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( B y O u r Own C o r r e s p o n d e n t . ) SOCCER.



Civilian Combination



The selectors however will not rush into a panic for they will after deliberate consideration come to the conclusion that the substitution of one half and one forward will suffice to restore balance and greater efficiency. Valberg and Hutchison (if fit) could be tried with advantage.

* * * * The Services deieated Singapore at Soccer at ihe Anson Road .btauium on Mr. Lim Yong Liang as Trainer to lueoua-y a n a uiorougniy earneu their Singapore XI. 4-1 victory. Our local staiwarts were It will interest our readers to know unable to ao anything right. Said and the two backs resisted the attack of tne that Mr. Lim Yong Liang, whose name is a household word in local football five opposing forwards and three halves, circles, is the trainer of the Singapore as best they couxd and really cannot be Soccer XI which will meet Selangor at blamed too much for the aefeat. Two K. L. in the final on August 10th. What saves that Said made were gems Of Mr. Lim does not know in the realm of hign merit ana have raised the reputa- football is not worth knowing and he tion of this humble little Malay custo- brings to bear upon his valuable work dian: Both Boon Lay and Rahman an unsurpassed knowledge of the finer though i o n plussed at times had a most points of the game and of true sportsHe was the cleanest of gruelling hour but were not disgraced. manship. j.nese uiree deienders should not be players in his day and possessed martampered with because they took a lot vellous ball control. Every Singaporean of beating. It was the half back trio has entire confidence in the team's that reany fell far below the standard trainer. Mr. Lim Yong Liang is a devout parishioner of the Church of SS. of the Services intermediates. Hay, a Peter and Paul, Queen Street. great spoiler, has yet to learn to feed * * * * his forwards. Where were the glorious St. Patrick's Inter-house Football passes that Rogers and his merry flankCompetition. men provided right throughrthe game? The tfnter House Football 'CompetiSingapore does miss and badly too the sterling half back play of John Then. tion at St. Patricks-by-the-Sea has just The results are as But Hay can only be held responsible been completed. for failing to supply his forwards with follows: DIVISION I. the opportunities that they expected to receive and utilise. Otherwise he must 1st—St. Francis's House Mr. F. Sobrielo. not be called a failure: Chwee Chua was below form and although at times as 2nd—St. Charles's House Mr. A. Nazareth. tricky as ever appeared hardly able to 3rd—St. Jame's House hold Fahy. Taylor was a failure and Mr. F. James. ought to be dropped- One would like 4th—St. Bernard's House to paint a favourable picture of this Mr. B. Nicholas. perfectly good sportsman but justice 5th—St. Arthur's House must be satisfied. The team's skipper Mr. A. Phillips. could not last the pace, and in fairness DIVISION II. to him it must be said that he was put 1st—St. Francis's House Mr. F. Sobrielo. off his game by unfair criticism and unsavoury jibes. Taylor played because 2nd—St. Charles's House Mr. A. Nazareth. he was selected. Surely he should not be made the target for cheap offensive- 3rd—St. Bernard's House Mr. B. Nicholas. ness. We now realise in some measure 4th—St. James's House from the shortcomings of Singapore's Mr. F. James. halves why the forward line proved so 5th—St. Arthur's House utterly innocuous. Mahmood, always a Mr. A. Phillips. potential scorer was rather starved and * * * .< at the end lost position time and again Mr. Hogan As Football Coach. through disgust and dissatisfaction at Mr. J. Hogan, the manager of Fulbeing so badly cold-shouldered. ham Football Club, England, has And now we have to ask our readers accepted his old position as Coach to if they too noticed very queer happen- the Australian National Football Team. ings in the centre and inside left berths of the forward line, who was actually centre forward and who inside left? CRICKET. Keng Hock and Dolfattah were so conS.R.C. Draw with S.C.C. for Third Time stantly altering their positions that one This Season. never knew who was here and who there. When the S.R.C met the S.C.C. in a The interchange, if a part of some special cricket fixture last Friday, Saturday scheme of attack, scarcely bothered the Services' defence because of the palpable and Sunday, time did not permit of a weakness of Dolfattah who was once decision being reached. J. Edwards 20. H. Balhetchet 81. N. more tried out in place of Valberg or Sullivan 27, P. d'Almeida 53, M. Valberg Madon. Dolfattah has been in the past 17, and E. Lemercier 14 were the cona star of the first magnitude, and may tributions of the Catholic members to with practice recover his lost form, but the S.R.C. total of 263 runs in the first he is a shadow of his former self and is innings. Edwards captured 4 for 41, a burden to the other four forwards. Sullivan 2 for 38, D'Almeida 2 for 45, He really should go. Khun Onn should Balhetchet 1 for 17 and Orr 1 for 12 in have performed better. One expected the Europeans' first attempt. M. /Valberg 15, Balhetchet 38, and far more from this ex-Josephian and Sullivan 26 had time to make runs betrusts that he will centre more accuratefore the declaration at 134 for 5 wickets. ly with either footSullivan took 1 wicket for 16 runs in Mat Noor has twice been completely subjugated by the Services but on this the S.C.C.'s second innings. * * * * occasion made greater efforts to beat off Selangor Rangers Defeat Negri the strict policing he was undergoing. Sembilan Club. He played a poor game however, and The Selangor Rangers met and demust learn to overcome difficulties. -Never once did he drop back to help feated the Negri Sembilan Club at the defence that so sorely needed assist- cricket in K. L. on July 29th. Clem de Silva batted well for his 53 but Lawance. When will Noor bring himself Play the perfect inner forward? And rence de Silva was next highest scorer new to Keng Hock, who found the net with only 18. Felix de Silva took 2 wickets for 50 runs. The N.S. Club col.and thus reduced the margin of defeat, lapsed for 65 runs. L. de Silva taking l wo open goals were missed by this 4 for 16, Shepherdson 2 for 25 and C. de usually accurate player, because he would Silva 3 for 9. not take first time the chances he got. * * • rf*** 2 ° l s would have made a world The Stonor Cricket Shield, played for fL 5 , * but they never lourid their billets and we are left to annually in Kuala Lumpur, rests between the Selangor Indians and the ^ourn the defeat. Selangor Rangers. Last week the Selangor Eurasians drew with the anH !? ^ 2 the stubborn H Persistent watch kept on Keng Hock Kilat Club. P. J. Johnson made 27, A. th» -J^gers, who invariably reserves L. de Silva 16, C. R. Martin 26 for the Eurasians. D. E. Martin topscored for charge ° ° ^ the Kilat XI with 23 runs.

3rd A U G U S T , 1935.





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AUGUST 03, 1935, VOL 01, N0 31  


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