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Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation


Lakeview Action Coalition (LAC) and the Organization of the

Northeast (ONE). ONE Northside is a mixed-income, multi-

Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR) began in

ethnic, intergenerational organization that unites our diverse

2002 by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in order to re-

communities. They aim to transform the Northside around is-

spond to the violence and conflict in the Chicagoland area.

sues such as affordable housing, education, economic justice,

Early on, PBMR embraced a restorative justice philosophy as

mental health, health care, violence prevention and youth is-

the means to live out the mission of reconciliation, and they

sues. ONE Northside brings people together from a large sec-

have used peacemaking circles as the primary methodology

tion of Chicago. Their base consists of seven different

toward engagement and transformation of community. PBMR

Northside communities and nine different aldermanic wards,

has engaged with other like-minded organizations in creating

comprising of nearly 20% of the Chicago City Council. While

Community Restorative Justice (RJ) Hubs. In 2013, they

engaging on issues impacting people on the ground in our

began a Leadership Circle of other RJ organizations and then

communities, they collaborate with organizations across the

established a training academy early in 2015. Working directly

city, state and nation because the issues of struggling individ-

with those impacted by racism, mass incarceration and ex-

uals are very similar despite different geographies. ONE North-

treme sentencing of juveniles, PBMR has formed youth and

side has 103 member institutions which encompass the

adults to speak out for policy change in those areas. Through

backbone of civic life including congregations, cultural asso-

the combined efforts of PBMR and the Community RJ Hubs,

ciations, schools, hospitals, social service providers and ten-

Cook County is now funding community-based alternatives to

ant associations.

incarceration, committing to increase funding and is making an effort to have a community restorative justice court. PBMR

Centro de Trabajadores Unidos

and the youth and families have been active at the table to


represent the community voice in this development.

Centro de Trabajadores Unidos (Center for Workers United): Immigrant Workers’ Project (CTU) was founded on the South-

Arise Chicago


east side of Chicago in 2008 by community members who

witnessed the collective damage created by unfair labor prac-

ARISE Chicago builds partnerships between faith communi-

tices in the Southeast side, an already economically disadvan-

ties and workers to fight workplace exploitation through edu-

taged area. They are the only worker center in South Chicago

cation, organizing and advocating for public policy changes.

that organizes and supports marginalized communities to in-

Founded in 1991 by clergy to end poverty by supporting union

terrupt cycles of poverty and injustices in the workplace. CTU

workers, they have won massive campaigns for workers’

has endlessly worked to organize workers and community

rights including recovering $6.7 million in compensation. They

members to change policy that increases standards for all im-

have also created a unique trilingual Workers’ Rights Manual

migrant workers. Moreover, CTU provides workers with the

which has been pivotal in the leadership development of Polish

necessary tools and resources to speak up and voice their

and Latin@ workers throughout Chicago. In 2013, Arise in-

opinion in the workplace and in the civic realm. CTU’s goal is

creased their systems-change organizing at the policy level.

to use strategic outreach and skilled community organizing to

They drafted and organized to pass the nationally-modeled

recover stolen wages and address labor violations committed

city anti-wage theft ordinance. In 2015, Arise members led the

against low-wage and immigrant workers. Since its inception,

campaign to win a county anti-wage theft ordinance making

CTU has assisted in the recovery of nearly $1 million in wages

Cook County the largest municipality in the country with such

and is currently working towards creating a women-owned

legislation. On the cutting edge of the worker center move-

catering cooperative, creating economic opportunity for the

ment nationally, this ordinance includes worker-employer

residents of the Southeast side.

agreements and majority committees leading to unionization. Recognizing that the strongest movements are led by people

Jane Addams Senior Caucus


most impacted, with support from allies, including religious

communities, Arise intentionally organizes religious support for

Jane Addams Senior Caucus (JASC) is a multi-issue, grass-

worker-led campaigns.

roots organization led by seniors in the Chicago metropolitan area and strives to create a world where all seniors can age

ONE Northside


with dignity and safety, free of ageism, racism and other forms

of oppression. For the past thirty-nine years, JASC has played

Organizing Neighborhoods for Equality: Northside (ONE

a unique role by giving the most marginalized seniors a voice

Northside) was created on July 1, 2013 from a merger of

through community organizing and advocacy. The JASC

Working on the Margins - CCHD Annual Review 2016  
Working on the Margins - CCHD Annual Review 2016