover their gifts. Welcomers will be trained by the Hospitality & Welcoming Committee and matched up with one new family per year. Coordinated by the Hospitality & Welcoming Committee. Contact: SJ, SSMH & SW: Barb Borkovec,

Prayer Ministries Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Prayer is the lifeblood of a disciple and spending time with Jesus in silence must become the top priority so you can know where the Holy Spirit is leading you. Our Adoration Chapel is held at Ss. Mary and Hyacinth on 3rd Avenue. Contacts: Cathy Strobel, or Pete Schlegel, 5

Petitions Committee

Meetings are once a month for approximately 1½ hours, to compose petitions that are used at each weekend Mass. Materials provided. Contact: SJ, SSMH & SW: Mary Brennecke,

Prayer Line

Join other parish members in praying for special intentions. This is an opportunity for individuals who are homebound or with restricted activity to assist other parishioners in their time of need. Contacts: SJ: Shirley Harder, 715-623-5633 or Midge Tatro, 715-627-7668 SSMH: Allie Brehm, 715-623-4818 SW: Mary Anne Crawford, 715-623-5179

Prayer Partner

Share your faith by praying for a First Eucharist, First Reconciliation, and/ or a Confirmation candidate. Names of candidates will be provided to you when the preparation for each sacrament begins. A great way to help our youth is by praying for them. Contact: Kristen Rolling,

Ranger Rosaries for the Military

In the military, a rosary is often a troop’s only tangible piece of their Catholic faith and a symbol of God’s peace and a reminder of His presence. Individuals are needed to make rosaries with the group (or they can be made at home) and training is provided. The rosaries are blessed at Mass before being sent to Chaplains. The group meets twice a month. Contact: Cathy Levis, 715-623-7731 6

Rosary Leader

During May and October, the Rosary is prayed 20 minutes before each weekend Mass. Parishioners are needed to lead the Rosary. An instruction sheet along with the mysteries of the Rosary will be provided to the leader. Contacts: SJ: Barb Borkovec, 715-216-2067, SSMH: Monica Baginski, 715-623-2491 SW: Judy Boyle, 715-623-6523

Liturgical Ministries Altar Server

Serve at weekend Masses, Holy Days of Obligation, and funeral liturgies. This service is open to adults and students in fourth grade and up. Training is provided. Contacts: Fr. Joel Sember,, Todd Loepfe, or Dale Zimmerman

Cantor/Choir Member/ Musician

Cantors lead the music for worship at Mass on Saturday and Sunday. We expect these men and women are not only excellent singers but, more importantly, intentional disciples of Jesus. The ability to read music and a good ear is required. Contact: SJ, SSMH & SW: Sharon Schroepfer,

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Assist the priest in offering to the faithful the greatest gift that God can give us, namely, His Son in the

Eucharist. Those interested must be registered parishioners, have received the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, and be at least of high school age. Training is provided. Contacts: SJ: Kathy Schultz, SSMH: Cathy Strobel, SW: Stephanie Bures,


Readers proclaim God’s Word at weekend and Holy Day Masses. A workbook is provided to help prepare for the effective delivery of the scriptures. Contacts: SJ: Kay Sollito, SSMH: Monica Baginski, 715-623-2491 SW: Stephanie Bures, 715-627-2126,

Ministers of the Eucharist for Homebound and Residential Care

Distributors serve on a rotating monthly schedule bringing the Body of Christ to those who are not able to get to Sunday Mass. Training is provided. Contacts: SJ: Mary Brennecke, SSMH: Cathy Strobel, SW: Deacon Andy Bures,


Sacristans are trained to ensure that all liturgical ministers are present and that

the altar is properly arranged before and after Mass. Contacts: SJ & SW: Vicky Stickney, SSMH: Cathy Strobel,

Formation Ministries Alpha/Discipleship for Adults

Learn your faith by accompanying others. Volunteers will be trained in accompaniment and help with Alpha and other adult faith formation opportunities. Contact: Jen Oelke,

Catechist Grade K-11

Catechists not only teach about God and the Roman Catholic Church, but they also help the students to come to form a relationship with God and His son Jesus Christ rooted in prayer, scripture, and the Sacraments. Materials are provided. Contacts: Kristen Rolling, or Jen Oelke,

Children’s Liturgy of the Word Leaders

The Liturgy of the Word for Children takes place during the weekend Masses. Children ages 4K to second grade are invited to a special ageappropriate lesson during reading and homily time at Mass. Lessons and materials are provided. Contact: Jen Oelke, 7

Christian Mothers & Altar Society

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday in September and the first Monday of each following month. There are no meetings in January, June, July, and August. Mary is honored by praying the Rosary for those in need. The Society hosts the First Friday socials, March birthday party at the nursing home, supports Lick Family Violence, the November Remembrance Service, and two bake sales each year. Speakers are featured at several of the meetings. All are welcome. Contact: SJ: Mary Brennecke,


Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is a chance to ask about all things Catholic and learn the “whys” behind the “whats” of Catholicism. RCIA prepares candidates to enter the Church at the Easter Vigil. It also helps confirmed Catholics become stronger members of the Church. Contact: Laurel Bradley,

Youth Ministry

The primary goal of our programming is to meet tweens and teens where they are and draw them into a deeper understanding of the faith. Beginning with middle school and continuing through high school, our young people


are challenged and encouraged to encounter the living person of Jesus Christ, become His disciples, and grow in their faith while changing their world. Contacts: Kristen Rolling, or Jen Oelke,

Service Ministries Art Projects or Tutor at All Saints Catholic School

Share your gifts as a tutor or assist with an arts or craft activity at All Saints Catholic School. VIRTUS training is required for all volunteers and you must meet with the School Administrator before starting. Contact: Liz Seis,

Catholic Cemetery Clean-up

In the spring and fall, volunteers are needed to help pick up sticks, litter, etc. in preparation for the next season. A great family activity. Contacts: Queen of Peace: Rosemary Barnes, SW: Tom Koss,

Church Decorating

Assist with inside and outside decorating. Special emphasis is given during the Christmas and Easter seasons. There is something for everyone from our young people to senior citizens. Contacts: SJ: Kathy Schultz, SSMH: Cathy Strobel, SW: Cinda Theilman,

Comfort Card Ministry/ Forget-Me-Not

Cards are sent on behalf of the parish to those who have lost a loved one. Contacts: SJ: Jeanne Jensen, SSMH: Stephanie Bures, SW: Judy Boyle, 715-623-6523

Flowers for the Altar

Change/care for the flower selections for the Sanctuary monthly. Flowers may be purchased or come from personal gardens or other sources. This is an opportunity to be creative to make our worship space beautiful. Sign up for a monthly term. Contacts: SJ: Kathy Schultz, SSMH: Cathy Strobel, SW: Cinda Theilman,

Funeral Dinner Volunteers

Volunteers will help with food preparation, dining room setup, serving, and cleanup at funerals for those who have lost loved ones. Contacts: SJ: Midge Tatro, 715-627-7668 SSMH: Agie Husnick, 715-627-7517 SW: Judy Boyle, 715-623-6523

Knights of Columbus

This fraternal order of Catholic men provides support to the parish and Catholic families. Meetings take place on the third Monday of each month and various events throughout the year. Contact: Tom McGrath, 715-219-0214,

Mother’s Day Rose Sale

On Mother’s Day weekend, adults, teens, and families with children are needed to sell roses after the Masses. This takes one half hour. Contact: SW: Karen Braatz, 608-769-9757

Outdoor Spring and Fall Cleanup

Cleaning up the grounds of the church, rectory, and school on a Saturday morning close to Earth Day in late April. Contact: Pete Schlegel,

Parish Mailings

Volunteers will prepare parish mailings by folding pages, stuffing envelopes, and putting address labels on envelopes. Contacts: SJ: Joanna Hilger, SSMH & SW: Stephanie Bures,


Photographers are needed to take pictures of various ministries and parish events throughout the year. Contact: Joanna Hilger, 9

PowerPoint, DVDs, Graphic Design, Facebook, and Website Support

If you have computer skills in any of these areas, you could help with flyers, posters, DVDs, and the newsletter. Time commitment varies as projects arise. Good opportunity for high school students. Contact: Joanna Hilger,

SCRIP Volunteers

SCRIP is a major fundraiser for ASCS school and our parish. Profits are generated through the sale of gift certificates with local or national vendors. Volunteers are needed before and after each weekend Mass for 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after Mass once every six weeks. Volunteers are also needed from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday in the Scrip Office. The office volunteers collect money and find the right gift cards to fill orders. Training is provided. Contact: Deanna Olson,

Servers For Wednesday Night Suppers

Volunteers are needed to help set up, serve, and clean up for special Faith Formation event nights on Wednesday evenings at Ss. Mary and Hyacinth site during the Faith Formation year. Contact: Kristen Rolling,


Volunteer Receptionist

This position involves greeting parishioners, answering the telephone, and routing calls on days the parish secretary is not in the parish office. Contacts: SJ: Joanna Hilger, SSMH & SW: Stephanie Bures,

Pastoral Planning & Communication Buildings & Grounds Committee

This committee oversees the maintenance of present properties and plans for future needs. Particularly needed are people with handyman skills and/or knowledge of trades. Contacts: SJ: Joe Filbrandt, SSMH: Steve Rolling, SW: Andy Bures,

Finance Council

The Finance Council reviews monthly revenue and expenditure reports along with monitoring the parish budget. The Council also implements controls to protect the assets of the parish. Contacts: SJ: Brian Blink, SSMH: Steve Brettingen, SW: Charlene Fleischman,

Donate Baked Goods and Pies

Baked goods and pies are needed for Parish Bake Sales, Fall Festival, Harvest Fair, Brat Fry, Music in the Park, and other parish events. (names will be given to event leaders).

Festival Volunteers Liturgy/Worship Committee

Plans church year celebrations that include but are not limited to decorating the church, choosing music, and training lectors. Emphasis is on Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Thanksgiving. Meetings take place once a month (St. John only at this time). Contact: SJ: Kathy Schultz,

Parish Pastoral Council

A consultative group works with the pastor to address the spiritual and physical concerns and needs of the parish, which may include parish policies, goals, concerns, and priorities. Six members serve for a three-year term. Contacts: SJ: Greg Oelke, SSMH: Kevin Brodziski, SW: Jennifer Rogatzki,

Outreach Brat Fry Volunteer

This is done two times per year taking place in late summer. Usually, twohour shifts are scheduled. Donations of baked goods are also needed. Contact: Barb Borkovec,

Help with the International Food Festival (SJ), Fall Festival (SW), or Harvest Fair (SSMH). Volunteers can help coordinate certain aspects of the event, setup, decorate, assist with hospitality, etc. Many, many volunteers are needed. Contacts: SJ: Karen Duff, SSMH: Activities Committee SW: Mike Geib,

Music in the Park Volunteers

Music in the Park is held at the City Park on Monday and Thursday evenings during the summer. St. John Parish hosts one of the Music in the Park evenings. Volunteers are needed to help serve the ice cream, pie, and sandwiches. Contacts: SJ: Barb Borkovec, SSMH: Karen Prunty, 715-216-2762

Respect Life

Volunteers work to create a culture of life within our community that loves, cherishes, and protects all human life. Contact: Anita Benes, 715-623-4204


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