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SINGAPORE 50 CENTS / WEST MALAYSIA RM 1.20 M.I.T.A.(P) No. 105/01/2003


My dear People of God, Greetings in the Lord! With the celebration of Ash Wednesday we have entered into the Holy Season of Lent.This season is a special time of grace for us to do penance and make sacrifices to atone for our faults and failures and it is also a time for us to pray and offer sacrifices for peace in the world and the conversion of sinners. In his message for Ash Wednesday, our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II has exhorted all of us throughout the world to fast and pray for peace in the world, peace especially in the Middle East and the Holy Land. Let not this message be only for Ash Wednesday but for the whole season of Lent.

In Singapore, Archbishop Nicholas Chia has calling on Catholics here to offer sacrifices ai peace and the conversion of sinners, and also the priests in their prayers.

May we dedicate more time to prayer, both personal and communal. Besides Masses on weekends, participation in at least a weekday Mass will be very beneficial. Devotions like the Stations of the Cross and the Rosary can also bring us to a deeper appreciation of the mysteries of our redemption. Almsgiving should not be restricted to giving of material assistance to the less fortunate. We must also share the most precious gifts we have received: love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. When we put into practice these three cardinal works recommended by our Lord, we will be able to die to ourselves during this Lenten season and rise gloriously with the Lord at Easter. Together with my priests and religious, I pray that this Lenten season will truly be a season of grace for you so that you will be blessed with a glorious Easter. I take this occasion also to ask your prayers for me and my priests especially on the 25th, 26th and 27,h of this month when we gather for our annual Presbyterium Meeting so that the Holy Spirit will inspire us in our deliberations and empower us to lead the Archdiocese in the ongoing building of God’s Kingdom.

Archbishop Nicholas Chia, D.D., STL.

PPS 201/4/2003 VOL 53 No. 6~|

POPE John Paul II received ashes at the Sabina in Rome on Ash Wednesday, the start pontiff, whose personal envoy met that day George W. Bush about Iraq, prayed for peace worldwide and urged world leaders to make “avoid another dramatic conflict for humani earlier called on Catholics and non-Catholics pray for peace in Iraq and the Holy Land.

Fasting is a means to lift us from the material to the spiritual. But let us not only think of fasting from food. We must above all concentrate on fasting from sin!

Yours devotedly in Christ.


JphnR receives ash

In the Gospel for Ash Wednesday Mass, our Lord has three cardinal works of our spiritual life, namely almsgiving, prayer and fasting. Let us take to heart the teachings of our Blessed Lord and put more emphasis on these three cardinal works during this season of Lent.

God bless you.


The pope received ashes on Ash Wednesday and prayed, prayed and prayed. CNS Photos

THE PURSUIT OF PEACE A huge flag with the word PACE, which means PEACE, hangs near St Peter’s Basilica on Ash Wednesday. PAGE 8

dent Catholics effort to e had ast and :n a letter yers for ember

Sundays March 16 and March 23, 2003 Catholic News





Archbishop entrusts responsibility for Catholic schools to Catholic Education Council Archbishop Chia announced decision at meeting of Catholic school principals and council members By Wendy Louis

from 28 Catholic primary and secondary schools, supervisors and members of the Catholic Education Council (CEC) met Archbishop Nicholas Chia on Feb 13 to discuss the meaning of being a Catholic school in today’s context. Christian Brother Paul Rogers, principal of Catholic Junior College and a CEC member, reminded participants that Catholic schools are a fundamental part of the Church and belong to its mission. Quoting Canon law, he said, “The Church has, in a special way, the duty and the right of educating, for it has a divine mission of helping all to arrive at the fullness of Christian life.” The principals discussed and shared on the challenges they face in trying to foster traditionally Catholic practices and teachings while at the same time being inclusive. The sharing of principals Helen Choo of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Theodora Tan of CHIJ Secondary School (Toa Payoh) and Lucas Lak of St Patrick’s School, demonstrated


r in c ip a l s

or to stay in, our schools...” He challenged them to According to Canon Law, he establish good religious said, “the archbishop is education programmes and responsible for all Catholic practices. “How do we teach schools and he has a special Civics and Moral Education in a responsibility to guarantee that way which meets the needs of the they seek to deliver a good State and the expectations of the Catholic education for all mission and vision for each of Catholics in his care.” While he our schools? How do we make said it sounds like an impossible our schools good Catholic task, he noted the four-year enterprises in the 21st Century? existence of the CEC. Quoting from “I think we have Canon Law, he said, “ to develop come to that point “Those in charge of a more coherent when it is timely to ... Catholic schools are to and collaborative ask it to assume ensure, under the responsibility for our supervision of the local way of Helen Choo, principal of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School receives a candle from the approaching the education enterprise on archbishop during the commissioning of principals and Catholic Education Council bishop, that the members on Feb 13. formation given in challenges to our behalf of the Church in Singapore.” the wishes of the state... we must them is, in its academic schools...” the diverse context of schools and He asked the CEC the different challenges they face never aim to impose the Gospel standards, at least as to “begin work outstanding as that in but rather to propose the Gospel in running a Catholic School. immediately on drafting a other schools in the area.” and Gospel values as proposal that will enable our Exhorting the participants, he fundamental values for all r c h b i s h o p chia Council to become the urged: “Our schools must stand addressed the participants peoples: love, brotherhood, responsible and accountable body for excellence... They on the role of principals as peace, tolerance, which will oversee Catholic forgiveness, lay leaders, the role of a Catholic “explore creative must be places where schools” on his behalf and “seek every child is given compassion, respect school in a secular state, ways to ensure to develop a more coherent and every opportunity to do and so forth.” excellence in Catholic education that gospel values his or her best. We must collaborative way of approaching He called on the and governance of schools. the challenges to our schools...” strive to continually Addressing the principals, he lay leaders to “explore are at the The prelate urged the improve what we do creative ways to ensure forefront of said, “Your role is not easy. You participants to “accept our and seek to do it in an that gospel values are have two bosses: the church and school life.” commission... as a special gift at the forefront of exemplary way... We the state... you share the that you have been given by God do not exist for the capable responsibility of the archbishop school life.” in His Church.” While the Mass is the central students only or for the least for the education of all children in The commissioning ceremony act of worship for Catholics “it is capable. We exist for all students, the faith... You support my was held after the archbishop’s not the only way for a Catholic and, in the first instance, for the responsibility and mission to address. sons and daughters of our school to express its catholicity,” educate and evangelize.”At the The event was organised by Catholic community.” he said. “We must look to same time he assured them of his CEC whose chairman, Mr develop our prayer life and be However he noted that support. Bernard Chen, briefed the “educational developments have The Church lives and works in innovative and creative in our participants on its work since its prayer so that they are inviting meant that many gifted young the world, not separate from it, he inception. □ people are not choosing to attend, and inclusive.” said. Therefore, “we must respect


we are brothers and sisters in the same Jesus Christ because we all share one common baptism.”

Cardinal meets leaders of many faiths in Singapore Get community into inter-religious dialogue and Christian unity effort, Cardinal Cassidy urges. By Mel Diamse-Lee

N INFORMAL gathering with Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy saw Christian and other religious representatives openly tackling various topics, including the impending war in Iraq, on Feb 21. Expressing fear of the impending military strike on Iraq, Inter-Religious Organisation members asked what the Church was doing to help resolve the crisis and how believers could be educated about respecting other peoples’ religious differences while celebrating their commonalities. The former president of the


Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, highlighted the need to get the local community involved in efforts towards inter­ religious dialogue and Christian unity, as a way of promoting unity, peace and harmony. Citing as an example his experience in the Catholic Church, Cardinal Cassidy said, “ “There’s no use for bishops being ecumenically minded if the priests are not ecumenically minded because the latter will be a barrier to people... There’s got to be a joint effort on the part of everyone.” The way to get the people involved is “by keeping at it and trying to persuade them that this is what God wants,” and by trying to build mutual trust between religious followers and leaders by explaining to the community what the leaders are doing and why they are doing it.

IHE AUSTRALIAN clergy who also headed the team promoting religious relations with the Jews noted that in dialogues with the Christian Churches and Jewish religious community the representatives negotiate on behalf of their communities. Inter-religious dialogue is different in that it is “an open dialogue building friendship, greater understanding and seeing how we can, despite the differences in our religious belief, give a common witness in this world,” the cardinal told some 20 representatives. He stressed that the Council’s work, although involving authorities on an international level, “would not have much lasting value unless it was taken up, worked upon and received at the local level.” Asked what the Vatican has done to prevent the war in Iraq, he expressed hope that what they


Cardinal Edward Cassidy met the religious leaders on Feb 21.

The cardinal spoke on the progress of the ecumenical movement since after World War II. “What we have achieved within the last 40-50 years is an understanding that we are not enemies...We cannot have religious wars between us because that is not what God wants of us. Basically, realistically and pathologically,

had been doing and are doing has had an influence “by building a mentality which is for peace and not for war,” noting that churches and faith communities all over the world are saying that war is not the best solution to the crisis. He said the Church worries that “what may happen in the Middle East may again bring about an idea of a MuslimChristian conflict, which has nothing to do with either Islam or Christianity.” Present at the gathering were members of the Zoroastrian, Buddhist and Muslim faiths and the Armenian, Methodist Mar Thoma Syrian and other Protestant Churches. Canossian sisters and other Catholic laity were also there. The cardinal, now residing in Australia following his retirement from the pontifical council, was in Singapore to preside over the investiture of 11 laity and Archbishop Nicholas Chia into the Order of Malta on Feb 23. Canossian Sister Theresa Seow organised and facilitated the meeting at the Conrad Hotel. □

Catholic News

Sundays March 16 and March 23, 2003


News New appointment Archbishop Nicholas Chia has appointed M sgr Eugene Vaz as the new editor o f the Catholic News as o f M arch 3, 2003. His Grace extends grateful thanks to Dr (Rev) R obert Balhetchet for his untiring com m itm ent and contributions to the archdiocesan new spaper during his tenure as editor. □

Filipinos pray for bomb victims and peace MANILA - Priests and a bishop in the northern and southern Philippines asked people to pray for peace and for the victims of a recent bombing in the south as they distributed ashes at the start of Lent. Two priests put ashes on the foreheads of some 50 peace advocates in front of the U.S. Embassy in Manila on March 5 as they launched the “ 11:58” prayer movement. According to Redemptorist Father Juvenal Moraleda, the movement urges people to pray for peace at that time in the

Bishop Urges Action On East Timorese In West Timor - Divine Word Bishop Antonius Pain Ratu of Atambua, Indonesia, says the government needs to resolve the situation of East Timorese in refugee camps in western Timor Island. He warns that “if the government fails to address the problem, sooner or later a conflict between local people and East Timorese refugees will erupt.” His comments came in response to a Feb. 19 joint statement of local district heads that calls the central government to expedite the process of resettling East Timorese who want to be citizens of Indonesia and repatriating those who want to return to East Timor. According to local figures, about 25,200 East Timorese were still in West Timor as of January 2003. Refugee camps were set up on local people’s land. □ u c a n ATAMBUA


morning to remind others that the world is just “two minutes away” from wars in Iraq and in Mindanao, the southern Philippine region where a bomb blast at the Davao City airport Feb. 4 left 21 people dead and more than 140 wounded. To the west of Davao, Bishop Romulo Valles urged people gathered at an Ash Wednesday Mass at the cathedral in Kidapawan to “remain determined (and) not be carried away by the passion of revenge but by the passion of justice.” □ u c a n

Pope may visit Mongolia ULAANBAATAR - Preparations for a possible visit by Pope John Paul II to Mongolia, begun more than a year ago, have intensified. A Vatican delegation met with government officials of the former communist country Feb. 26-March 2 to discuss details of the planned papal visit. The date and programme are not yet fixed, but some media reports speculate that it may take place in late August. Archbishop Giovanni Battista Morandini, apostolic nuncio to Mongolia, who led the Vatican delegation told UCA News that it seems the pope’s wish to visit Mongolia “will come true.” The Catholic Church mission in Mongolia began in 1992, one year after the nation landlocked between Russia and China became a democracy after 70 years of Soviet influence. I u c a n


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God’s will is always best for everyone, says bishop-elect By Theresa Ee-Chooi

“ I AM resigned to my task because I know that if God plans it then I am doing His Will. God’s will is always best for everyone. As you know, I have full confidence in God’s will and my only desire is to do His Will.” This was the response of Bishop-Elect Paul Tan Chee Ing when asked how he felt about his new challenge as bishop of Melaka-Johor. The Bishop-elect, a Jesuit, disclosed his deep feelings about being a bishop. “I am aware of the challenging task ahead of me, having worked closely with Archbishop Soter for 15 years. I know how lonely the life of a bishop can be and he must therefore be very strong and have a tremendous faith in God. Every leader must bear the cross. I constantly pray for the fulness of the Spirit of God, for His wisdom to know and to do His will, and the humility to always say that it is not I but God who does the work. I am only an unworthy servant.” Asked if the Church in

things to have any kind of influence in the world: first, the quality of our members, and then the numbers. Both are essential. We need to involve the whole Church. “We need good Catholics who can love as God loves. The universal Church has a mission, the mission of every baptised Catholic. Living in a multicultural and multiracial country, I am painfully aware of the harm that is wrought by those who evangelise using methods that are unethical such as enticements and threats. Bishop-Elect Paul Tan Chee Ing.

Malaysia has any influence, he replied, “In Asia, the Church is only three per cent, a drop in the ocean. It is an illusion to think that the Church has the power to influence the world. “However, we need first of all to strengthen our members and enlarge our numbers. I am awarethat some theologians say that numbers do not count. “But I say that we need two

“Mother Teresa of Calcutta lived her life with conviction that God is love, and everyone could see that. She evangelised through the way she lived her life. Conversion is God’s work. We are only unworthy servants doing our best as St Paul said: “I planted, Apollo watered but it is God who did the rest.” There is a Chinese saying: mou shi zai ren, cheng shi zai tian (the p la n n in g lies w ith m an, the outcom e with fieaven; m an proposes, G od d is p o s e s ) .


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Sundays March 16 and March 23,2003 Catholic News


News North Korean Catholics attend Mass for first time in South Korea

Bishops meet Tamil Tiger leaders - Bishops from southern and eastern Sri Lanka met with Tamil rebel leaders during a recent visit to two northern dioceses and expressed concern about people’s welfare there as well as about recent rebel activities. Archbishop Oswald Gomis of Colombo, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka, led the group of eight bishops to Jaffna and Mannar dioceses. He told UCA News the COLOMBO

Feb. 24-March 1 trip aimed to show their concern for and solidarity with “the people of the north” and promote “reconciliation and goodwill.” During a meeting with leaders of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the bishops expressed the concerns of southerners regarding recent LTTE actions and the ongoing peace process after 20 years of war. □ u c a n

A North Korean Catholic woman listens to the homilv given by a South Korean priest during Mass. CNSphoto

Prayers for fire victims

(S u n se t). 8 p m (M an d arin ), 7.15 am , 9.15 am , 11.15 am . 6 pm .

FAITH SEEKING UNDERSTANDING; OUR QUEST FOR THE TRUTH Venue: C hurch o f St B ern ad e tte ’s. Time: 7 .3 0 p m -9 pm . Dates: Mar 21: M ary the w om an in salv a tio n history. Mar 28:

FOOD AND FUN FAIR Venue: C II 1,1S t N ich o las G irls ’ School, 501 A n g M o K io A v e 2, S t 13. Date: Sat

U nderstanding a nd practice o f ecum enical dia lo g u e . T a lk s p re sen te d by T he A postolate fo r C atholic T ruth. Enquiries: em ail k e lv c h ia@ sin g n et.c o m .sg

ME PROMOTION Date: M arch 15-16 a t C h u rch o f the H oly F am ily. Time of Masses: 6 pm

M ar 15, 9am -5pm . G reat fun w ith good food, gam es and rides. F u n d s ra ised w ill go to w ard s b u ild in g o f school a uditorium .

Priests condemn police for shooting landless tribals

MULTI-RELIGIOUS CARNIVAL In aid o f E d u c a tio n F unds fo r the needy. Date: Sunday, M a r 16,8 a m -6 pm . Venue: O p e n field oppo site C atholic H igh School, B ish a n S t 22. Available: food, drinks, g am es, so u v en irs, h e alth checks, e d u ctio n al e n te rta in m e n t, c h ild re n ’s co n ce rt, ex h ib itio n s, lucky d ra w s, etc.

The Kerala unit of the Catholic Priests’ Conference of India (CPCI) has condemned the police action, called on the state’s Chief Minister A.K. Antony to resign and demanded an “immediate judicial inquiry” into the incident. Its Feb 24 statement accuses police and forest department officials of hatching a “conspiracy” against the tribals. The shooting took place in the Muthunga forest reserve, 120 kilometers northeast of Kozhikode (formerly Calicut). □

LENTEN REFLECTION IN TAMIL b y F r A P o n n u d u rai o n Sun. M a r 16, 26 .3 0 pm . M ass at 7 pm . Venue: B lessed S a cram en t C h u rch . D am ien H all.

ARCHDIOCESAN LIFE IN THE SPIRIT SEMINAR “ M ee t J esu s a t the L IS S ” b y F r W illia m G o h , F r L a rry F arao n (P h ilip p in e s) and Philip K ok. Venue: C hurch o f Im m aculate H e art o f M ary , H ig h la n d R d. Time:7.459.45pm Date: S even F rid ay s from A p r 25. Baptism in the Spirit: June 8 , l - 6pm , w ith P e n te c o st R ally by A rch b ish o p N ich o las C h ia at 7.45- 10pm . R egistratio n / en q u irie s: L IS S IH M @ h o tm a il.c o m F o rm s a v ailab le fro m C h arism atic p ra y e r _ groups/parishes. C a llR o b e rt (6288-9140). R eg istratio n clo sin g date: A p r 18.

LENTEN RETREAT C om e and jo in us fo r a w eekend retreat to prepare ourselves for this season o f Lent. Date/Time: M a r 2 2 (S at) - 9 a m to 8pm . M ar 23 (S un) - 9am to 5pm (M ass included) Cost: $25 (in c lu d in g food and snacks). Organised by: V e rb u m D ei M issio n aries. Registration: 6274-0251 E m ail: v e rb u m d e i@ p ac ific.n

PREPARING FOR EASTER w ith the C enacle Sisters. Dates: M ar 21, 28. A p r 4. 11. Day: F rid ay s, 9 .3 0 a m -l 1.30am at C h u rc h o f the R ise n C hrist. Contribution: $20. SALVATION HISTORY by M sg r E u g e n e V az. A t S in g a p o re P a sto ra l In stitu te o n F rid ay s 9 .3 0 a m - 11.30 am . A pril 4, 11, 25 M ay 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Jul 4, 11, 18, 25 A ug 1, 8 , 15, 22 , 29, S ept 5, 12, 19 o r M o n d ay s, 7.45 am 9.45 p m A p r 7, 1 4 ,2 1 ,2 8 M ay 5, 1 2 ,1 9 , 2 6 Jun 30 J u l 7, 1 4 ,2 1 ,2 8 A ug 4, 11, 18, 25 S ep 1, 8 , 15 o r at B le ssed S a cram en t C h u rc h o n T u e sd ay s, 7.45 pm to 9.45 pm A p r 8 , 15, 22, 29 M ay 6 , 13, 20, 27 Jul 1, 8 , 15, 22, 29 A u g 5, 12. 19. 2 6 Sep 2, 9, 16. Contribution: $60. R eg istratio n fo rm s av ailab le in the P arish O ffice or visit w w w .c a th o lic .o rg .sg /S P I/

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Changchung Church have been without a priest, they have strong faith.” The 17 North Korean Catholics were part of a 105member religious delegation from North Korea that arrived in Seoul March 1 for the joint commemoration of the Independence Movement during Japanese colonial rule (19101945). When World War II ended in 1945, Korea was liberated from Japanese rule but divided by the United States and the then Soviet Union. □ u c a n

W hat s On

SOUTH Korean ^ schoolboys pray for 0 . j # victims of the subway arson attack at the station in Taegu which killed at least 125 persons and injured 146. CNSphoto

KOCHI - A forum of Catholic priests has condemned police for shooting and reportedly killing landless tribals in southern India. Police in Kerala state opened fire on about 1,000 tribals Feb. 19 while trying to force the tribals from a forest reserve they had illegally occupied. •According to media reports, tribals say the gunfire left 16 of their people dead, but police claim only two persons, including a policeman, were killed.

- North Korean Catholics went to Mass officially for the first time in South Korea since the peninsula was divided more than 50 years ago. Samuel Chang Jae-on, president of the Korean Roman Catholics’ Association in North Korea, and 16 other Catholics of Changchung Church in Pyongyang, the communist country’s capital, attended the Mass March 2 at Seoul’s Myongdong Cathedral. Chang remarked before the Mass began that “though Catholics of SEOUL

@ 7 .3 0 - 9 .3 0 p m

• 1°0% Re'iab'e


• 15 years track record

PRAYER FOR PEACE B rin g alo n g y o u r fa m ily and frien d s and jo in A rc h b ish o p N ich o las C h ia fo r an ev en in g o f p ra y e r fo r p e ac e in o u r w orld, o u r fa m ilie s, and o u r hearts. Venue: C ath ed ral o f the G o o d S hep h erd . Date: F riday M ar 21 a t 7 pm . In o rd e r to k eep o u r c eleb ratio n a cc e ssib le to nonC ath o lics, w e w ill be p ra y in g the psalm s fro m the L itu rg y o f the H ours. E ach p a rtic ip a n t is in v ite d to brin g a e andle. O rganised b y S ingapore P astoral Institute.

“INTERCESSORY PRAYER” RETREAT Animators: SF X In te rc e sso ry T eam . Date: S a t M a r 15, S u n M ar 16 . Time: 8.30 am to 6 p m daily. Venue: S F X R etre at C entre. Cost: no n -refu n d ab le fee o f $20. TEOCHEW RETREAT Date: S u n M a r 30, 9 am - 5 pm . Venue: S F X R etre at C entre. A d m issio n is free.

PRAISE & WORSHIP MASS Date: M a r 22, A p r 2 6 (la st 4 th Sat M ass), Time: 7 p m - 10 pm DAILY INTERCESSION SCHEDULE Intentions: F o r the C h u rc h . W orld E v a ngelisation and C onversion. M on-Sun: 1 0 . 3 0 a m - 1 2 n ( E n g lis h ) ,8 p m - 9 .3 0 p m (E nglish). Sat: 2 pm - 4 p m (T eo ch ew )

INTERCESSION VIGIL Jo in us fo r p ra y e rs ev ery Sat 12 m n to S un 6 am to p ra y fo r the c o n v ersio n o f sinners.

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P r a is e & W o r s h i p , T a l k s & M a s s i n T a m i l

V e n u e : C h u rc h o f th e R is e n C h ris t C e le b r a n t : F r Jo s e p h S te p h e n C S S R , R e d e m p to ris t- co m m u n ity

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Catholic News

Sundays March 16 and March 23, 2003




Zimbabwean archbishop condemns torture ARCHBISHOP Pius Ncube of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, speaks out for the victims of violence and torture.Feb. 27. In early February, the bishops of southern Africa said Zimbabwe is on the brink of civil war with increasing levels

of organized state terror and urged the South African govern­ ment to intervene. Zimbabwe is grappling with its worst eco­ nomic crisis, fueled by soaring unemployment and food short­ ages. □ CNS photo

Perth’s weeping statue: Miracle not proved Archbishop Barry Hickey has ruled that the criteria for a miracle have not been satisfied in relation to the “weeping”statue of Mary at Rockingham.

resume” weeping” during our stay. At my request, the statue was then placed in the care of the Parish Priest and isolated from all other people. The statue did not “weep” for a full month. On February 19, 2003 a tear appeared in one eye.


, NE CANNOT N THE light of these pronounce a miracle observations and all the other if other explanations cientific evidence obtained are available or possible, he said by the Commission, I have in a statement released on accepted its advice that one February 26. He explained: cannot safely conclude that this Due to widespread interest in Commission also undertook phenomenon is of divine origin. the’ weeping” statue of the Virgin various interviews. The hesitations of the Mary at Rockingham over the past The tests revealed the Commission are in keeping with months, I formed a Commission of complex structure of the statue, the Church’s traditional prudence inquiry on November 18,2002 to but there was no evidence of and reservation concerning investigate the __ ________ internal interference and matters purporting to be alleged miraculous the cavity was empty and miraculous. nature of the During the whole dry. It is therefore my rightful duty phenomenon. The liquid that covered time the statue as Archbishop of Perth, for the The statue was the face and front of the correct guidance of the people of was under the first reported to statue and collected in a God, to say that the case for a observation of have wept on dish under the statue was miraculous happening has not March 19 last year, the Commission scientifically analysed. The been proved. The Church the Solemnity of St it showed no sign Commission was informed requires very strict criteria for a Joseph, and then ”. by the statue’s owner that of “weeping”. miracle that rule out other again over the four over the two weeks before explanations. In this case the days from Holy testing ,the volume criteria have not been met. Thursday to Easter Sunday, and a collected and measured amounted I have therefore withdrawn third time on June 22, the to a large glass hill of oily fluid the statue from public veneration Solemnity of Corpus Christi. The (355ml). Analysis of a sample of within the churches and other process began again on August 15 this oil, provided by the owner, Church properties within the and continued unabated until the found it to be vegetable oil, Archdiocese of Perth. It has been statue was handed over for strongly suggestive of __ returned to its owners. investigation on December 10, olive oil. In addition, 1 No accusations of 2002. It became widely known there were small Conversions and interference are being around the world after a report in globules of another renewed faith that made against anyone. the diocesan newspaper, The substance present At no stage did the have accompanied Church Record, on September 5, 2002. which probably seek donations The Commission, which accounted for the rose visits to the statue from people visiting the convened on November 26, 2002, fragrance. This are the fruits of statue. Donations that at first reviewed all the then suggested that two prayer were spontaneously known facts including the results oils might have been offered have been fully of investigations previously mixed together. In the accounted for and have carried out. view of the Commission, this been directed to works of .mercy The statue was handed to the mixing could be accounted for by among the poor in Bangkok. Commission for testing on physical explanations. Many people have pointed to December 10, 2002 and was During the whole time the the conversions and renewed returned to the owner on statue was under the observation faith that have accompanied visits December 14. 2002. of the Commission it showed no to the statue as proof of its The statue was dried and sign of “weeping”. However, the authenticity. These are the fruits subjected to a number of tests and .weeping” commenced again from of prayer for which we give observations by the Commission December 15 when the statue was thanks to God. and scientists. It was closely returned to its custodians. On They are gifts of God through examined with magnification, XJanuary 9, 2003 when members of Mary’s prayerful intercession, but ray and Cr scan. Enquiries were the Commission, Bishop Sproxton are not necessarily proof that the also made of the statue’s origin and I visited Rockingham to “weeping” is miraculous. Catholic and reports were obtained inspect the statue, it was faith in the goodness of God and regarding the process of “weeping”. Bishop Sproxton His Blessed Mother does not manufacture in Thailand. In gained permission to dry the depend on particular extraordinary conjunction with me, the statue and did so. It did not events.” □ r e c o r d “


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Israeli court orders demolition of mosque near basilica — An Israeli court issued a demolition order on a mosque being constructed next to a Christian holy site in Nazareth. The partially constructed mosque was deemed to have been built illegally and violated previous injunctions against construction on the site, across from the Basilica of the Annunciation, where Mary is believed to have received the news that she would bear Jesus. The court in Nazareth instructed the Waqf, the Muslim religious trust, to demolish the mosque’s cornerstone and foundation by March 9. Over strong Vatican objections, Israeli authorities approved construction of the mosque next to the basilica in 1999. At the time, church officials in the Holy Land said the mosque issue raised serious questions about free access to Christian holy places, which Israel has promised to protect. JERUSALEM

Islamic fundamentalists then took over the site near the basilica, claiming that a tomb adjacent to the school was that of Shihab al-Din, a relative of Islamic warrior Salahadin. They erected a large black tent outside the tomb and put down prayer mats on the site until they finally began construction more than a year ago. Christian leaders said the mosque should be built elsewhere in Nazareth. Some Muslim leaders abroad also asked that the mosque be moved to another site and offered to pay for the construction. In 2001, US President George W. Bush asked Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to withdraw permission for the mosque. In 2002, the Sharon government halted the construction. Salem Sharara, secretary of the Islamic Movement in Nazareth, said an especially large

number of worshippers attended Friday prayers at the mosque March 7 in protest. “We have the decision of two governments to let us build. We will stay on this land with or without a building,” he said. “We understand what we can and cannot do in this state, and we will respect the laws of the land. But we believe this is Waqf land and if (the government) wants to destroy the mosque, let them send people to do it, but we will still be here.” He said he hoped that the time would come when the political atmosphere would be more conducive to such construction and the government would then permit the mosque to be built. Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah of Jerusalem, who has opposed construction of the mosque at the site, was out of the country and could not be reached for comment about the court order. □ c n s

A shorter, simpler catechism soon - Following a request by bishops, Pope John Paul II has ordered the preparation of a shorter, simpler official version of the 865-page “Catechism of the Catholic Church,” the Vatican said. The goal of the new text will be to present the basics of Catholic faith and morals “in a simple and clear manner” and to serve as a reference point for the preparation of local catechetical materials. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has been authorized to create a commission to prepare the new text. The new “Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church” will “allow people believers and not - to embrace in one unified glance the entire panorama of the Catholic faith,”


said the pope. He said the text, to be completed “in a relatively short time,” would be submitted to the world’s cardinals and to presidents of bishops’ conferences before final approval. At an October conference at the Vatican marking the catechism’s 10th anniversary, Cardinal Christoph Schonbom of Vienna, Austria, formally asked the pope to approve the idea of a minicatechism, saying the current volume of more than 2,800 articles of church teaching is too ponderous for many Catholics. The pope, in a letter to Cardinal Ratzinger, said that there was widespread desire for “a brief compendium containing all the fundamental elements of Catholic faith and morals,




Twelve bishops, priests and religious to be canonized - Pope John Paul II and the cardinals who work at the Vatican gave final approval for the canonization of 12 bishops, priests and religious, including the founders of two large missionary orders. During the March 7 meeting for the vote on the sainthood causes, the pope announced that the new saints would be canonized in three separate ceremonies in May and October. He said the two missionary order founders - Blessed Daniele Comboni, 19th-century Italian missionary to Sudan and founder of the Comboni religious orders, and Blessed Arnold Janssen, 19thcentury German founder of the Society of the Divine Word would


Cardinal Ratzinger has been authorised to prepare the new text,



formulated in a simple and clear manner.” The new text, he said, would “faithfully mirror” the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” and would be “an authoritative, sure and complete synthesjs.” □ c n s

i n

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be canonized Oct 5 at the Vatican. Blessed Father Joseph Freinamedetz, an Italian Divine Word missionary who died in China in 1909, will be canonized with them. During a May 4 ceremony, which Vatican officials have said will be held in Spain, the pope will canonize five Spaniards: two priests, two founders of women’s religious orders and a Discalced Carmelite nun. The others — a Polish bishop and three Polish and Italian nuns — will be proclaimed saints during a May 18 Mass at the Vatican.

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Pope: Church must speak out on limits of biomedical research - If the church fails to speak out forcefully about the ethical limits of biomedical research, history - and maybe even scientists - could one day accuse it of culpable silence, Pope John Paul II said. He made his remarks Feb. 24 to about 160 medical researchers and church ethicists participating in a three-day plenary meeting of the Pontifical Academy for Life. “Today, perhaps more than in other times, given the enormous development of biotechnologies even human experimentation - it is necessary that scientists are aware of the impassable limits that the defence of life and of the integrity and dignity of every human being imposes on their research activities,” the pope said. “I have returned to this theme many times because I am convinced that being silent in the face of certain results or claims of human experimentation is not permitted to anyone and much less the church, who would be accused of silence tomorrow by history and maybe by lovers of science themselves,” he said. The pope also appealed to scientists to devote more resources to human procreation studies and finding “natural solutions to the problems of conjugal infertility,” which he called an issue of growing urgency. Though he warned of the ethical dangers of biomedical “manipulation” of humans, the pope said the church “respects and supports scientific research.”


He noted biomedical research had helped overcome lethal and serious diseases and improved the length and quality of human life, especially in the developing world.

But he criticized a growing “extremely serious and unacceptable trench” between wealthy and poor nations in regard to biomedical research and health care.

The pope reaches out to a child at the Pontifical Academy for Life at the Vatican,

The pope said the church sees the moral guidance it gives as a “precious service” because it directs scientific research toward the authentic good of humanity. This means rejecting

“every form of exploitation or destruction of the human being and keeping (research) free from the slavery of political and economic interests,” he said. □ CNS

c n s Photos

New Anglican leader says pope inspired him Free tickets for Mother Teresa’s beatification on Internet ROME - The new Anglican Archbishop

|T h e new Archbishop of Canter] mry ' knocks on the west door of Can terburv Cathedral at the start of the enthronement ceremony. I

of Canterbury said he was inspired by John Paul II's vision of the human person. Rowan Williams said the Pope had outlined a specific vision “on the nature of the human person in the light of Christian theology, and much of what he's written has been an inspiration for me.” Dr. Williams was enthroned in Canterbury Cathedral Feb 27 as worldwide head of the 70-millionmember Anglican Communion. He praised John Paul II for highlighting the common ground shared by Catholics and Anglicans and for "his extraordinary depth of understanding of those theological fundamentals." In a message to the new primate, Pope John Paul said he wanted to continue on the path to full AnglicanCatholic unitv. - CNS. ZENIT

ROME - FREE tickets for the Oct. 19 beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta can be reserved over the Internet.

The official page of Mother Teresa’s cause of beatification is Given the large number of people expected for the event, the organizing committee advises that reservations be made as soon as possible through ordinary mail, fax or e-mail, following the instructions on the official page. The page includes application forms for tickets, which are free. A brief biography of Mother Teresa, and documents relating to her spiritual life, in particular the letters she wrote when she decided to live her mission among the poor of India, and her dramatic letters on “God’s silence.”. □

Sundays March 16 and March 23, 2003 Catholic News

Special Report

A TH R E A T OF WAR Italian peace activists unfurl an 83-foot-long rainbow banner in front o f St P eter’s Basilica on Ash W ednesday.

US Marines run a drill in the Kuwaiti desert in preparation for a possible US-led attack on Iraq, c n s Photos

THE PURSUIT The Church has been at the forefront of the movement to stop the coming of war. Pope John Paul II has warned that a war on Iraq will not only be a defeat for humanity but a “tragedy for religion.” The pope is an extraordinary peacemaker. He never gives up no matter how unpopular the cause or how difficult the way. In the pursuit of peace he uses diplomacy, humanitarian actions and prayer. He constantly calls for prayer and fasting among believers. Church leaders and millions of Catholics everywhere have responded to his call as have many leaders of other faiths and states.

A call to prayer As always, in times of danger and need, Christians and members of other faiths turn to prayer. Prayer, Pope John Paul said, is a Christian’s greatest weapon. Pope John Paul II met Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz at the Vatican Feb 14. The pope asked Iraq for “concrete commitments” to respect UN disarmament resolutions. The next day, Aziz, a Chaldean Catholic, went to the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi at the invitation of the Franciscan friars to pray at the tomb of St Francis, a patron of peace. Papal envoy Cardinal Pio Laghi met President Bush at the White House in Washington March 5 at the request of Pope John Paul II and conveyed a personal message from the pope in opposition to possible US war with Iraq.

A Chaldean Catholic woman holds a rosary during Mass at a church in Baghdad, Iraq, March 3. Catholics in Baghdad number about 175,000.

Come to the Prayer Service fo r P eace at the Cathedral o f the ^ G ood Shepherd on Bras Basah R oad at 7pm on M arch 21. The cerem ony w ill include a reading o f the Psalms. Please bring candles and frien ds fro m other churches and faiths.


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Sundays March 16 and March 23, 2003

---------------- Special Report ---------------------------------

a n d A m e r ic a , a n d I

Singapore’s Inter-Religious Organisation issues peace declaration

a s k th e L o r d to in s p ir e

By Mel Diamse-Lee

“ I a s s u re y o u , M r P r e s id e n t , t h a t I a m p r a y in g f o r y o u

y o u to s e a rc h f o r th e w a y o f a s ta b le p e a c e , th e n o b le s t o f h u m a n e n d e a v o rs ”

-jPope John Paul II to President George Bush

Malaysians against attack on Iraq Malaysians shouted slogans against a possible U.S.-led war on Iraq during a peace rally in Kuala Lumpur Feb. 23. About 100,000 people gathered at the Bukit Jalil Stadium for the demonstration.

The Council of Churches of Malaysia also planned a Rally for Peace on March 9 and expected 5000 people, Christians and others, to attend. The Council’s General Secretary, Rev Hermen Shastri said the Council felt that the Churches should once again take a clear and visible action for peace and show solidarity with the Muslims in this common cause.

SUPPORTED by religious leaders and followers of various faiths, the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) of Singapore issued a declaration for peace and urged all believers to pray for this intention. The declaration recognised the grave threats to world peace, such as “the imminent war in Iraq, the volatile situation in the Middle East, and uneasy stand-off between the USA and North Korea, and the worldwide threat of terrorism.”

It says that the IRO “registers its religious and moral conscience and manifests its deep desire for world peace through the collective prayers of the IRO” represented by the major religions namely, Hinduism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and Baha’i. “In solidarity with peace-loving people everywhere, we pray that innocent lives be protected and we declare that violence and war is an affront to humanity and that

terrorism can never justified. We believe that conflict should be resolved through peaceful means,” the declaration continues. “Strengthened by our religious convictions, we encourage our brothers and sisters in Singapore to pray in this time of distress. May we be spared from the tragedy of war. May we work towards peace and harmony for all human beings.” In her speech at the opening of the gathering, IRO president, Canossian Sister Theresa Seow,

The Mufti of Singapore, Syed Isa Bin Mohd Bin Semait, reads the IRO convocation to end the March 2 gathering. Behind him are Christian representatives Bishop Kang Ho Soon and Bishop (retired) Yap Kim Hao (partly hidden) of the Methodist Church, Master Li Zhiwang from the Taoist Federation and Dr K. Gunaratana from the Buddhist community.

stressed that the prayer gathering was called not to show solidarity with the millions of people worldwide protesting against war but to “express our unity with the many more millions who do not have a voice and those whose voices are not heard - their cry and plea for world peace especially in their homelands. “We are here to express our solidarity for the millions of innocent men, women and children who are already suffering from ongoing hardships imposed on them because of economic sanctions and poverty,” Sr Theresa told some 100 religious leaders, priests, laity and media representatives. The gathering also remembers the families who fear losing loved ones in the war, she added. The IRO felt “the urgency and the need to pray and to plead to God... to pour into every human heart the grace of compassion, forgiveness and peace. We pray that by our faith and our prayer we may continue to speak and intercede for our brothers and sisters who have no one to plead for them in their hours of need,” she said. She also called on the Bahai community, whose month-long fast began that day, to offer their fast for peace and pointed out to the religious leaders the need to pray constantly as a community as well as individually, for the needs of those who are suffering and are living with an uncertain future. □

“ A n a tta c k o n Ir a q n o w w o u ld be u n ju s tifie d

jiti war demonstrators in Hollywood, USA.

N o to W a r Y e s to P e a c e CatholicDiocese of MULTAN. Mexican nun, Sister Maria Luz Rodriquez Lopez was among a group of Mexicans who were traveling to Iraq on March 5 to act as human shields if the United States begins an assault on Iraq.

Pakistanis joined a Catholic rally in the Punjab provincial city of Multan in Feb.The local diocese organized the demonstration as the United States strengthened its talk about a potential attack on Iraq.

School children were at a demonstration in the southern Indian city of Bangalore Feb. 24.


Sundays March 16 and March 23, 2003 Catholic News

The Word Of God D o n ot p reten d to be w h at w e a re n ot w hen going to Je su s

T r a n s fig u r a tio n : E n c o u ra g e m e n t f o r d a rk d a y s

Sunday. March 16

Sunday, March 23

Mark 9:2-10

John 2:13-25

ID JESUS show himself to Peter, James, and John so radiantly transfigured as an encouragement to carry them through the dark times to come? A prayer in the liturgy for the Feast of the Transfiguration affirms that purpose: “Jesus revealed his glory to the disciples to strengthen them for the scandal of the cross.” Surely the bewildered disciples must have held onto the memory of this mysterious event - a preview of Jesus’ resurrected glory - when they didn’t know what to make of their Master’s crucifixion. Yet imagine how much more clearly the disciples must have grasped the meaning of Jesus’ transfiguration after he was raised from the dead and the Spirit came to them at Pentecost! In later years, Peter still vividly recalled this profound experience, describing himself as an eyewitness to Jesus’ “majesty” (2 Peter 1:16-18). Evidently, he drew strength from the event, as

ON’T LET your guard down.” “Put up a false front.” “Laugh on the outside, even when you’re crying on the inside.” These and other common expressions point to a truth about human beings: We are not always what we seem to be. We have a tendency to wear a mask, hiding our real feelings, thoughts, and motives in order to maintain respect or win approval. When Jesus worked signs at the Passover feast in Jerusalem, many people believed in him (John 2:23). Yet there must have been something about their intentions toward him that was untrustworthy. Later, Jesus confronted a similar group of would-be followers concerning their misguided motivation: “You are looking for me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves” (6:26). Those who believed in Jesus at the Passover feast kept their intentions hidden. But Jesus could see into their hearts, and he



Raphael’s Transfiguration

he remembered and pondered it the rest of his life. Jesus wants to give each of us a vision for our own lives. But his ways of communicating with us are sometimes mysterious. We may be uncertain how to respond to a Scripture passage that has come alive for us. We may not know what to make of impressions and insights we receive from the Lord. But the fact that we can’t unravel these mysteries right away doesn’t mean we should disregard them. Treasure them in your heart, as the disciples did (Mark 9:10). Write them down in a prayer journal. Remind yourself of them often, and watch to see how they

gradually bear fruit. At the age of nine, St. John Bosco had a dream in which he saw wild beasts turn into gentle lambs and unruly children become well behaved. The dream convinced him he was called to care for neglected boys as a priest and teacher. But it took many years-and occasional upsetsbefore the dream became a reality. There were many times when he was tempted to give up. But he held firm, trusting in God’s faithfulness. Like John Bosco, let’s hold fast to every way we have sensed God moving in us. God has a vision for each one of us, and that vision will unfold as we trust in him. □

decided not to trust himself to them (2:24). Jesus wants to have a lifegiving relationship with us. For that, we must drop our facadesour false fronts and relate to him as we are. He wants us to come to him not only with what is good in us but also with what is not good: our weakness, our selfishness, our sin. He wants us to be honest with him so that he can heal us and make us into a new creation. He knows that if we try to impress him, pretending to be something we’re not, we end up limiting our ability to receive from him the help we need. This Lent, we have a perfect opportunity to come to the Lord as we really are. It’s a perfect time to examine our lives honestly. This is the only way we’ll be able to take advantage of the grace of this season - the grace of purification by the Lord. At Mass today, ask the Lord to help you to be yourself with him. When you receive Communion, come to him as you really are. Open your heart to him and let his transforming power work on the real you. □

The Creation of the Woman Gen 2 : 18-24

U N D ER S TA N D IN G T H E OLD TESTA M EN T BY REV AMBROSE VAZ, SSL Professor Of Sacred Scripture St Francis Xavier Major Seminary

2:18 : “It is not good that the man should be alone” : Here, the narrator is emphasising something of peculiar importance to the human creature : community! The reflection of the Creator, that this is not yet the true human being that he had intended, elevates the bisexuality of the human race from something taken for granted, to the realm of conscious reflection. 2:19-20: The uniqueness of the community between two human beings is contrasted with the possibility of community between man and animal. It is left to the man to discover how the animals can help him. His naming them shows his God-given mastery over them; he arranges them in his world.

Michaelangelo’s Creation o f Eve

2:21-25: The creation of the woman from one of man’s ribs is not intended to be a factual description, and must not be so understood. Rather, it explains at once the intimate relationship between the man and the woman in the process of creation itself. It shows an affinity between man and woman such as is not possible between humans and animals. The

affinity is expressed poetically in the jubilant cry of verse 23, with its word-play on “man” (Hebrew ‘ish) and “woman” (Hebrew ‘issah)

“helper” : here, “helper” is meant in its broadest sense - not only for work or procreation, but for mutual help in all spheres of human existence. 2:24-25: Sex is not regarded as evil but as a God-given impulse that draws a man and a woman together so that they become one flesh. The two were unashamedly naked, a symbol of their guiltless relation to God and to one another! Some commentators see 2:25 as beginning the next section - 3:1-7 - since “crafty” (3 :1 ) plays on the ostensibly similar Hebrew root ‘arum, i.e.. “naked” in 2:25. The episode ends in 3:7, when the couple’s eyes are opened, not in wisdom, but in shame, as they become aware that they are naked.

N ext: Temptation and Sin

Catholic News


Sundays March 16 and March 23,2003

Viewpoint CatholicNews

T h e c h a lle n g e s to p e a c e

EDITOR: Msgr Eugene Vaz MANAGER: Rev. Fr. Johnson Fernandez STAFF C O RR ESPO N D EN T:

Ms. Mel Diarase-Lee


For administrative matters: 2 Highland Road #01-03 Singapore 549102 Tel: 6-858-3055 Fax: 6-858-2055 Email: cathnew s@

For editorial matters: email: cnedit@ Please include your full name, address, telephone no. and e-mail address. Cardinal Edward Egan, Archishop of New York. CNS Photo

“We’re asking for reflection not only on whether a war would be just or unjust, moral or immoral, but also whether it is opportune to irritate a billion followers of Islam,” - Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Angelo Sodano commenting on a possible American attack on Iraq

“When it comes to our security, we really don’t need anybody’s permission.”

This is the text o f an address given by Cardinal E dw ard Egan at a Jan 29 international theologians videoconference organized by the Vatican Congregation fo r Clergy.

- President George Bush

Child labours for less than 50 cents a day

centerpiece of his encyclical. ORTY years ago the world The first of these requirements seemed to many to be on the is truth. No war of any dimension, brink of war, a war that could he noted, may be legitim ately prove to be the death-knell of declared or pursued without clear humanity. The Berlin Wall was and certain knowledge of a clear and dividing East and West, and the two certain danger. Thus it is that in our sides were engaged in a frantic arms current crisis, men and women of race with each producing huge good will across the world are stores of w eapons of mass supporting and applauding the work destruction. In addition, the Cuban of the weapons inspectors of the Missile Crisis held the world in the U nited N ations. T heir task is grip of fear. The most serious of difficult. No one will threats were being made, deny this. But it is also and it appeared that essential. The truth of humankind was stumbling If clear and the danger m ust be toward the worst armed present danger established beyond any conflict in history. cannot be doubt. It was in this context And should that truth that Blessed John XXIII demonstrated, penned his m asterful justice requires be set clearly before encyclical “ Pacem in that no conflict us, the second and third of Pope Jo h n ’s Terris” It was a plea for be engaged. “requirem ents of the peace, but it was more human spirit” come into than just a plea. It laid out play. If clear and present danger a strategy for peace as valid and cannot be demonstrated, justice compelling today as it was in 1963. requires that no conflict be engaged. In his message on the occasion Without certitude, we are never of the World Day of Peace this free to destroy life. Justice must month, Pope John Paul II directed always rule when life is in the our attention to this m asterful balance. statement of Blessed John XXIII, And when the clear and present pointing especially to those four danger is confirm ed, even then “requirements of the human spirit” Blessed John XXIII has another which Pope John had made the

If somebody were to ask me about war... BY Arlene Klvne When the sky that w e lo o k upon, Starts to crum ble a nd fa ll, A n d the m ountains sho u ld crum ble to the sea.. I w on t cry, I won t cry, no.. I w on t be afraid J u st as long, as y o u stand.. sta n d by me.

WAS inspired by this song one morning in the bus. The lyrics seemed to speak to my hopes and fears concerning this whole war issue, especially the part about the sky crumbling and the mountains crying and falling to the sea. These images bring to mind world disasters, the end of the w orld-w hich I’m afraid might just happen! The thought of war on such a major scale terrifies me and I don’t want it to happen. That’s because I fear it could very well lead to World War III and the end for us all. What is my view on this war or any other war for that matter? To quote a Culture Club song:


SIX-YEAR-OLD Tanjila sifts pieces of coal in the eastern Indian city of Calcutta.Tanjila is among about 1,000 child labourers paid 10 to 15 rupees — (about 35 to 50 cents) — a day by a coal distributor. India reports that about 18 million children work instead of going to school, though activists say about 55 million children are working in hazardous industries. India has promised to eradicate child labour by the year 2020. □ CNS photos If Jesus were Tanjila’s ,parent, or the distributor or you...

What would Jesus do ?

“War, war’s stupid and people are there’s fighting in my heart, fighting in my head won’t somebody help me..!” I used to be in the Army and I took pride in being a uniformed military personnel. I’m very thankful though, that I was never at risk of being thrown into the war zone, ours being a peaceful nation. I fear for the lives of the Iraqi people, defenceless civilians who are for sure going to be the main casualties in this war. They don’t deserve this, and I hope there will be minimum casualties and that it ends quickly. I cheer with hope every time I see an obstacle to the war being put up - and I’m happy to say I’ve seen many! I’m also afraid its impact will further strain the relations between us Christians and the Muslims. I don’t want to have to fear anything from a Muslim or an Arab. Someday I hope to visit the Middle East, and I hope peace will no longer be an illusion by then. The acts of prayer and fasting

“requirement of the human spirit” to com m end to our attention compassion. We proceed in all of our dealings with our brothers and sisters under God with justice, yes, but also with concern, understanding and charity. We do not rush into conflict. We enter into it, if we must, with measure, with moderation, and with respect for every child of God. Truth, justice, and compassion these are the three “requirements of the human spirit” that Pope John XXIII proposed to the world on the brink of conflict 40 years ago; and he added that they must be brought into play on the basis of his fourth requirement, freedom. We are all fashioned in the image and likeness of the Almighty and endowed with the capacity to know and to choose. This makes us the noblest of the Lord’s visible creation, and it lays upon us a great burden as well. Before our God and our fellow human beings, we address the issue of war as wise, thoughtful, prayerful children of the one Father in heaven. We exercise our freedom in a manner worthy of our dignity, that is, with truth, justice and compassion. And all of this we do, trusting in a loving, provident God, and guided by a wise and caring Church. □

in solidarity with the rest of the peace-hungry world and churning out this article are my way of participating in the anti-war campaign. I also try to spread messages of optimism, hope and faith. Also I cling to my faith, my conviction that God will keep us

safe from destruction, and that there will still be a morning after - and a future to look forward to - for all of us. If He’s standing by us, and if we stand by each other, we’ll be alright - but keep Him in our midst we must. Peace always to all of us. □

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In Memory Do you rem em b er th em ?

Third Anniversary

Fourth Anniversary

Sixth Anniversary

In loving m em ory o f

In loving m em ory of

In loving m em ory of



Passed away peacefully on March 21, 2000

But still the empty chair Rem inds us o f the face, the smile, O f one w ho once sat there. Fondly remembered by wife, children, grandchildren and loved ones.

SHEPHERDSON NORBERT FRANCIS Departed: Mar 18, 1997 W hen som eone you love becom es a memory, the memory becom es a treasure. Deeply m issed and always loved by family and loved ones.

In loving m em ory of

Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero Slain Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero is pictured in an undated file photo. Oscar Amulfo Romero was bom in Ciudad Barrios, El Salvador, in 1917. He was assassinated March 24, 1980, while celebrating Mass in the chapel of San Salvador’s Hospital of Divine Providence. He was a vigorous defender of the power­ less and the poor and a critic of unjust military and government actions during a time of civil unrest in his country. _ c n s photo

Book on missionary to Singapore - A missionary who touched the lives of many in Singapore and Malaysia, the late Monsignor Ignatius John Aloysius, is being remembered in a book “My Soul Proclaims the Greatness of the Lord”. Mgr Aloysius died in 1994. The book tells his life in photographs, interviews and reflections and has been produced by his nephews and nieces. Mgr Aloysius came to Malaya in 1910 and was ordained a priest in 1929 in College General, Penang. PENANG

The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Singapore was among the many parishes he served. He became the first Vicar General of the Diocese of Penang in 1955, at the same time that he was parish priest of the Church of St Francis Xavier, a post he held until his retirement in May 1982 at 79. Mgr Aloysius founded St Louis Orphanage in Taiping and promoted Societies like the Catholic Young Men’s Association of Singapore. □ HERALD

v ili, 1 T H R E E C R O W N S A U T O E N T E R P R IS E ■W . T H R E E C R O W N S C R E D IT PTE LTD


D e a l i n g in u s e d Cars, In s u ra n c e a n d F in a n c e “ W e a ls o o f f e r b e s t p r ic e s f o r y o u r o l d c a r s . ” Thomson / Tagore Used Car Centre Lot 19 (81-T, Tagore Lane) Singapore 787520 Tel: 6455-0822 (5 Lines) Fax: 6455-7204

A lfre d Koh 6552-5550 9456-7818


A to A y O F P K A l / E K W



t . F r ttn c is

£ *n t t S t

C tc tre

“P r a is e b e Y o u m y L o r d , w i t h a l l y o u r c r e a tu r e s e s p e c ia lly B r o t h e r S u n , w h o is t h e d a y a n d t h r o u g h w h o m y o u g i v e u s a lig h t. ” T h e C a n t i c l e — S t F r a n c is o f A s s is i

C O M E an d ex p erien ce th e L ove o f G o d w ith th e jo y o f St. Francis & St. Clare! P raise an d w o rsh ip th e Lord w ith St. Francis! G aze u p o n th e Lord w ith St. Clare! A d ore th e Lord w ith Franciscan C o n tem p la tio n ! C o m e to th is d a y o f prayer led b y Sr. F loren ce W o n g , F M D M . a n d E u ch aristic M ass celeb rated b y Fr. G erard V icto r, O F M . For enquiries: Pauline Tan 6 5 8 3 -0 0 5 6 , MaryClaire Fan 9 6 2 0 -7 7 6 8 or email: m dairefan@ hotm Registration form s can also be obtained from the parish office. '_____________________________________________ £ D ate: 1 M a y 2 0 0 3 (P u b lic H o lid a y ) T im e: 9 a m to 6 p m (M ass at 5 p m ) V enue: F M M H o u s e o f Prayer & F orm ation 4 9 H o lla n d R oad S in gap ore 2 5 8 8 4 9 C ost: $ 2 0 p er p articip an t O rg a n is e d b y S t. C la re F ra te rn ity , S e c u la r F ra n c is c a n O r d e r





Issue Cheque for $20 payable to: Marian Benny, do Blk 185. #08-68, Pasir Ris St 11, Singapore 510185. Closing Date: 20 April 2003.

Peacefully sleeping, resting at last The w orld’s weary troubles and trials are past. In silence he suffered, in patience he bore. Till God called him home to suffer no more. Always remembered by wife, children, grand children and loved ones.

May the m ost Sacred H eart o f Jesus be praised, adored and glorified throughout the w hole world now and forever. Amen. G rateful thanks to Alm ighty Father, our Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for answering our prayers. Please continue to bless and guide our family with good health and success. Thank you M other M ary for your prayers and intercession. Continue to bless and intercede for our petitions to be answ ered. S.K.Lim O h Holy St Jude Thaddeus A postle and martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsm an o f Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor o f all who invoke your special patronage in time of need, to you I have recourse from the depth o f my heart and humbly beg to whom G od has given such great pow er to com e to my assistance. Help m e in my urgent petitions. In return I prom ise to m ake your name know n and cause you to be invoked. Thank you St Jude for all your prayers answered. Continue to bless pray and intercede for me and m y family always.

S.K.Lim O Holy St Jude, apostle and martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsm an o f Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in tim es of need. To you I have recourse from the depth o f m y heart and hum bly beg you to whom God has given such great pow er to com e to my assistance. Help me in my present urgent petition. In return I prom ise to make your name know n and cause you to be invoked. St Jude pray for me and all who invoke your aid. Humbly in need of your intercession. Amen. Thank you for answ ering my prayers. D ear Jesus, M other M ary and St Jude, Thank you for answ ering my prayers again. Please continue to pray for my family and me. W ith love



Tenth Anniversary

Departed: Mar 20,1999 W e cannot forget you O ur loved one so dear; Y our m em ory grows S weeter year after year. Always rem em bered by wife Agnes, Jackie and Jude. M ass will be celebrated at Church o f St Joseph, Victoria St on M ar 20, 2003 at 6 pm.

In loving memory of

In fond m em ory of

Departed: Mar 18,1999

Seventh Anniversary In loving m em ory of

Third Anniversary

Fourth Anniversary

In loving m em ory of

In loving m em ory of




Departed: Feb 27,2000

Departed: Mar 21, 1999 Not only today but Four years have every day we can feel passed away you in our lives. We Deep in our hearts know y o u ’re w atching you will stay and praying for each of The memory of you us. We love you and is as dear today will alw ays m iss you. As in the hour Alw ays cherished God took him away. by your loving wife, Fondly cherished by children and all loved w ife and loved ones.

Twenty-First Anniversary In everloving m em ory of

Nineteenth Anniversary In everloving m em ory of

MICHAEL WONG TENG KIAN JOSEPH LEONG SEONG YIN Departed: Mar 19,1993 A lthough ten years have gone, Deep in our hearts the pain remains. But our love for you still lingers on until we m eet again. Sadly m issed by loving wife, sons, sisters-in-law and loved ones.

Departed: Mar 15, 1996 I dream of you, dear loved one, A nd see your sm iling face, A nd know that you are happy In your F ather’s chosen place. Always remembered by loved ones.

Twentieth Anniversary

VIVIEN MARY PETERS Departed: Mar 23,1977 Just a thought of sweet rem em brance, Just a memory sad and true, Just the love and sweet devotion, O f one w ho thinks o f you. Sadly m issed by M arsha and all loved

In loving m em ory of

Seventh Anniversary

Fourth Anniversary

In loving memory of

In loving m em ory of

JOSEPH LEK SONG POH Departed: Mar 28, 1982 U pright and just in all his ways, Loyal and true through all his days, Silently suffered, patiently bore, God took him home to suffer no more. Always remembered by loving wife, children, daughters-inlaw and grandchildren. M ay he rest in peace.

Eighth Anniversary

ARTHUR HOOI WEI LIN Departed: Mar 26, 1984 I dream of you, dear loved one, and see your smiling face, and know that you are happy In your Father’s chosen place. A lw ays rem em bered by mum , dad, sister and all loved ones.

Sixth Anniversary In loving m em ory of

In the never ending and everloving m em ory of

ANTOINETTE MARTIN JAMES HEATHCLIFF ZEHNDER Called to be with the Lord on Mar 18, 1996 Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. M ay he rest in peace, Amen. Lovingly remembered by sister Valerie, brothers Patrick, Desmond, Barry and loved ones.

Third Anniversary In memoriam

Departed:Mar 27,1983 The depths o f sorrow we cannot tell, O f the loss o f one we love so well, And while she sleeps a peaceful sleep, Her m em ory we shall alw ays keep. Deeply m issed by father, mother, sister and relatives. M ass w ill be held at Church o f O ur Lady of Lourdes on M ar 27, 2003 at 6 pm.

HENRY MANUAL PEREIRA Called home to be with the Lord on Mar 18,1999 You will live on forever in God and in our hearts. M ay your soul rest in peace. A lw ays and dearly rem em bered by wife, children, son-in-law, daughter-in-law , grand-children and loved ones.

Third Anniversary Eighteenth Anniversary In everloving m em ory of

In loving m em ory of D ear Bob, Pa / G randpa


NICHOLAS PILLAI Departed:M ar 23,1995 D ear father, since you w ent away, The ones you loved so true, Try hard to carry on the way W e know y ou’d want us to. Forever remembered by wife M ary Pillai, daughter D orothy, sonin-law M artin, grandchildren Patricia, A drian and Andrea.

MRS CONSTANCE MARSH NEE GOMES CONSTANCE Bom: M ar 28, 1926 Called to eternal rest on Jan 10, 1997 in Singapore Age: 71 The years may wipe out many things But this they’ll wipe out never; T he m em ory of those happy days W hich we had spent together. Always remembered by loved ones.

In loving memory of


ALEC CROWTHER FERGUSSON, 66 (14 M arch, 1934 to 26 M arch 2000), H is life was earnest, his actions kind, A generous hand and an active mind, W illing to please, loath to offend, A dear mentor and faithful friend. M ass to be celebrated At St Ignatius Church On Sunday 22 March, 2003 at 6 pm. Sadly m issed by Law Partner Mrs A lice Tan o f A C Fergusson & Partners . 20 H avelock Road #03-15 Central Square Singapore 059765 Tel: 6435 9181 Fax: 6435 9180

T. V. PUNNOOSE Departed: Mar 22, 1985 His helping hand was alw ays first To render any aid he could; His voice w as always raised in praise, His words were wise and good. D ear Father, since you went away, The ones you loved so true, Try hard to carry on the way W e know y ou’d want us to. Alw ays remembered by wife, children and loved ones.

LIONEL YONG Departed:Mar 23,2000 In our hearts your m em ory lingers, Sw eetly tender, fond and true, There is not a day, dear B ob/Pa grand/pa, That w e do not think o f you. Lovingly remembered and dearly m issed by w ife Teresa, D aughter Carol, son Andre, sonin-law Seng Chang and grandson Ke Bin. Mass will be celebrated at the Church of the N ativity on Sunday M arch 23, 2003 at 5.30 pm.

SABASTIAN DAVID D ep arted : M a r 22, 1995

T im e changes m a n y th in g s B u t n o t th e m e m o ry T h is d a y b rin g s . A lw a y s re m e m b e re d by w ife: M arad a s S a u re m u th u , daughter: M ary L e n g k a h , so n -in -law : R o b ert, granddau g th er: M ary an n , g ra n d so n -in -la w : E d w in , b ro th e rs, siste r-in -la w , sisters and b ro th e r-in -la w s, g ra n d c h ild re n , g re a t­ g ra n d c h ild re n an d lo v ed ones. M ass w ill b e h e ld at C h u rch o f C hrist the K ing a t 5 .3 0 pm on M arch 22, 2003.

Catholic News


Sundays March 16 and March 23, 2003

"I a m th e resurrection an d th e life He w ho b elieves in m e shall n e v e r d ie .” Sixteenth Anniversary In loving memory o f

BASIL CLARENCE PAUL Bom: Jan 1,1970 Departed: Mar 24,1987 Mass at Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Singapore at 6 pm on Saturday M ar 22,2003. Remembered by all loved ones.

In loving m em ory o f


Thirteenth Anniversary

In Memory

He had a smile, a pleasant way, A helping hand to all he knew, He w as kind, generous and true, O n earth he nobly did his best; G rant him , Jesus, heavenly rest. Lovingly rem em bered and sadly missed by wife Maysie, children, grand­ children, great­ grandchildren and all those dear to him. In loving m em ory o f

In loving m em ory o f

In loving memory o f

FLORA AROKIAMARY PAUL Departed: Mar 14, 1990

DANIEL DHANESHAN ACHUTHAN Departed: Mar 20,1995 The years may wipe out many things. But this they’ll wipe out never, The memory o f those happy days Which we had spent together. Remembered by loved ones.

G od know s how m uch we miss her, N ever shall her m em ory fade; O ur loving thoughts ever w ander, To the spot w here she is laid. D eeply m issed and fondly rem em bered by husband, A.S. Paul, children, grand­ children, great-grand­ children and loved

FIRST ANNIVERSARY In loving memory o f

FREDDIE MORAES Departed: Mar 26,1986 Just a thought o f sweet rem em brance, Just a m em ory sad and true, Just the love and sweet devotion. O f one who thinks of you. A lw ays rem em bered by loved ones, especially his grand­ daughter.

Third Anniversary

Second Anniversary

In lo v in g m e m o ry o f

In loving m em ory of

St John of the Cross / St Teresa o f Jesus

D e p arted : M a r 13, 2000

“1 th a n k m y G o d e v e r y tim e , I r e m e m b e r yo u . In a ll m y p r a y e r s f o r y o u , I a lw a y s p r a y w ith j o y ."

In loving memory of

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HENRY TAN KENG ANN Departed: March 19, 2001 You are gone, dear father G one beyond the world o f tears But in our hearts you live And always w ill in memory. L ovingly remembered by children, grandchildren and all loved ones. M ass w ill be celebrated at 6.00 pm, Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at Church o f St M ichael.

Departed: M ar 17,1992 M ar 15, 2000

P le a s e tu rn to p a g e 12 fo r m o r e “In M e m o r ia m ” a n n o u n c e m e n ts an d c la s s ifie d a d v e r tis e m e n ts .

• Catholic male & female specialist embalmers. Note: Female embalmer will attend to all female deceased.

Tel: 6454-8167, 6456-7423 Fax: 6458-2151


Always loved and remembered by children and loved ones.

Dear Papa and Mummy, You are fondly remembered and cherished. We love you dearly. Memories of you will never fade away. Forever remembered by: Sons: Francis, Johnson and Merwyn. Daughters: Shirley and Silvia sons-in-law, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Blk 37, Sin Ming Drive, #01-575 Singapore 575711

In loving memory o f

God took them hom e, it was H is will, But in our hearts w e love them still, Their memory is as dear today A s in the hour they passed away. We often sit and think o f them W hen w e are all alone, For m emory is the only friend That grief can call its own.

• Complete & dignified funeral arrangements by professional and caring staff.


Directors: Philip Tan

Eighteenth Anniversary



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Your R ight C hoice....

Blk38, #01-527/531, SinMing Drive, Singapore 575712 Tel: 6451-4496

M asse s w ill b e o ffered fo r the rep o se o f W in n ie ’s soul in the C h u rc h o f C hrist T he K in g at 6.15 am on T h u rsd a y M arch 13 an d a t 6.15 p m on S un d ay M arch 16.

You toiled all those years for us. You helped countless people, And then you had to go. To eternal peaceful rest, Prom ised to the just and honest.

Trinity Casket Pie Ltd

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Departed: March 8, 2002

R em em bered forever w ith grateful thanks and deeply m issed by your family, relatives and friends.

In loving memory of Thirtieth Anniversary Third Anniversary

W hat w ould I give to clasp her hand. Her happy face to see. To h ear h er voice and see her smile, That meant so m uch to me.


Eleventh Anniversary Third Anniversary

Departed: Mar 26, 2001

H e r s m ilin g fa c e and p le a sa n t w ays A re a p le a su re to recall S h e h a d a k in d w o rd fo r e v eryone A n d d ie d b e lo v e d b y all. W e w ill love an d m iss yo u alw ays Y o u r lo v in g h u sb an d Freddie T h e fam ilies: B arb ara, S alm a, D oris, P rissy, Q u in te n , H e len , W illy , G lad y s, Ju lie, A llan, Jock, V era, B ernice C am p b ell, re la tiv e s an d friends. D r Jea n P au l an d M rs R o Ly. A n ita L o u ise H o p e , D oris T h o m as, P a t P h u a, P at K w o k C o C om m issio n er, In the G irl G u id e M ovem ent. Frs T im o th y , Jo h n so n F ern an d ez, and all lo v ed ones.

SECOND ANNIVERSARY In loving memory of

Keeping you in spirit with us, Your children and grandchildren and all who know and love you.



Eighth Anniversary D earest father/husband. In loving m em ory o f

“SU FFER IN G FOR G O D IS BETTER TH A N W O RK IN G M IR A C LES”, “All things pass away... God alone is changeless, God alone suffices”

W ith love and sw eet rem em brance by beloved wife Jenny, children (including GEORGE N. RAMA Angeline), grandchildren, relatives CHANDRAN Departed: Mar 23, 1995 and friends.

(Philippians 1:4) Dearest Pa, you are one o f the very best w ho deserves G od’s eternal heavenly rest.

For all those w ho have no one to pray for them - w e pray to the Lord.

JOSEPH CHOO KIM CHWEE Departed: Mar 28, 1985 Tim e takes away the edge o f grief But memory turns back every leaf G one from our lives one so dear But in our hearts forever near. M ass w ill be celebrated at Church o f the H oly Family on Mar 28, 2003 at 6.15 pm. D eeply m issed by loving w ife, children and grandchildren.

“7 4 e

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What should we say to children about war? BY Mary Jo Pedersen

ALK of war surrounds us. Seldom does news coverage on television, the Internet, radio or in the print media lack photos or live coverage of matters related to . war. Talk of war and reports on war are in our family rooms, our kitchens and even our bedrooms. Like coverage of the weekend sporting events, there is always talk of the “game plan” and “our chances of winning.” In conversations with parents I often am asked, “When talk of war becomes a national pastime and support of war is a test of patriotism, what do we say to our children?” There is no easy answer. Whether you are in favor of war or not, I believe it is important to let children know that war is not the best way to settle disagreements. A steady diet of photographic depictions of war is unhealthy for small children, and if we cheer the use

A barefoot Iraqi child looks on as UNICEF teams carry out a vaccination campaign in the poor neighborhood of Saddam city in Baghdad . The agency was making contingency plans before a possible war in Iraq focusing on clean water access and acceler ating a measles vaccination programme.


Pray for those involved in the war, those on both sides and their families. Iraqi children light candles at St Joseph’s Chaldean Catholic Church in Baghdad during a Mass celebrated by Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, Pope John Paul II’s personal peace envoy to Iraq.

of violence, we send a message to children who already have their plates full of violent games and toys. Children will express fears and concerns about war, so parents do well to give some thought to how they will respond before the questions are upon them. I’d like to offer a few suggestions glearied from the observations of parents who have raised their children in the midst of intensive war coverage over the last two decades.

Make sacrifices and offer humanitarian support for those involved in the war. A U.S. soldier lies low in the Kuwaiti desert near the border with Iraq . One military chaplain said separation from family is what most concerns those heading for duty in the Middle East.

Do not glorify war. God is on the side of peace.

thing when the media shows bombing raids and successful target strategies. Of course, we adults can keep informing ourselves about current talk of war and explain some of the realities of war that we understand well, such as how families lose their homes and their jobs in a war and often can’t

HE FIRST observation is that the ages of one’s children will determine how much to explain to them about war. But whatever the age of children in a household, parents can give them a realistic view of war by putting a family face on it. For example, explain to children that somebody’s dad or brother, son or daughter is in very great danger in the war. Talk about the human costs of war. Again, try praying daily for those involved in the war, those on


both sides and their families. Consider including prayer for peace in your family prayer time at meals or bedtime. Second, when it comes to children of primary school age, limiting the amount of television time spent watching war coverage is all to the good. Media and military reports have a tendency to glorify war. I didn’t want my children to buy into the glory part of war. Small children can get war video games mixed up in their minds with the real

get food or medical care in war zones. A third observation encourages us to be careful how we talk about God’s will when it comes to matters of war. What message really is conveyed when we say such things as “God is on our side” or “God wanted Uncle Bill (who died in the war) to go to heaven”? God did not create war; people did. God surely wills people to live in peace. War is a last resort. The fourth observation calls attention to the possibility of offering humanitarian support, if possible, for those involved in the war. This involves making some sacrifices at home in order to give to people whose lives are affected by war. Part of the point here is to do

The son of a 75-year-old Palestinian farmer kisses his father’s body as his grandsons watch . The farmer was collecting grass for his sheep near an Israe li settlement when he was shot.

People get hurt and killed in a war. something intentional for peace. This may mean seeking out ways to involve yourself and your family locally or nationally - in whatever ways are possible for you. Some families can send money, some can contribute in other ways to humanitarian efforts. You know what is best for you. But consider doing something positive for peace. The fifth observation points up the value of teaching children how to resolve conflicts without violence. Children can learn that

violence and war are not the only solutions to difficult issues. Show your children that hitting and physically hurting others do not solve problems or settle differences but just create more problems-and differences. It is possible if we think things through to teach our children how to negotiate and settle conflicts with their heads and with words rather than with violence. If you want help doing that, the Parenting for Peace and Justice Network (Institute for Peace and Justice, 4144 Lindell, No. 408, St. Louis, MO 63108; has practical and helpful resources to help you. CNS. CNS PHOTOS

(P ed ersen is co o rd in a to r o f the L ea d ersh ip in F a m ily L ife T raining P ro g ra m f o r the A rch d io cese o f O m aha, U SA .)

Catholic News

Sundays March 16 and March 23, 2003


---------------------------------- Young Catholics

Four deacons ordained strong urge to be a priest. I prayed for discernment and OUR deacons felt eventually decided to enter the tremendous joy during seminary,” he said. He was their ordination presided greatly encouraged by four by Archbishop Nicholas Chia. relatives in the Religious life, The ordination was held at the namely Redemptorist Brother Church of St Anne on Feb 24. Celestine Toh, Infant Jesus The newly ordained deacons Sisters Joan Tay and Irene Pang are Brothers Stanislaus Pang, and the late Good Shepherd Aloysius Ong, Peter Zhang and Sister Anne Marie Tay. Lusius Nimu. Brother Aloysius, 38, also Brother Stanislaus, 43, a joined the St Francis Xavier parishioner of the Church of the Major Seminary to become a Holy Spirit, is now attached to diocesan priest eight years ago. the Church of Our Lady of He has been assigned to the Perpetual Succour in Siglap. Church of the Holy Family. He remembered how he was A former software developer drawn to the priesthood. with Reuters, he felt the first promptings to enter the “I was 33 .1 was with the Holy Spirit parish choir and had priesthood during the final years of his university .He majored in worked as a chemical engineer for nine years. During the computer science. “It just following two years, I had a came,” he said in wonder. By Peter Ooi


Newly ordained deacons (from left) Lusius Nimu, Peter Zhang, Stanislaus Pang and Aloysius Ong at their ordination at the Church of St Anne on Feb 24.

Brother Aloysius has an uncle who is a priest in Kuala Lumpur. Brother Peter Zhang, 31, completed his six-year formation as a member of the Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord and is now attached to the Church of

the Holy Spirit. Formerly a civil engineering student, he discerned his call during the second year of his university studies. He said he greatly “appreciates the support and prayer of all the wonderful people around him.”

Brother Lusius, 29, is a member of the Fathers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Congregation. An Indonesian from the island of Batam, he returned to his hometown after his diaconate ordination. □

An insight into the footsteps of our youth By Fr Michael Sitaram

searching for a closer relationship with God and his son Jesus. The activity of God in the ministry of Jesus seemed as small as the mustard seed but its result in the fullness of God’s reign was great. matters God’s work in this youth group and in others starts with the commitment of members even though sometimes it may seem to be a slow and painful process . We have to constantly remind ourselves that God’s work is a process that has already been launched with the coming of Christ. Our duty is to carry on this work.

ANY of us adults often take for granted that our youth are not inclined towards spiritual .But, in my encounters with youth throughout the years I have found this to be wrong. They may seem to be ‘cool’ and totally able to stand on their own feet but deep inside each teenager there is that longing for a closer relationship with God. Youth need as role model, adults who can help to guide, support and help them along this spiritual journey. The youth group at the parish HE YOUTH groups in of St Vincent de Paul for instance various parishes, calls itself “Mustard Seed” - a including the Mustard name so appropriate for those Seed is not the only one which who acknowledge their humble attracts youth. After their beginnings in their faith journey confirmation teenagers are drawn but have great hopes for theninto other future in wanting ministries like the to not only grow in “I feel that teenagers altar boys, choir, the Faith but, are usually bursting Junior Legionaries eventually, to lead with exciting ideas and in some others to Christ. It which may often parishes, the is a reminder of Children’s Liturgy. Christ’s parable of be brushed aside as In this parish ,the the mustard seed ‘wild’ by adults.” Children’s Liturgy which is the is taken care of by smallest of all a group of very dedicated and seeds and makes us remember enthusiastic members comprising that the Kingdom of God had mostly teenagers who meet every small beginnings too but became Friday for Bible sharing and a large tree which provided prayer before planning the next shelter for ‘many birds’. Sunday’s liturgy. Members come I, in my turn, hope that I will up with different ideas for skits be able to help them towards their for the G ospel. They make it mission as I found that just like sufficiently simple for children to other teenagers, this group is also



understand. To boost their zeal, I challenged the members to put up a skit for the second Sunday in Lent - the week we read of the Transfiguration - which they readily accepted. It was not to be a direct interpretation of the Gospel but their understanding of the message for them. It is certainly a joy to see young people so full of zeal

in wanting to spread the Word of God to others. I am focusing on this group because I feel that teenagers are usually bursting with exciting ideas which may often be brushed aside as ‘wild’ by adults. They should be given the opportunity and be encouraged to put their ideas to good use. Helping others grow in their faith will not only make young people

feel that they are contributing in an important way to our Faith community. It also helps them to grow in their own faith. I hope that other teenagers will come forward in their own parishes to serve in this ministry so aptly designed to satisfy the creative aptitudes of young people. □ F r Sitaram is parish p rie st o f the Church o f S t Vincent de Paul.

F A IT H P IL G R IM A G E S EUROPE PILGRIMAGES 8 days Lourdes / Loyola Pilgrim age Special Departure: 30 A pril - 0 7 M ay with Spiritual Director 14 days Portugal / Spain/France Pilgrimage Departure: 08 M ay - 21 M ay with Spiritual Director 11 days Italy / Shrines of France Pilgrim age Departure : 2 9 M ay - 08 June with S piritual Director

M an y o th e r A d -h o c G ro u p an d F IT p ilg rim a g e p ro g ra m m e s to L o u rd es , N evers, S h rin e s o f F ran ce , F atim a, R o m e, A s s is i, Italy, etc. C a ll us fo r m o re d etails!!

15 days Eastern Europe Pilgrim age Special Departure: 09 June - 2 3 June with Spiritual D irector 14 days France / Spain / Fatima Pilgrim age Special Departure: 14 June - 2 7 June with Spiritual Director 12 days Shrines of France / Fatima Pilgrim age Departure: 19 A ug - 30 A ug with Spiritual Director 13 days Spain / Fatima Pilgrimage Departure: 16 Sep - 2 8 Sep with Spiritual Director 15 days Sanctuaries of Italy Pilgrim age Departure: 0 7 N ov - 21 N ov with Spiritual Director 10 days Rome / Medjugorje / Assisi Retreat Departure: 05 Dec - 14 Dec


OTHER PILGRIMAGES 12 days “W alk in the Life of Christ” Holyland Pilgrim age Departure: 14 June - 25 June with Spiritual Director 18 days Greece / Eastern Turkey Pilgrimage Departure: 8 O ct - 2 5 Oct with Spiritual Director

A l w a y s t r a v e l i n F a it h , ' F o r F a it h , w i t h F a it h T o u r s -

Th e Pilgrim s C h o ice -

n E B &


, or


16 Days S$1988 f lL L





A s s is i

9 Days S$2588 1 9 Days S$1988 F L IG H T !! flY BY

FAITH TOURS & TRAVEL PTE LTD H 5 0 East C oast Rd, R o x y Square C om p lex, # 0 2 -0 1 , Sin gapore 4 2 8 7 6 9 T el: (0 2 ) 6 3 4 8 -2 7 2 2 F a x : (0 2 ) 6 3 4 8 -2 7 2 4 E m a il : fa ith to u rs @ fa ith to u rs .c o m



Sundays March 16 and March 23, 2003 Catholic News

W ith A rc h b is h o p N ic h o la s C h ia a r e th e new ly in s ta lle d K n ig h ts a n d D a m e o f t h e O r d e r o f M a lta . F ir s t rovv fr o m left: s e n io r c o u n se l M ic h a e l K ho o , D r G a b r ie l O o n , E liz a b e th S o h , A u s tr a lia n S im o n G re n fe ll, J o s e p h P illav . S e c o n d ro w : A n d re w T a n , A n th o n y T a n . B a c k row : A lp h o n s u s T a n , A u s tr a lia n J u s tin M ic h a e l T a y lo r, s e n io r c o u n se l J im m y V im a n d D r P e te r C h ew .

O u r v e r y o w n K n ig h ts a n d D a m e Nine Singaporeans bestowed Church’s highest honour for laity By Mel Diamse-Lee


N A SOLEMN and grand ceremony witnessed by a thousand faithfuls, 10 men and a woman received the Church’s highest honour for the laity, the Sovereign Order of

Malta, at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd on Feb 23. Nine of the recipients are Singaporeans, two are Australians. The Singaporeans became the first in Asia to receive the honour which was founded some 900 years ago. Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy, the former head of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, witnessed the bestowal of knighthood on senior counsels

“ H

Michael Khoo and Jimmy Yim; medical oncologist Gabriel Oon; gynaecologist Peter Chew; Singapore Exchange chairman Joseph Pillay; financier Simon Grenfell; dentist Andrew Kwok; former top civil servant Alphonsus Tan; industrialist Justin Michael Taylor and solicitor Anthony Tan. Madam Elizabeth Soh, who is in health-care management, was named a Dame of the Order. Archbishop Nicholas Chia,






KUALA LUMPUR - Archbishop Emeritus Gregory Yong led a happy congregation in singing “Happy Jubilee” to Archbishop Anthony Soter Fernandez to celebrate his Episcopal Silver Jubilee. Despite the threat of a downpour, thousands of people filled the St John’s Institution field on Feb 16 for the celebration. Among them were 16 bishops and 76 priests. The homily was delivered by Archbishop Emeritus Yong who had taught Archbishop Fernandez at the Minor Seminary and ordained him



who presided at the ceremony, was bestowed the Priestly Order of the Knights of Malta, as chaplain of the Order in Singapore. In his homily, Cardinal Cassidy said the Order of Malta is the most ancient Religious Order of Chivalry, whose members are lay people, with members of the clergy who act as chaplains. It has a two-fold mission: defence of the Faith and assistance to the needy.







Bishop of Penang in 1978. Archbishop Adriano Bemardini read aloud a letter from Pope John Paul II before presenting him with the papal blessing. The pope said, “Your ardent commitment to duty not only benefited the flock entrusted to you but was manifestly clear to all in Asia. Your role with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei shines forth as well as your strenuous efforts to give direction and purpose to the Church in West Malaysia.’ □ h e r a l d

“These two commitments call for the members to pursue holiness in their lives so as to give a genuine witness to the Gospel within their home, in their worldly activities and in the society in which they live,” the cardinal stated. The Hospittaler activities form an important part of the Order’s work - bringing ambulance services, dispensaries, and clinics to war tom zones and natural disaster areas. In Bethlehem, the Order operates the renowned Holy Family Maternity Hospital. Members of the Order in Singapore are right now helping to obtain badly needed supplies for the university hospital. Asked how he feels about his new status, Mr Jimmy Yim replied: “It is a great honour. It also entails a great responsibility to carry out the faith, to live out our lives in holiness and be lay role models.” The Order, officially known as the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and Of Malta was founded in 1070, when a hospice-infirmary was set up in Jerusalem for pilgrims from Italy. □