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Immigration Prayers & Reflections for the Journey “I was a stranger and you welcomed me…” Mt. 25:35

Office for Immigrant Affairs & Immigration Education Archdiocese of Chicago 2

Table of Contents Dear Reader, Advent & Christmas Advent Prayer for Immigrants Advent Prayer The Invitation Compassion & Light Advent Prayer Christ the Immigrant

This prayer booklet came as a result of the journey we started after the USCCB announced the Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform in 2005. Since then, prayer and reflection have been pivotal on the long journey “in the desert” for immigration reform.

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We had the privilege to collect the prayers and reflections of our companions on the journey and offer them to your as a gift. Our work and yours on behalf of our immigrant brothers and sisters begins with acknowledging that our God knows, loves and cares more for all of us than we can imagine. Our best work will be accomplished when we humbly, hopefully, courageously unite with our God and with one another in welcoming and empowering immigrants. May the following prayers help us continue being led by our God of Justice as we continue of the journey for immigration reform. Peace, Elena Segura



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Advent Prayer

Advent Prayer for Immigrants Emmanuel, Open us, open us up, O God, to welcome the Marys and Josephs we meet during this Advent season, those who journey escaping from poverty, oppression, persecution, war and violence. May we recognize their human dignity. Dismiss in us our fear, doubt and suspicion of them. Break down the barriers in our hearts and minds, especially for those who suffer the separation of family members one from another. Help us by your grace: to banish fear from our hearts, that we may embrace each of your children as our own brother and sister; to welcome immigrants and refugees with joy and generosity, while responding to their many needs; to realize that you call all people to your holy mountain to learn the ways of peace and justice; to share of your abundance. as you spread a banquet before us. May we witness to your love as we celebrate the many gifts these people bring. We recognize in this opening of our minds and hearts, an opening into your love and oneness reflected in You, the Trinity - Father, Son and Spirit. Amen.

Our world waits in longing for Your light, In the midst of darkness, reveal your light As we long for lasting peace in the midst of war, Be with us. As we long for families to be reunited. Be with us. As we long for enemies to be reconciled. Be with us. As we long for cures and healings, Be with us. As we long for decent jobs and economic security, Be with us. As we long for love and community. Be with us. Fulfill the deepest longings of your people and Dispel the darkness in our hearts and in our world. Let your Word ignite the hope the world needs to bring to life your love and justice. Amen. By Sr. Katherine Feely, SND - Education for Justice

A paraphrase by the Sisters and Brothers of Immgrants taken from Migration and Refugee Services. USCCB



The Invitation Is there a hosanna in your heart, A song your spirit's longing to sing, A melody proclaiming your deep joy In the coming of Christ our King? Like blessed Mary, is there room to welcome A messenger of God with a special request, To hear Love's voice inviting you to partake In ways that, thru you, others be blessed? Is there a place free of life's distractions An abode receptive for God's grace to fill, That your spirit might humbly, joyfully cry out "May it be done according to Your will!"? Like humble Joseph, is there room to bend Human rules to meet Love's demands To allow life's fears to shrink away Embracing your role in God's gracious plan? Will you make room in the inn of your soul For a God longing for Spirit and soul to unite In the midst of all your faults and your failings Thru you, to the world, bearing Christ's Light? Will you welcome angels appearing in darkest times Calling you to revisit the Child-like within To feed from His love, from His blessed assurance, To be refreshed and renewed to face life again? Will you follow your dream, God's dream for you, With wisdom follow signs that God will provide? Will you hazard the journey, let nothing, no one deter 'Til you reach the abode where dream's Source resides? Will you humbly approach with awe and with longing? Will you gaze in wonder at the Child in the crèche , Humbly offering your life, swaddled in faithfulness To bring warmth and joy to the Word made flesh? Will you open yourself to the awe and the wonder, To the love, to the peace only Divine love can impart? May this season renew your hope in God's promise. May the joy of God-with-us ever flow from your heart.

Compassion & Light Compassionate and Holy God, We celebrate with joy your coming into our midst; we celebrate with hope your coming into our midst; we celebrate with peace your coming into our midst; for you have come to save us. By your grace, we recognize your presence in men and women in all parts of your world; By your power, you free us from all that stands in the way of your kingdom coming; through your strength, our lives can proclaim joy and hope; through your love, we can work for peace and justice. You are the source of our being; You are the light of our lives. A Global Ministries missionary, Based on a Catholic prayer from Latin America

Fr. Larry Dowling Christmas 2011 9


Christ the Immigrant He longed to cross the boundary between heaven and earth Without controversy, without fear, To offer His Gifts, His Joy, His challenge, His Sacrifice, His Love. He came without reservation To seek a home among the human race.

Advent Prayer Gracious and all-loving God, Your Light shines into our minds and hearts through your only begotten One, Jesus. Again this Advent we journey into the mystery of his human birth to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem and his spiritual

He came because Heaven sent Him And earth, through a woman, invited Him. Yet convention, tradition could have Prevented His welcome into a family Were it not for the intervention of An angel in a dream.

birth within us and in the human family today. During this holy season of preparation, may we follow the sign you gave us and see you in the invisible light shining from the unwelcome children of our society who lay hidden from us by our inner and outer blindness.

Even while in the womb He was forced to travel With mother and father To a place where the only welcome Was into a dirty stable where animals fed.

May our minds and hearts be renewed as we prepare to celebrate Your incarnation in the Holy Child. May your Spirit lead us to act on behalf of unwelcome children, to welcome You in the child. Amen.

Born in poverty, he again was forced To flee to another country, Victim of an oppressive government Fearful of what He might become, A perceived threat to those in power. And other parents suffered and children died Because of the fear of a Child, among many children, born of Love.

By Bill Griffin - Education for Justice



In his travels, He preached the Gospel of the migrant, the Bedouin, The one who knows that life is Nothing but a journey; The Gospel of blessedness For those who hunger, mourn, Offer mercy, seek peace, approach life humbly, brush off The pain of rejection for doing what’s right.

Reaching adulthood, he traveled as well, Welcomed by some, rejected by others. Even his hometown people Could not accept a migrant preacher Who preached freedom for all, Invitation to all, without border or boundary, To have full citizenship in God’s kingdom.

He is clear about the destination and what Getting there requires: To provide for any Migrant who crosses the borders of our consciousness: Welcome, Shelter, Clothing, Food, Drink, Security, Respect, Companionship, Forgiveness, Encouragement.

In his travels, He welcomed fellow travelers, Inviting them to leave their homes To migrate with Him to sow the fields Of the human heart with hope and promise. With His companions, He mended many A broken spirit and body, planting seeds Of new possibilities, new life in Soil that seemed dry and barren.

Even in his final hours, He offered His Body, His Blood His Sweat, His Tears, for others. In the end/beginning, He came, Like all migrants, to a crossroads, A choice between life for Him and His family, Or death of the spirit of all He cared about.

In His travels, He shared many a meal With those who had lost their way And, in His waiting on them, Nourished their bodies with the fruit of the land and their souls with the sustenance of forgiveness and new life, And a formal invitation to join In the journey to the Promised Land.



And so He chose Life, the travail of Journeying on behalf of His family, to an unfamiliar, unwelcoming place, To offer His gifts, His talents, His toil, His passion, His heart, His Spirit, His life, in order to find a permanent home in our hearts.


Will you allow the Child/Christ to cross the borders of your fears, doubts, prejudices to find a place to be born? Will you welcome the Mother and Father, and countless migrant Mothers and Fathers, who bear His image within them Seeking to travel the road of Promise? Will you welcome Him?

Fr. Larry Dowling, 2006 Priests for Justice for Immigrants



Lent Prayer

Lenten Intercessions Response: Save your people, O God

…they led Jesus out to crucify him. A certain man from Cyrene, Simon, the father of Alexander and Rufus, was passing by on his way in from the country, and they forced him to carry the cross. (Mark 15: 20-21)

- That the Bishops and all Church leaders may continue to challenge us to welcome the stranger among us, we pray… -Jesus, You came that we might have fullness of life, we pray…

Let Us Pray… O God of highways and alleyways, the weary road of life is crowded with those carrying their crosses. Many are flogged and shamed by poverty, abused by old age, alcohol and drugs. Others are weighed down by a lack of education, Lack of medical care, or the lack of a decent job. Do we pretend we are merely spectators, Innocently minding our own business? Or Beloved Savior, does your spirit within us inspire us to step forward and lift up their heavy crosses, adding them to ours, as once, long ago, Simon of Cyrene did for you? Help us to take up our cross, and that of others, and follow you, Lord Jesus, for by doing so we share in the liberation of the world.

-For refugees fleeing from repressive regimes, we pray… -For immigrants dying from lack of adequate nutrition and health care, we pray… -For immigrants suffering from long-standing religious and ethnic discrimination, we pray… -For all people longing for human rights and self-determination, we pray… -For all of us longing to be transfigured in your image, so we may see, hear, and touch our suffering brothers and sisters, we pray… Let us Pray:


Jesus, recalling your words that you are one with your suffering members, we see you in the faces of many peoples. Enlighten and guide us so that we may draw closer to you during these forty days. We ask this with confidence in your constant care for us. Amen.



Lent Prayer Lent Prayer As we begin our journey of Lent on Ash Wednesday, the words of the prophet Joel proclaim: …Between the porch and the Altar let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep and say, “Spare , O Lord, your people, and make not your heritage a reproach, with the nations ruling over them! Why should they say among the peoples, “Where is their God? Then the Lord was stirred to concern For his land and took pity on his people… The plight of many of our parishioners, diminished by hunger, is profound. They are driven into the desert, lured by opportunities to work in this country. In solidarity with them and with a desire to feel the pain of hunger that forces them to abandon the land of their parents and in the abundant hope that by identifying with them we might, in the process, become more tolerant and more active in our support of the stranger in our midst, Jesus Christ. “For I was hungry and thirsty, a stranger, naked, ill and in prison…” by Rev. Gary Graff Priests for Justice for Immigrants

Let us pray:  For those for whom there is no place in this land, For those who dream of “a building with a thousand floors, a thousand windows and a thousand doors”, but not one of them is theirs. Let us pray:  For those tired and huddled masses yearning to breathe free, For those yet alive but without passport, papers, documents, reckoned as “officially dead…” Mothers, fathers, husbands, wives-- who labor by day and fear by night what may be the last night… the final day… in this freedom land of Broadviews and Guantanamos, of “No Match” letters and detention centers. “Who will be next?” – they ask -“to lose home and family, hopes and dreams? Will it be you, my dear, will it be me?” Let us pray: for those birth-righted who in public meetings and private place sound their frenzied fears of becoming less, if “the other” becomes more: “If we let them in they will steal our daily bread.” And our jobs and our homes and our land, the good life that is ours. Because we have worked for it, slaved for it, Why should we share our fatted calf?” Let us pray: for ourselves and for all who are searching and seeking the full 100, the complete 10, pulling heaven down to earth, fulfilling new creation, making one the family scattered, wounded and weeping… Latinos and Anglos, Palestinians and Israelis, Shias and Sunnis---God’s grandeur— “officially dead”, yet fully alive, Like birds in the trees, fish in the sea…sheltered and free, like you and like me. Let us pray: God on high, Seeking Shepherd, Searching Woman, give us nerve and courage, strength and perseverance to keep seeking UNTIL, UNTIL, UNTIL all are found, and place is found, and room is found, and hopes met and dreams become real for every sister and every brother in our family…one family… human family…God’s family in shaded woods and great plains, in city and country….place for everyone, where everyone can go, everyone can live and work and sing and breathe free and dance, yes, dance the dance of all creation. ¡Aclamemos al Señor con alegría, habitantes de toda la tierra! Fr. Robert Oldershaw Priests for Justice for Immigrants



Byzantine Liturgy of Good Friday

Litany for Immigrants

When he saw that the sun had hidden its rays, and that the veil of the temple was tom as the Savior died, Joseph of Arimathea went to Pilate,--pleaded with him and cried out: Give me that Stranger who since his youth has wandered as a Stranger. Give me that Stranger upon whom I look in wonder, seeing Him a Guest of Death. Give me that Stranger whom the envious estranged from the world. Give me that Stranger that I may bury Him in a tomb, Who being a Stranger has no place whereon to lay his head?

Response: Your kingdom come, your will be done. Let us pray for the breaking in of God’s kingdom in our world today, especially for our immigrant brothers and sisters: Lord God, because Jesus has taught us to trust you in all things, we hold to his word and share his plea: Where our nation budgets for war against immigrants and for prisons to hold them, while Christ says, “Put away your sword”: Where our country tears spouses apart and separates parents from their children, while Christ says, “What God has joined let no one separate”: Where many in our country say, ‘Send them back. Let them starve,” while Christ says, “I was hungry . . . I was thirsty . . .”: Where many in our country hold hatred in their hearts for immigrants, while Christ says, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself?”…:

Give me that Stranger to whom his mother cried out as she saw him dead: “My Son, my senses are wounded and my heart is burned as I see you dead! Yet, trusting in your resurrection, I magnify You! In such words did the Honorable Joseph plead with Pilate. He took the Savior’s body and with fear wrapped it in linen with spices. And he placed You in a tomb, O You Who grant Everlasting Life and Great Mercy to ALL! Troparion of Joseph of Arimathia

Where our country continues to build walls and erect prisons, while Christ came to break down walls of oppression and build a kingdom of peace…: Where our immigrant brothers and sisters are held captive by fear of discrimination and deportation, while Christ came to proclaim liberty to captives…: Where many in our society are blinded by fear of immigrants and imprisoned by ignorance of the gifts they offer, while Christ came to proclaim recovery of sight to the blind and release to prisoners…: Where for so many years our immigrant brothers and sisters have been denied a path to citizenship, while Christ came to announce a year of favor from the Lord…: Where our prayers falter, our faith weakens, our light grows dim: Where Jesus Christ calls us to be his compassion: Lord God, you have declared that your kingdom is among us. Open our ears to hear it, our hands to serve it, our hearts to hold it. Bless our journey as we recommit ourselves to walk with our immigrant brothers and sisters as they seek to be welcomed and embraced by this country as has every other generation of immigrants from the founding of our nation. This we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. Office for Immigrant Affairs—Lent Reflection 2011



Petitions for Immigrants

Pray for Immigration Reform Response: LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER. Let us pray for the breaking in of God’s kingdom in our world today, so that just and compassionate immigration reform will become a reality in our county, we pray…

Response: LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER. For immigrant families searching for life and dignity, that they may find it wherever God leads them, we pray…

While so many of our undocumented brothers and sisters live in the shadows of society, let there be a fair and just path to citizenship, we pray…

For children who are US citizens, but live in fear of being separated from their families because their parents are undocumented, that God may bring

When our current laws tear spouses apart and separate parents from children, let family unity be the cornerstone of all future immigration policy, we pray…

them hope, we pray… For teens and young adults brought to this country as children and now deported to a country they barely know, that God will guide them to be reunited with their families, we pray… For immigrant children who have known only this country and work hard at school, that they may be able to continue their studies through the support of the DREAM Act, we pray… For God’s forgiveness for citizens who have not been welcoming and tolerant of immigrants in this country, that they may come to realize God’s call to welcome Christ in the immigrant, we pray… For continued empowerment of immigrants through the Immigrant to Immigrant Ministry, we pray… Prayer Loving God, Giver of Life, be with us as we welcome immigrants and listen to their voices. Guide us as we work for immigration reform in our country. Hear our prayer as we pray for the children, young people and families, living in insecurity and fear. We pray especially for those being deported and their families, broken and separated. Deepen our faith, strengthen our hope, heal our divisions, be our guiding light. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. Office for Immigrant Affairs– Lent Reflection 2012

When our current system penalizes families through separation, let there be compassionate judicial discretion in deportation proceedings, we pray… While so many immigrants live by the sweat of their brow, pray for immigration reform that provides living-wage protections and that all workers are free from harm, we pray… Where so many children fear they have no future in the only country they know, may DREAMers enjoy the freedom of education, hard work, and a clear path to citizenship, we pray… May we address the root causes of migration, especially poverty and oppression, we pray… Prayer Loving God, Giver of Life, be with us as we welcome immigrants and listen to their voices. Guide us as we work for immigration reform in our country this year. Hear our prayer as we pray for the children, young people and families, living in insecurity and fear. We pray especially for those being deported and their families, broken and separated. Deepen our faith, strengthen our hope, heal our divisions, be our guiding light. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. Office for Immigrant Affairs– Lent Reflection 2013



Pray for Immigration Reform Response: LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER. Let us pray for the breaking in of God’s kingdom in our world today, so that immigration reform will become a reality in our country, we pray…


When people continue to live in the shadows, let us advocate for a legalization process that provides undocumented immigrants with the opportunity to live lives of dignity, we pray…


When our current immigration laws tear spouses apart and separate parents from children, let us pray for an immediate end to deportation, we pray…


While so many immigrants live by the sweat of their brow, let us work for immigration reform that provides living-wage protections and opportunities for all people to contribute their God-given gifts to society, we pray… Where so many children fear they have no future in the only country they know, may DREAMers enjoy the freedom of education, hard work, and a path to citizenship, we pray… May we address the root causes of migration, especially poverty and oppression, we pray… Prayer Loving God, Giver of Life, be with us as we welcome immigrants and listen to their voices. Guide us as we work to pass immigration reform in our country this year. Hear our prayers for the children, young people and families, living in insecurity and fear. We pray especially for those being deported and their families, broken and separated. Deepen our faith, strengthen our hope, heal our divisions, be our guiding light. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. Office for Immigrant Affairs– Lent Reflection 2014



Easter Prayer Lord, open our eyes That we may see you in our immigrant brothers and sisters. Lord, open our ears, That we may hear the cries of the hungry, the cold, The frightened, the oppressed. Lord, open our hearts, That we may love each other as you have loved us. Renew us in your spirit. Lord, free us and make us one.

Easter Prayer Intentions Just as Jesus walked alongside the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we are called to walk together, as first, second, and third generation immigrant brothers and sisters on our journey of hope. For those families who have been separated by unjust imprisonment and deportation, that they may continue to be strengthened by our solidarity, particularly when the road ahead seems difficult. We pray…

Litany Response: Lord, help us be Easter people! Leader: Who do we remember this day? We remember the Prophets and their call for justice. Let us pray. We remember the children and their hopes for a future. Let us pray. We remember our families and friends who share the journey with us. Let us pray. We remember ail who have blessed our communities with their service. Let us pray. We remember the poor of the world who look forwards your promise. Let us pray. We remember our abundant blessings. May we be grateful and generous. Let us pray. We remember those who died confident of sharing your Resurrection. Let us pray. Closing Prayer God our Father, Through your Son you made us a new creation. He shared our nature and became one of us; With his help, may we become more like him, Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, for ever and ever. Amen

Just as the disciples were unable to recognize Jesus in their midst, our eyes are often closed to the needs of our immigrant brothers and sisters. For our immigrant brothers and sisters who suffer in the shadows, that God may bless and protect them, we pray… Just as the disciples welcomed a stranger by asking him to stay overnight, we are called to welcome other people, and, by doing so, we welcome Jesus. For those men and women most in need of our prayers: those without documentation or citizenship, those suffering the effects of war and violence, those without food, water, shelter, medical care, or adequate education, we pray… Just as the hearts of the disciples burned within them after hearing Jesus’ teaching, we pray that our hearts may continue to burn with justice and compassion for our immigrant brothers and sisters. For our government leaders, particularly for Representative Lipinski, that they will respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and support immigration reform, we pray… Opening Prayer: Gracious and loving God, thank you for the gifts of new life that have begun to appear all around us during this Easter season. Please bless this meal that we share in celebration of this new life and all of your creations.

Office for Immigrant Affairs



Psalm 48 Praise God all you heavens, sun and moon, all stars of light, all waters above the heavens, let the glory of praise resound. All loveliness comes from God who made creation never to pass away. Praise God, all the earth, sea creatures and all waters, lightning and hail, snow and mist, stormy winds and rain, all who fulfill God's word, let the glory of praise resound.

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me…” (Mt. 25:35)

All hills and mountain peaks, valleys and plains, orchards and forests, beasts, wild and tame, all reptiles and birds on the wing, let the glory of praise resound. Leaders of the earth and every nation, young women and men, the elders with the young, all you who live on the earth, let the glory of praise resound. Let God be praised! Let God alone be praised! The splendor of God's holy name reaches beyond earth and sky. God is the strength of all the faithful, of all who draw near. Hearts will be comforted, spirits renewed. To the God of Blessing, let the glory of praise resound. Amen Office for Immigrant Affairs



A Prayer Service for greater understanding of the need for Immigration Reform

In our work for immigration reform, we face seemingly Insurmountable obstacles, but we need to focus our efforts on faithful service, to be peacemakers.

Introduction: Opening prayer: (by Alycia Longriver -adapted) Creator, open our hearts to peace and healing among all people. Creator, open our hearts to provide and protect all children of earth. Creator, open our hearts to respect for earth, and all gifts of earth. Creator, open our hearts to end exclusion, violence, and fear among all. Thank you for the gifts of this day and every day.

We gather today to remember our heritage as sons and daughters of immigrants. We join in solidarity with those calling upon the United States government for a fair and compassionate immigration policy, and we urge lawmakers to address the root causes of migration and poverty.

First Reading: A Place at the Table: A Pastoral Reflection of the U.S. Catholic Bishops (2002) Catholic teaching affirms that all persons, even those on the margins of society, have basic human rights: the right to life and to those things that are necessary to the proper development of life, including faith and family, work and education, housing and health care....Our Church’s commitment to find a place at the table for all God’s children is expressed in every part of our country and in the poorest places on earth.

Response: (by David Steindl-Rast, OSB) Gracious and loving God, You are the one From whom on different paths All of us have come, To Whom on different paths All of us are going. Make strong in our hearts what unites us: Build bridges across all that divides us; United make us rejoice in our diversity, At one in our witness to your peace, A rainbow of your glory. Amen. Unknown



Intercessions Response: Lord, hear our prayer. For an end to the violence and poverty that displaces so many people from their homes and homelands, we pray to the Lord.

Second Reading: Public Statement on Immigration (Fourth Institute Chapter of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, 2005)

For migrant workers, that they may labor and live in safe and just conditions, we pray to the Lord.

As an Institute, we recognize an urgent duty and challenge to stand in solidarity with immigrants seeking fullness of life. We say to you immigrants who are in our midst: We welcome you to our land; as a people, we are enriched by your presence. We will use our influence to advocate that services be offered to you at ministries sponsored by or directed by the Sisters of Mercy.

For the families and children of migrant workers, that they be reunited, we pray to the Lord. For an end to human trafficking, that the dignity of all God’s children will be acknowledged and protected, we pray to the Lord. For our law-makers, that they establish and enforce laws that protect the rights and dignity of everyone, especially those most vulnerable in our country, we pray to the Lord.

A Time for Reflection The Gospel: Matthew 25: 34—40 For I was hungry and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you welcomed me; naked and you clothed me. I was ill and you comforted me; in prison and you came to visit me.... The truth is, every time you did this for the least of my sisters or brothers, you did it for me.

For employers and corporations, that they choose the dignity and worth of each human person over profit and power, we pray to the Lord. For our Mercy community, that we may continue to serve those without homes and resources, and that we speak out for just immigration reform, we pray to the Lord.



Prayer of Solidarity for Immigrants Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it -Hebrews 13:2 Holy Father, you put the wanderer in families; That is why we bring before you today, in the name of Jesus -Christ, all the uprooted people in our midst; For the immigrant in our families, in our church, in our neighborhood, Give us your sensitive and loving heart to embrace them; For the immigrant crossing the dry and high desert, Grant us enough compassion to give a cup of water; And give them strength for the journey. For the immigrant braving the high seas on the coastlines of Europe when they feel lonely, scared, hungry and discouraged. Father give us your Spirit to help us open our doors and welcome them; Lord this is your world so vast and so rich you have given us; And yet, we are the people called to be your feet and your hands. We have hardened our hearts; we are no longer moved by things that move your heart; Forgive us Lord and help us see the immigrants the way you see them: souls you came to redeem. Lord, where you called us to be the Samaritan to the immigrants; we chose to be the Pharisees and the Priests-we turn our backs to the immigrant families being torn apart by unjust systems we have put in place; Father your church Is praying for the Nation today; And yet we remain silent when the governments we elect are enlarging prisons, erecting walls and pushing the immigrants back to their lonely deaths in deserts and seas and behind bars. Father, please grant us, your church, to be the voice for the voiceless, Give us your wisdom and guidance to exercise our power through prayer and action by actively voting for and supporting just and humane policies in favor of the oppressed, hungry, poor, and the immigrants.

Leader: In solidarity with all migrants worldwide, we pray Mary Most Holy, you, together with St. Joseph and the Child Jesus, experienced the suffering of exile. You were forced to flee to Egypt to escape the persecution of Herod. Today, we entrust the men, women and children who live as migrants and refugees to your maternal protection. Grant us the grace to welcome them with Christian hospitality so that these sisters and brothers of ours may find acceptance and understanding on their journey. Teach us to recognize your Son: in the migrant who labors to bring food to our tables in the refugee seeking protection from persecution, war and famine in the woman and child who are victims of human trafficking in the asylum seeker imprisoned for fleeing without documents. May all those who are far from their place of birth find in the Church a home where no one is a stranger. We ask this in the name of your blessed Son, Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

Father, you are our hope and we praise you, for your mercies endure forever. We have prayed in the mighty name of Jesus who died for us all, including the immigrants. Amen. By Mukarabe Makirtto-inandava Amahoro International/Shalom Ministries/WCMCC



Opening Prayer

Blessed are the wanderers and those adrift. Blessed are the strangers at our door. Blessed are the unfed, the homeless on the road. Blessed is the child crying in pain. Blessed is the mother working to provide for her children, left behind in her native country Blessed are those who welcome Christ to be born again when they welcome these, your children. Blessed are we who struggle to make a place in our hearts for all of our brothers and sisters. Amen

Blessed are You, Lord Jesus Christ. You crossed every border between Divinity and humanity to make your home with us. Help us to welcome you in newcomers, migrants and refugees.

Reflection “We are not unlike the lawyer whose dialogue with Jesus frames the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25- 37). When we ask only for simple legal solutions, we effectively exclude the strangers in our midst from the communion table of fellowship in God’s household. We treat them as impediments to our own progress instead of seeing them as opportunities for redeeming and reconciling discipleship. Even worse, we stereotype them. We use harmful labels—such as illegal aliens—to effectively preclude our ever having to consider them as members of our neighborhoods and congregations ... The parable of the Good Samaritan challenges us to understand that violence towards those who are the least powerful among us can take the form of legislative acts or of human indifference and disconnection. Jesus asks that we who would be good disciples be good neighbors—be willing to think and act beyond what has ordinarily been expected. This is the message of the incarnation itself and the meaning behind the message when Jesus tells the lawyer to ‘go and do likewise.’”

Blessed are You, God of all nations. You bless our land richly with goods of creation and with people made in your image. Help us to be good stewards and peacemakers, who live as your children. You work in the hearts of all to bring about harmony and goodwill. Strengthen us to welcome those from other lands, cultures, religions, that we may live in human solidarity and in hope. God of all people, grant us vision to see your presence in our midst, especially in our immigrant sisters and brothers. Give us courage to open the door to our neighbors and grace to build a society of justice.

Closing Prayer

O God, Who welcomes all his children, And embraces even the prodigal ones, Help us open our hearts and welcome all who come, searching As our ancestors did, For the promise of a new land, a new life. Root out fear from our souls; Help us form the words “Sister” and “Brother” As we greet the newcomers. Let us remember that, With your grace, There are enough loaves and fishes to go around If we come together As your family. Give us the courage and the compassion to respect the rights of all In this country of abundance, To embrace all in the name of Your love.—Amen

Source: Pax Christi



Prayer for Our Immigrant Sisters and Brothers

God of the journey, God of the traveler, We pray for those who leave their homes in search of new beginnings and possibilities, may they know your pres-

Blessed are You, Lord Jesus Christ. You crossed every border between Divinity and humanity to make your home with us.

ence with them. We pray that those who seek to make a home in this country may find us welcoming and willing to help them find a path toward citizenship, We pray that our legislators, as they craft new immigration legislation may find the wisdom and courage to enact new policies that do justice for our country and for those who would immigrate here. We pray that those who fan the flames of fear and discrimination against the undocumented may be touched with your divine compassion. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

Help us to welcome you in newcomers, migrants and refugees. Blessed are You, God of all nations. You bless our land richly with goods of creation and with people made in your image. Help us to be good stewards and peacemakers, who live as your children. Blessed are You, Holy Spirit. You work in the hearts of all to bring about harmony and goodwill. Strengthen us to welcome those from other lands, cultures, religions, that we may live in human solidarity and in hope. God of all people, grant us vision to see your presence in our midst, especially in our immigrant sisters and brothers. Give us courage to open the door to our neighbors and grace to build a society of justice.

Source: Interfaith Worker Justice



Dear Jesus, Our journey through life is long and hard. We cannot make this trip alone; we must walk together on the journey. You promised to send us a helper, your Spirit. Help us to see your Spirit in those you send to journey with us. In the refugee family, seeking safety from violence, Let us see your Spirit. In the migrant worker, bringing food to our tables, Let us see your Spirit. In the asylum-seeker, seeking justice for himself and his family, Let us see your Spirit. In the unaccompanied child, traveling in a dangerous world, Let us see your Spirit. Teach us to recognize that as we walk with each other, You are present. Teach us to welcome not only the strangers in our midst but the gifts they bring as well: the invitation to conversion, communion, and solidarity. This is the help you have sent: we are not alone. We are together on the journey, and for this we give you thanks. Amen.

Prayer for Migrant Women O God, Creator of the heavens and of earth, Help us to see one another through eyes enlightened by understanding and compassion. Help us to listen to the voices of all of our sisters throughout the world with respect and attention. Open our ears to the cries of women who have been denied their rights and their dignity.

Empower us to be instruments of justice for all, for in the wholeness of Christ, all mothers are our own mothers, and we are one.

Gracious God, you who guided Naomi and her family to look for bread in Moab, a foreign land, protect the women everywhere who have to leave behind their home or homelands so that they and their families can survive.

May those who are escaping the ravages of war find shelter and sustenance. May the land in which they seek refuge welcome them and treat them with hospitality.

Source: Interfaith Worker Justice



Prayer to Jesus, the Immigrant May those who are seeking to stop the threats of violence

Jesus, as an infant you fled to Egypt with your mother Mary and Joseph.

against them find a peaceful and healing place. Help them hold on to their hope for a new beginning. And may those who are fleeing from the famines that starve them and their children find relief from their painful and debilitating hunger. May they find food both for their journey and for their bodies.

You who guided Ruth to go to the Promised Land, grant that, like her, women may be lifted from the fields where they harvest to be part of a royal lineage. And grant that we who are the spiritual descendants of those of old who were told that the holiest of trinities was made up of the widow, the orphan and the migrant, be given the courage to see your face, your real presence, in the faces of wom-

You were a vulnerable family in a foreign land, looking for shelter and sustenance. Help us to welcome those like you who cross our borders today. Give us hearts of compassion, humane response, and laws that respect the dignity of all immigrants. You are the God who bears the brunt of the question, "Why didn't you stay where you belong?" You feel the red -faced embarrassment when we hear, "Keep your distance, you foreigner, with your different-colored skin and your strange-sounding speech, with your culture, food, religion, and clothing that are inferior to my own." You are the God who sits along side of us who work in sweatshops, with our bloodshot eyes and aching fingers squinting under the soul-less glare of a florescent light.

en who have great need.

You are the God who rises early in the morning with us as we go to harvest fresh vegetables and fruits picked with fingers stained by the pesticides and fungicides that penetrate our skin.

Amen Source: Interfaith Worker Justice...



Companions on the journey Patrick, unwilling immigrant Snatched from your safe and comfortable home, Patrick, patrician, educated and well-bred, Set down among a people of alien tongue, Of unknown faces, Of strange beliefs and customs.

You are the God who stands with us in the chill of the morning in the parking lot at Home Depot, with anxious stomachs hoping that we too would be picked to work just for that one day.

Yet, in God’s grace, you recognized the presence of God In these willing and lovely hearts, And after you returned, you yearned To see the face of God in them once again.

Loving God, as we stand before you today, help us to remember that when we speak of immigrants and refugees, we speak of Christ.

Patrick, accompany and strengthen those Who leave their families and native land In search, not of gold, adventure, or fame, But their daily bread, earned by the sweat of their brows.

Hear our prayers for necessary, just, and comprehensive immigration reform. Make us strong in the work for immigrant justice and remind us that our work is no easier than the everyday work of our immigrant sisters and brothers.

May they encounter also, in this alien land of unknown tongue And customs stranger by far, The face of God in those whom they meet, Nourishment for their bodies And grace for their souls.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. And may we, patricians each in our own land, Offer them not only the hand of hospitality, And sustenance of their daily bread, But a place in our hearts, a seat at our table.

(adapted from website by Fr. Jon Pedigo)

And may we, seeing in each of their faces the face of God, Realize the blessing they are for us, The faith and the hope which they bring with them, And be reminded that we are all pilgrim people Accompanying each other along the way. Author: Fr. Tim Gray



Prayer for Compassionate Immigration Reform

A Prayer for Immigrant Justice

Lord, we cry out on behalf of immigrants throughout our land. Dispel the myths. Squelch the lies. Move in the hearts of Americans. Open eyes to the complexity. Turn hearts to compassion.

Blessed are You, Lord God, King of all creation. Through Your goodness, we live in a land which You have richly blessed, a land built from the sweat and tears of our beloved ancestors from many different lands. Help the Catholic family of the Archdiocese of Chicago be always grateful for our blessings, for they come from You; and help us to joyfully share them with others, especially with those who have recently come to us from other lands. Help us to be generous, just, and welcoming, as You are always generous, just and welcoming to us, and may we honor the legacy of faith, hope and love given us by our fathers and mothers and all those who came before them. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Lord, I pray for progress. We depend on you for change. You, the creator of all mankind, the author of dignity, the source of love, help us encourage others to truly see the neighbor, the stranger, the power of love over law. Protect the activists and advocates. Give them wisdom and strength. Grant them access to decision makers. Bless them with love for those who disagree, Yet quiet the organizations that divide and destroy. Please bring reform that keeps families together, Provides a reasonable path to citizenship, Grant grace to the good workers, And most of all, Lord, Please push the Dream Act into action on behalf of our Immigrant students. We do not know how you will act. We come expectantly. This is the day. This is the time. We, the church, must walk on seeking You To move mightily for justice. Amen Author: Unknown 47


Reflection on the Catholic Social Teaching of the Dignity of the Human Person

Opening Prayer

Please respond, “Lord, hear our prayer.” • For migrants, refugees, and strangers in our midst, that they may find hope in our concern for justice and feel the warmth of our love, let us pray to the Lord. • For our public officials, that they may find ways to treat immigrants and refugees with justice, let us pray to the Lord. • For our community, that we may come to greater understanding and acceptance of our differences, let us pray to the Lord. • For migrant workers, immigrants, refugees, and all newcomers, that they may be welcomed in our communities, let us pray to the Lord. Closing Prayer Mother Cabrini, you came to America as a migrant, sent to care for those who had journeyed far from home. We ask you to teach us to welcome newcomers to our land and to serve them with the same joy you embodied. Beg Jesus, on our behalf, to give us the same gifts of faith, hope, and love that he brought to perfection in you. We seek faith, that our trust in God will strengthen us to carry on the works of peace and justice. We seek hope, that our confidence will shine as a beacon to those who flee to our land in despair. We seek love, the perfect love which casts out all fear, that we may welcome strangers in our land with true peace and generosity of spirit. Guide us on our own journey home to Jesus, that we may dwell in his love forever, praising

Blessed are those who are on the move, transforming exodus and flight in energy for a new search. For the victims will become the protagonists of history. Blessed are those who, forced to wander without direction, Will, with wisdom, learn and teach the lessons of the road. They will be the architects of a new time. Blessed are those who suffer pain, nostalgia and loneliness, yet know how to make of every arrival a new beginning. They shall act with faith, hope and life. Blessed are those who open borders and mix the anthems, flags, races and creeds. Without discrimination. They make the world everyone’s home. Blessed the wayfarers of all roads in the tears, sweat and the work of their hands. They prepare a tomorrow of justice and right. Blessed are those who open the door to pilgrims, making solidarity the passport to our common homeland. They are constructing a new citizenship. Blessed are those who foment encounters and re-encounters, sowing peace. They will harvest flowers and stars in the new heaven and the new earth. Blessed are the excluded, without opportunities and without voice. They will be the first guests in the great banquet, where bread will not be lacking on anyone’s table. Amen - Fr. José Alfredo Goncalves, Brazil. From Prayer Without Borders, Celebrating Global Wisdom, © 2004, Catholic Relief Services

God. From USCCB Migration and Refugee Services, National Migration Week Prayer 2005.



AN IMMIGRANT’S PRAYER I wear the mark of your disapproval, and your often unspoken words pierce straight to my soul. “Why didn’t you stay where you belong?” I feel the icy stare that says, “Keep your distance, you foreigner. With your different colored skin, and your strange-sounding speech. With your culture, food, religion, and clothing that are inferior to my own.” I am an immigrant, a wetback, an alien, an outsider operating a sweatshop sewing machine. Cheap labor, unwanted or dirty jobs are mine for the taking; I’m one of the countless invisible ones who puts fresh vegetables on your plate, or cleans your offices and hotel rooms, or fixes up your house, or manages the corner store, or stitches the fashion dresses and shirts that you buy in your stylish stores. As Moses of old once said, “Remember, you were once aliens in the land of Egypt.” Remember that your grandfathers and grandmothers were immigrants and unwanteds, were exploited, cheap labor, second-class citizens, uneducated and poor, used and abused, ignored or looked down upon for their foreign religion, speech, and food. The White House, First house of this great land, Says it well; White is this land of promise; No room for the colors or creeds or accents of others. Someday we’ll paint the first house in rainbow colors – someday, not long from now. Author Unknown

Prayer for Migrants Dear God, In these times, Women and men cross the desert with nothing more than the clothes on their backs Risking their lives-often not for themselves, but for the ones they love, The ones left behind. A political and geographical border separates us and them, But surely not a border of a loving God. From the dark corners of vineyards, orchards, kitchens, Where they work quietly, shyly, without complaint, for little, One day they will emerge miraculously in white shirts and glowing faces-Filling streets with colored flags and songs, With smiles of joy--of surprise at their own truthfulnessShowing us and them who they are, and that they are. Thank you God, For the lessons we are taught: Humility, hard work, the joy in becoming, And most recently, The courage to show us truth and a peaceful way of being. We have so much to learn. Thanks be to God. Amen Elizabeth Haslam



Prayer for Women Migrant


Domestic Workers

God’s Love is Like Nature, You Can Find it Anywhere You Go When we are foreigners in a strange land and can’t find our way, God gives us the water, trees, birds, to remind us that our home is everywhere he is. When we feel alone and with no reason to sing, God sends the birds to serenade us. When we are humiliated, shamed, and disgraced for not knowing the customs or language, God gives us tears to release our pain and the warmth of the sun to dry them away. When we feel forgotten, abandoned, and alone, God sends a rainbow to remind us of his covenant with us. When we want revenge, or are feeling sorry for ourselves, God sends us a warm breeze to caress our faces to calm us down so that we can see things clearer. When we miss our loved ones who are so far away, God gives us the same moon and stars to gaze upon to prove that love unites and shines through the darkness and the distance. So, no matter where you are, or what you’re feeling, you are never alone…God’s love is always with you, just ask nature! By: Rosalinda Ramirez

Blessed are the women who care for others' children in order to provide for their own, Who leave their homes, their families, their friends and their cultures, Who do all of this, not by choice, but by force of necessity. Blessed is their strength. Blessed is their courage. Blessed is their sacrifice. Blessed are the children who must grow up without their mothers' care, Who experience loneliness and sadness at the great void in their lives. Blessed is their strength. Blessed is their courage. Blessed is their sacrifice. Cursed is the global economic system that impoverishes billions of women, men and children throughout the world. Cursed are those who take advantage of these women as they seek to provide for their families, denying them their rights and their dignity. Cursed are those who see the suffering of these women and do nothing. Blessed be the communities of people that are impoverished, underemployed and hungry due to unjust economic conditions dictated by the countries of the North. Blessed be these communities that lose woman after woman as they leave to find work in the countries of the North. Blessed be these communities as the children grow up in them without mothers. O God, we confess to you that we have allowed our hearts to harden: we are filled with selfish desires and apathy towards the suffering. Heal us with your life-giving Spirit of love. Help us to work compassionately and mercifully for a more just world. Amen.

By: Education for Justice



The Farm Workers' Prayer Show me the suffering of the most miserable; So I will know my people's plight. Free me to pray for others; For you are present in every person. Help me to take responsibility for my own life; So that I can be free at last. Grant me courage to serve others; For in service there is true life. Give me honesty and patience; So that I can work with other workers. Bring forth song and celebration; So that the Spirit will be alive in us. Let the spirit flourish and grow; So that we will never tire of the struggle. Let us remember those who have died for justice; For they have given us life. Help us to love even those who hate us; So we can change the world. Amen.

Oraciones en Espa単ol

by Cesar E. Chavez (1927-1993) Founder, United Farm Workers



Cristo, el Inmigrante Soñaba en cruzar la frontera Entre cielo y tierra, Sin controversia, sin miedo, Para ofrecer sus Dones, su Alegría, Su Reto, su Sacrificio, su Amor. El vino sin reservas A buscar un hogar entre la raza humana.

Oración para los Inmigrantes Querido Dios,

Vino porque los cielos le enviaron Y la tierra, a través de una mujer, le invito. Lo comun, la tradición Habría impedido su venida a dentro de una familia Si no hubiera intervenido Un Ángel en un sueno.

Nuestro viaje por la vida es largo y duro. No podemos hacer este recorrido solos; debemos caminar juntos durante el viaje. Prometiste enviamos un ayudante, tu Espíritu. Ay, danos a ver tu Espíritu en los que envías a viajar con nosotros. En la familia refugiada, que busca seguridad ante la violencia,

Todavía en el seno de su Madre Tuvo que viajar Con Padre y Madre A un lugar donde la única bienvenida Fue un establo sucio donde pacían animales.

-Déjanos ver tu Espíritu. En el trabajador migrante, que trae alimento a nuestras mesas, -Déjanos ver tu Espíritu En el solicitante de asilo, que busca justicia para si y su familia, -Déjanos ver tu Espíritu En el niño sin compañía, que viaja solo en un mundo peligroso, -Déjanos ver tu Espíritu Ensénanos a reconocer que cuando caminamos juntos, Tu estas presente. Enséñanos a acoger no solo al forastero entre nosotros sino también los dones que nos trae: las invitaciones a la conversión, la comuni6n y la solidaridad. Esta es la ayuda que nos has mandado: no somos solos. Vamos juntos en la jomada, y por eso te damos gracias. Amen.

Nacido en la pobreza, De nuevo tuvo que huir a otra tierra, Victima de un gobierno opresivo Que temía lo que El podría llegar a ser, Miedo de que fuese una amenaza A los que ejercían el poder. Y otros padres sufrieron, y murieron niños Por miedo a un Niño Entre muchos niños, nacido del Amor. Al hacerse adulto, viajo también, Bienvenido por unos, rechazado por otros. Incluso la gente de su pueblo No pudieron aceptar a un predicador migrante Que predicaba libertad para todos Invitación a todos, sin fronteras ni limites A gozar una plena ciudadanía en el Reino de Dios. En sus viajes, dio la bienvenida a otros viajeros Invitándoles a dejar sus casa Y emigrar con El para sembrar los campos Del corazón humano, con promesa y esperanza. Con sus compañeros, esparciendo semillas De posibilidades nuevas, vida nueva En terreno que parecía baldío y estéril. En sus viajes, compartió más de una comida Con los que habían perdido su camino Y, sirviéndolos Alimento sus cuerpos con la sustancia



De perdón y vida nueva Y una invitación formal a que se le unieran En la jornada hacia la tierra prometida.

Oración por los Inmigrantes

En sus viajes, El predico El Evangelio del emigrante, del beduino Aquel que sabe que la vida es Nada más que una jornada; El Evangelio de bendición Para aquellos que tienen hambre, lloran, Ofrecen piedad, buscan la paz, Son humildes ante la vida, ignoran El dolor del rechazo por hacer lo que es justo.

Mujeres: Dios de las culturas, oramos por los millones de inmigrantes quienes viven alrededor del mundo en países extranjeros y hostiles. Ensénanos a ver más allá de las fronteras de nuestra nación y de la cuidad en la que vivimos. Hombres: Dios de los pobres, oramos por las familias inmigrantes y en especial por los niños que tienen acceso restringido a un hogar, comida, cuidado médico y educación, que cesen de ser marginados por los sistemas en los que viven y que puedan vivir en dignidad. Oramos para que se les provea con un hogar que los cubra, comida que los nutra, salud que sostenga y educación que los libere.

Tiene clara su meta y Lo que llegar allí demanda: socorrer A todo el migrante que cruza las fronteras De nuestra conciencia: Bienvenida, Cobijo, Ropa, Comida, Bebida, Seguridad, Respeto Compañerismo, Perdón Animo.

Mujeres: Oramos por todos esos nacidos en los Estados Unidos cuyos pensamientos y acciones pueden ser motivados por las actitudes racistas y etnocentristas en contra de aquellos que han nacido en otras tierras. Oramos por la abolición del racismo en todas sus formas.

Aun en sus últimas horas, Ofreció su Cuerpo, Su Sangre Su sudor, sus Lagrimas, por los demás. En el fin/principio, El vino Como todos los emigrantes a una encrucijada. Una opción entre vida para El y su Familia O muerte en el espíritu de todo lo que amaba.

Hombres: Oramos por todos aquellos que viven en el miedo constante de ser deportados y separados de sus familias. Oramos para que estas familias sigan unidas tal y comió lo mandas tú. Mujeres: Oramos para que nos recuerdes que todo ser humano posee el derecho a vivir una vida digna como tus hijos, en imagen y semejanza a ti, sin importar su raza, etnia, genero, edad, estatus económico o estatus legal; en el hermano y hermana indocumentado, déjanos ver tu Espíritu, o Dios.

Y así, El escogió la Vida, el afán De caminar en pro de su familia A un lugar desconocido, hosco Para ofrecer sus regalos, su talento, Su labor, su pasión, su corazón Su espíritu, su vida, para encontrar Un lugar permanente en nuestro corazón.

Hombres: Ayúdanos a no olvidar que tú fuiste un inmigrante; tu familia huyo de Egipto cuando aún eras un niño para escapar el reglamento de Herodes de matar a cada varón primogénito.

Dejaras al Cristo Niño Que cruce las fronteras De tus miedos, tus dudas y prejuicios Para que encuentre un sitio donde poder nacer? Darás la bienvenida a la Madre y al Padre Y a incontables Madres y Padres emigrantes Que llevan dentro de si su imagen Y buscan seguir el camino a la Promesa?

Todos: Dios, ayúdanos a verte a ti en los ojos del migrante y reconocer tu presencia en medio de los oprimidos. Ayúdanos a reconocer las manos del opresor, que oprime cuando decidimos mantenernos en silencio.

Le darás la bienvenida?

Amen Escrito por: P. Larry Dowling Traducido por: Isidro Lucas 59


Oración para la

Oración del Caminante

Comunidad Hispana

Dios, que guías a tu pueblo a lo largo de su historia, nos volvemos a ti, como hijos peregrinos, en búsqueda de tu rostro y de descanso. Tú Señor, como buen amigo, siempre estás con los pobres y te haces compañero de camino para con nosotros caminantes: indocumentados, refugiados, migrantes, peregrinos, y con todos los que caminamos hacia tí. Tú nos llamas a dar testimonio de tu amor y ser ejemplo de nuestra fe, allá en cualquier tierra que nos acoja. Señor, que se renueve el espíritu de Pentecostés: que todos los pueblos, razas e idiomas sean uno solo, en comunión.

¡Oh Señor! Que eres el Amo de todo, nosotros los hispanos de los Estados Unidos, conscientes de ser un pueblo de identidad propia, nacidos de unas raíces, tradiciones culturales, lenguaje y fe comunes, y unidos en esta diversidad, te dirigimos esta oración: Amo y Señor de la historia… de tu seno creador hemos nacido, somos tu familia, tu pueblo creyente. En este momento de gracia sentimos tu llamado hacía la “Misión Profética” Trabajamos en equipo, participamos en comunidad y hablamos en nombre tuyo a la Iglesia y sociedad…. Luchando por establecer una nueva sociedad cuya economía, relaciones y valores estén basados en


el amor y la justicia de tu hijo Jesucristo. Todo esto te lo pedimos en compañía de María, Madre de todos los creyentes. Amén

(Oración tomada del documento Voces Proféticas)



Oración por los Emigrantes

Oración del Migrante

Oh, Jesús, te pido por aquellos que andan lejos de su patria y

Oh Cristo, peregrino antes de nacer

viven la experiencia de la emigración. Ellos son hermanos

hiciste de tu vida una marcha

nuestros en búsqueda de una vida mejor, refugiados que huyen de

al encuentro del hombre

la violencia, familias en camino a causa de la pobreza, sin saber

no sabiendo donde reclinar la cabeza,

a dónde llegar. ¡Todos ellos necesitan de tu ayuda!

quisiste que todo hombre

Tú mismo te puedes identificar con ellos, habiendo experimentado,

tuviese siempre esperanza

por voluntad del Padre, la dura prueba del exilio junto con

y así fuese peregrino

María, tu madre, y con José.

para nunca morir.

Nuestros hermanos migrantes necesitan tu luz para descubrir

Te pedimos por el migrante:

las promesas vacías que frecuentemente los atraen. Ellos necesitan

condúcelo a una tierra que lo alimente

de tu Iglesia, para que les recuerde sus obligaciones, que muchas

sin quitarle la identidad en el corazón

veces son olvidadas por sus diarios sufrimientos. Ellos necesitan

haz de él pueblo que viva la justicia,

tu sobrenatural ayuda para ennoblecerlos y confirmarlos como

en la solidaridad y en la paz.

cristianos en su trabajo.

Dale la gracia de ser acogido como persona

Corazón de Jesús, bendice a los migrantes, guárdalos junto a

hecha a tu imagen

tu corazón. Llena sus vidas con el amor de Dios, quien es el

y destinada a formar Comunidad

principio de todo bien.

con sus hermanos en la fe.

Defiéndelos del peligro y fortalece su fe, para que busquen la

Que no camine más de lo necesario;

felicidad no solamente en este mundo sino también para la vida

y cuando se detenga,

eterna. Que como peregrinos de la Iglesia de Dios, puedan

sienta que no caminó en vano.

alcanzar la ciudad celestial y disfrutar la vida eterna contigo para

Que en él sea bendita la tierra


que destinaste a él y a sus descendientes. Amén.


Autor Desconocido

Autor Desconocido 63


Oración por los Migrantes

Oración del Migrante

Repetimos juntos: Señor, tu eres el don y eres el que dona.

Señor, tu me conoces y sabes el dolor y la esperanza que llevo

*Te damos la bienvenida en nuestros corazones y en nuestros hogares, amado Jesús... *Te damos la bienvenida en la persona del migrante rural, quien con su trabajo nos brinda el vino y los frutos de la tierra para nuestras mesas... *Te damos la bienvenida en la persona del marinero y del camionero, quienes con sus largos viajes nos traen bienes y combustibles para nuestros hogares... *Te damos la bienvenida en las personas de los que piden asilo, detenidos en nuestras prisiones sin causa o condena, que nos ensenan la sed de justicia... *Te damos la bienvenida en la persona del inmigrante docente, científico, artista, agricultor, atleta, medico, todos quienes traen sus dones para enriquecer nuestras tierras y nuestras vidas…

en el corazón. Dolor, pues mi familia se ha quedado sola y Esperanza, ya que llevo la ilusión de lograr mejorar las condiciones De vida para los míos. Tu fuiste Forastero y desde muy pequeño tuviste que migrar a otro País acechado por el peligro. También prometes como recompensa el cielo a quienes sepan acogerte en cada uno de los que, como Tu, vamos a otro País en busca de sueños. Llena de tu bondad el corazón de cuántos, entendiendo nuestra situación, nos alientan con su caridad a seguir luchando. Bendice a quienes nos hacen el bien en tu nombre y transforma los criterios y el corazón de cuántos se oponen, por egoísmo y orgullo, a que nuestro ingreso sea legal en el País al que nos dirigimos. ¡Que se construyan puentes y no muros metálicos que nos permitan

OREMOS (juntos):

encontrar una oportunidad para vivir mejor, crecer como personas y sacar adelante a nuestra familia!

Señor Jesús, enséñanos a reconocerte en el rostro del extranjero y a acoger tu presencia entre nosotros. Tu nos has llenado de gracias con los dones de muchas culturas y naciones. Líbranos del temor de aquellos que vienen de otras tierras. Ensénanos a compartir, como una devolución, nuestros dones con quienes llegan a nuestras latitudes, así podrás decir: "Fui extranjero y me acogisteis. Vengan a mi Reino." Te lo pedimos en tu Nombre, en el del Padre y por medio del Espíritu Santo. Amen.

Cuida nuestro caminar. Que nunca nos sintamos solos y que no olvidemos nuestra fe, al contrario, la salvaguardemos y seamos testigos de ella con nuestra vida y actitudes. Virgen Santísima tu protegiste del peligro a tu Hijo cuando tuviste que migrar acompañando a José tu esposo. ¡Ayúdanos, cúbrenos con tu manto y haznos tornar sanos y salvos con los nuestros! Así sea.

Autor Desconocido J. Ulises Macías S. ARZOBISPO DE HERMOSILLO



Padre Nuestro del Migrante Padre Nuestro!...

Oración para el Dia de Migrante

Padre sin rostro, donde todos los rostros se encuentran, padre cuya casa no tiene frontera, patria de cada pueblo o persona, padre con corazón de madre, que nunca se cansa de procurar "la oveja perdida".

Viajar hacia Ti Señor, eso es vivir, Partir es un poco morir, Llegar nunca es llegar definitivo hasta descansar en Ti. Tú, Señor, conociste la migración, Y la hiciste presente a todo hombre que comprende que es vivir, Y quiere llegar seguro al puerto de la vida. Tú sacaste de su tierra a Abraham, padre de todos los creyentes. Tú recordaste cuales eran los caminos para llegar a Ti, Por los profetas y los apóstoles Tú mismo te hiciste Migrante del cielo a la tierra, En el seno de tu Madre apenas concebido, En tu precipitada fuga a Egipto, por los caminos sembrando, El Evangelio, multiplicando el pan, sanando los enfermos, Y regresando al Padre en tu ascensión. Concédenos fe inconmovible, esperanza confiada y alegre, Caridad ardiente y generosa, para emigrar con paz en el alma Y llegar hasta Ti cada día y el último día. Amen.

Que estas en el cielo!... El cielo que buscamos en este largo peregrinar terrestre, el cielo donde cada migrante encontrara seguridad, paz y ciudadana, el cielo que comienza ya aquí abajo en el camino del éxodo. Santificado sea tu nombre!... Nombre sin palabras, pero hecho de amor y luz, bondad y ternura, nombre por encima de todo nombre, razones y conceptos, nombre de Aquel que dice ser "el camino, la verdad y la vida". Venga a nosotros su Reino!... Reino donde cada uno tiene el sagrado derecho de ir y venir, pero también el derecho de ser ciudadano en su país de origen, reino que une la familia y todas las familias humanas. Hágase tu voluntad en la tierra como en el cielo!... Tu voluntad es el proyecto primordial de la creación, en la riqueza del universo, de nuestro planeta y la biodiversidad, donde cada forma de ser flota en las raíces de su espacio vital.

Mons. Francisco Valdes S. Colecta Nacional del instituto Catolico Chileno de Migracion



Jesús Danos hoy el pan de cada dial... El pan justo para la dignidad humana de cuerpo y de alma, sin desigualdad, ni injusticia, o el desplazamiento forzado, sino todos invitados a la gran mesa de tu banquete eterno. Perdona nuestras ofensas, como también nosotros perdonamos a los que nos ofenden!... Jamás la esclavitud por divisiones en el mundo de la movilidad humana, jamás el trafico de personas para explotación laboral o sexual, jamás los preconceptos, la discriminación, la xenofobia por el otro. Y no nos dejes caer en la tentación!... La gran tentación de la riqueza, del poder y del saber, la tentación de levantar muros entre las personas y los pueblos, razas y naciones, la tentación de destruir puentes en lugar de construirlos. Líbranos del mail... Amen! El mal que hace que se convierta extranjera otra lengua o cultura, el mal de olvidar que el encuentro con el otro y con el diferente es el camino para el encuentro con el totalmente Otro, el Trascendente. P. Alfredo J. Gonçalves, CS,

Mi amado Maestro y Amigo, Cuando dijiste “Yo soy el Camino” Tu dulce palabra me invitó a seguirte: Ayúdame a andarte. Queriendo imitar a María, tu madre, Respondí que “sí” cuando me llamaste. Ignoraba, Jesús, que seguirte no es fácil: Ayúdame a amarte. Mis hermanos sufren, yo los compadezco, Más solo Tú puedes aliviar su gran sufrimiento. Yo solo soy tu pobre instrumento: Ayúdame a ser el mejor. Tú eres la verdad, por eso, te sigo, Y sé que siguiéndote no puedo equivocarme. El camino es dulce y más siendo inmigrante. A ti solo puedo mi vida entregarte. Son muchos mis miedos Al seguir tu huella. Temo no poder con tan grande prueba. Temo que este pobre instrumento tuyo, Se rompa en el momento más inoportuno. ¡Señor, sola nada puedo; y contigo, todo! Porque Tú eres mi vida. Tú mi dueño solo. Amén. Guadalupe Partida

Traducción en Español por Sr. Alma Rosa Huerta, MSCS

Agente de la Pastoral Migratoria de Ntra. Sra. De Guadalupe




El Credo del Inmigrante

Señor, hoy humildemente postrada ante Ti, te doy las gracias por haberme llamado a formar parte de este ministerio de Pastoral Migratoria a través del cual, he conocido a personas maravillosas entregadas y dedicadas a ti. Tu Espíritu Santo me habló a través de ellas y una fuerza, una voz gritó dentro de mí: “Sí, yo puedo servir, puedo servirte.” No sabía cómo lo haría, ni cómo serviría siendo una inmigrante más; hoy, después de algunos meses de servir en el ministerio, he tenido el privilegio de escuchar las historias de algunas personas que atraviesan la experiencia de ser indocumentadas; he visto de cerca la angustia en su mirada, he compartido también con personas que han entregado su vida a este ministerio a las cuales considero un gran ejemplo que me motiva a continuar. Yo te doy gracias, Señor, por los talentos con los cuales me has dotado, talentos que no sabía que poseía; fortaléceme, Dios mío, para poder utilizarlos y servir a mi comunidad, impúlsame a seguir aprendiendo, a poder continuar mi formación para poder servir como Tú me lo pides; ilumíname, Señor, para poder cumplir la promesa que hice ante Ti, para Ti, a mí misma y a la comunidad; ayúdame a no desmayar. Señor, dame fuerzas para continuar.

Creemos en un solo Dios, Padre y Creador de todo cuanto existe, Que, por puro amor, a su imagen y semejanza nos creó. Y en Jesucristo, su elegido, que al mundo vino para enseñarnos como ser hermanos sin importar color, raza, lengua, lugar de origen ni religión. Creemos en el Espíritu Santo, Señor y liberador Cuya divina fuerza, algún día, removerá las montañas de dureza De cada mente y corazón que el mal ha confundido Para que al fin brille la luz de la justicia del Señor. Creemos en la perseverancia, en el poder de la fe y la oración, Por eso hoy unimos nuestras voces para pedir a Dios, nuestro Creador Por cada inmigrante perseguido, estafado, encarcelado Por cada niño de sus padres separado. Roguemos al Cristo que en la cruz su vida dio Por cada inmigrante violentado en el camino Que ha dejado su tierra en busca de un mejor destino, Por el que la muerte ha sorprendido y ya no lo logró. Creemos, Señor, en tu promesa de liberación y que estos pobres instrumentos tuyos han de servirte porque creemos en tu misericordia, creemos en tu amor. AMEN Guadalupe Partida Agente de la Pastoral Migratoria de Ntra. Sra. De Guadalupe

Sandra Salazar Agente de la Pastoral Migratoria de Santa María del Popolo



Oración por el Inmigrante

Polskie Modlitwy

Padre Santo, tú que enviaste a tu hijo a proclamar el Reino de los Cielos entre nosotros, y Él obediente a tu voluntad llevó a cabo la misión que le encomendaste, te pedimos por intercesión de Santo Toribio Romo, que cuides y protejas a nuestros familiares que han tenido que dejar la casa, y partir a tierras ajenas en busca de superación de ellos y de nuestras familias, cuídalos de todo mal y haz que se mantengan firmes en la fe, para que puedan regresar pronto a nuestro hogar y fortalecidos en el alma y el cuerpo. Por Jesucristo nuestro Señor. Amén! Autor Desconocido

Polish Prayers




ABC Społecznej Krucjaty Miłości

1. Nie zapominaj, że najważniejszym dobrem jest Bóg i bez Niego nie zrozumiesz samego siebie i nie odnajdziesz sensu życia. 2. Nie zapieraj się imienia swego narodu, ani jego historycznych doświadczeń, bo są to jego własne korzenie, jego mądrość, choćby gorzka, jego powód do dumy. 3. Pamiętaj o tym, ze gdziekolwiek rzucą Cię losy, zawsze masz prawo, aż po kres dni Twoich, pozostać członkiem swej narodowej rodziny. 4. W najgorszych nawet okolicznościach, zmieniając środowisko, obywatelstwo, nie wypieraj się nigdy wiary i tradycji Twych przodków, jeżeli chcesz, by Twoi nowi bracia i Twoje dzieci nie wyparły się Ciebie. Rodzino, stań się jak wielki Kościół – nauczycielem i matką. 5. Szanuj swój naród, pomnażaj jego dobre imię i nie dozwól, aby było nadużywane dla politycznych, nacjonalistycznych czy jakichkolwiek innych celów. 6. Nie dozwól, aby Twoja rodzina, naród był przez kogokolwiek okradany, lżony, niesłusznie oczerniany. 7. Nie wywyższaj siebie i swojego narodu ponad jego rzeczywiste zasługi i ponad narody inne; raczej pokaż innym to, co w Twoim narodzie jest najlepsze. 8. Ucz się od innych narodów dobrego, ale nie powtarzaj ich błędów. 9. Pamiętaj, że mieć rodzinę – naród, jest wielkim przywilejem wynikającym z prawa człowieka, ale i nie zapominaj o tym, że Ojczyzna to wielki zbiorowy obowiązek. 10. Pamiętaj, że jesteś dzieckiem narodu, którego matką i Królową jest Bogurodzica Maryja, „dana jako pomoc ku obronie”. Powtarzaj często modlitwę serc polskich: „Maryjo, jestem przy Tobie, pamiętam, czuwam!”.

1. Szanuj każdego człowieka, bo Chrystus w nim żyje. Bądź

wrażliwy na drugiego człowieka, twojego brata(siostrę). 2. Myśl dobrze o wszystkich - nie myśl źle o nikim. Staraj się nawet w najgorszym znaleźć coś dobrego. 3. Mów zawsze życzliwie o drugich - nie mów źle o bliźnich. Napraw krzywdę wyrządzoną słowem. Nie czyń rozdźwięku między ludźmi. 4. Rozmawiaj z każdym językiem miłości. Nie podnoś głosu. Nie przeklinaj. Nie rób przykrości. Nie wyciskaj tez. Uspokajaj i okazuj dobroć. 5. Przebaczaj wszystko, wszystkim. Nie chowaj w sercu urazy. Zawsze pierwszy wyciągnij rękę do zgody. 6. Działaj zawsze na korzyść bliźniego. Czyń dobrze każdemu, jakbyś pragnął, aby tobie tak czyniono. Nie myśl o tym, co tobie jest kto winien, ale co Ty jesteś winien innym. 7. Czynnie współczuj w cierpieniu. Chętnie spiesz z pociechą, radą, pomocą, sercem. 8. Pracuj rzetelnie, bo z owoców twej pracy korzystają inni, jak Ty korzystasz z pracy drugich. 9. Włącz się w społeczną pomoc bliźnim. Otwórz się ku ubogim i chorym. Użyczaj ze swego. Staraj się dostrzec potrzebujących wokół siebie. 10. Módl się za wszystkich, nawet za nieprzyjaciół. Gdy ktoś z tobą nie rozmawia, Ty z nim rozmawiaj. Gdy ktoś Ciebie nie dostrzega, Ty go dostrzegaj. Gdy ktoś zapomina Tobie usłużyć, Ty go staraj się obsłużyć. Ty pierwszy, Ty zawsze kochaj pierwszy. Kardynał Stefan Wyszyński

czyli wskazania św. Jana Pawła II dla Polaków na emigracji



MODLITWY W OKRESACH LITURGICZNYCH W Nowy Rok Boże! Rozpoczynając ten nowy rok, tulimy się z ufnością do Bożego Serca i Niepokalanego Serca naszej Matki i Królowej. Ufamy, że pod ich opieką ten rok będzie rokiem dobrym i błogosławionym, rokiem nowych osiągnięć w dziedzinie życia wewnętrznego i w pracach dla twojej chwały i dobra Kościoła. Który żyjesz i królujesz na wieki wieków. (por. Sł. Boży I. Posadzy – LO, IV s. 90)

W uroczystość Chrystusa Króla Jezu, Królu Wszechświata! Jest tylko jeden Bóg i Ty jesteś jedynym Królem, pod którego sztandarami pragniemy służyć, walczyć i zwyciężać, jako nieśmiertelny i wszechpotężny Bóg. Który żyjesz i królujesz z Bogiem Ojcem w jedności Ducha Świętego, Bóg, przez wszystkie wieki wieków. Amen. (por. Sł. Boży I. Posadzy - LO, IV, s. 53) W okresie Adwentu Jezu! Niech Adwent, nowy okres liturgiczny, przygotuje nas i innych na Twoje przyjście przez łaskę, a zarazem na Twój Adwent w dzień ostateczny”. (por. Sł. Boży I. Posadzy - LO, I s. 7)

W okresie Wielkiego Postu Panie! Pozwól nam pójść drogą cierpienia, które dokonuje się przez krew i ofiarę w planie ekonomii zbawczej. Jak Maryja, choć niepokalana, razem z Chrystusem cierpiała za grzechy ludzkości, tak i niech każdy z nas złoży Bogu ofiarę ze swego cierpienia, z siebie, wygód i życia dla dobra tułaczy polskich. (por. Sł. Boży I. Posadzy - LO, I s. 67)

W okresie Bożego Narodzenia Maryjo, Matko Jezusa! Pomóż nam, abyśmy na wzór kardynała Hlonda, rozmiłowanego w Tobie, z gorącym sercem zbliżyli się do Bożej Dzieciny, a Wigilia każdego roku niech będzie naszą przysięgą i hymnem wyśpiewanym na cześć królewskich Bożych sztandarów. (por. Sł. Boży I. Posadzy - LO, III s. 16)

Panie! Niech każdy członek Mistycznego Ciała Chrystusowego ma udział w cierpieniu, aby ono było nierozłączne od udziału w cierpieniach Chrystusa. (por. Sł. Boży A. Hlond – Myśli, 23, s. 19)

O Jezu narodzony z Maryi, Dziewiczej Matki! Pomóż nam przyjść do Betlejem z kolędą jako polskim wyznaniem wiary, z hołdem narodu i państwa, pozostać z Tobą aż zrozumiemy, że tajemnica pokoju, szczęścia i wielkości złożona jest w Bogu i w naszej dobrej woli. Który żyjesz z Bogiem Ojcem w jedności Ducha Świętego, Bóg, przez wszystkie wieki wieków. Amen. (por. Sł. Boży A. Hlond - Myśli, 24, s. 72-73)


W okresie Zesłania Ducha Świętego O Duchu Święty! W Tobie przebywa pełnia doskonałości, dobroci i piękna. Przelej do dusz naszych swe życie czyste i jasne jak najczystszy kryształ. Który żyjesz w jedności z Bogiem Ojcem i Synem, Bóg, przez wszystkie wieki wieków. Amen. (por. Sł. Boży I. Posadzy - LO, III s. 37)


W okresie Wielkanocy Jezu Zmartwychwstały! Niech Wielkanocne Alleluja grzmi w kościołach jak triumfalne wezwanie Królestwa Bożego, jak zawołanie tych mocy duchowych, które z Tobą Chryste wyszły z grobu ujarzmienia na święty i bezkrwawy podbój dziejów. (por. Sł. Boży A. Hlond – Myśli, 24 s. 25) Jezu Zmartwychwstały! Zmartwychwstanie Twoje jest faktem historycznym i podstawowym artykułem wiary, porywającym sens tej tajemnicy, potężnym nastrojem, który nigdy w ciągu roku kościelnego nie ogarnie nas taką pewnością wiary jak w Wielkanoc. Niech to przeżycie trwa w nas przez cały rok. Który żyjesz i królujesz z Bogiem Ojcem w jedności Ducha Świętego, Bóg, przez wszystkie wieki wieków. Amen. ( por. Sł. Boży A. Hlond – Myśli 20, s. 25)

Modlitwa za Polonię Panie Jezu, Pasterzu dusz, który przyszedłeś szukać i zbawiać wszystkich zaginionych, zlituj się nad braćmi i siostrami naszymi za granicą. Daj im odczuć głód słowa Bożego oraz pragnienie życia w Tobie; i oni są Twoim ludem i niech Twoimi zostaną na wieki. Pozwól nam pójść do nich, rozbudzić w nich wiarę ojców i matek i zgromadzić ich w Domu Ojca. Spraw też, Panie, by braciom i siostrom naszym nie zabrakło dobrych pasterzy, gotowych nieustannie szukać zaginionych owiec. Ty, którzy już są stróżami Twej Owczarni, daj siłę znosić „ciężar dnia i spiekoty”. Matko Jezusa, Królowo Polonii, i wszyscy Święci, Polski Patronowie, wstawiajcie się przed Panem za nami i za braćmi naszymi. Amen. (por. Modlitwy Towarzystwa Chrystusowego)


Modlitwa do Madonny Migrantów Dziewico, która towarzyszysz wygnańcom z ojczyzny na drogach świata w poszukiwaniu pracy i chleba. Ty także doświadczyłaś życia na wygnaniu. Prosimy Cię, spójrz z litością na naszą sytuację, błogosław tych, którzy nas goszczą, czuwaj nad tymi, którzy są w potrzebie i rozpaczy, oraz nad tymi, którzy ich braterstwo przyjmują, biorąc na siebie ich trudy i poty. Pomocy wierzących i Pocieszycielko strapionych, bądź miłościwą Matką temu, który jest zmuszony do wyjścia ze swojej ziemi w dalekie strony i żyje pragnąc pracy dla siebie i trapiąc się o swoich bliskich oraz często nie ma blisko siebie nikogo, kto zrozumie w pełni cierpienia, umocni siły i podniesie upadającego na duchu. Maryjo, w swoim miłosierdziu pokrzepiaj, w swojej matczynej trosce pospiesz z pomocą, a swoją modlitwą ochraniaj. Spraw, abyśmy wszyscy – my zrozpaczeni i nasze rodziny zatroskane o nas – jednakowo wzrastali w wierze, nadziei i miłości. Spraw, abyśmy wędrowali w bojaźni Bożej, wierni Chrystusowi i Jego Kościołowi. Spraw, abyśmy radowali się owocami chrześcijańskiej sprawiedliwości i osiągnęli pokój oraz doskonałe szczęście na wieki. Amen. (Sł. Boży Pius XII)


DROGA KRZYŻOWA EMIGRANTA (ks. Z. Ostrowski – 2008)

Jezu, Emigrancie z Maryją i Józefem! Niech rozważania Drogi Krzyżowej, pomogą nam zrozumieć wartość codziennego krzyża w życiu na emigracji. I – Pan Jezus skazany na śmierć Kłaniamy Ci się Panie Jezu Chryste i błogosławimy Tobie, Żeś przez krzyż i mękę swoją świat odkupić raczył Panie, kłamliwie oskarżyli Ciebie! Ludzie w nowym kraju często niesłusznie oskarżają emigrantów. Nieraz wybieramy poprawę materialną nad poprawą ducha, a zapominamy o Tobie, który w nas żyjesz od Chrztu. Ty milczysz, a my krzyczymy, że są niesprawiedliwi wobec nas. Panie, przebacz nam. Zmiłuj się nad nami, Panie ... Zmiłuj się ... Któryś za nas ...

IV – Jezus spotyka swoją Matkę Kłaniamy ... Wspaniale jest spotkać kochającą osobę na drodze z krzyżem. Maryja, Matka Miłości, spotyka Syna-Miłość. To było najboleśniejsze spotkanie w historii zbawienia. Nikt nie zrozumie Ich Spotkania. O, jak to dobrze spotkać kogoś kochającego, kiedy czujemi się odrzuceni i dźwigamy ciężki krzyż. Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ... I Ty któraś współcierpiała... Matko Bolesna, przyczyń sie za nami.

II – Pan Jezus bierze krzyż na swoje ramiona Kłaniamy ... Krzyż-życie w ojczyźnie był ciężki, więc emigracja, aby było lżej żyć. A przecież krzyż jest wszędzie. Jest on wezwaniem do bożo-ludzkiej jedności na pielgrzymim szlaku do Domu Ojca. Bóg nie obciąża krzyżem ponad siły człowieka. Jezu, pomóż mi zapamiętać, że idziesz z Krzyżem na czele! Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ... III – Jezus upada pierwszy raz pod krzyżem Kłaniamy ... Życie w Ojczyźnie, a zwłaszcza na emigracji daje okazję do bardzo wielu upadków. Chcąc przeżyć je godnie, trzeba powstawać z upadków. Każdy upadek ma lekcję pokory: jestem słaby, ale Pan podnosi mnie i mówi: Idź i nie grzesz więcej. Nie potępia, ale przebacza i daje nową nadzieję życia. Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ...


V – Szymon z Cyreny pomaga Jezusowi Kłaniamy ... Na emigracji bardzo często szukamy pomocy? Obojętność, pośpiech, każdy zajęty. Szymona przymusili, aby pomógł Jezusowi. Pomóc swoim to obowiązek, ale dlaczego obcemu? To krzyż połączył Szymona i Jezusa. W obcym kraju jestem obcy. Pozwól Jezusowi nieść krzyż z Tobą. Zaufaj Mu. Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ... VI – św. Weronika ociera twarz Jezusowi Kłaniamy ... Człowiek sercem miłości widzi Boga i człowieka. Człowiek serca wykorzysta okazje, aby pomóc potrzebującym. Jest ich bardzo wielu na emigracji. Weronika otarła Twarz Skazanemu i otrzymała nagrodę: Twarz umęczonego Jezusa. Czy w człowieku widzę Chrystusa w potrzebie? Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ...


X – Jezus z szat obnażony VII – Jezu drugi raz upada po krzyżem Kłaniamy ... W życiu widziałeś wiele upadków osobistych i innych. To dowód ludzkiej słabości i popełnionego zła. Jezu kazałeś przebaczać i okazujesz niekończące się Miłosierdzie. Czy podnoszę emigranta upadłego w grzechy? Jezu, Ty wstajesz, aby iść dalej i mimo bólu wykonać wolę Ojca niebieskiego. Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ... VIII – Jezus spotyka płaczące niewiasty Kłaniamy ... Jezu, jakże łatwo jest płakać na emigracji nad innymi, a przy tym zapomnieć, że ten konkretny człowiek cierpi z naszego powodu. Czy ten płacz nie jest obłudą? Poczucie winy za cierpienie może wywołać płacz. Czy jest ktoś, kto cierpi z powodu moich grzechów przeciwko Bogu i innym oraz sobie? Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ... IX – Jezus trzeci raz upada pod krzyżem Kłaniamy ... Można przejść obok upadłego, a nawet wyśmiać go, ale to nie jest ani ludzkie ani Boże. Ciężki upadek emigranta może być znakiem wewnętrznej słabości i wpływu szatana lub doświadczeniem potrzebnym, aby bardziej polegać na Tobie, Jezu. Panie, podnoś nas z naszych upadków. Zmiłuj się .. Któryś ...


Kłaniamy ... Jezu, emigracja obnaża motywy emigrantów. Pogoń za pieniądzem może odebrać nawet bożo-ludzką godność: człowieka uczynić robotem do wykonania określonych zadań, aby jak naszybciej i jak najwięcej zarobić. Jezu, zabrali Ci nawet szatę-dar Twojej ukochanej Matki, ale nie odebrali Ci Boskiej i ludzkiej godności. Jezu, pomóż zachować godnie szatę łaski. Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ... XI – Jezus przybity do krzyża Kłaniamy ... Jezu, Twój Krzyż stał się miejscem ofiary i przebłagania oraz zjednoczenia z Ojcem. Jakże wielu emigrantów ofiarowało siebie na ołtarzu pieniądza? Ilu z nich przebito pożądaniem bogactwa czy przepisami wbrew ich bożo-ludzkiej godności? Ilu unieruchomiono medialnie? Jezu, ulecz nasze rany duszy! Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ... XII – Jezus umiera na Krzyżu Kłaniamy ... Stała Matka Boleściwa obok Krzyża ledwie żywa Gdy na Krzyżu wisiał Syn. Gdy na Krzyżu wisiał Syn. Ludzie umierali z różnych powodów: sprawiedliwie i niesprawiedliwie. Zbyt łatwo pozbywano się niewygodnych. Jezu, pozbyli się Ciebie z powodu Prawdy, że powiedziałeś im, że jesteś Bogiem, a widzieli Ciebie tylko jako człowieka. Dzisiaj nadal usuwają Ciebie z życia osobistego i społecznego. Ty nadal żyjesz... Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ... I Ty któraś współcierpiała ...


XIII – Jezus zdjęty z krzyża i złożony na rękach Matki Kłaniamy ... Kłaniamy ... Matka pełna jest bólu po stracie dziecka czy wyjazdu jego na emigrację. Jezu, zdjęli Twoje Ciało z krzyża na złożyli na rękach Twojej Matki. Maryjo, nikt nie opisze Twego bólu na Golgocie. Przebacz nam. Pociesz zbolałe matki z powodu fizycznej czy duchowej utraty swoich dzieci. Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ... I Ty któraś współcierpiała ...

Prayers for Unaccompanied Migrant Children

XIV – Jezus złożony do grobu Kłaniamy ... Jezu, Twoja wędrówka z Krzyżem nie skończyła się w Grobie. Żyjesz w człowieku, bo oddałeś za ludzi życie na Krzyżu. Naucz nas przyjmować codziennie nasz krzyż i pomagać jeden drugiemu, abyśmy żyjąc na emigracji na ziemi kiedyś po śmierci, zmartwychwstali do życia w Domu Ojca. Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ... ZAKOŃCZENIE Jezu, tylko Twoja Matka wierzyła, że Twoje życie nie skończyło się na Krzyżu i w grobie. Odtąd grób nie kończy życia emigranta. Chwalebne zmartwychwstanie da pełne życie w Bogu. Jezu, obyśmy z Tobą dźwigali krzyż, w Tobie umierali i z Tobą zmartwychwstali do życia w Domu Ojca. Zmiłuj się ... Któryś ...


Oraciones por los Niños Migrantes sin Acompañantes



Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on us. Lord, show us compassion. Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us. God the Father of Heaven, Walk with us. God the Son, Redeemer of the world, Show us the way. God the Holy Spirit, Be in our hearts. Holy Trinity, One God, Unite us in love for one another. Holy Mary, pray for us, Let our hearts be filled with Gods enduring love.

Lord, you created us to be your children, walk with your children and protect them Lord, you challenged Cain at the death of his brother Abel, walk with your children and protect them Lord, your asked Noah to save your creation from the rising waters, walk with your children and protect them. Lord, you asked Abraham to leave his home and country and go to a new land, walk with your children and protect them Lord, your servant Joseph was sold as a child into slavery in a foreign land, walk with your children and protect them Lord, you heard the cry of your children in bondage and sent Moses to bring them home, walk with your children and protect them Lord, you were with your children in the desert and cared for them with manna and water, walk with your children and protect them Lord, you called your prophets to speak on behalf of widows, orphans and strangers, walk with your children and protect them Lord you chastised the kings of the Bible when they failed to protect the most vulnerable of their people, walk with your children and protect them Lord, your love became incarnate in your Son Jesus who had to flee persecution when he was a child, walk with your children and protect them Lord, your Son Jesus showed a special love for all those who live on the margin of society, walk with your children and protect them Lord, you call upon all of us to love and protect the children, walk with your children and protect them Lord, children today are being sent alone in search of a better life, walk with your children and protect them Lord, children today are at great risk of being hurt and abused by smugglers, walk with your children and protect them Lord, you call upon us to reach out to these children in crisis, walk with your children and protect them Lord, deepen in us the faith and courage we need to do right by these children, walk with your children and protect them

Señor, ten piedad de nosotros. Cristo, ten piedad de nosotros. Señor, enséñanos compasión. Cristo, escúchenos. Dios, Padre del cielo, Camine con nosotros. Dios, el hijo, redentor del mundo, Enséñanos el camino. Dios el espíritu Santo, que este en nuestros corazones. Santísima Trinidad, un solo Dios, Únenos en el amor el uno por el otro. Santísima María, reza por nosotros, Que nuestros corazones se llenan con el amor perdurable de Dios.

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, Watch over your children, O Lord. Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, Graciously hear us, O Lord. Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, Grant us compassion, O Lord. V. He has called us to live as God’s children, R. And to be brothers and sisters to one another.



Letanía Señor, nos creaste a ser tus hijos, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, lanzaste un desafío a Caín por la muerte de su hermano, Abel, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, pediste a Noah de salvar a su creación de la marea creciente, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, pediste a Abraham de dejar su hogar y país en búsqueda de nuevas tierras, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, tu servidor José siendo niño fue vendido como esclavo a extranjeros, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, escuchaste los gritos de tus hijos en esclavitud y mandaste a Moisés para traerlos a la tierra prometida, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, estabas con tus hijos en el desierto y cuidaste de ellos con maná y agua, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, llamaste a tus profetas para que hablaran por parte de las viudas, huérfanos y extranjeros, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, castigaste a los reyes de la biblia cuando fallaron en proteger a los mas vulnerables, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, tu amor se personificó en tu hijo Jesús quien tuvo que huirse de la persecución cuando era niño, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, tu hijo Jesús mostro un amor especial a todos aquellos quienes viven en el margen de la sociedad, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, nos pides que amamos y que protegemos a los niños, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, los niños de hoy están siendo enviados solos en búsqueda de una mejor vida, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, los niños de hoy están a gran riesgo de ser lastimados y abusados por traficantes, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, nos pides ayudar a estos niños en crisis, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Señor, profundiza en nosotros la fe y valor que necesitamos para hacer lo correcto con respecto a estos niños, camina con tus hijos y protégelos. Cordero de Dios, que quitas el pecado del mundo, cuida a tus hijos, Señor. Cordero de Dios, que quitas el pecado del mundo, escúchenos, Señor. Cordero de Dios, que quitas el pecado del mundo, concédenos compasión, Señor.

Petitions/General Intercessions That children fleeing violence and poverty will find a welcome home in the Body of Christ, we pray to the Lord. That God’s Spirit will move hearts to greater mercy for immigrants, we pray to the Lord. That God will calm the hearts of parents who have sent their children into an unknown future, we pray to the Lord. That our loving God will watch over our sister and brother migrant children at our borders, that they may be respected and treated with human dignity by all they meet, we pray to the Lord. That government officials of all nations will alleviate the poverty, stop the drug traffic, and end the violence that is causing so many children to flee their homes, we pray to the Lord. That the children at the borders who have suffered mistreatment, humiliation and pain will now receive only goodness from our hands and hearts, we pray to the Lord. That we may have conversion of heart, so we will welcome every stranger as Christ in our midst especially the children, we pray to the Lord.

V. Nos llamó para vivir como hijos de Dios. R. Y ser hermanos y hermanas el uno con el otro.



 

Intercesiones Peticiones/General

Que los niños que huyen la violencia y la pobreza descubren un hogar agradable en el cuerpo de Cristo, roguemos al Señor.

Que el Espíritu de Dios cambie los corazones hasta la misericordia más grande para los inmigrantes, roguemos al Señor.

Que Dios calme los corazones de los padres que mandan los niños al futuro desconocido, roguemos al Señor

Que nuestro Dios amoroso cuide nuestros hermanas y hermanos los niños migrantes en nuestras fronteras, que sean respetados y tratados con la dignidad humana de todos que se encuentren en su camino, roguemos al señor. Que funcionarios de todas las Naciones puedan aliviar la pobreza, detener el tráfico de drogas y acabar con la violencia que están causando tantos niños abandonar sus hogares, roguemos al señor.

  

Que los niños en las fronteras que han sufrido maltrato, humillación y dolor ahora reciban sólo bondades y bendiciones de nuestras manos y corazones, roguemos al señor. Que tengamos conversión del corazón, así podremos dar la bienvenida todos los extranjeros como Cristo dio el ejemplo, especialmente los niños, roguemos al señor.

  

Prayers for Unaccompanied Migrant Children

God of all cultures and races, help us to bear your image especially now to accept the children at the border as our brothers and sisters. Let us pray to the Lord. Loving God, watch over our sister and brother migrant children at our borders, that they may be respected and treated with human dignity by all that they meet. Let us pray to the Lord. God of all people, move us to work against the poverty, the drugs and the violence that are causing so many children to come to our borders. Let us pray to the Lord. For the children at the borders who have suffered mistreatment, humiliation and pain on their way, that they may receive now a touch of goodness from our hands and hearts. Let us pray to the Lord. For the children who have migrated in hope, in fear and in longing, that they may find at our borders a welcome and some semblance of a home. Let us pray to the Lord. For the guards who are receiving the many children at our border these months, may have an openness of heart and give each child respect. Let us pray to the Lord. For all the government officials who have the means to deal with a Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Let us pray to the Lord. For the children who cross the border looking for a way to live, that they may keep their courage and strength. Let us pray to the Lord. That the fear and hate in our hearts and minds may banish, so that we may embrace the children at our brothers as brothers and sisters, giving them the help that they need. Let us pray to the Lord. That we may have conversion of heart, so we will welcome every stranger as Christ in our midst especially the children at our border. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant a willing and compassionate heart to all of us who can help the children at the border in small and big ways. Let us pray to the Lord. Teach us to have an open heart and mind for the strangers especially the little children at the border, so we may have a deeper understanding of Jesus’ words, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Let us pray to the Lord.

Prepared by Sr. Rose Therese Nolta, SSpS Sisters & Brothers of Immigrants (SBI)



Oraciones por los Niños Inmigrantes sin Acompañantes  

      

  

Dios de todas las culturas y razas, ayúdanos a cargar tu imagen especialmente ahora para aceptar a los niños en la frontera como nuestros hermanos y hermanas. Roguemos al Señor. Dios amado, vela por nuestras hermanas y hermanos niños migrantes de nuestras fronteras, que sean respetados y tratados con dignidad humana por todos los que se encuentren en su camino. Roguemos al señor. Dios de todas las personas, envíanos a trabajar contra la pobreza, las drogas y la violencia que están cau-sando tantos niños a venir a nuestras fronteras. Roguemos al señor. Por los niños en las fronteras que han sufrido maltrato, humillación y dolor en su camino, que puedan recibir ahora un toque de bondad de nuestras manos y corazones. Roguemos al señor. Por los niños que han emigrado en la esperanza, el miedo y el anhelo, para que encuentren en nuestras fronteras una bienvenida y algo parecido a un hogar. Oremos al señor Por los guardias que están recibiendo a muchos niños en nuestras fronteras en estos meses, para que tengan una apertura de corazón y respeto por cada niño. Roguemos al señor. Por todos los funcionarios del gobierno que tienen los medios y el poder para promover una reforma integral de inmigración. Roguemos al señor. Por los niños que cruzan la frontera buscando una manera de vivir, para que mantengan su coraje y fuerza. Roguemos al señor. Que podamos desterrar el miedo y el odio en nuestros corazones y mentes, para que podamos abrazar a los niños como nuestros hermanos y hermanas, dándoles la ayuda que necesitan. Roguemos al señor. Que tengamos una conversión del corazón, así daremos la bienvenida a todos los extranjeros como Cristo, sobre todo con los niños en nuestra frontera. Oremos al señor. Concédenos un corazón dispuesto y compasivo hacia todos los que pueden ayudar a los niños en la frontera en formas pequeñas y grandes. Roguemos al señor. Enséñanos a tener un corazón y una mente abierta hacia los extranjeros, especialmente los niños pequeños en la frontera, para que tengamos un entendimiento más profundo de las palabras de Jesús, "fui forastero y me dieron la bienvenida." Roguemos al señor.

Office for Immigrant Affairs and Immigration Education 3525 South Lake Park Ave. Chicago IL, 60653 WWW.CATHOLICSANDIMMIGRANTS.ORG

Escritas por la Hna. Rose Therese Nolta, SSpS Hermanos & Hermanas de Inmigrantes (SBI)



Immigration Prayers and Reflections for the Journey  

This prayer booklet came as a result of the journey we started after the USCCB announced the Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform in 20...

Immigration Prayers and Reflections for the Journey  

This prayer booklet came as a result of the journey we started after the USCCB announced the Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform in 20...